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Syrian Update

“The Daily Mail” has published photos
of what the UN says are Assad’s victims.

My collage of the same photos.

What is going on in Syria is a sickening and shameful indictment of the free world, and the British Labour Party’s glee at thwarting the destruction of some of Assad’s air forces and thus almost certainly forcing him to negotiate was disgusting.

The proceedings in Montreux are a total farce. Assad will never go until forced to and he will never be forced to by fatuous yapping at the UN. How can you negotiate with mass-murderers? When Hess came to “negotiate”, we locked him up for ever and continued to try to kill Hitler – at enormous human cost.

It would have taken courage to give the go-ahead for a US airstrike, but of course the gutless Labour party has no idea what courage is. Not a single one even had the guts to stand up to the surreally-useless Brown in an election contest in this so-called democracy. David Milliband deserves his political oblivion for his lack of courage, which of course gave us his creepy brother, someone who has never done a real day’s work in his life, or created one pfennig of wealth for the country.

Yes, intervention would be complex and dangerous – and this is part of the lunatic Shia-Sunni war, but non-intervention has resulted in Assad having a free hand to commit mass-murder and serial crimes against humanity, aided and abetted by Russia, with its corrupt and mafiosi-type state apparatus.    

In any case, humans are usually involved in decisions about lesser evils: in WWII we were even allies of the USSR, whose murder of TENS OF MILLIONS of people before the war was well documented – though this did not prevent Milliband Senior from being a fervent fan of Stalin.

“Intervention is bad”? Tell that to the Iranians, who have thousands of men fighting the rebels. Now we have Obama making love with Iran at the same time as Iran fundamentalist troops are helping Assad to torture, starve, bomb, gas and exterminate ordinary Syrians. The moral gutlessness of the free world is sickening.

“Rebels”? The original rebels were ordinary Syrians. As nobody helped them in any significant way, AQ got in on the act. And Assad is apparently in league with AQ, bombing the “rebels” but not AQ, who are in the meantime training suicide bombers to blow up London.

Historians will look back at all this in disbelief.

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The Syrian Bloodbath


Systematic killing evidence in Syria is ‘tip of iceberg’
International bodies say evidence of execution of
11,000 detainees in regime jails comes from just one area of Syria.

“Can evidence of mass killings in Syria end the inertia? Only with Putin’s help.”

A) The evidence is sound, but nothing new. Assad’s role as a family-dynasty, mass-murdering gangster thug is well-known. He also passed a red line by gassing a large number of people in this very war. However, with a bowl of jelly in the White House, nothing seems likely to change.

Oh, we might supply some more “non-lethal material” to the FSA to help them die more slowly from their wounds.

B) Putin regrets the passing of the USSR, the regime that murdered 16,000 Poles in Katyn Forest and tried to blame it on the Nazis. The only thing to be concerned about with Putin is exactly when he is going to send the Red Army over the border to reclaim his lost Empire.

The original rebellion was by more or less ordinary Syrians fed up with living under brutal fascism. In the 30s, even left-wing intellectuals applauded those who went to fight in the international brigades against fascist Franco, but now we are made of much limper-wristed stuff.

OF COURSE, with the Russians and Iranians supplying LETHAL weapons and Iran even sending thousands of men, the FSA was countered, and since then the extremely nasty AQ has got in on the act, which was TOTALLY PREDICTABLE.

Now there are reports that Assad is even secretly AIDING the AQ lunatics (along with the Taliban possibly the only element on the planet nastier than Assad’s regime) against what is left of the FSA.

The free world should stand up more against dictators. We can’t do EVERYthing, but what we have done has been pathetic and unbelievably STUPID. It has not only helped to prop up a truly murderous regime but also allowed the training by AQ of jihadis who will one day soon blow themselves up in Central London and elsewhere.

The “Peace Conference” is a fatuous waste of time. No “negotiations” are possible as long as either side thinks it can win. Given that Assad has unlimited arms from Russia, support from Iran and a total lack of serious reaction from the free world, he will clearly think he can win.

