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“Lessons Must Be Learned”

“Business leaders say politicians must act ‘to deliver reform of EU’.”
“EU crisis talks after populist parties claim big victories.”
“The work of changing Europe must start now.”

Amazing. Rather than treat an argument on its merits, using reason, logic and experience, our “leaders” attribute a value to it based purely on the votes of the “swivel-eyed loons” of UKIP.

Yesterday, none of the dinosaur parties or business leaders thought the EU was worth bothering about – if it is a bloated, corrupt and destructive oganisation, well so what? Let the gravy train roll on; we can alway decamp there and become millionaires if the public reject us (see Kinnock, Mandelscum et al)

Suddenly, thanks to one man actually connecting with real people, it is now PC to demand “renegociation” and “changes” … which of course will ONLY happen if Germany agrees OR if France blows up, as it threatens to do, finally cracking under the weight of “socialist” lunacy.

Isn’t democracy wonderful?

And BY CHRIST how the dinosaur parties HATE it when the plebs actually USE democracy to force changes which are bleedin’-obviously essential and which should have been the preoccupation of our LEADERS. Aren’t leaders supposed to LEAD rather than FOLLOW?

UKIP even got a seat in Scotland! So we managed to put out of joint the noses not only of the dinosaurs in England (I include Clegg, even though he is more analagous to an toad) but also that of Mr Salmond. And UKIP won votes across the whole width and length of the UK, except Londonistan of course.

As I may have said before, I really detest the use of the word “populist”. It is unbelievably smug and elitist, but of course that is no more than one would expct not only from the dinosaurs but also many media commentators, including professional journalists wwo should know better. MILLIONS OF PEOPLE are fed up with teh dismissive arrogance of the major parties, and it showed in the vote for the European Parliament. Yet these millions are sneeringly dismissed by the political elite as “populist” voters.

If 56% of the people vote “No” to a PC project such as foxhunting, is THAT “populist”? Or is a vote only “populist” when it is AGAINST a PC project of the dinosaur unintelligentsia establishment? THESE are the questions of language and logic that kids should study in school so as not to be duped by the cynical bastards trying to manipulate people’s minds.

What an execrable campaign the dinosaurs led! I TOLD you Michael, didn’t I? Now EVEN MANY LABOURING PARTY SUPPORTERS apparently AGREE with me.  “Milliband led a very unprofessional campaign.” Not only unprofessional, but childish, shallow, insubstantial pathetic and ridiculous. Eric didn’t agree of course, which was in fact a great comfort to me. I would start wondering if I had lost my reason should Eric ever agree with me.

I hope Helmer wins in Newark to keep the momentum going. The establishment scum will no doubt continue to try to drag the debate down to “racism”, so let’s hope the smelly, brainless and populist mob have finally seen through this Goebbelsesque ploy. Will Brown and his shoddy bunch of misfit remnants in the HOC FINALLY agree that Mrs Duffy is NOT a bigot? Just someone fed up with seeing her town invaded and colonized by foreigners WITHOUT HER CONSENT.

What’s going on in Tower Hamletstan? Not exactly very “British” is it. “Neo-British” perhaps. As Norman Tebbit said today:

“I do not share the suprise of many that London seemed to have resisted a big swing to Farage. No doubt Boris was a factor in that, but even more it just underlines that London is hardly a British, let alone English city. A day’s shopping, a ride on the Underground, a visit to a hospital or a school will emphasise that.”

Your starter for 10. In saying the above, is Norman:

A) xenophobic
B) racist
C) merely stating the bleedin’ obvious

(You may select more than one letter. Of course, stating the bleedin’ obvious may be (depending on the subject) considered by the leftist, PC unintelligentsia brigade as “racist” and “xenophobic” ANYWAY (which reminds us somewhat of the Stalinist show trials of the 1930s), so on that basis you can choose all three answers ….)

