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NEWS ROUND-UP (there is so much of it!)

EUROSOAP – Chapter 9 zillion and 1
“Sources close to participants at last Tuesday’s EU leaders summit in Brussels, said Mr Cameron issued the warning to German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who backs Mr Juncker for the top job.”
If true (and will Cameron admit it?), then he has leapt from the frying-pan into the fire:
A) The EU WILL appoint Juncker if Merkel wants it.
B) Cameron then has a simple choice:
1) cave in and look even more silly than he already does (his only saving grace being that he does not look quite as silly as Clegg) and massively boost UKIP
2) stick to his word and bring forward a referendum date
On the face of it, this could be a defining moment. But neither choice is very appetizing for our great leader … our great would-be leader looks increasingly silly, too, but that has been going on for some time. His own MPs now criticize him for “losing the working-class”. Hardly surprising: EM has about as much in common with anyone who does a proper job as a rattlesnake has with a daisy. But lots of you lot voted for him! Amazing. Well done.
The Germany love “Mutti” as someone bringing stability as they get on with their prosperous lives at the expense of Southern Europe. Were Germany to be in the same state as their southern neighbours then the EU would already have collapsed. The Germans care little about the corruption, waste and creeping federalisation of the EU as long as they can afford their BMWs and Mercs. Hence the vote last week and the absurd preference for Juncker, a has-been tainted with corruption and an arch-federalist bureaucrat.
The Germany don’t seem to mind a federal Europe (which is what Juncker, van Rompo and Boringissimo are obsessed with), probably because they rightly think they can dominate it. The French are so used to getting German money and having things their own way in the EU that they don’t seem bothered by the fact that cosying up to Brussels eventually means losing their own sovereignty. I have always thought that when they realize the implications of what has been going on for decades in Brussels they will revolt. There is NO WAY EVER that France will give up its sovereignty, but they have a funny way of showing it.
Merkel is in my book a pathetic leader: taking no brave initiatives, just bumbling along taking the easiest and most cosy path. People like that: who wants wise, bold and long-term initiatives that take courage? Unfortunately for Germany, a Mrs Thatcher she is not, and one day this will become clear.
I find this incident endlessly fascinating. Apparently ANOTHER Labour MP has been caught accusing someone of something nasty and has had to apologize. But therein lies a conundrum:
Did Brown MEAN to call Mrs Duffy a bigot? If so, WHY apologize? Or did he apologize only for it being made public? Or did he not really mean it when he said it? Of course, Politicians often say things they don’t mean, but I tend to think he DID mean it because it was not said to the public. Most politicians only have to open their gobs and you know that some sort of outright lie, spin, exaggeration, obfuscation or economy with the truth will emerge. It is ONLY when they think no bastard is listening that they are likely to REALLY say what they think – except Farage of course; you know when he says something in public that he means it. This is why the dinosaur parties can’t take him seriously. The concept of someone having principles they stick to and repeat clearly and truthfully is beyond them.
TOWER HAMLETS (Andrew Gilligan)
“Rachael Saunders, deputy leader of the Labour group, said: “At one point senior council officers had to act as bouncers to protect the count staff, putting up a rope to hold the Rahman crowd back.”The mayor himself, according to a senior Labour figure present, was “visibly throwing his weight around” and being “overly familiar with count staff, some of whom were telling him they had voted for him even as they counted the votes”. Mr Golds, another subjected to a recount, found his vote had changed by more than a fifth overnight, from 1,098 to 1,345. And Sanu Miah? In the recount, his vote dropped by a quarter from 2,270 to 1,722 and he fell from first place to sixth. Two of the three seats in his ward went to Mr Rahman’s Tower Hamlets First party. “I think this election was stolen from me,” said Mr Miah.”
Helal Rahman, a businessman and former Labour councillor in Spitalfields, says that “several hundred postal votes” in that one ward alone were cast on May 22 by people “who used to live here but have moved out to the suburbs. They rent their properties to eastern Europeans but keep their electoral registrations and convert their votes to postal,” he says. This is, of course, illegal.
No evidence links any of this to Mr Rahman at this election, but there has been clear evidence of postal vote malpractice involving his close allies in the past. In April 2012, on a suspiciously high turnout, Gulam Robbani, Mr Rahman’s agent in the 2010 mayoral contest, narrowly won a council by-election.
Only 14 per cent of people in Tower Hamlets then had postal votes, but 36 per cent of votes at the by-election were postal.
Days before polling, the number registered for postal votes in one large council block doubled. Seventy-seven per cent of those votes were cast.
Residents and their families told The Telegraph that Mr Robbani’s supporters blitzed the building, signing them up for postal votes, then returned a few days later to collect the blank ballot papers. Mr Robbani has repeatedly refused to deny it. If you wanted to vote in person on May 22, things were often a little more difficult. Large groups of Rahman supporters picketed polling stations, remonstrating with some voters who refused to take Rahman leaflets. The council has received 20 complaints of voter intimidation.
Twenty-one of the borough’s 74 polling stations — disproportionately those in non-Rahman wards — were moved to new, unfamiliar and sometimes harder-to-reach locations. One, in the not very pro-Rahman territory of Canary Wharf, was placed on a traffic island in the middle of a four-lane road. Turnout there was 19 points behind the Rahman stronghold of Shadwell, where the polling stations were not moved.”
The govt should annul the election and rerun it, this time with a division of troops policing it, as the police are incapable of protecting our democracy. If you had described such an event thirty years ago people would have thought you were insane. But our political elite has become so flabby that it appears almost any bollocks goes if it involves pandering to ethnic minorities. Which reminds me of “The Black Policemen’s Federation”: no sight of a “White Policeman’s federation” I suppose? You REALLY could not make this up.
GOOD NEWS? As usual, thin on the ground, but it does seem that Ken (“I look forward to the day when the HOC is a mere regional debating chamber.”) Clarke is likely to get reshuffled out of a job. Goodness – Cameron really IS trying to give the impression of decisiveness. Amazing what a touch of the UKIP boot up your bum has in terms of getting a bit of action.

