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FAT & Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver is rubbishing the government about obesity:

“The British public will always react well if they are given a good plan, guidance and clarity. Sadly, our government has let us down on all fronts. Education is the key here. We need to give people the knowledge to be able to make better choices before we start making empty noises about encouraging people to eat better food. I have seen myself that giving practical information and teaching within schools and communities can make a real difference. We need more practical help and less hot air.”

So, when an obese child waddles down the street stuffing its gob with crisps it’s the government’s fault? Thank you Jamie. Now we know.

Your article is rubbish of course. Anyone who doesn’t already know how to eat healthily is a MORON. The problem is, Jamie, that these people DON’T CARE.

If you DID care, then when you got obese, don’t you think you’d WONDER WHY? and then FIND OUT? And DO something about it?

Schools TEACH this stuff, but the wonderful people you bang on about DON’T CARE. The KIDS don’t care. They listen to Miss Muppet telling them all this in biology or life-sciences or Homemaking/Domestic Science or whatever they do then when the bell goes they rush off for their Mars Bars and crisps. A school banned burgers and chips once and mothers turned up at lunchtime to feed their starving kids through the railings.

You have a bizarrely rose-tinted view of the masses. I am as depressed about this obesity epidemic as anyone, especially as it is essentially down to laziness, fecklessness, greed …. all among the least attractive aspects of Homo Sapiens. It is indeed astonishing how Man just cannot control his greed. The Chinese and Indian middle-classes ALL have this problem, just like in the west.

However, it can only be cured by a return to individual responsibility; for oneself and for one’s children.

You say you have seen what intervention can do. The trouble is, you are famous and charismatic, and the plebs only pay attention to anyone famous. If you go to a school, then of course it’ll have a short-term effect, but how many schools can you go to? Miss Muppet in form 4D of Cesspit Comprehensive is neither famous nor charismatic …..

Sorry mate – you’re living on another planet. Still, carry on bashing the government if you must; everyone else does, as it’s never the personal fault of anyone else of course. What was your take on the rioters?

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Betrayed on Law and Order

To the Justice Minister – UK

Dear Mr Clarke

I have just read the following in “The Telegraph”. One cannot  believe everything one reads, but I have no reason to doubt its veracity.

“Last year, in 3,018 cases, offenders who were convicted of burglary were spared a prison sentence despite having 15 or more previous convictions, according to Ministry of Justice statistics.”

I wonder if you would care to comment on this? To a layman like myself, it seems so preposterous as to be impossible to believe, but of course it is in general only political manifestos that lie outright, so – as I said – I have no reason to disbelieve “The Telegraph”.

Is the current PC thinking still that “Burglary is not really a serious crime”  or that “It isn’t serious when ‘no harm is done’? Well, I wonder, Home Secretary, when you yourself last had your home burgled and trashed? Probably some time, no doubt thanks to the nice area you live in and the expensive locks, and burglar devices you can afford to fit. Perhaps you would feel differently were you to be burgled, your private papers and other property stolen along with your family heirlooms, with your home being left filthy and trashed?

It is no wonder that ordinary people feel utterly betrayed by successive governments, in particular by those who always say they will be “tough on crime” all the while knowing it is an utter lie. Over THREE THOUSAND people escaped prison for burglary offences last year even though they had MULTIPLE PREVIOUS CONVICTIONS. Isn’t that UNBELIEVABLE? What does it tell you about the efficacy of the legal system and its ability to deter reoffending?

It is a sick joke. I had hoped you might start to put this right, but all I hear and read so far gives me the opposite impression.

Yours Sincerely


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Halal Meat & Penises

This is in the category of “unbelievable but true.” From “The Daily Mail:

“Killing an animal by cutting its throat without stunning is, in fact, illegal in this country. However, there is a legal loophole allowing this if it is being done for religious reasons — in other words, for the production of halal or kosher meat.”

Not only is this practice illegal except in the case of religious discrimination, which I thought was also illegal, but Halal meat is served clandestinely in many public places that have nothing whatsoever to do with religion; a blatant deception of the public, most of which undoubtedly finds the practice obscene.

It is also of course not only cruel but also stupid. The idea that God would prefer cruel, barbaric Halal killing to the British humane slaughter method is ludicrous. What sort of God is that, then?

It is of course an utterly shameful capitulation to PC idiots and religious claptrap. It is almost impossible to find the words to adequately express my disgust for all the above reasons. But once again, these things are foist on us without anyone ever asking if we want them. May I ask WHY there is this insane grovelling to ISLAM?

Of course, it is not only ISLAM. I am also at a total loss to understand why it is legal for Jews to mutilate their male children? Don’t we believe in FREEDOM and CHOICE? As for the latter, many people have NO CHOICE about whether to eat Halal meat, as it is often served to them by deceit. And what choice do Jewish boys have in the mutilation of their penises?

I was recently told that “Banning the burkha would not be British”. I would really like to know what about Halal meat and penis mutilation of babies is British?

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There’s no point taxing the banks over bonuses …..

