01 Jan

Is anyone SURPRISED by this? Is is DELIBERATE Islamic STRATEGY to brainwash their kids not to become infected with “British values”. Faith schools should be abolished. Those who insist on them can go to Saudi Arabia, where:

  • there is no democracy
  • there is a sexually perverse and unhinged attitude to women, who suffer from appalling inequality
  • criminals may be beheaded or have limbs cut off
  • homosexuals are treated as evil
  • other religions are banned
  • Christians are considered to be “apostates”
  • Jews are hated

Those responsible for permitting “faith schools” were short-sighted morons, especially Blair

Muslim faith schools are causing serious divisions in society because of their lack of diversity warns top equality campaigner 

Conservative Party holds a Social Action Conference to discuss why politics needs social action, how Conservative social action is helping to tackle social breakdown in communities and how the Conservative¿s ¿Get Britain Working Campaign¿ is helping in the recession. Held at the Durham Street Theatre, RSA.\n\nPictured: Matthew Taylor\n\nWednesday July 1st 2009\n\nPhotograph by Ian Gavan/UPPA/Photoshot\n\n

Matthew Taylor, chairman of the Social Integration Commission, pictured, said that the increase in faith schools is stifling diversity and stopping children from different races and backgrounds mixing.

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