To put it another way, stating the bleedin’ obvious is very often in itself not PC. For example, claiming that anyone sending their kid hungry to school because of some weird religious dogma is not fit to be a parent – or even human (certainly no animal would behave in such a lunatic manner) – is certainly not PC, yet it remains TRUE.

FOOTNOTE: (from a blogger – sometimes the smelly mob comes up with home truths – AND BY GOD NO WONDER THE ESTABLISHMENT HATE THEM FOR IT!

“…. we learn that those leaving the EU parliament – or rather being kicked out by the people are to receive a golden goodbye amounting to £39,000 – and of course will receive a generous pension for their time as a rubber stamp for the unelected elite. The only way the EU survives is by bribery on a massive scale, with generous pay perks and pensions, with 10,000 officials taking home more than our PM is paid (£142,000),on which they pay only 13.4% tax.

FOOTNOTE TWO: Another blogger … but brilliant:

“All we get from the EU is waste, corruption, lies and destruction of nations. Finance, trade and economics are just a side issue to the EU; its only objective is to create a United States of Europe and to these extremists the end justifies the means. We are wise to these lies now, we know what the EU is all about, destroying 28 nations with no democratic mandate and creating a totalitarian superstate.

  • They say we will lose three million jobs if we exit, a lie condemned by the author of the Report this figure was taken from as propaganda worthy of Goebbels.

  • They say all car manufacturers will leave but omit to say that 70% of UK car production is for UK and non EU consumption and fail to mention the extent to which the German car industry relies on the UK market.

  • They bang on about the single market but never tell us that there is zero single market in services , 70% of the EU economy.

  • They talk about the importance of trade with the EU but never tell us that uk/eu trade is declining, that EU growth is anaemic and a decreasing part of the global economy and we have a huge balance of payments deficit with the EU but a surplus with the rest of the world.

  • They talk about the single market but never tell us EU agricultural protectionism costs us £12 billion a year.

  • They say how we benefit from open borders but fail to mention the costs in jobs, housing, state services to the UK as a dumping ground for millions of EU economic refugees, 200,000 Roma here already, 200,000 Bulgarians and Romanians, never refused work permits.

  • Then of course they never mention the budget contributions, the tax laws where we cannot tax multinationals in the country they earn income, the loss of our judicial independence to the ECHR which the EU will accede to, the desire of the EU to control national MSM, the gross corruption in the EU, the theft of national sovereignty, the loss of our fishing grounds, the imposition of laws which cost us tens of billions a year.

Britain is better off out.”

You’re right. Your views WERE only yesterday a combination of: little-Englander ramblings, swivel-eyed. racist, xenophobic and downright irritating. Today they are suddenly almost PC, sensible, clear, logical and truthful


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The Lurcher ….

I will not lurch - yet .....

I will not lurch – yet …..

I read this morning that some Muslim women medics are refusing to bare their arms in accordance with the new NHS guidelines about preventing the spread of MRSI & e-coli. It is apparently against their religion and culture to bare any part of themselves apart from their face. And it seems that they are “getting away with it”.

What is Cameron doing about THAT? Or must people’s risk of picking up lethal infections in hospital increase even more than they are already? Will people die on the altar of lunatic PC?

One bit of good news: Theresa May intends to take us out of the ECHR. Fine, but I’ll believe it when I see it.

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The Tories, the EU, and the Future of Britain

18 January, 2013

Dear Ms Sandys

Thank you for taking the time to answer my previous letter concerning the EU and homosexual “marriage”, following which I have a number of points:

  1. I don’t envy you your job with so many problems and conflicting issues, especially as one of the coalition leaders is a clown – and I don’t mean David Cameron.

  2. You are certainly not paid enough, especially in comparison with obscene payments made in banking but also – as it happens – in the EU.

  3. Concerning this homosexual marriage nonsense we will have to agree to differ. I am all for homosexuals being able to have a civil partnership with almost all the rights of the rest of us (excluding of course the right to adopt children), but calling it “marriage” is absurd. And unlike you and Mr Cameron, I have no faith whatsoever that once this becomes law there will not be cases in the ECHR about the human rights of homosexuals to “marry” in church.