Meanwhile, the UN pfaffs about, blocked by two fascist permanent members, while the gruesome statistics mount up. Here is a very small sample. The UN may be toothless, but its research department has a good reputation, as has Amnesty International:

  • UNICEF reported that over 500 children had been killed by early February 2012. Another 400 children have been reportedly arrested and tortured in Syrian prisons. Both claims have been contested by the Syrian government. (WHAT A SURPRISE!) According to the UN, 6,561 children were killed by mid-June 2013. The Oxford Research Group said that a total of 11,420 children had been killed in the conflict by late November 2013.

  • 24 November, 2013: A fierce battle in the eastern suburbs of Damascus has killed more than 160 people in the past two days as rebels struggle to break a months-long blockade by forces whose allegiance lies with President Bashar al-Assad, activists have said.Fighting began on Friday when rebel units attacked several checkpoints in an area known as the Eastern Ghouta, which has been under siege for more than six months. According to local and international aid workers, President Assad’s forces appeared to be trying to starve out residents. This latest bloodshed comes as the Oxford Research Group – a think tank – says that a total of 11,420 children have now been killed in the conflict.The report shows that explosive weapons have accounted for more than seven out of every 10 deaths since fighting started in March 2011. Small-arms fire accounts for more than one-quarter of the total, with older boys in the 13 to 17-year-old group the most frequent victims of targeted killings. Of the 764 children recorded as summarily executed, 112 were reported to have been tortured, including some of infant age.

  • According to the UN, Syrian armed and security forces have been responsible for: unlawful killing, including of children (mostly boys), medical personnel and hospital patients (“In some particularly grave instances, entire families were executed in their homes.”); torture, including of children (mostly boys, sometimes to death) and hospital patients, and including sexual and psychological torture; arbitrary arrest “on a massive scale”; deployment of tanks and helicopter gunships in densely populated areas; heavy and indiscriminate shelling of civilian areas; collective punishment; enforced disappearances; widescale and systematic destruction and looting of property; the systematic denial, in some areas, of food and water; and the prevention of medical treatment, including to children. Amnesty International reported that medical personnel had also been tortured, while the UN said that medical personnel in state hospitals were sometimes complicit in the killing and torture of patients. The execution and torture of children was also documented by Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch. Most of the serious human rights violations documented by the UN have been committed by the Syrian army and security services as part of military or search operations The pattern of the killing, coupled with interviews with defectors, led the UN to conclude a shoot-to-kill policy was operative. The UN mentioned several reports of security forces killing injured victims by putting them into refrigerated cells in hospital morgues.

  • 25 Sept, 2013: French President Francois Hollande told the UN General Assembly that 120,000 people have been killed in more than two years of civil war, 2 million people had fled Syria, and the country is “destroyed.”

  • May, 2012: Major Western powers say they are expelling senior Syrian diplomats following the killing of 108 people in the Houla region of Syria on Friday. France, the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Canada and Australia have all announced expulsions. Most victims of Friday’s massacre – including women and children – were summarily executed, the UN says. Residents said the pro-government shabiha militia had entered homes and opened fire indiscriminately.

I hope the Labour Party is proud of its great achievement in preventing the free world from disabling some of Assad’s air-power and perhaps forcing him to negotiate. You’d defend your neighbour against fascism (I hope) but you won’t help foreigners. If this is not “racism”, then what is? YES, it is complicated and dangerous, but so was WWII, when we were ready to fight fascist evil. Now the left just blathers on about “American Imperialism”.

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The Human Shame in Northern Kenya

One of my NYRs was to stop reading bad news, but that lasted about 6 hours ….. there is of course so much of it, and so much that is utterly depressing. One of the first of 2014 was an article in “The Independent”:

Elephant Appeal: Few are willing to say just how bad the poaching
crisis is – the elephant population may easily fall into terminal decline


You can get all the details from the article – which is pretty harrowing, with surviving elephants described as being “stricken with grief” as they cluster round their slaughtered brethren – but basically, elephants in the Tsavo East National Park in Northern Kenya are under threat of extinction from poachers from Somalia. This provoked a number of reactions on my part:


  • The price of ivory depends on the demand and supply. The former is very strong and apparently rising, especially in China. For extraordinarily moronic and selfish reasons, ivory is considered artistic and – for example – tiger and rhinoceros parts medicinal and/or possessing aphrodysiac properties.

