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Moral Sickness in the “free world”

The suffering in Syria is the fault of yet another dictator and the free world could have immensely reduced it. The failure to punish Assad for his crimes against humanity (including the gas attack – so much for Obama’s red line; I wonder what Putin thought of that?) is sickening, and Labour’s stance pathetic, cowardly and shameful. We learn NOTHING from history. Hitler could have been stopped in 1936, possibly saving over 20,000,000 lives. The free world is morally sick as well as stupid.

We also have to watch the grotesque spectacle of the soppy, over-privileged cow Michelle Obama sucking up to a Chinese leadership that SENDS BACK DESPERATE FLEEING REFUGEES to North Korea, where they and their families then face torture and often death.

A) China supplies and supports what is by far the world’s most brutal and inhuman regime.

B) China is our great friend and trading partner. Our leaders and/or their air-head spouses go there to pgrovel to its leadership.

You could not make it up.

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The Little Countries

Little dogs are often the most dangerous ....

Little dogs are often the most dangerous ….

These are usually completely ignored and/or sneered at by the Franco-German Alliance, but my goodness they have just struck two big blows for sanity.

Firstly, Switzerland has decided that having 25% of its population as foreigners is enough – of course bringing down on itself a tsunami of pretentious condescension and whingeing from the EU (I wonder what France and Germany would say to having over 25% of their population as foreigners? Surely there must be a limit? Not in England of course, which apparently HAS no limit, at least as far as the Labour Party is concerned.

But secondly – and equally dramatic and unexpected – little Denmark has banned the vile and inhumane bleeding of animals before they are slaughtered, otherwise known as Halal for Muslims and kosher for Jews.

The UK of course, supinely and cravenly accedes to any old weird “religious” belief in the name of “multi-culturalism”, resulting in the native Brits having to face Halal meat shoved in their faces at supermarkets and the like, but little Denmark has struck a blow for sanity: for the precedence of animal rights over religious lunacy. HOORAY.

But the most sickening, nauseating and gut-wrenching thing about this is that Jews are accusing the Danes of anti-Semitism. Is it therefore the case that ANY criticism of Jews is “anti-semitic”? That seems a fairly ludicrous position to hold. People who object to the barbaric slaughter of animals do not object because they are anti-semitic, but because the practice is BARBARIC. It is frankly beyond belief that Jews should play the anti-semitic card. This is a betrayal of the people who helped overthrow true anti-Semitism in WWII and after. It is an accusation made in extremely bad faith, playing on the Holocaust, which has NOTHING to do with this topic AT ALL.

However, the barbaric slaughter of animals is hardly any different in essence from circumcision, which any objective alien visiting the Earth would consider to be the barbaric mutilation of helpless infants (which is what it is). The fact that this is ALSO allowed in Britain is quite staggering. Supposing the barbaric practice did not exist, and I started up a sect and announced:

“Our beliefs require us to mutilate baby boys. God demands it as part of our religion.”

I would be locked up as insane, and if I actually performed a circumcision I would rightly be banged up for 10 years. Why this is permitted is quite bizarre, and complaining about it is not “anti-semitic”, just a reflection of our disgust at the barbaric mutilation of helpless children. I was going to post a photo of a circumcised baby boy, but it was so disgusting I could not bring myself to do it, even though a picture tells a thousand words.

As For GIRLS of course, circumcision is quite rightly a CRIME, even if one to which the pathetic, PC-sodden and craven UK authorities have until recently turned a completely blind eye, this being another facet of “cultural diversity” (Yes, we are insane.) So if circumcision is illegal for GIRLS, why not BOYS?

As for the practice of male circumcision itself, it is interesting to note that many American Jews are starting to move away from the practice – not before time one would think, after two thousand years and the supposed freeing-up of the human mind during the Enlightenment. From “The Independent”:

“Jewish parents in US begin to question the need for circumcision.
Growing numbers make changes to ceremony that takes place
on eighth day of boys’ lives and is one of Judaism’s oldest rituals.”

The EU of course has stated that the Danish ban is against EU law. So far the courageous little Danes have told the EU where they can stick their law ….

… which all reminds me of how grotesque the EU really is, and how desperate it is to control everything from the centre, like some perverted Empire ….. speaking of which, here is one of my favourite Barrosso quotes:

“Sometimes I like to compare the EU as a creation to the
organisation of empire. We have the dimension
of empire.”

Indeed …… and you would make a good Napoleon: short, woffly, pontificating and fascist – but at least his men loved him and he was not short of a brain cell or two …….


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Wildlife Massacre

A conference of VIPs on wildlife preservation is taking place in London. Loads of highly-paid and powerful people will jaw for hours, issue a press-conference, and then things will go on much as before.