As for homosexual “marriage”, another problem is where does all this PC rubbish stop? Will the next thing be British Arabs taking us to the ECHR to demand that polygamy be made legal as part of their “human rights”? Will Muslims formally demand we have “Shariah Law” in Britain? Will it later become legal for Muslim men to lock up their women at home?A fter all, they could – and no doubt do – maintain that it is part of their culture (and we are in the UK supposed to accept every other culture so it seems) – and of course that it does no harm. The Catholic Church adoption agency having to close because they can’t accept adoption for homosexual couples? It is all going too far.    And THIS is part of the reason you are haemorrhaging to UKIP. NONE OF THE MAJOR PARTIES IS DEFENDING OUR TRADITIONAL CULTURE AND WAY OF LIFE.

Concerning obscenity and item 2, I note that a Mr Carney has been made Governor of the Bank of England at a salary of nearly half a million quid plus €5,000 per week for accommodation. I also read somewhere that all this will be tax-free, but am not sure if this is accurate. I have to tell you that this is an extraordinary insult to the taxpayer and a symbol of why this country is in such a shambles. His job involves hiring a few good people to manage the bank and in particular keeping inflation as low as possible. Apart from anything else, he also has an entire and no doubt very expensive MPC to oversee all this. However, his job is not – to be honest – rocket science, and the remuneration is absurd, especially the housing allowance. None of the rest of us have such benefits, even in proportion. David Cameron made a TERRIBLE error in saying “We’re all in this together.” Clearly, Mr Carney is not with us together at all, but is one of the super-rich, business, financial and political elite that is – I am afraid – ripping us off (but your party appointed him).

I also read him as saying (forget where) that a degree of inflation would not go amiss as a partial solution to the debt crisis. For this ALONE he should have been sacked before he arrived. As a pensioner, I can tell you that any government that connives at inflation to save the face of the banks and the previous cretinous government while at the same time wiping out my meagre lifelong-earned savings and pensions would become my mortal enemy. Chucking rocks at police in Trafalgar Square would then seem to be the order of the day. I have rarely read anything so stupid and offensive, and yet WE are paying this person nearly a million GBP per year. Preposterous.


However, my main gripe is the EU. What I cannot understand is why nobody – least of all Mr Cameron – is getting to the NUB of this matter, which is:

A) It is the STATED AIM of the EU zealots to create a United States of Europe. Everything they do is designed to push this closer and closer. Many even suspect that their blatant lying to get Greece into the EU against the advice of all reputable economists was designed (since they KNEW it could not work) to bring about the very banking and economic crisis we are suffering from (60% youth unemployment in Greece, for a start) and then of course ultimately the banking and political unions which they dream of. But, Ms Sandys, NOT ONE SINGLE ONE OF THE 450,000,000 EUROPEAN CITIZENS has voted for this. NOT ONE SINGLE ONE, for of course the very good reason that they would not accept losing their sovereignty. For this reason alone, I regard the EU elite as essentially fascist insofar as an elite is organising things without consulting the masses. Indeed, they – like all three major parties – do EVERYTHING POSSIBLE to prevent referendums. In Greece, they even dumped the legitimate PM for daring to propose one!

B) The EU is horrendously expensive and corrupt. It costs the UK TWENTY MILLION GBP PER DAY NET, and for this we get to be lectured by Messrs Borroso and van Rompuy. Thanks for that.

I said at the beginning that you were underpaid. However, what do YOU think about all the following?

  • Over three thousand EU penpushers earn more than David Cameron, the leader of a nuclear power and a country of some 70,000,000 people. (After 13 years of Labour, nobody has a clue how many we really are.)

  • The top EU officials earn 300,000€ per annum plus VAST expenses and with LITTLE TAX.

  • MEPs earn nearly 200,000€ plus the usual vast expenses, free schools, free everything and the usual piffling tax.