  • Can China really do NOTHING to stop this cultural abomination? People in the west for the most part stopped acquiring ivory years ago.

  • If China – and other Asia nations – cannot or will not do anything, should the west not apply more pressure? Same applies of course to China’s support of North Korea. YES, sanctions are painful, but nothing NON-painful is likely to work


  • They are execrable, of course …… and yet, many may be extremely poor, and indeed ignorant. There is no excuse in the strictest sense, but it may to some extent be understandable if they see a chance to make several years’ norrmal income in a single day. This is no different from City bankers, or indeed the Enron directors and many others: greed is sadly rampant on our planet.

  • But  the poachers are not only ignorant and destitute farmers: terrorists are now apparently turning to the ivory trade, too.

  • There are insufficient funds to patrol the parks properly. Kenya is just one more corrupt African state where politicians earn a fortune while basic needs and services are severely underfunded.


I always wonder what if anything goes through the minds of those who spend these obscene sums on frippery and personal self-glorification. Do they ever think that their money could do immense good elsewhere? Would WE be just the same in their shoes?

Is there any solution to this greed?

See also:

AND this charity:


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English Lunacy

ENGLISH LUNACY. Seeking limits to immigration is not a question of xenophobia, but of rationality – not to mention avoiding bankruptcy.

Of course, almost ALL those politicians reponsible for this shambles will remain largely unaffected personally, living as they mostly do in posh areas of major cities. The Milliband Dynasty is in Primrose Hill, I believe, far removed from the trenches of course. Only removing them from their expensive sinecures will achieve anything,

“Almost all flights from Romania to England are full – even though one airline doubled the number to meet demand – with one-way tickets selling for up to £3,000 each. And all tickets for seats on buses leaving the Bulgarian capital of Sofia until January 9 have been snapped up. At the central bus station in Sofia, a large poster showing Big Ben, a London bus and traditional red phone box advertise the bus routes to a new life here.”
“British anarchists ‘are turning Calais lawless’: Mayor claims they fuel chaos by helping army of migrants targeting UK. Natacha Bouchart said the number of people trying to make it across the Channel was becoming ‘untenable’ and radical action was needed.”
“Hundreds of thousands of asylum seekers are set to be granted an ‘amnesty’ to stay in Britain – on human rights grounds. Councils have been warned they must take over responsibility for the migrants, who will immediately be entitled to benefits and a place at the front of the housing queue. The “amnesty” comes as officials deal with 450,000 “legacy” cases which were lost for years in the shambolic asylum system.”
“Border shambles lets 150,000 migrants overstay their visas as officials have no idea if they are still living here illegally.”
“Romanian government says 80,000 families have both parents working abroad, raising questions about impact of EU migration.”
A jobless mother is demanding a new council home after she complained that a previous tenant had died in hers – which she says offends her gipsy culture. Lisa Bowden, who has not worked in 15 years and collects around £13,000 a year in benefits, (£70 weekly employment and support allowance, and £60 a week in child tax credits plus £80 a month in child benefit, and her £90 weekly rent is paid for by the taxpayer.) was given her current newly-decorated two-bedroom flat two months ago.But she discovered that a man had died there, and claims it is against her culture to live where someone has passed away.

Miss Bowden, 40, who has four children by two fathers, said she can feel the presence of the deceased man’s ‘spirit’ and insisted that Dartford Borough Council move her to a three- bedroom house with a garden.

(Ed: which they now have – I really do not know why my daughter bothers working and paying half her income in rent.)
“Sorry but migrants will STILL abuse the NHS, writes consultant surgeon Professor J Meirion Thomas. Lord Howe conceded this week that health tourism is a massive problem, and that it is costing the taxpayer £500 million. This figure is still a fraction of my estimate of £2 billion to £3 billion, which is based on a vast number of case reports and other audit data I have received from those working at the frontline of the NHS.

