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Is anyone SURPRISED by this? Is is DELIBERATE Islamic STRATEGY to brainwash their kids not to become infected with “British values”. Faith schools should be abolished. Those who insist on them can go to Saudi Arabia, where:

  • there is no democracy
  • there is a sexually perverse and unhinged attitude to women, who suffer from appalling inequality
  • criminals may be beheaded or have limbs cut off
  • homosexuals are treated as evil
  • other religions are banned
  • Christians are considered to be “apostates”
  • Jews are hated

Those responsible for permitting “faith schools” were short-sighted morons, especially Blair

Muslim faith schools are causing serious divisions in society because of their lack of diversity warns top equality campaigner 

Conservative Party holds a Social Action Conference to discuss why politics needs social action, how Conservative social action is helping to tackle social breakdown in communities and how the Conservative¿s ¿Get Britain Working Campaign¿ is helping in the recession. Held at the Durham Street Theatre, RSA.\n\nPictured: Matthew Taylor\n\nWednesday July 1st 2009\n\nPhotograph by Ian Gavan/UPPA/Photoshot\n\n

Matthew Taylor, chairman of the Social Integration Commission, pictured, said that the increase in faith schools is stifling diversity and stopping children from different races and backgrounds mixing.

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The “Racial Discrimination” case

Dear Ms Small

Firstly – on a personal note – I imagine that this incident has caused you no little grief and stress, which I of course regret. Your job is not an easy one, as I know from 40 years’ teaching experience.

However, there are certain things that must be said:

“Racial Discrimination”?

  • Firstly, abhorring Islam is NOT “racial”, since Islam is not a race. It is too easy to accuse people with strongly differing views to the establishment of “racism”: too easy, but also intellectually moronic and extraordinarily offensive.

  • Secondly, would you discriminate against Naziism or South African apartheid? I guess so. Ergo, discrimination per se is PERFECTLY MORAL but of course depends WHAT YOU ARE DISCRIMINATING against. And for the below-mentioned reasons, I believe it is totally legitimate to “discriminate against” Islam.

Official Islam as preached from the centre in Mecca and practised in most parts of the world execrates:

  • other religions: the official goal of Islam is that the entire world should be ruled in God’s name by a Caliph  (see fascist Iran) – you can’t open a Christian church in many Islamic countries and in some a conversion to Christianity is a capital offence

  • democracy: which of course is totally incompatible with the first principle above – as soon as Muslims in a country are in a position where they think they can get away with it (see Egypt) they try to set up a religious dictatorship

  • women: they would not say so, but the core elements of their treatment of women are surreally evil and indeed sexually and psychologically perverted – see Saudi Arabia etc

  • homosexuals

  • balanced, open and non-brainwashing education: their madrassas are an obscene insult to the Human Spirit

  • humanely-slaughtered meat: Halal meat is an obscene abomination forced on native Brits without their consent and often without their knowledge

  • civilised punishment

  • respect for other cultures: as soon as their numbers permit (even in England), they start talking about establishing “Shariah Law” in “their” area – see Egypt and indeed parts of London and Birmingham – Muslim taxi-drivers have been known to refuse to carry dogs – they get hysterical when schoolkids are accidentally fed pork

  • alcohol, pigs & dogs: all things the British are quite attached to, drinking it, eating them and taking them for walks respectively

With this core set of beliefs it is a wonder how anyone sane can imagine that Muslims could “integrate” into Britain, a country whose traditional values are diametrically opposed to almost everything Islam believes in. Imagine Islam did not exist and I came to you with my plan to set up a religion based on the above principles? You would surely think me a complete lunatic and my followers no more than a deranged sect comparable to the Moonies. THIS is how I feel about Islam; its SIZE is for me completely and totally irrelevant.

However, the key point in this incident is that Britain is not (yet) a “Muslim country” and there is NO OBLIGATION on native-British citizens to have respect for what many consider to be a weird and often very nasty sect. It is, therefore, NOT the business of so-called educators to issue threatening-letters to parents of primary school children because they refuse to go along with the ludicrous and cravenly-PC establishment mantras.

Moreover, religion in general should be kept OUT of schools – though I appreciate that you may be constrained by the laws imposed by our moronic leaders. Indeed, the very idea of a “faith school” – which is open to the evil brainwashing that occurs in many Muslim countries – is obscene. Catholics of course ALSO have their particular “faith” schools, but Catholicism is no longer rooted in the pre-Middle Ages as Islam is. It is basically inoffensive and as part of our English culture can be tolerated – unlike Islam, which is totally alien to all our traditional core beliefs.

