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Southern Europe lies prostrate before the German imperium

I have rarely read such a load of drivelous, rancid, nationalistic bilge. Can you pls get something straight:

A) Germany has GIVEN BILLIONS AND BILLIONS of euros to the poorer regions of Europe over the last four or so decades.

B) Nothing OBLIGED us to do it; it was a compulsion driven by guilt from the war and a desire to bind Europe together so it would never happen again.

C) NOBODY LEFT ALIVE is now guilty for the war. They are ALL DEAD.

D) The Germans are FED UP paying out vast sums to feckless, idle, non tax-paying and usually venal governments. They have put their OWN house in order and humbly request that the rest do the same.

E) Of course the rest can do what the HELL THEY LIKE as they are sovereign countries (Ha, Ha – see Greece, Italy etc) but IF these feckless, idle people want OUR money then there are CONDITIONS.

F) They do NOT HAVE TO TAKE OUR MONEY. They can do their own thing and leave us alone. Now THAT would be a fine thing for us.

G) IF you are going to continually take our money then you accept the conditions. Otherwise get on with it yourself. Stop whinging and for God’s sake stop this “Nazi” stuff. It is INCREDIBLY MORONIC. The Germans would like NOTHING MORE than to stop having to give you money to bail you out of your own greed, idiocy and incompetence.

H) The Germans have sod all oil and other raw materials. All they have earned is through their own EDUCATION, WORK and DOING THINGS RIGHT. We are not Supermen: just humans like you. DO AS WE DO IF YOU WANT TO SUCCEED. If not, then DO YOUR OWN THING but NOT WITH OUR MONEY.

In other words, Mr journalist, your article is a load of drivel. We in Germany have NO WISH to impose ANYTHING on ANYONE, but IF you want our money then there are conditions. Do you know of ANY giver of money who does not attach some conditions, except a doting parent? Do you want us to give billions with NO conditions? Is THAT it?

This crisis has been caused by IDIOT POLITICIANS. For example, France has not set a balanced budget since NINETEEN-NINTY-FOUR. It is no wonder they are bankrupt, but it is NOT GERMANY’S FAULT.

That plebian Greeks and/or Italians can be moronic, I can understand. The real culprits are their own feckless, greedy and incompetent politicians. But the latter manage to deflect the blame elsewhere of course, and Germany is a good scapegoat. But YOU, Mr Journalist, YOU should know better than to peddle this drivel.



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Germany’s prudence is Europe’s poison – Telegraph (Jeremy Warner)

AMAZING!! How everyone wants to blame Germany! SORRY MATE – Germany put its house in order 10 years ago and is NOT obliged to pay for everyone else’s idiocy. We in Germany are ALSO ordinary people, not supermenschen.  What WE have done YOU can do, but you need to start borrowing less, paying your taxes, studying and working harder and longer and retiring later.  WE do not expect anyone ELSE to bail us out and therefore SO SHOULD YOU NOT.

“The spending cuts planned in Berlin by finance minister Wolfgang Schäuble to balance the budget a year early will make it impossible for others to grow.”

TOUGH. So they don’t grow. Let the economies stagnate for a bit; they are still FAR above the level of billions of people in the world. There is NO easy answer to this problem of decades of binge borrowing by moronic politicians (see France -> NO BALANCED BUDGET since 1994). If you abandon “Germany’s” remedy, you borrow even MORE, which will lead to hyperinflation and massive civil unrest.

If you want to do a Greece, Italy, Spain or Portugal, Jeremy, I suggest you go there and do it and leave us in Germany alone. We DO NOT WANT more inflation thank you.

“it would be hard to think of a country in ruder economic health than Germany. Buoyant exports combine with record-low levels of unemployment to produce something close to a model economy. Furthermore, it’s the only major advanced economy expected to see some fall, as a percentage of GDP, in gross national indebtedness this year.”

You’d think this would be a model to COPY not to CRITICIZE, wouldn’t you!!!!

And as it happens, all is NOT rosy. Wages and incomes are depressed compared to five years ago; many people are stuggling to pay the bills; more jobs are temporary and/or part-time and so on. We are having to cope. OTHER Europeans must LIVE WITHIN THEIR MEANS, not within GERMANY’S means.

As for “hard to think of an economy …” you clearly have not heard of Switzerland. NOT in the EU, FREQUENT REFERENDUMS by the moronic plebs, MASTER of its own fate, HARD-WORKING, LIVING WITHIN its means and so on.

The EU is destroying Europe and I hope to God the Germans start realizing this soon or we are finished. And the MEPS refuse to cut costs!! STAGGERING.


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Squaring the Circle

What’s going on in Merkel’s mind is the most interesting aspect of all this. She and Schaeble have both said NEIN to going over Germany’s existing 211 billion euro commitment. Both have consistently refused to accept “eurobonds” Both have said that the idea of a “big bazooka” is “silly” and indeed “stupid”. Various German banking worthies have also said “NO” to the ECB printing money (GOOD FOR THEM) and the German Constitutional Court has said “No more powers to Brussels without a referendum.”