The flow of West African women jetting in to give birth for free at hospitals in London is so well known in parts of the NHS that it is called the Lagos shuttle. But the problem is not just pregnant women. There is also the abuse of cancer, HIV, kidney dialysis, transplant and other services, all of which are specifically targeted by health tourists.”
ED: The NHS cannot possibly survive without massive change which will have to include charging at point of use on insurance like everywhere else in the world, an evidence of which the left is in total denial. Everywhere you look the NHS is overwhelmed by numbers and dysfunctional in key areas.

Sweden and Switzerland? Fascist, xenophobic racists? I hardly think so:

A dose of Swiss

How they do it in Sweden

But the funniest thing is, successive so-called UK “governments” (flocks of dead sheep could do better) did not join Shengen so that the UK could “keep control of its borders.”



The “non-intervention” vote was immoral, selfish, cowardly, short-sighted and STUPID. It has:
– maintained in power a mass-murdering family-dynasty thug guilty of serial crimes against humanity
– allowed AQ to establish itself in Syria and sow the seeds of a Middle-East-wide conflagration between Sunni and Shia
– facilitated the extermination of Christians in the area – whom we will have to give asylum to
– given morons the illusion that Putin is some sort of good guy
– ensured that ordinary Syrians have been and will be murdered or exiled in their tens of thousands
– convinced very nasty people that they can carry out their crimes against humanity with impunity
– facilitated the destruction of Syria
– demonstrated the total uselessness of the UN

Congratulations Labour – another stunning success.

For a full explanation, see here ….

“Happy New Year”? It will be no doubt for the illiberal unintelligentsia pontificating from the warmth and safety of their posh, middle-class houses that are rocketing in value. Congratulations.

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Mass-Murdering Barbarity in Syria


It has been amusing these last weeks as Assad slowly begins to win the Syrian civil war how the armchair-strategists of the free-world are wetting themselves at how right they were to call for non-intervention.

I say “amusing”, but it is of course tragic. The facts are actually as follows:

  • The uprising was not originally fundamentalist, but comprised mostly ordinary Syrians sick of living under a family-dynasty, fascist dictator. Were Blair and his family to have been in power in the UK for decades with the usual brutal abolition of many human rights then no doubt even the armchair socialists in Britain might have been stirred to revolt.
  • The free world provided “non-lethal aid” to the rebels, which in a war is about as much use as a fart in a hurricane.
  • AQ sensed an opportunity in the absence of any real interest on the part of the free world in supporting those fighting for their freedom – even when Obama’s “red line” was crossed with the gassing of hundreds of people, almost all “innocent” of course – and began to flood into the country on the back of the fighting of the original rebels.
  • As AQ and its associates are utterly merciless and ruthless they rapidly seized the iniative to the point where even the useless “non-lethal aid” supplied by the free world has been stopped.
  • Having occupied territory they began to impose brutal form of Shariah Law on the areas they control, including summary exectution of anyone opposing them. In this way they have achieved the remarkable feat of making Assad look “moderate”.
  • During all this time of “non-intervention”, Iran has had thousands of troops on the ground, presumable not “non-intervening”. These have been supported by Hezbollah, Iran’s proxy army in Lebanon. So much for “non-intervention”.
  • In addition, Russia (that great supporter of peace) has been continuing to arm and no doubt advise Assad on how to exterminate “the rats”, as fellow-traveller Gaddafi might have described them.
  • During this civil war the Russian favourite Assad has committed innumerable crimes against humanity, including the indiscriminate bombing of civilian areas as well as the use of chemical weapons. Here are just two of many reports:

“A brutal air campaign using barrel bombs has killed as many as 480 people in Northern Syria including dozens of children.”

GAZIANTEP, Turkey – The three young Syrian women had managed to escape from the rebel-held section of Aleppo for a few days’ rest across the border in Turkey. Asma, 26, a university graduate in English literature, has been volunteering for the past two years as a nurse in a field hospital, treating civilian victims of the war, which has divided Aleppo into conflict zones held by the rebels and the regime.

Salam, 30, and Islam, 28, sisters who were teachers before the war, are volunteers in an orphanage that shelters 650 children who lost parents in the fighting. “These children are only a fraction of the number of war orphans,” Salam told me. It was hard to believe that these fresh-faced, smiling women, their faces framed by head scarves, had lived for years under bombardments.

