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Thank you, Idiot Governments & Doctors

Professor Jeremy Farrar, director of the Wellcome Trust,
said Britain is reaching a tipping point in its use of antibiotics
beyond which people will start dying of everyday infections.

When I was 12 I got an infected finger at boarding school. It started off slowly as these things do and of course I paid no attention, until it rapidly moved up my finger and started to hurt like hell. Even at that age I could see it was serious so I went to matron. She took one look and called the doctors, who injected penicillin directly into the finger, which by now was pretty hideous.

In three days as I recall the infection was completely gone. Little boys take most things in their stride, but even so I distinctly remember thinking at the time “God! That is imPRESSIVE.”

Antibiotics are (were?) an astonishing gift to humanity, initially discovered by Fleming but developed by (to laymen) less well-known names such as Howard Florey (1898–1968) and Ernst Chain (1906–1979). Fleming, Florey, and Chain shared the 1945 Nobel Prize for medicine for their work on penicillin.

But Man is so STUPID. This astonishing saviour of disfigurement, pain and often death has been abused by over-use to the point where antibiotics are fast losing their effectiveness. It seems to me that both government and public are in denial of the catastrophe that could befall Mankind if this continues, and so we are STILL over-prescribing antibiotics, both in medicine and agriculture. And many people are ignorant, you have to say through lack of education. Many do not take antibiotics until the end of their course, thus increasing resistance. It is absolutely appalling.

Who is to blame? Well, I have to say that I am not to blame. I am neither in government nor a doctor. These are the only people whom one can blame.  Educators, too, should hammer the facts about antibiotics during secondary school. Politicians can legislate on key elements of the curriculum – but don’t. Their principal concerns are A) growth and B) through growth getting re-elected.

This massive dereliction of responsibility
is a crime against Humanity.

Governments are quick to ban guns – an obvious way of killing people easily – but where is the urgency to ban practices which will lead to innumerably MORE deaths than from gunshot wounds? Some doctors still prescribe antibiotics too easily: they should be sanctioned. Governments must do FAR MORE, both by legislation AND by education programmes, in and out of school.

This is sadly just one more example of Man’s short-term thinking allied to ignorance, greed and stupidity. The dangers of this have been known for DECADES, so why is it only when a real crisis approaches that governments start reacting?

Three giants in the history of antibiotics

Those great scientists who discovered and developed antibiotics must surely be turning in their graves. Fleming made the initial discovery – and is the name most people have heard of – but Chain and Florey worked out how to mass-produce penicillin, and the three were jointly awarded the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 1945.



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QUIZ: Philosophers’ Quotations

Good afternoon. A number of people are now following this blog, so thank you for this compliment.

As you will have gathered, I am motivated mostly by anger at the lies, demagogery, selfishness and incompetence of our leaders.

However, life has its funny side, and the mind cannot survive on bile alone, so I try to add in some other stuff when the inspiration seizes me.

Here is a QUIZ on Philosophers’ quotes. I got into this after watching “Gladiator” and following this up with some research into Marcus Aurelius. Modern Man thinks he is so clever, yet most of it has all been said before, often thousands of years ago.

Anyway, for what it’s worth, here is the quiz in Excel format.

Even if you get all the questions wrong the quotes are worth reading anyway ….. GOOD LUCK!



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The Schools Catastrophe


They DELIBERATELY allowed mass immigration to get MORE VOTES, since immigrants vote (of course) for the hand that feeds them. This is akin to TREASON, and the people NEVER VOTED for it. It is DISASTROUS for democracy. These people are fascists (people who abuse “democracy”) since THEY KNOW BEST, especially what is best for THEIR party’s chances of regaining power – and therefore do not TRUST people to make the “right” decisions.

From “The Telegraph”

“The population explosion in England and Scotland, fuelled by mass immigration, has affected our society in many ways. Education is one of them, with it being revealed today that 250,000 extra primary school places will need to be found by September 2013, according to the Commons Public Accounts Committee. The phrase “ticking time bomb” springs to mind.