There is, Ms Small, an extraordinary contrast between the establishment’s complete indifference to the opinions and feelings about Islam of millions of British citizens and on the other hand its pathological fear of “offending Muslims”. Many native Britons are massively offended every day – not least by having obscene Halal meat sold in supermarkets and often fed to them without their knowledge. Nobody seem to give a damn, and this is making many ordinary people very angry.

For these reasons I fear that your letter is completely unacceptable. As for myself, Ms Small, nobody can realistically accuse me of “racism”, despite my attitude to Islam. I am British and married to a German, with one Anglo-German son and two Franco-German stepsons. I was previously married to a Spanish woman and have three Anglo-Spanish daughters. I have worked for ten years in the UK, ten in France and three in Germany, where I now live.  My wife and I both speak four European languages, and my wife also Japanese, which allows her to communicate with her Japanese daughter-in-law. I also worked for six months in Africa in a place where I was the only white for miles around. I was responsible for 20 black teachers and had and retain lots of black friends. Does that sound like a “racist” to you?

I have lived through many periods of immigration: it has never been a problem before. Unfortunately – for the above-mentioned reasons – Islam is a special case, and vast Muslim immigration was forced on the people without ANY consultation or mandate. You say that “we live in a multi-cultural society”, but the PEOPLE were given NO SAY in the extreme extent to which this has been taken, particularly with Islam. Whole areas of London are becoming ghettoised as native whites move out and “Shariah Law” areas develop, patrolled by gangs of young Muslim youths. 22% of the population of Birmingham is Muslim, with 200 mosques in the city and so on. Does all this sound reasonable to you? If British Muslims are somehow different from those in other countries, then they should perhaps do as Luther did, and disassociate themselves from the totally unacceptable core beliefs and practices of their creed. As things stand, there is no way that I or millions of my compatriots are going to do anything but despise this rather nasty sect. We are British. We do not accept being told what to think or feel. You cannot FORCE us not to be offended by almost everything that Islam stands for.

I hope you and your school recover from this unfortunate incident. You have been placed by successive appalling governments in an invidious situation, but nothing is gained by not speaking the truth, which is what I believe I have done in this letter.

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The Woolwich Murder

There is nothing as interesting as the study of human behaviour, as recent events have once again shown.

For years it has been obvious that ranting fundamentalist Imams should be thrown out of Britain instead of being allowed (mostly on welfare) to spit out their vile message in mosques up and down the country.

The political establishment – knowing of course better than the “mob” baying for these loathsome scum to be sent back to somewhere where they would fit in better – ignored the baying mob, insisting on these peoples’ “human rights” and “British tolerance”. It took years for Abu Hamza to be silenced and there are plenty of others still egging on impressionable young people to murder us.

But suddenly, one of our soldiers has his head cut off in broad daylight and Oh, surprise, surprise, now we must “do something”. Absolutely pathetic of course, but no more than one expects from the soggy, flabridden, PC unintelligentsia.

Well, we’ll see what happens. No doubt whatever is proposed the ECHR will object, their Strasbourg Lordships in their posh enclaves having very little chance of having their heads cut off.

And have you noticed how the police are trawling the internet for signs of people committing incitement against Muslims? One has to ask where they were when the imams were doing THEIR bit of incitement. No wonder the average white, ethnic Brit is sick to death of all this.

And what about Islam? The problem is that many of us in the “mob” are not prepared to be told what to think, much as the political elite would prefer it that way. We look at Islam and we see a sect which:

  • displays extreme homophobia – and it is very funny to see the liberal unintelligentsia foaming at the mouth about “bigots” in the UK who refuse to accept homosexual “marriage” (even as they of course accept that in civil terms homosexuals should enjoy the same rights as everyone else) while wetting themselves for fear of offending Muslims (you may not have caught the Cornish council which banned the flying of the George flag as it might offend Muslims by reminding them of the crusades – you really couldn’t make that one up) 
  • treats women as virtual slaves and/or chattels, in many states refusing them basic civil rights, including in the worst cases the right to leave their houses, to be educated, to drive a car or even to be alone in the company of any man not a member of the family 
  • mercilessly punishes women accused of adultery by flogging or worse while men are unpunishable: no different to Western practices in the Middle Ages, but we are no longer there – most of us have moved on …. 
  • forces women into marriages 
  • forces women to cover themselves up as if they were infected: what deranged sexual perversion 
  • in Afghanistan murders schoolteachers of girls and blows up their schools 
  • in a number of states makes conversion to Christianity a capital crime 
  • is capable of putting out a decades-long state-fatwa (= murder contract, like some Chicago gang) on a writer who has “offended” them, just as innocent people including an old lady were murdered because someone in a distant country published a “cartoon” of Mohammed 
  • prohibits the building of Christian churches in many countries, including the official holiest state of Islam, Saudi Arabia.

