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German Diary

typical summer tyre

Today is a significant day in the year. World Peace Day? World Save the Tiger Day? No – though we will certainly celebrate those when they come around. It’s “Put-the-winter-tyres-on” Day ….. I am shortly going to go down to the garage and swap over the tyres so that I can continue to drive just as fast but stop within the same distance even though the road is icy. Well, that’s the way of many Germans ….

typical winter tyre

Am I doing this out of pure altruism or even selfishness in wanting to avoid accidents? As it happens in my case, yes, but in fact it is also the LAW here. If you have a smash-up in the winter season and you’ve got your summer tyres on, both Mr Germoplod AND your insurer will be at you worse than a rabid rottweiler.“You know it makes sense” of course. But is is certainly a very Germanic custom; they don’t have this in France, though of course the winters in most places there are a bit milder. I say “bit”, but  in parts of Germany the winter can be savage. Here you can see some photos of snow last winter in Freudenstadt (hit F11 for full-screen), where I live – 700m above sea level in the middle of the Black Forest …….. And the coldest place I have ever been in was Hamburg in 1975, when I couldn’t defrost the windscreen for love or money.So winter drawers and tyres on …
PS The differences between winter and summer tyres ….

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