  • MEPs ALSO get attendance money of some 200€ odd per day JUST for turning up at the Parliament. Some even turn up, sign on and don’t even GO to the Parliament. They should be locked up for this fraud, but nothing EVER happens.

  • The totally fatuous Diplomatic service headed by arch Labourite crony Dame Ashton cost us SIX THOUSAND MILLION euros, and this for a “common market” that is NOT a country. It is an absolutely staggering insult to the taxpayer. we do not need 36 EU diplomatic staff on the island of Barbados. It is of course ALL part of the plan to create a single country. The logic goes like this: 1) A country has a diplomatic staff. 2) The EU has a diplomatic staff so  3) The EU must be a country. Yes, it was in the Lisbon Treaty, but which idiots signed THAT?

  • Van Rompuy’s new palace cost us 300,000,000€ and counting. Even other EU officials were apparently staggered when they saw the quality and expense of the furnishings and fittings.

  • The EU NEVER has its accounts properly audited and this year alone has “lost” 89,000,000€ euros.

  • It is a den of nepotism and cronyism. Mr Mandelscum (sorry, but he and his party have ruined Britain) resigned from his post as EU Commissioner to help the Labour Party lose the last election. He was made a British Lord (thanks for that) on the piffling salary (plus benefits) of 100,000 GBP per annum. This was apparently 60,000€ less than he earned in Brussels, so for FOUR YEARS the taxpayer has made up this difference as “compensation”- But he RESIGNED!! Have YOU ever resigned to go to a lower-paid job and your former employer made up the difference? It is totally PREPOSTEROUS and in fact what I call LEGALIZED THEFT.

  • The new ECB building in Frankfurt is costing – at latest estimates – 1,300,000,000€. Nothing but the best of course. No doubt the final cost will be nearer 2,000,000,000€.

  • Of course, they flog up and down to Strasbourg regularly …. at vast cost in money AND emissions, even as they force us all to buy more expensive light-bulbs (to save emissions) which – in fact – have toxic metals in them. And as for energy, they are ignoring thorium as a potential fuel, while the Chinese and Japanese are storming ahead with it just as Europe is shutting down its nuclear industry (at least in Germany, while the UK’s are all ageing and nothing new is being built).

It is all an utter disgrace, but you never seem to highlight any of this. And it really IS “fascist”. When the euro crisis erupted in Greece, the then PM said he would put a referendum to the Greek people on continued membership of the euro. Within weeks he had been replaced by Papademos, an ex ECB-GS crony. Papademos in fact had been Governor of the Bank of Greece before the euro and was responsible for preparing Greece’s entry to Euroland. It now transpires that Goldman-Sachs helped Greece massage the figures (in other words LIED to meet the EU criteria for entry.) I knew this, and I am just a member of the public, so it is obvious that the ENTIRE EU ELITE knew it, too. Nobody seemed to care, least of all in Brussels. But the EU & Merkozy replacement of Papandreou reminded me of the Nazis installing Richard Heydrich in Austria.

And you think I want to be associated with this shambles and corruption?

Mr Cameron is now making noises about the EU. Whether this is out of conviction or because he can see UKIP losing him the next election is a moot point. I sure have my own opinion on that, but the whole approach is unbelievable. There is talk of a possible referendum in 2018. That is SIX YEARS AWAY. It is not SERIOUS. Do you think that is going to placate people like me? I may be more vociferous than many, but I am far from alone. And your party never highlights any of the above!

And of course we have not talked about next year when hundreds of thousands more immigrants will come from Eastern Europe into an already overcrowded country. My daughter has a reasonable job in London, but has not a snowball’s chance in Hades of ever being able to buy her own house. The housing situation in the UK is catastrophic. There are MILLIONS more immigrants. Logically, that requires millions more dwellings. Have you any idea what a betrayal of the indigenous people this all is?