Cynical? Well, the terrible tragedy taking place in the extermination by Homo Sapiens of beautiful and sentient creatures that do Man no harm is far from new. This has been going on for decades, even if Great White Hunters no longer return from Africa proudly boasting how many big cats, rhinos or elephants they have killed.

otDriven by the lunatic ignorance and immorality of nouveaux-riche Asians, the greed of the usual poacher suspects and the poverty of many who see a rhino kill as a way to a quick fortune, the slaughter of these animals is even accelerating, notwithstanding the continual summits, resolutions, pledges and so on. Indeed, the fewer of these animals there are the higher the price for those products derived from them – a truly appalling example of supply and demand.

What is needed are:

A) … the sale and/or possession of rhino-horn and tiger products, ivory and other stuff from these creatures to be made illegal by China and other governments – AND subject to extremely harsh punishments – AND with resources made available to stamp it out instead of mere lip-service (and yacking at posh conferences)

B) … an international military task-force to hunt down and kill the poachers.

C) … a massive publicity campaign in China, Japan etc, but not a pussy-footing affair, one where the Premier comes on telly and says:

“Look, we have inherited from our tradition the practice of using animal products. This is both STUPID, since they have in fact NO KNOWN THERAPEUTIC qualities and IMMORAL, as these are sentient creatures that do us no harm. Your government has outlawed the purchase and use of products derived from these species, and will ruthlessly pursue and punish those involved in this disgusting trade.”  (Don’t hold your breath ….)

None of these are exactly PC, but the way things are going at the moment we are getting nowhere. Frankly the time for fannying about yacking at summit conferences is over. These species are dying out NOW.

Another great help would be if venal, corrupt, scum-drooling African governments would show more respect for their animals, their people and indeed themselves. However, there is fat sign of that in some of the key countries, including Tanzania as highlighted last week.

An alien visitor sent to observe Homo Sapiens would surely conclude that he is a total and dangerous aberration in galactic life and should be exterminated. We KNOW that this is happening and we KNOW that it is wrong, but somehow we just cannot STOP it. Truly pathetic.

Let us hope at least that when GW and the ensuing famines, plagues and wars wipe us out that as many animals as possible will survive. Perhaps the next  supermammal to evolve in a few million years will be more successful than the current one.

The Telegraph Article is excellent: full of information,
and listing the following as examples of endangered species.


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Syrian Update

“The Daily Mail” has published photos
of what the UN says are Assad’s victims.

My collage of the same photos.

What is going on in Syria is a sickening and shameful indictment of the free world, and the British Labour Party’s glee at thwarting the destruction of some of Assad’s air forces and thus almost certainly forcing him to negotiate was disgusting.

The proceedings in Montreux are a total farce. Assad will never go until forced to and he will never be forced to by fatuous yapping at the UN. How can you negotiate with mass-murderers? When Hess came to “negotiate”, we locked him up for ever and continued to try to kill Hitler – at enormous human cost.

It would have taken courage to give the go-ahead for a US airstrike, but of course the gutless Labour party has no idea what courage is. Not a single one even had the guts to stand up to the surreally-useless Brown in an election contest in this so-called democracy. David Milliband deserves his political oblivion for his lack of courage, which of course gave us his creepy brother, someone who has never done a real day’s work in his life, or created one pfennig of wealth for the country.

Yes, intervention would be complex and dangerous – and this is part of the lunatic Shia-Sunni war, but non-intervention has resulted in Assad having a free hand to commit mass-murder and serial crimes against humanity, aided and abetted by Russia, with its corrupt and mafiosi-type state apparatus.    

In any case, humans are usually involved in decisions about lesser evils: in WWII we were even allies of the USSR, whose murder of TENS OF MILLIONS of people before the war was well documented – though this did not prevent Milliband Senior from being a fervent fan of Stalin.

“Intervention is bad”? Tell that to the Iranians, who have thousands of men fighting the rebels. Now we have Obama making love with Iran at the same time as Iran fundamentalist troops are helping Assad to torture, starve, bomb, gas and exterminate ordinary Syrians. The moral gutlessness of the free world is sickening.

“Rebels”? The original rebels were ordinary Syrians. As nobody helped them in any significant way, AQ got in on the act. And Assad is apparently in league with AQ, bombing the “rebels” but not AQ, who are in the meantime training suicide bombers to blow up London.

Historians will look back at all this in disbelief.

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The Syrian Bloodbath


Systematic killing evidence in Syria is ‘tip of iceberg’
International bodies say evidence of execution of
11,000 detainees in regime jails comes from just one area of Syria.

“Can evidence of mass killings in Syria end the inertia? Only with Putin’s help.”

A) The evidence is sound, but nothing new. Assad’s role as a family-dynasty, mass-murdering gangster thug is well-known. He also passed a red line by gassing a large number of people in this very war. However, with a bowl of jelly in the White House, nothing seems likely to change.

