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Morality is a funny thing.


A) John Kerry believes the Assad regime (like the UN General Secretary and almost everyone else – probably even the Russians, though they will not admit it) to be guilty of crimes against humanity, including the recent gassing of 1400 mostly “innocent” women and children hiding in basement cellars to escape the gas.

B) The Russians are strong supporters of Assad. Indeed, without their support Assad would most likely have been overthrown already by a popular revolution hi-jacked by even nastier people thanks to the passivity of the free world.

C) Kerry is photographed smiling jovially and shaking hands with the Russian Foreign Minister.       

You may HAVE to negotiate with accomplices to mass-murder, but smile and shake their hand?

It reminds me of George Galloway shaking the hand of Sadaam Hussein and telling him he was doing “a good job”. The same Galloway went on to found a party called “Respect”, and you REALLY could not make THAT one up.

In addition of course, the free world trades freely with another dictatorship, China, without whose support the hideous North Korean regime could almost certainly not survive.

What does that collectively make the people of the free world if not accomplices to accomplices of genocide, torture, mass-oppression and appalling suffering on a gigantic scale?

Too simplistic?

A) Supporters of cheap tellys would say that, wouldn’t they?

B) Actually, “No”. Some things really ARE black and white.

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The Russians and Syria

Can anyone explain the Russian psyche? I am baffled by it. Assad is clearly a murderous, fascist thug with no legitimacy and hated by the majority of “his” people, so why are the Russians defending him in ANY WAY?

“He must be given time to implement reforms.” Does anyone think the Russians really BELIEVE this? He has had YEARS. His family has had DECADES. The sprog has only learned from his father, that to survive you murder as many people as it takes. He is copying what his father did in Hama years ago. He is deliberately trying to kill enough people in each major city in order to suppress the protests. “Reforms” mean he must GO, ergo THERE WILL BE NO MEANINGFUL REFORMS.

Is all this not bleedin’ obvious? So what is the Russians’ problem? Syria is of no strategic relevance to Russia. I am perplexed, and of course disappointed. Is it too late to bring back Gorbachev?

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