This is Islam. Are we supposed to IGNORE all this? No, most Muslims in Britain would not subscribe to these extremes, but these are NOT extremes in terms of the worldwide Islamic movement; they are the NORM. Islam is indeed totally alien to the British way of life and morality. That is a FACT, and it CANNOT be “racist” to state FACTS.

Given the nauseating ideology of Islam, it is a betrayal of successive governments even to allow mosques to be built in Britain. Official Islam is extremely homophobic, womenophobic, Christianophobic and anti-democratic. Frankly, I have no tolerance whatever to it. Still, the establishment knows best – though apparently it didn’t know best as suddenly “measures are going to be taken”. Horses bolting comes to mind.

If “British” Muslims agree, let them do a Luther and separate themselves from “official” Islam, just as Luther did in protest against the venal, oppressive excesses of the then Catholic Church. That would be convincing. Official Islam, however, is odious, and its followers should be sent back to somewhere where they can enjoy their sect’s loathsome practices.

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Halal Meat & Penises

This is in the category of “unbelievable but true.” From “The Daily Mail:

“Killing an animal by cutting its throat without stunning is, in fact, illegal in this country. However, there is a legal loophole allowing this if it is being done for religious reasons — in other words, for the production of halal or kosher meat.”

Not only is this practice illegal except in the case of religious discrimination, which I thought was also illegal, but Halal meat is served clandestinely in many public places that have nothing whatsoever to do with religion; a blatant deception of the public, most of which undoubtedly finds the practice obscene.

It is also of course not only cruel but also stupid. The idea that God would prefer cruel, barbaric Halal killing to the British humane slaughter method is ludicrous. What sort of God is that, then?

It is of course an utterly shameful capitulation to PC idiots and religious claptrap. It is almost impossible to find the words to adequately express my disgust for all the above reasons. But once again, these things are foist on us without anyone ever asking if we want them. May I ask WHY there is this insane grovelling to ISLAM?

Of course, it is not only ISLAM. I am also at a total loss to understand why it is legal for Jews to mutilate their male children? Don’t we believe in FREEDOM and CHOICE? As for the latter, many people have NO CHOICE about whether to eat Halal meat, as it is often served to them by deceit. And what choice do Jewish boys have in the mutilation of their penises?

I was recently told that “Banning the burkha would not be British”. I would really like to know what about Halal meat and penis mutilation of babies is British?

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More Sectarian Lunacy

Anyone doubting the lunacy of some of these Muslim sects only needs to read this. No doubt half the Imams unhinged by their “beliefs” are living on public money.

How tolerant are we supposed to be? Till we have Afghanistan mark II on British streets?


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What’s wrong with dogs, then?

Muslims and Dogs in Britain

What sort of religion is it which discriminates against particular animals? What sort of God would pick out ONE particular animal to be unclean? Where is the rational thought behind these mediaeval beliefs? How can Man move on to a higher level when stuck in a time-warped mindset, which in itself is derived from illogical assumptions and a total lack of evidence? Prove to me that “God” made a dog “unclean”. For that matter, PROVE to me that God exists in the first place.

No dog ASKED to be born; a dog is just one more of “God’s creatures” if you like. In fact, dogs like us evolved over millions of years. At what point in this long, long process is God supposed to have decided that of all his creations (which as we have noted – but I repeat just to make sure it is clear –  took MILLIONS of years to evolve) a DOG would be selected to be unclean and not, for example, a camel? The two creatures in fact have well over 90% the SAME GENETIC MAKEUP.

Why would God (even assuming there IS a God is a big step – where is the proof?) make an “unclean” animal ANYWAY?  What was his POINT? What does he have against dogs? Snakes, I can understand – after all, a snake is supposed to have started all this religious claptrap in the Garden of Eden, but DOGS? Are we in Britain supposed to teach our kids that the concept “Dogs are unclean” is in any way rationally, morally, intellectually or culturally acceptable? As opposed of course to totally moronic? Are we supposed to agree it is NOT moronic just because is it part of a “great religion”?

The whole thing is POTTY. Why cannot our “ELITE” say the truth about these nutty religions? Why are we PANDERING to mediaeval beliefs, in particular when they have NOTHING to do with our own culture and traditions? Is it because a “big” religion is unattackable? Is this the religious equivalent of banks? If the Moonies came out with this guff they’d be ridiculed as a lunatic sect. I would guess that this is a very widespread reaction to all this nonsense, so WHY are they all so scared to tell the truth?

For goodness sake – we had the Enlightenment three centuries ago; let’s move on, IN PUBLIC at least, even if people have the right to warp their minds in private.

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