I am very bitter about all this. Our country, culture and sovereignty are being stolen from us. The EU is cast in the bureaucratic mould of France: statist, interventionist, costly, bureaucratic and ultimately doomed to economic collapse. What your party is doing is a sort of step in the right direction, but I truly believe that you haven’t understood what is really going on and how so many people feel. And as for “We need them.”, it is rubbish. The EU sells us MORE stuff than we export to them. In or out of the EU they will STILL want and need to sell us their wine, cheese and cars. The PM made an astonishing comment some weeks ago to the effect that if we left the EU we would end up like Norway. This was staggering!! I would give my right arm to be like Norway, enjoying the benefits of a common market without all the insane bureaucratic nonsense that is so dear to the heart of ex-Maoist Borroso and his ilk.

The clock is ticking, Ms Sandys, but 2018? That is a sick joke.

Good luck – you are going to need it. Unless you really take all this on board, UKIP will put Labour back in power to finish the job they started of ruining the country. We thought the Coalition might stop this, but we seem to have been wrong. And Clegg is so far not of this planet that he will drag you down even faster.

Yours Sincerely,                             

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Cameron is from WHICH planet?

Dear Mr Cameron                                                                                     8 October, 2012

I write with reference to your interview with Andrew Marr of the BBC as reported in the online version of “The Daily Telegraph” on Sunday, 7th October. (See here) There are several points reported in the newspaper which cannot go unchallenged:

A)    You are quoted as saying: “I will veto any major increase in the EU budget.” This is of course meaningless unless you define “major”, which you do not. Concerning the EU, nothing less than say 10 trillion euros would be considered “major”. The TWENTY MILLION GBP per day NET paid to the EU by the UK is apparently so piffling a sum for them that the UK is treated with utter contempt and – hilariously – even blamed for the entire economic crisis ravaging Europe. The THREE HUNDRED MILLION euros spent on a luxury palace for the completely-pointless “President” is clearly nowhere near “major” for the EU. Nor indeed is the SIX BILLION EUROS spent on the farcical Foreign Ministry for a state that does not exist and led by Dame, Baroness or whatever Ashton. (BTW,could you possibly tell me of ANYTHING done by ANY of the following that have in ANY WAY benefited the UK since their appointment? Ms Ashton, Mr Borroso and Mr van Rompuy just for starters.)

At a time of enormous penury all over the Europe (except of course Brussels), the idea that the EU should get any increase whatsoever is ludicrous, so please Prime Minister drop the “major” from the above quote. It would then be “I will veto any increase in the EU budget.”, which is a start. BTW, I hear that Germany is pushing for the EU to “have its own budget”. What is your reaction to that? Will you veto it? You know as well as I do that once the EU gets tax-raising powers we are finished. The only way is up to the stratosphere.

Returning to the theme of waste, can you pls tell me as a point of information whether Euro MEPs can still turn up for parliament, sign on for the day and then go home, later to collect their >200€ PER DAY signing on money, which is of course in addition to their already very large and low-taxed salary? Does this still go on? And can you further tell me if you know of any other profession in the world where you are paid a large salary plus vast expenses for doing a job but get paid a LOT MORE just to attend meetings?

Further, may I ask what your reaction is to Mr Mandelson’s emoluments from the EU? If you remember, this was the following sequence of events:

  • Mr Mandelson was an EU Commissioner who resigned to help the Labour Party lose the last election, being made a British Lord at a salary of some 100,000 GBP. (Thank you Brown for that.)
  • As this ludicrous sum was nevertheless 60,000€ LESS than he earned as an EU Commissioner, the EU paid him the balance for FOUR years, even though he no longer worked for the EU and of course RESIGNED from his post.       

I consider this – and many other EU practices – to be legalized theft, but I would be interested to know your opinion.