But just after they arrived in Gaziantep, the Assad regime began dropping “barrel bombs” filled with hundreds of pounds of explosives and shrapnel on apartment buildings in their neighborhood, killing hundreds of civilians and wounding hundreds more. The three were planning to rush back into the mayhem.

“There are not enough doctors or nurses or supplies,” Asma explained as we sat over a simple lunch of bread, cheese and cucumbers in the apartment of friends who had escaped from Aleppo. “They are operating in the corridors, cutting off limbs without anesthetic.” A school had been hit, and many of the new victims were children.

No surprise. Bashar Assad’s war against his own people is a deliberate war against civilians and children. The greatest humanitarian catastrophe of the 21st century thus far is unfolding in Syria. The war crimes committed by Assad rival anything seen in Darfur or Bosnia.

Yet the international community has failed to take steps that could slow or halt these war crimes. And the Obama administration has unwittingly helped Assad continue slaughtering civilians.


Helicopters dropped TNT-packed barrels on a vegetable market and next to a hospital in Syria’s northern city Aleppo Saturday, killing at least 25 civilians including two children, a watchdog said.

“The number of people killed has risen to 25 including two women, four children, a teenager and a media activist,” the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said, updating an earlier toll.

“The number is likely to rise further because several people have been critically injured,” the Britain-based group added.The Syrian Revolution General Commission, a network of activists on the ground, described the bombing as a “massacre”.

“The raid targeted a crowded market where people were buying vegetables and home appliances,” it said. “Many buildings have been damaged, and one collapsed.”


  • The world has utterly failed. Giving the “rebels” non-lethal aid only ensures they die more slowly.
  • Any intervention would be messy, but non-intenvention has been far WORSE. Nobody was asking for the dreaded “troops on the ground”, but Assad’s air-force has been used to indiscriminately bomb civilian areas.
  • It is usually impossible to do EVERYTHING, but what has been done to help the ordinary Syrian people fighting fascism has been worse than NOTHING, for now they are fighting both Assad and Al Qaeda.
  • No man is an island. Tthe original rebels (like those in Libya) are our FELLOW-HUMANS who wish not to live under dictatorship, just as we would not.
  • We COULD have made a difference, but selfishness has keep us safely in our armchairs.
  • The UN is useless, with dictatorships and quasi-fascist regimes even sitting on the Security Council.
  • Anyone trusting Putin is a moron. This ex-KGB lieutenant (part of the security apparatus responsible for multiple atrocities including the cold-blooded murder of 16,000 Poles at Katyn Forest) regrets the demise of the URSSR, a regime responsible for the deaths of tens of millions of people. More recently, the Russian secret police are prima facie responsible for murdering Putin-opponent Litvinenko on the streets of London. Anyone remember what happened to Trotsky? We only await Russian tanks once more rolling west and south to reestablish the USSR.
  • Once again vast numbers of deaths and casualties occur in a dictatorship whose people revolted. There will be NO peace on Earth until the free world refuses to accept dictatorships.

Has Russia faced any sanctions at ALL for supporting the brutal family-dynasty Assad regime? Supporting fascist gangsters should disqualify a state from UN membership, let alone a place on the Security Council. “Realpolitik”? I pefer honesty.

Finally – as was completely predictable – the failure to support “ordinary” Syrians has meant AQ flooding into Syria, with a number of diastrous effects:

– The original “rebels” are now fighting TWO enemies and being overwhelmed by the viciousness of the religious lunatics.

– The gruesome dictator Assad will be maintained in power.

 – Christians are being genocided, adn MILLIONS wil be seeking asylum in Europe.

– An entire generation of jihadi lunatics is developing, which will spread out over the Middle East and elsewhere and lubricate the coming WWIII involving a fight to the death between Sunni and Shia Muslims.


And don’t miss this video of a man being buried alive by Assad’s forces.


Family of British surgeon killed in Syria say he was drugged and hanged by his captors then his body flushed with fluids to ruin a post-mortem



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More EU Idiocy

The idiocy of the EU:

“Ever driven on a motorway in Spain or Portugal? You’ll notice it’s not exactly the M25 – often, cars are few and far in between (some pretty heavy congestion around Gibraltar not included).