Oh, we might supply some more “non-lethal material” to the FSA to help them die more slowly from their wounds.

B) Putin regrets the passing of the USSR, the regime that murdered 16,000 Poles in Katyn Forest and tried to blame it on the Nazis. The only thing to be concerned about with Putin is exactly when he is going to send the Red Army over the border to reclaim his lost Empire.

The original rebellion was by more or less ordinary Syrians fed up with living under brutal fascism. In the 30s, even left-wing intellectuals applauded those who went to fight in the international brigades against fascist Franco, but now we are made of much limper-wristed stuff.

OF COURSE, with the Russians and Iranians supplying LETHAL weapons and Iran even sending thousands of men, the FSA was countered, and since then the extremely nasty AQ has got in on the act, which was TOTALLY PREDICTABLE.

Now there are reports that Assad is even secretly AIDING the AQ lunatics (along with the Taliban possibly the only element on the planet nastier than Assad’s regime) against what is left of the FSA.

The free world should stand up more against dictators. We can’t do EVERYthing, but what we have done has been pathetic and unbelievably STUPID. It has not only helped to prop up a truly murderous regime but also allowed the training by AQ of jihadis who will one day soon blow themselves up in Central London and elsewhere.

The “Peace Conference” is a fatuous waste of time. No “negotiations” are possible as long as either side thinks it can win. Given that Assad has unlimited arms from Russia, support from Iran and a total lack of serious reaction from the free world, he will clearly think he can win.

Meanwhile, the UN pfaffs about, blocked by two fascist permanent members, while the gruesome statistics mount up. Here is a very small sample. The UN may be toothless, but its research department has a good reputation, as has Amnesty International:

  • UNICEF reported that over 500 children had been killed by early February 2012. Another 400 children have been reportedly arrested and tortured in Syrian prisons. Both claims have been contested by the Syrian government. (WHAT A SURPRISE!) According to the UN, 6,561 children were killed by mid-June 2013. The Oxford Research Group said that a total of 11,420 children had been killed in the conflict by late November 2013.

  • 24 November, 2013: A fierce battle in the eastern suburbs of Damascus has killed more than 160 people in the past two days as rebels struggle to break a months-long blockade by forces whose allegiance lies with President Bashar al-Assad, activists have said.Fighting began on Friday when rebel units attacked several checkpoints in an area known as the Eastern Ghouta, which has been under siege for more than six months. According to local and international aid workers, President Assad’s forces appeared to be trying to starve out residents. This latest bloodshed comes as the Oxford Research Group – a think tank – says that a total of 11,420 children have now been killed in the conflict.The report shows that explosive weapons have accounted for more than seven out of every 10 deaths since fighting started in March 2011. Small-arms fire accounts for more than one-quarter of the total, with older boys in the 13 to 17-year-old group the most frequent victims of targeted killings. Of the 764 children recorded as summarily executed, 112 were reported to have been tortured, including some of infant age.

  • According to the UN, Syrian armed and security forces have been responsible for: unlawful killing, including of children (mostly boys), medical personnel and hospital patients (“In some particularly grave instances, entire families were executed in their homes.”); torture, including of children (mostly boys, sometimes to death) and hospital patients, and including sexual and psychological torture; arbitrary arrest “on a massive scale”; deployment of tanks and helicopter gunships in densely populated areas; heavy and indiscriminate shelling of civilian areas; collective punishment; enforced disappearances; widescale and systematic destruction and looting of property; the systematic denial, in some areas, of food and water; and the prevention of medical treatment, including to children. Amnesty International reported that medical personnel had also been tortured, while the UN said that medical personnel in state hospitals were sometimes complicit in the killing and torture of patients. The execution and torture of children was also documented by Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch. Most of the serious human rights violations documented by the UN have been committed by the Syrian army and security services as part of military or search operations The pattern of the killing, coupled with interviews with defectors, led the UN to conclude a shoot-to-kill policy was operative. The UN mentioned several reports of security forces killing injured victims by putting them into refrigerated cells in hospital morgues.

  • 25 Sept, 2013: French President Francois Hollande told the UN General Assembly that 120,000 people have been killed in more than two years of civil war, 2 million people had fled Syria, and the country is “destroyed.”

  • May, 2012: Major Western powers say they are expelling senior Syrian diplomats following the killing of 108 people in the Houla region of Syria on Friday. France, the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Canada and Australia have all announced expulsions. Most victims of Friday’s massacre – including women and children – were summarily executed, the UN says. Residents said the pro-government shabiha militia had entered homes and opened fire indiscriminately.