The likely outcome of this mad, unnecessary rush? Schools that are performing poorly will be relied upon to increase their intake out of desperation. Kids have to go to school, even if it is a terrible one.

The whole situation demonstrates the utter chaos that open border EU migration is having on Britain. We don’t know how many kids year-to-year are going to need schooling in this country, we can only guess. The result is sheer pandemonium that puts a ridiculous strain on the system and is unfair to the kids who will probably end up getting shoved anywhere that will have them.

The increase in class sizes is likely to make the job of teaching that bit harder too. How many of the children in this generation of exploding numbers will even speak English? The task is daunting and absurd in equal measure.”

The funny thing is that so many people don’t seem to care. Of course, many only care if it affects them PERSONALLY, which it certainly doesn’t if you live in Hampstead – or some leafy avenue in Ashtead, Surry or indeed a sleepy country village in East Anglia.

And there’s more from the Labour Party ……

“When it comes to sheer chutzpah, you’ve got to hand it to Margaret Hodge, the Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee. Last year, it emerged that her family company had paid just 0.01 per cent tax on £2.1 billion of business generated in the UK just before she chastised a number of US companies about their tax arrangements. Yesterday, she had the effrontery to criticise the Department for Education for failing to provide enough primary school places  without making it clear that the responsibility for that failure lies entirely with the last government (of which she was a member).

The headline news is that we need an additional 250,000 primary schools places by September 2013. However, what Hodge’s report omitted to say is that the reason for this shortfall is because Labour reduced the total number of primary school places by 207,000 between 2003/04 and 2009/10 and, in the same period, cut the funding for extra school places by £150 million. This, in spite of the fact that the population of England grew at a faster rate under the last government than at any time since 1801 – thanks, in large part, to Labour’s open-door immigration policy. The present government has been doing it’s best to cope with the resulting crisis, committing over  £5 billion to funding new places.

So let’s get this straight. Margaret Hodge was a member of a government that presided over net immigration of approximately three million and a government that closed primary schools and cut the funding for additional places, and now she has the temerity to criticise the present government for failing to provide enough primary school places for the children of these new arrivals? As I say, that’s chutzpah for you.”

What a shameful, corrupt and lying, undemocratic bunch the Labour Party are. DELIBERATE and UNMANDATED MASS IMMIGRATION in their OWN INTERESTS.

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In Defence of “Politics”

The most depressing thing I ever heard at school was: “I’m not interested in politics.” Even at the age of 10, this seemed to me bizarre, for politics is at the heart of everything. It decides what we can eat, how much money we have, what sort of shelter we have, health, education, defence, what it takes to get locked up, EVERYTHING – including in the USA of course gun control …….

“Politics” completely arranges the environment of our existence, within which we can be individuals and lead some kind of “private life”, but nothing can function in a civilised manner without politics.

There is only one circumstance I can imagine when the statement: “I’m not interested in politics.” might possibly be justified, and that is if you lived in a society where everything was perfect: no injustice, hunger, or discomfort; excellent health, education, shelter and sustenance in a peaceful environment with nothing to worry about ….

There remains a niggling doubt about whether such a society would be just a teensy bit boring. However, the point is, has there ever been one? Does anyone KNOW one? Are they accepting immigrants?

If we accept that politics decides everything, then there are certain conclusions to be drawn. If it is so fundamentally important, is it not then legitimate to oblige everyone to vote, as they do in Australia for example? Then again, is it acceptable that we so easily tolerate as “democracy” elections where only 30% of eligible voters actually vote? And is it acceptable that the teaching of “politics” and all it involves holds such little place in our schools?

I would say “NO!!” And in fact, the study of politics involves so many branches of knowledge. You can’t (or shouldn’t) be taught “politics” without teaching psychology. Why is X saying that? What are his motivations? What is the psychology of voting groups. Or without studying logic, so as to recognize false arguments, of which there is no lack. You need to study what evidence is, since a political policy should be based on evidence, not fantasy or demagoguery.