BUT, UNLESS Germany IGNORES all that and (idiotically in my view) puts all her resources into a multi-trillion bailout fund then it seems to me CERTAIN that Greece and Italy will default, if not others.

Yet Merkel and her gang have ALSO said they will prevent the collapse of the euro. I CANNOT see how they are going to square this circle. Can anyone else?


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Milliband the Fatuous …..

“Back to the UK, finally. Labour leader Ed Miliband has called for an emergency European council summit, with an expectation that the summit should continue until the issue of how to build a credible bailout fund is resolved.

He really is a hoot. Does he want to lock them all up until they come up with a magic solution?  Or is it once again the “Germany must and will pay.” mantra?

He JUST DOESN’T GET IT. There IS no “CREDIBLE BAILOUT FUND” solution. Even GERMANY has large debt, only mitigated by its business performance, which is going to FALL as the rest of the lunatic over-borrowers collapse. Does he want Germany to collapse, TOO?



And for God’s sake stop “calling for” things. It DOESN’T WORK AND IS PATHETIC.

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The Troika

A) The “troika” was supposed to assess whether Greece had fulfilled the terms of its bailout deal, right?

B) Nobody (least of all the troika) REALLY believes Greece has come anywhere near fulfilling these terms, oder?

C) The troika has loaned them 8 billion€ of someone’s money anyway. (presumably not from Christine Lagarde’s salary)

Have I got it right so far?

CONCLUSION: the troika setup was yet another LIE.

I suppose it was dubbed “the troika” because, being Russian, it would naturally be associated with mafiosi crookedness? Very clever. That way it makes it easier to remember what exactly it was.

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The Germans abandon Nuclear Power ….

Well, everyone goes through their potty cycle, and the Germans are certainly going through theirs at the moment:

A) They gave up the Deutschmark after a promise made by the EU that they’d NEVER have to bail out feckless over-borrowers AND that entry to the euro would ONLY go to those with smaller than 3% of GDP deficit AND that the rules would be strictly obeyed. Pretty stupid to fall for that load of lying tripe, eh? Hardly had the euro got under way when France went over 3% saying that the rule “was only intended for small countries”. Greece of course was never UNDER 3%.

B) They slagged off the Spanish for their infected cucumbers and caused them to lose MILLIONS in revenue when there was NO EVIDENCE WHATSOEVER that the Spanish were at fault. Now we’re told it’s German beansprouts that caused the problem … THANKS ….. I switched from cucumbers to a massive intake of German beansprouts thinking that they must be safe, being (1) German and (2) not cucumbers …… this could therefore be my last post ….. WHO CAN I SUE?

C) They have given up nuclear power ….. this DESPITE the fact that:

1) the last tsunami in Germany was around 90,000 BC and modern nuclear plants are vastly safer than the one that blew up in Japan, where they put the cooling generators BELOW the waterline of a possible tsunami. The Japanese are normally so clever, but nobody’s perfect ……

2) they CANNOT replace nuclear with bleedin’ wind turbines

3) the trillions of new wind turbines they’re going to build don’t WORK half the time because there’s no wind – and getting power from the North Sea down to the car factories in Stuttgart and Munich will mean vast power lines through pristine forest …….

4) the wind turbines they DO install will not be replacing CO2 emitting coal, but CLEAN nuclear fuel

5) they’ll need to import electricity from DIRTY power-stations in Eastern Europe and HA HA FRENCH NUCLEAR POWER STATIONS.

As I said, potty …… Oh, AND their increasingly-clearly-incompetent Chancelleress has agreed to bail out Greece AGAIN, despite the fact that it’s pointless. Greece WILL default eventually – I read today that the Boche are only doing it to put off the time when Greece defaults in the hope that the resulting hit on their own banks won’t be as bad as it would be today.

“I weep for the future.”

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German Diary

typical summer tyre

Today is a significant day in the year. World Peace Day? World Save the Tiger Day? No – though we will certainly celebrate those when they come around. It’s “Put-the-winter-tyres-on” Day ….. I am shortly going to go down to the garage and swap over the tyres so that I can continue to drive just as fast but stop within the same distance even though the road is icy. Well, that’s the way of many Germans ….

typical winter tyre

Am I doing this out of pure altruism or even selfishness in wanting to avoid accidents? As it happens in my case, yes, but in fact it is also the LAW here. If you have a smash-up in the winter season and you’ve got your summer tyres on, both Mr Germoplod AND your insurer will be at you worse than a rabid rottweiler.“You know it makes sense” of course. But is is certainly a very Germanic custom; they don’t have this in France, though of course the winters in most places there are a bit milder. I say “bit”, but  in parts of Germany the winter can be savage. Here you can see some photos of snow last winter in Freudenstadt (hit F11 for full-screen), where I live – 700m above sea level in the middle of the Black Forest …….. And the coldest place I have ever been in was Hamburg in 1975, when I couldn’t defrost the windscreen for love or money.So winter drawers and tyres on …
PS The differences between winter and summer tyres ….

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