I hope the Labour Party is proud of its great achievement in preventing the free world from disabling some of Assad’s air-power and perhaps forcing him to negotiate. You’d defend your neighbour against fascism (I hope) but you won’t help foreigners. If this is not “racism”, then what is? YES, it is complicated and dangerous, but so was WWII, when we were ready to fight fascist evil. Now the left just blathers on about “American Imperialism”.

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Whither Russia?

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard thinks that falling oil-price will pose big problems for Putin.

I on the other hand, would not put anything past him. An economic crisis could encourage him to stoke up nationalistic fervour even more and invade the Ukraine (“to support the government”) and Central Asia (“to combat terrorism”) and in doing so to restore his beloved Empire of the USSR.

Anyone who underestimates the potential evil of Putin is – frankly – an idiot. Astonishing that so many people seem to have some respect for an ex KGB officer, part of the same security apparatus that murdered 16,000 Poles in Katyn Forest under a totalitarian regime that Putin has said he regrets the demise of – AND a man leading his country when its security services almost certainly murdered one of its enemies on the streets of London. (remember what happened to Trotsky?)

Putin is also a strong supporter of the mass-murdering Assad, who not only recently gassed several thousand people a la Saddam Hussein but for whom there is also strong evidence that his regime has tortured and murdered in cold blood multiple thousands of his enemies.

Putin as an extremely nasty human being. His country is one of the most corrupt in the world outside Africa. His democracy is a sham. The police, media and judiciary in Russia are almost completely under his control.

This hysterical anti-Americanism is just surreal. Nobody’s perfect, but the following are free thanks to the USA in particular: the whole of Europe, most of Asia, Kosovo, Iraq, Libya and no doubt others I have forgotten. The countries the USA failed to liberate include the dictatorships of North Korea, China and Cuba.

The countries occupied by Putin’s beloved USSR suffered decades of oppression, poverty and misery while those occupied by the USA have become rich and powerful (Japan and Germany in particular). If you are so thick that you can’t grasp all this, just compare North and South Korea.

Only a total moron – or a would-be totalitarian fascist – could possibly prefer Putin to the USA.


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Socialism is a wonderful and supremely Christian idea. Basically, it means making some sort of sacrifice to ensure the well-being of people less well-off than yourself.  I would say it also means:

“From each according to his ability; to each according to his need.”

….. but like the idea of socialism itself, this once-inspiring soundbite has been tarnished by its Marxist origins and the history of so-called communist Soviet Union, even though it was not Marx’s fault that Stalin ensured that many people equate communism with totalitarianism.

Trying to forget the aberrations of the USSR,  there is really no moral alternative to “socialism”, the opposite of which is of course “Every man for himself.” Yet this wonderful idea does not in fact have the universal support it would seem to deserve. Why then do “socialists” so often lose elections?

Well, …….the problem is that if it is not to do more harm than good, socialism must be designed and administered by people who:

  1. understand economics and human psychology (both equally important)

  2. conclude from 1. that only a certain amount of “capitalism” can create the wealth needed for “socialism” to succeed

  3. operate on the basis of commonsense, pragmatism, a dose of altruism and an absence of dogma and class hatred

Such people are very thin on the ground indeed, so that we get an endless cycle that goes like this:

A) “Capitalists” gain power, create lots of wealth and spread a fair bit of it about to keep the plebs happy, but in the end keep so much for themselves and get such a bad image that the people get fed up and envious and demand a complete change.

B) Socialists are therefore elected who invariably lack the qualities defined above and – despite the most pure and saintly of intentions – eventually run the economy into the sand, thereby impoverishing the very people the socialists sought to help. (God does indeed have a sense of humour.)

C) The voters lose their idealistic hopes and vote once more pragmatically for the people who can at least create wealth instead of simply stealing it off the most-productive until the camel collapses to the ground.

If you look at this in a detached way it is quite funny, since it is a seemingly-endless cycle from which the participants (including the voters) never seem to learn. And the main thing about voters is that they always believe the promises of a new dawn made by all those seeking election. Indeed, anyone idiotic enough to speak the truth along Churchillian lines (“All I can promise is blood, sweat and tears.”) is sure to get an absolute hammering at the polls. You are likely do much better if you promise to reduce taxes and put up welfare benefits, even though it does not take an Einstein to realize that this is impossible.

In the UK, success is also usually boosted by the degree to which a pseudo-socialist party slags off any of the following: bankers, capitalists, Tories, toffs, the idle rich and of course Mrs Thatcher – which is also quite funny, except when the socialists win an election and start on the B) part of the above-mentioned cycle.

One day we may all be “socialists” (which is really the only moral choice), and will vote merely for different shades of “socialism” and people whose faces we like. However, I doubt whether I shall see this day in my lifetime. In the meantime, if you happen to know any “socialists” who fit the description in 1 to 3 above, do encourage them to go into politics: they are desperately needed.

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