In fact, just as politics decides everything then a study of politics involves just about every branch of knowledge, too. You cannot vote sensibly for party X which wants to build zillions of windfarms or go full-steam ahead on shale-fracking if you don’t have a reasonable understanding of the science, and of course environmental consequences. You can’t sensibly vote for or against grammar schools without a sound knowledge of the social and psychological rationale behind them or indeed of their history. The same applies to religion of course, and almost any other area you care to mention.

No, politics as a subject of study, discussion and involvement is vastly undervalued in our society. And the fact that politicians are often venal and incompetent liars is not a reason to be LESS interested in politics but a compelling reason to be MORE involved!! If you don’t get informed and involved, the politicians will do it THEIR way, and you have to ask yourself one final question: Do you REALLY trust them to do it in YOUR interests?

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Secondclass Workers

The Honorarlehrer in Germany

In Europe we have various categories of second-class workers, and one of these is the Honorarlehrer. These are qualified teachers employed for specific courses and/or classes only and paid a fee when the totality of the work is completed. What’s the problem then? Well, this fee-paid, short-term, ad hoc basis for specific tasks is fine as originally established for lawyers, architects, doctors and the like, and also my Steuerberater (tax advisor), who charges 60€ an hour.

Teachers, however, are not paid on the same scale and do not enjoy the considerable advantages accorded to those with a “proper” job, a beast becoming increasingly rare in the EU. The Honorarlehrer in fact labours under the following DISadvantages:

  • The life of an Honorarlehrer is precarious – you never know if and when you will be able to find enough work to keep you off the streets and/or away from the state begging bowl.

  • You get NO holiday payment, NO health insurance payment, NO contribution to a pension and NOTHING AT ALL if you can’t work because you are ill.

  • So you can’t afford to be ill because A) you immediately lose money and B) there is a good chance your employer will take on someone else next time who in their estimation is less likely to be ill.

  • You also have more difficulty than salaried workers in getting bankloans, specifically and most importantly if you seek to buy a house, since you cannot guarantee a regular income to a bank.

  • In ADDITION to all the above, in many cases Honorarlehrer doing a three-month course are not even paid until the END of this period, but no explanation is forthcoming from the employer as to what their staff are supposed to live on while waiting to be paid.

  • On top of this, it is in the regulations that staff who have worked diligently a FULL THREE MONTHS will ONLY get paid if they fill in some paperwork correctly.

Salaried employees on the other hand none of the above disadvantages, and among “salaried employers” we must of course include the university bosses and administrators who make and organise the system of Honorarlehrer.

And why is this practice prevalent in Europe? It is of course far cheaper. Employers have no insurance, holiday or pension money to pay for a start, and obviously have reduced personnel costs.  An added bonus is that the workforce is fragmented, which mitigates against any possible form of collective bargaining. The consequence of all this is that it is almost impossible to get a proper, full-time, properly paid job in the teaching profession – unless you work for the state, whose employees are thus massively advantaged over the private sector, including remuneration levels. It seems that a Doctorate is about the minimum possible qualification required in order to get a job administering teachers who have no hope of ever getting a “proper” job, no matter how good a teacher or indeed teaching administrator they might be

C’est la vie, but it isn’t particularly moral, is it?

As for the administrators who remind their hired staff that they will ONLY get paid – even after three months of diligent and professional work – if they complete certain paperwork, I am not sure if they have understood that this is an unacceptable threat. Firstly, the people they hire are qualified professionals who understand the rules (immoral though they may be) and would in normal circumstances not dream of not doing their best to comply. Therefore, being the conscientious professionals that they are, it is insulting to be threatened with the withholding of reimbursement for work already done OVER THREE MONTHS.

A manager’s primary task is to keep the workers happy. Unhappy workers = poor results and eventually no staff and the collapse of the enterprise, except of course that universities and their departments – like the banks – are too important to fail.The correct procedure – given these immoral rules – is to state them clearly at the beginning of the work, and then re-explain what teachers  are supposed to do at the END of the work WITHOUT the accompanying threats. In those RARE cases where a hireling does NOT complete the required tasks then in THIS case the authorities should take the matter up with the individual concerned and not issue a pre-emptive general threat to ALL the hirelings.