I wrote the above in a press forum and got told off for it, but the point is …. (see below!)

You misunderstand. The ordinary people investing were INNOCENT. The bankers were GUILTY. ERGO, the banks should have been nationalised, all the deposits for individual investors guaranteed (which happened anyway) and ALL the directors SACKED and offered jobs cleaning toilets. THAT would have taught them not to gamble with people’s money.

My POINT is that if the government imposes a tax on banks this cost will ONLY BE PASSED ON TO CUSTOMERS. It will NOT stop banks paying their directors silly money in bonuses. I am coming to the view that money in society is now as essential as water and CANNOT be left in the hands of private individuals.

Appallingly incompetent though governments are it is perhaps time to nationalise ALL banks to put an end to this nonsense that has almost destroyed western civilisation.

If you think I am being too alarmist A) look at Greece and B) just wait and see what happens. This crisis has hardly started and is going to get a LOT WORSE before it gets better.


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Greed and Corruption (Again)

Once again we are reminded that power and wealth do not tend to reduce corruption among those who possess them but often increase it.

These UK LORDS (Yes, People who RULE US – you couldn’t make it up) are shown to have stolen public money, even though they are already very well off compared to ordinary people. And whereas the plebs can get locked up for non-payment of council tax or parking fines the Great and Bad manage to change their own rules so that none of them face prosecution.

And they wonder why we are cynical about politics! Well, they may wonder, but of course they don’t care, since they clearly get away with it.

And then we read about two FIFA officials trying to flog their votes for the 2022 World Cup. These people – as above – are already extremely well off compared to their compatriots, who often lack running water. Yet they feel compelled to abuse their positions for a £500,000 bung.

These thieves of the power elite are doubly guilty. Theft is theft at any level, but in those with power it is doubly vile, being an abuse of trust and authority. The world is ridden with greed and corruption among the powerful, but this will only cease when the punishments match the enormity of the crime. However, punishments are also decided by the very same people, so where does that leave us?

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“Economics for Idiots”

Rolling Strikes in France

Pretty pathetic, isn’t it? Don’t French people understand these bleedin’ obvious things:

A) Everyone is living longer.

B) We are living beyond our means.

C) We are facing increased competition from Asia & South America.

D) Resources are running out and getting more expensive.

E) We are drowning in Brussels rules and paperwork, all of which costs money and reduces our competivity.

F) The costs for an employer in France of hiring someone are the highest in Europe; this means ENDEMIC unemployment of around 10% – a vast waste of human resources.

In addition, the French seem to think (collectively) that “the State” can provide everything, whereas  those ghastly Anglo-Saxons are starting to understand that “The State” has no money of its own whatsoever; it is all taken from those who work in the PRIVATE sector.

Given all this, the idea that we can keep on as in the past is farcical. The French plebs should read up on economics, then wake up and grow up, like the rest of us are having to do.

PS It is certainly true that the French state wastes vast amounts of money on nonsenses, but then so do almost all governments everywhere. Money should be used more wisely, but even so the idea that you can pay for everything through “savings” is also ludicrous. As is, of course, the idea that you’ll ever get a government to cut its own “essential” expenses.

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The Unintelligentsia


It seems yet more new guidelines are to be issued to judges in a bid to “send fewer thugs to jail” and save a lot of money. As reported in “The Daily Mail” today:

“For grievous bodily harm, an assault causing permanent disability, disfigurement, broken bones or injuries requiring lengthy treatment, attackers will not go to jail if they are considered to have factors in their favour. These include youth or immaturity.

Yes, me must search harder for mitigiating circumstances. But look at it from the thugs’ point of view. The thing is, if you’re going to permanently disfigure someone just make sure you do it with ONE blow as then you’ll get off with some soppy “community sentence”.  This will favorise karate experts of course, so I expect a big increase in those taking up the sport. Kick-boxers, too, will get a massive boost, as will any martial art that teaches”one-blow maiming”. “Remorse”? Yes, extra sessions at acting school will be a great help.

“Immaturity” will apparently also be a mitigating factor. Naturally, given Darwin’s theory of natural selection, those pleading immaturity will fare better, so a big increase in immature behaviour will occur.

And the effect in the streets? I can just see the scene outside the supermarket.

“You can’t touch me copper! I’m not yet twelve and I am very immature. (Ed: Somone would of course have to teach them the word first) Besides, I only hit the old geezer once; it’s not my fault he fell over and smashed his head the stupid old git.”

It seems to me that the upper-class unintelligentsia haven’t a CLUE about how ordinary people consider crimes of violence, no more than Gordon Brown had the FAINTEST IDEA of the concerns of Mrs Bigot during the last election. This disconnect is dangerous, and of course extremely UNFAIR to the people who vote these idiots into power and money.

“Community Sentences”? A joke …… In this article here we learn about three thugs who kicked an innocent man to death, laughing and joking as they kicked him in the head. One of these “people” had 10 previous convictions for various nastinesses and two of them had breached “community orders”. Had they been dealt with properly they might not have been free to kill.

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