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Tory Backbench Loonies on the March ….

“I would certainly support toll roads,” Mrs Leadsom said. “I have just been driving in Europe with my family where everybody pays tolls.

Is this person an idiot?

Perhaps she has not heard of Germany, a small, far away country of which she clearly knows little.

In addition, motorways in France are expensive and push ordinary people onto smaller, less safe roads.

Road pricing is yet another thin end of the wedge designed to allow Britain to pay billions to nuclear-Pakistan et al in “aid” and to pay millions to cronies on quangoes or indeed immigrants from Somalia to have multiple kids and live in the centre of London – AND of course TWENTY MILLION GBP each and every single day to the EU.

On the other hand, perhaps this Ms Leadsom has a bit of dosh and doesn’t mind paying to drive on deserted, tolled-up trunk roads while the plebs are priced off the roads generally.

IS there anyone actually REPRESENTING the plebs, in fact? If there is, it certainly isn’t the hapless, soggy Ms Leadrom.

PS Has this bizarre person not heard of FUEL TAX? We already PAY BILLIONS in tax to drive anywhere, MOST OF WHICH does NOT go to buiild roads ANYWAY. If you absolutely MUST put up tax (which of course you must) then just bung more onto fuel ………

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1) It’s only money – we can always print, borrow or tax more of it.

2) It’s not OUR OWN money, so the cost of anything whatsoever is irrelevant.

3) ergo (The GPB&BP is nothing if not logical) Any old ludicrous contract we sign mortgaging the future is irrelevant.

4) We must keep our chaps onside, so we’ll pay OTT to all civil servants, doctors, senior judges etc, including insane pensions and bonuses.

5) By the time this lunacy is found out, we’ll be departed on our index-linked pensions probably running some Brussels Commission or international quango as a “statesman”, or in Blair’s case giving speeches and advising people on how to lie convincingly.

WELL DONE LABOUR.   From “The Telegraph”:

Executives at Royal Mail, which is still publicly owned, could be in line for some of the biggest “performance awards” in the coming months. Last year, Moya Greene, the chief executive, was given £142,000 in addition to her £498,000 basic salary.

Ministers are thought to have been angered by the refusal of some senior Whitehall officials to waive their “contractual” right to bonuses this year. However, in many government departments, contracts agreed by the previous Labour administration are being renegotiated, giving the Coalition an opportunity to intervene. In several departments and public bodies, at least the top quarter of workers automatically qualify for performance-related payments. (Ed. WHATEVER THEIR “PERFORMANCE”)

One Whitehall source said: “Thousands of public sector workers now basically expect to receive a bonus every year regardless of how well they perform. “The whole system has got completely out of kilter. It’s about time it is addressed.”

It is understood that one area of concern is the payment of bonuses to doctors and other medical professionals.The Department of Health recently disclosed that some of its staff receive lucrative “clinical excellence awards” which are automatically paid each year. One Department of Health official received a payment worth £75,796 last year. More than 18 others received more than £35,000 each.

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FAT & Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver is rubbishing the government about obesity:

“The British public will always react well if they are given a good plan, guidance and clarity. Sadly, our government has let us down on all fronts. Education is the key here. We need to give people the knowledge to be able to make better choices before we start making empty noises about encouraging people to eat better food. I have seen myself that giving practical information and teaching within schools and communities can make a real difference. We need more practical help and less hot air.”

So, when an obese child waddles down the street stuffing its gob with crisps it’s the government’s fault? Thank you Jamie. Now we know.

Your article is rubbish of course. Anyone who doesn’t already know how to eat healthily is a MORON. The problem is, Jamie, that these people DON’T CARE.

If you DID care, then when you got obese, don’t you think you’d WONDER WHY? and then FIND OUT? And DO something about it?

Schools TEACH this stuff, but the wonderful people you bang on about DON’T CARE. The KIDS don’t care. They listen to Miss Muppet telling them all this in biology or life-sciences or Homemaking/Domestic Science or whatever they do then when the bell goes they rush off for their Mars Bars and crisps. A school banned burgers and chips once and mothers turned up at lunchtime to feed their starving kids through the railings.

You have a bizarrely rose-tinted view of the masses. I am as depressed about this obesity epidemic as anyone, especially as it is essentially down to laziness, fecklessness, greed …. all among the least attractive aspects of Homo Sapiens. It is indeed astonishing how Man just cannot control his greed. The Chinese and Indian middle-classes ALL have this problem, just like in the west.

However, it can only be cured by a return to individual responsibility; for oneself and for one’s children.

You say you have seen what intervention can do. The trouble is, you are famous and charismatic, and the plebs only pay attention to anyone famous. If you go to a school, then of course it’ll have a short-term effect, but how many schools can you go to? Miss Muppet in form 4D of Cesspit Comprehensive is neither famous nor charismatic …..

Sorry mate – you’re living on another planet. Still, carry on bashing the government if you must; everyone else does, as it’s never the personal fault of anyone else of course. What was your take on the rioters?

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What a sordid shambles when you get told off for speaking your mind! Even if you are elected by the people!

I have to say I sympathize on a personal level with Vince Cable …… life would of course be much simpler if everyone only said what they thought others wanted to hear. I believe that’s how they do it in dictatorships …….

(On that note, I see that a brave young woman who heckled NuttyYahboo about the Palestinian’s plight was wrestled to the ground and hospitalised by  pro-Israeli thugs around her during an address by the Great Annexer. Then NYB was roundly applauded for confirming his theft of Palestinian land, and this right in the heart of government in “the land of the free”. You have to laugh or cry – maybe both at the same time.)

But I digress …… Vince is a serial disappointment in general – the ultimate example of a loose cannon with no rudder – but I’m with him on this one …. in this case he was stating the bleedin’ obvious about Greece defaulting. Of course, even HE can’t use the word “default”, as it is VERY non EU-PC ….. but everyone knows that “delaying paying some of its debts” = defaulting, since the delay is likely to last till the next ice-age ….. ALL QUITE HILARIOUS really ….. some of us idiotic plebs said this YEARS ago. Still, we are only idiots.

Vince Cable rebuked by No 10 as he stirs euro crisis – George Osborne was forced to intervene yesterday after Vince Cable warned that Greece would have to delay paying some of its debts.

I am waiting for an announcement from Brussels about the Greek debt being “reprofiled” ….. Brusselsspeak is becoming a foreign language …… while RealSpeak is ever more NON-PC … Oh dear – I do feel like a dinosaur ….

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The WHOLE POINT of the BofE’s Monetary Policy Committee is to control inflation. It is NOT their job to deliberate on economic policy, possible recession and so on.

They are supposed to keep inflation at 2% max; They have FAILED. They should ALL BE SACKED.

The Governor said: “It would have been below 2% without higher energy and import prices.”  SO WHAT! It’s as useful as me saying that I wouldn’t weigh 30 stone if I didn’t live on 25 burgers and 10 pizzas a day washed down with 20 pints of beer.

The reason why inflation is so terrible is that it DESTROYS the value of the plebs’ money, since their income is BOUND to rise more slowly than inflation. It is like a VAST TAX INCREASE.

And it ALSO reduces DEBT – which suits bankers and governments, but THEY are responsible for the debt in the first place, not the plebs.

Inflation is NOT the answer to the problem, though it might appear so to economists in the short term.

But what gets me is the flagrant breaking of rules just because things are difficult. What is the POINT of having rules if you break them just when things get tough?

4.5% inflation is VERY bad news …. the Governor of the BofE should GO.


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