S Hughes:

“He expressed concerns over David Cameron’s decision to veto the new EU treaty saying the interests of Britain were better served by being positive about Europe and that being “isolated or walking away” in a market of 500 million people would not help Britain deal confidently with economic challenges.

These people are HILARIOUS. Why does he imply that the UK is suddenly cut off from this market? The 500 MILLION will STILL be there, just as they are for the USA, China and everyone else on the planet who is not under the Franco-German-Bruxellian jackboot.

And as someone pointed out, Cameron has NOT “vetoed” the “Treaty”; just refused to join it.  If I choose not to go to a party it doesn’t mean the party won’t take place, does it?

And saving the  EU’s 20 million GBP NET PER DAY might help quite a bit to “deal confidently with economic challenges.”

Moron …..


One response to “WEIRD …..

  1. F.P.Oliveira

    June 12, 2012 at 9:13 pm

    Perhaps one might learn to spell “Weird”?


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