B)    You say: “Most people in our country don’t actually want to leave the European Union.” With respect, Prime Minister, you cannot possibly know what the majority of people want concerning the EU, since they have not been asked since the original vote decades ago. THEN we voted on whether we wanted to join a “common market”, which of course we did. Since then, every single year has seen the deliberate incremental steps foist on us by the Eurozealots to create a federal United States of Europe. This was ALWAYS the intention and is now OPENLY admitted (but NOT of course when we voted all those years ago) by van Rompuy et al. However, though they are pushing for a federal state via fiscal, banking union and all the rest (and the disastrous euro was supposed to be one such step, all of which are of course “irreversible”, which is why we are paying BILLIONS to fatuously try to keep the Greeks in the euro), may I point out that NOT ONE SINGLE ONE of the four hundred and fifty million EU citizens has voted for this, NOT ONE. I regard this relentless push towards political union as totally undemocratic if not downright fascist.

Speaking of which, the ousting of the democratically-elected Papandreou to be replaced by an ex ECB, Goldman-Sachs crony of the EU was a similar disgrace. Mr Papademos was as Governor of the Bank of Greece charged with preparing Greece’s entry into the Eurozone. As we all know – and in fact knew at the time – the statistics presented by Greece were a PACK OF LIES. Greece NEVER filled the criteria for entry. How can you possibly condone what was done in Greece? The proven liar responsible for abetting Greece’s entry into the EU was ten years later parachuted into the country by Merkozy et al. It is one of the most shameful acts in Europe since WWII. And WHY was Papandreou booted out? He committed the cardinal EU sin of seeking to ask the people directly about EU membership. As we know, in the EU the peoples are FAR too stupid to trust with deciding such things. Except of course, that the PEOPLE did not get us into this mess, the political and financial elites did, and at the same time did very well out of it (see Kinnocks, Mandelson, Cresson, Ashton, Clegg etc – history of)

To sum up, your statement about the majority of British people not wanting to leave the EU is breathtakingly undemocratic and arrogant. Apart from all of which, your party PROMISED a referendum on this issue, which makes you just about as trustworthy as the Lib-Dems were on higher education fees, namely NOT AT ALL.

C)    Finally, the DT claimed that “Mr Cameron dismissed the smaller party (UKIP) as a complete waste of time”. This is more breathtaking arrogance:

    1) UKIP certainly cost you more than one seat at the last election; hardly a waste of time.
    2) Polls frequently put them level if not above the Lib-Dems.
    3) Their supporters are British with strongly and nobly held views about their country’s independence and prosperity, and do not deserve to be treated with such sneering contempt. Are ALL small parties that do not agree with you “a waste of time”? For many UKIP members, the greatest waste of time is now voting for the Conservatives, who they feel have betrayed their country. You may not agree with this, but to treat with utter contempt those who hold this view is stunning.

I have voted for several parties during my 65 years, mostly to my later regret, but I shall certainly not be voting for the Tories at the next election, and I fear you may be astonished at how many former supporters of yours have come to the same view. The EU is horrendously wasteful, arrogant, incompetent and in fact corrupt, apart from behaving in a viciously undemocratic way because, of course, it knows best. Just as, of course again, Gafddafi claimed to know for Libya.

 We WANT a common market. We may even want Schengen and many other ways of cooperating with and within the Continent. What we do NOT want is the corruption, waste and cost involved AND of course the totally undemocratic drive towards a European superstate. But THAT is where these people are trying to take us, and YOU keep letting them get away with it. Successive British governments do NOTHING to stop this steamroller. Let me remind you, it costs us 23,000,000 GBP NET every single day.

Your job is difficult, especially given the surreal shambles of the previous government, but your feeble defence of Britain’s interests (“I will veto any major increase ….”) – NO, VETO IT ALL. Stop paying them if they take ONE MORE INCH of our independence) allied to your contempt for several million UKIP supporters is a disgrace. It matters little what I think, but I can tell you that unless you change in your approach to the EU (and not just with vague words about vetoes of “major” increases) then your party will be decimated in 2015, because millions of previous Tories are so fed up they will vote UKIP even at the cost of losing otherwise safe Tory seats to Labour. And YOU will have caused this.

Yours sincerely                                



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UKIP a “comedy alternative”?

It is the STATED goal of the Brussels mafia to create a European superstate. Germany is also on message, though more subtle. Merkel wants a banking and fiscal union and “more Europe”.