According to some estimates, 25 per cent of the EU’s so-called regional funds in Portugal has been invested in roads, heavily contributing to a ridiculous situation where the country has 60 per cent more kilometres of motorway per inhabitant than Germany and  four times more than Britain (H/T FT). Meanwhile, around one third of EU structural funds in Spain has been invested in infrastructure, further inflating an already critical construction bubble, while, like in Portugal, creating a whole host of ghost roads, airports and harbours. The EU’s own auditors have hammered EU spending on roads, noting that 74 per cent of the project they monitored in a recent investigation recorded less traffic than expected.

 Welcome to the folly of the EU budget. This economic anomaly is at best irrelevant for the Eurozone crisis – at worst outright damaging.”

Spain ALSO has TWICE as many airports as Germany, a far richer country.

Merkel has now said: “Greece should never have been allowed into the euro.” She is of course only electioneering: what she said is bleedin’ obvious and could have been said years ago, and indeed was, and not only by me. What she did NOT say was that Greece got into the euro on the basis of UTTER LIES fabricated by GS among others. It is ALL based on lies, but YOU will soon be called upon to bail out Greece for the THIRD time.


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Despots and Legality

I suppose the usual suspects must be lathering themselves into a frenzy of self-righteous incandescence at the thought that the UK could become involved in Syria.

Leaving aside for the moment the fact that we are involved already, since those being shot, bombed, tortured and/or gassed are our fellow-humans and not some kind of alien garbage, there is the interesting question of “legality”.

What in fact makes a “legal” government? Suppose that the BNP staged a coup in Britain and after a brief period of brutal confusion emerged in total control of the country, having murdered or imprisoned all resistance? Would it then become “the legal government” of Britain? This after all seems to be the usual yardstick for a large number of the UN members. The Assad family-dynasty despotage is usually recognized as the “legal” government of Syria, yet holds power only through brute force, including mass-murder.

Apart from the mass-murder aspect in most countries, the same is true for almost all the Middle East, except ironically Palestine. It is of course true for China, Iran, Cuba, North Korea and multiple other states, including, for example, Gabon, which has a pretence of democracy even though power has been in the hands of a single family for nearly half a century, during which they have controlled the military, the finances and the judiciary, making it hardly surprising that people vote for them “democratically”. Just as with the Labour Party in Britain they effectively bribe people (with their own money) to vote for them.

It is of course all utter bollocks. Who in their right mind would consider the BNP as legitimate rulers of Britain in the circumstances described above, and yet this is what is done elsewhere.

“You have seized power by force, murdered all the opposition, placed your people into all positions of power and thus exercise totalitarian control of your country? Well done. We now recognize you as the legitimate government of your state. Welcome to the family of nations.”

As I said, total bollocks. No, the ONLY way a regime can claim legitimacy is through a free, fair and openly democratic election, which of course totally includes the entire Syriano-Iranian-Russo-Chinese et friends axis of fascist nastiness.

Logically, it CANNOT therefore be illegal to wage war on an illegal regime, and thus the long-drawn-out debate about this which is about to take place is ridiculous, though it will be used by the nationalists to keep Britain out of any involvement and allow the above-mentioned axis to wipe out all opposition. Except of course that the US has now gone too far in its statements and has to act to retain any sort of credibility.

“nationalists”? The argument of the usual suspects amounts to: “You can shoot, bomb and/or gas all your own people, indeed anyone you like, provided you don’t do it to OUR people.” How selfishly nationalistic is THAT?

There will NEVER be peace on earth until the free world (what little there is of it) refuses to accept dictatorships. You’d think the UN would make a start on this, but as is clear, a big part of the UN actually COMPRISES dictatorships. Therefore, the idea that only the UN can legitimize the defence of the defenceless is morally and logically idiotic, with Russia and Chine for a start having a power of veto. The UN should in fact be reconstituted and true democracy become a requirement for membership. As it stands now, it is all an utter sham.

Nobody “wants” to become “involved” in Syria, but the alternative is to send a message to despots that they can mass-murder our fellow-humans with impunity in order to hang onto their illegitimate regimes.

The free nations cannot do EVERYTHING to bring down dictatorships, but doing NOTHING would be morally wrong.

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