As for the failure to pay workers until the end of a period of three months, it is astonishing to me that this can – in the wonderful, Nobel-Peace-Prize winning EU (Let’s forget that it was the Allies that saved Europe from fascism during the last war and from “communism” after it)  – even be legal. The EU is about equality and justice, and I fail to see how an Honorarlehrer is in ANY way equal to a salaried university teacher or administrator. There IS no equality there at all. At the VERY LEAST we should be paid MONTHLY, just like the people who hire us. Yes, this would cost the university a bit of time and even money, but so be it.

This Honorar system is not confined to Germany. It may even be an essential way that the teaching of ad hoc courses has to be organized, but that does not lessen our sympathy for the difficulties faced by the victims of this system, which is – as previously stated – ever more common in Europe. We Honorarlehrer do not usually complain; there are things in life one has to accept, but the contrapartie is that fully-salaried administrators should appreciate their vastly advantageous positions and show more respect for those who actually do the work.

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FAT & Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver is rubbishing the government about obesity:

“The British public will always react well if they are given a good plan, guidance and clarity. Sadly, our government has let us down on all fronts. Education is the key here. We need to give people the knowledge to be able to make better choices before we start making empty noises about encouraging people to eat better food. I have seen myself that giving practical information and teaching within schools and communities can make a real difference. We need more practical help and less hot air.”

So, when an obese child waddles down the street stuffing its gob with crisps it’s the government’s fault? Thank you Jamie. Now we know.

Your article is rubbish of course. Anyone who doesn’t already know how to eat healthily is a MORON. The problem is, Jamie, that these people DON’T CARE.

If you DID care, then when you got obese, don’t you think you’d WONDER WHY? and then FIND OUT? And DO something about it?

Schools TEACH this stuff, but the wonderful people you bang on about DON’T CARE. The KIDS don’t care. They listen to Miss Muppet telling them all this in biology or life-sciences or Homemaking/Domestic Science or whatever they do then when the bell goes they rush off for their Mars Bars and crisps. A school banned burgers and chips once and mothers turned up at lunchtime to feed their starving kids through the railings.

You have a bizarrely rose-tinted view of the masses. I am as depressed about this obesity epidemic as anyone, especially as it is essentially down to laziness, fecklessness, greed …. all among the least attractive aspects of Homo Sapiens. It is indeed astonishing how Man just cannot control his greed. The Chinese and Indian middle-classes ALL have this problem, just like in the west.

However, it can only be cured by a return to individual responsibility; for oneself and for one’s children.

You say you have seen what intervention can do. The trouble is, you are famous and charismatic, and the plebs only pay attention to anyone famous. If you go to a school, then of course it’ll have a short-term effect, but how many schools can you go to? Miss Muppet in form 4D of Cesspit Comprehensive is neither famous nor charismatic …..

Sorry mate – you’re living on another planet. Still, carry on bashing the government if you must; everyone else does, as it’s never the personal fault of anyone else of course. What was your take on the rioters?

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Educational Selection Lives

Pupils from poorest backgrounds
stand one in 100 chance of top university

Is this supposed to be surprising or shocking? If you want to give every kid an equal chance then you must equalise incomes and wealth and make sure that everyone can live in a posh area with good schools.

Not possible? Fine, then forget about all this research crap about “kids from poor backgrounds”. It’s OLD HAT. They are INEVITABLY disadvantaged and until society is more equal (if that is what you want) stop dreaming.

As for giving bright kids from poor backgrounds a better chance, bring back the grammar schools. At present, you have selection by wealth. Can ANYONE explain how this is better than selection by intelligence and achievement?

And WOE BETIDE you if you are the poor parents of a bright kid who try to get him or her into a “nice” school outside your catchment ghetto! The LAW and of course the COUNCIL will fall on you like a ton of bricks as someone who is “trying to cheat the system.”

As for “equality of opportunity” (only possible of course with equalish wealth), I can only assume that the majority of people DON’T want it since they keep voting for governments whose policies always result in an INCREASE in inequality. (see bankers, judges, footballers, council leaders, top policemen, government consultants etc etc under Labour from 1997 to 2010).

You couldn’t make it up.

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