Do YOU want to be a compatriot of the French? Do YOU want to lose Britain’s sovereignty, power of decision (much lost already) in a European superstate dominated by Germany and France?

Before you talk about comedy, perhaps you should get a grip on reality. It is a LIE that Britain (and other small countries) cannot survive and thrive as independent, sovereign nations. It is TRUE that very large states are the most dangerous and the most susceptible to centralised dictatorship and subsequent fragmentation and conflict.

People are supporting UKIP (now above the Lib-Dems in the polls) because they – unlike you, or indeed the Tories en masse apart from Daniel Hannan – recognize the LIES and the DANGERS of what is going on.

As for the Lib-Dems, Clegg has led them into ridicule. He is better off in Brussels with the other clowns. Jo Grimond must be turning in his grave.

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If he doesn’t sort the EU out he’s had it.
These cretins now want a SEVEN PER CENT INCREASE, at a time when THANKS TO THEM (plus the lunatic Zapatero of course) HALF of Spain’s workforce is UNEMPLOYED.
Meanwhile we have – just for example – TEN BILLION QUID more to spend to comply with yet another EU directive – on cookies. Yes, cookies are irritating sometimes, but manageable. I CERTAINLY don’t want TEN BILLION QUID spent on some ludicrous EU system.
Oh – the top people in the EU are paid TWICE OR MORE as much as most national leaders, PLUS vast benefits and pay LITTLE TAX. Is Dame Ashton TWICE AS IMPORTANT AS YOU, DAVE? That of course is the not so subliminal MESSAGE to the plebs in awarding themselves vast salaries. “Golly!! Van Rompo is paid THREE HUNDRED THOUSAND EUROS AND LIVES IN A PALACE THAT COST THREE HUNDRED MILLION EUROS, so HE MUST BE IMPORTANT.”
Whereas in FACT if he disappeared tomorrow NOBODY outside Brussels would notice and NOTHING would be lost – ON THE CONTRARY we could have out BILLIONS back.
This is all LEGALISED THEFT, Mr Cameron. Sort it out – tell them to GET LOST.
Oh, and if you have any time left, sort out INFRASTRUCTURE (The Heathrow situation is ludicrous – FORTY YEARS or more successive governments have failed to prioritise this problem . Do you WANT us to lose our place in the international world? The CITY will be next at this rate.), PENSIONS, HOUSING, LUNATIC BENEFITS INCLUDING TO IMMIGRATION, the ISLAMISATION of large areas, “FAITH SCHOOLS”, THE NHS (Why do we have to doctor to the world?), EDUCATION, the ARMED FORCES (do we have functioning aircraft carriers with planes or not? I can’t keep up), USELESS AND UNWANTED AID TO INDIA and ALL THE REST OF THE SHAMBLES ….
Nobody says it’s easy given the lunatic bunch that preceded you, but you did tell us you would DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT ALL, didn’t you? That’s why we VOTED for you, isn’t it?

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UKIP and the Tories

Forget UKIP says d’Ancona

This is truly BIZARRE. The clear and growing support for UKIP is sending the Tories a message. If they follow this writer’s advice and IGNORE this message, they are doomed.

The EU is clearly completely insane – seized by an overwhelming but utterly misguided sense of its own importance.

The latest insanity is the demnand for a SEVEN PER CENT INCREASE in its budget. When:

– there is austerity left, right and centre and extreme pain felt by many
– the EU’s salaries and benefits are ALREADY obscene: WHY are Borroso, van Rompo & Ashton worth three hundred thousand euros of our money plus as much again in expenses? WHY have WE spend THREE HUNDRED MILLION on a new Presidential palace for van Rompo?
– the waste is horrendous – what IS the point of this six billion euro diplomatic service? The EU is NOT a country, and it is THEFT to spend OUR money in pretending that it IS.

Many usual Tories (ME for a start) are fed up to the back teeth with our constant caving in to this insanity. Does the writer think that by ignoring UKIP the Tories can make it go away?

Complete and utter pillock.

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