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“The congestion charge in London will rise by £1.50 next month in order to remain an effective deterrent for motorists.” (Wonderful news for the rich Arabs; fewer riff-raff on the roads to get in the way of their Ferraris, Maseratis and Rollses …..)

“Qatar issues its warnings on dress to WC.”
(Will warnings about homosexuals follow? Which morons gave the WC to Qatar? Oh, I remember: the ones who got a vast bung.)

“Mother of two fighting for life after being thrown from horse when gang of stone-throwing yobs ambushed her on quiet country ride.” (Better give them an ASBO, but don’t be too hard on their “human rights”)

“Carney tears into bankers for spreading inequality: Bank of England governor turns his fire on City greed and calls for more to be done about scandal-hit financial markets.” (This is the bloke who gets a FIVE THOUSAND QUID PER WEEK HOUSING ALLOWANCE on top of his half a million quid salary.)

“‘Property price rises will cause the middle classes to disappear within 30 years, leaving only a “wealthy elite and sprawling proletariat’, government adviser says.”  (No worries Eric; you’ll be OK, as will most of the other socialists on this site and of course in Primrose Hill)

“Husband of Meriam Ibrahim, the Sudanese woman sentenced to death for apostasy, reveals his joy over newborn daughter – and horror to learn his wife gave birth with legs shackled.” (Another great Islamic achievement)

“Criminals released from jail after serving short sentences go on to commit a total of more than 1,600 crimes a week including the equivalent of 10 burglaries every day, according to official new figures.” (Thanks for that, masters of our “justice” department)

CLEGG?  “Vince Cable accused of ‘treachery’ for failing to stop harmful polls”

Now, is one’s loyalty first to one’s LEADER or to one’s PARTY? Alternatively, is an MP’s duty first to his CONSTITUENTS, his PARTY or his COUNTRY? Stupid question, really …… nobody puts the the former or the latter first these days. Any Lib-Dem putting his party first would ditch Clegg asap. This does not apparently include Paddy Ashdown et al. Brilliant.

And as far as I know, there is no suggestion that these polls by Oakeshott were in any way falsified, so essentially Clegg and his gang are complaining about the publication of the TRUTH. Not that anyone needed a poll to know that, which is that Clegg has led his party to disaster after disaster: tuition fees, no HOL reform, no constituency boundary reform, no PR and of course (as in fact none of the previous actually matters a damn; only winning elections is important) disastrous polls results.

I am minded of Kevin Keegan, who resigned as England manager saying that he was not up to the job. Kinda throws the totally out-of-touch and useless Clegg into relief. There is no point to the Lib-Dems. 80% should join the Labouring Party and the rest the Tories. Presumably all of them are in favour of the vast corruption, venality, quasi-fascism, thirst for Empire, bullying and destructiveness of the EU, so none will of course go to UKIP.

As for the latter, Farage is of course way off beam about handguns, but the problem is, HE SAYS WHAT HE THINKS and bugger the PR. Nobody in their right mind would advise him to adopt this handgun policy, but many in the public nevertheless admire someone who at least has real opinions. The rest only seem to be bothered about winning elections, for which purpose they will say and of course “pledge” anything whatsoever, no matter how delusional and/or full of lies it is. Once they win of course, their only aim is to win the next one.

And it is fascinating about leaders. You can be an execrable human being, snarling, vicious, ruthless, uncaring and so on, but if you win elections, YOU ARE A HERO. Conversely, the nicest, most caring, reasonable and wise leader is deemed to be ABSOLUTELY USELESS if he loses elections. WINNING IS ALL THAT COUNTS, no matter how nasty the leader or how useless his or her ideas and person. That’s why they supported Blair for so so long, even though he was extremely useless and nasty, though with a superficial glibness and vast spin machine that disguised this cleverly for well over a decade. Gordon Brown was always nasty and useless and never disguised it at all, yet the Labouring Party STILL anointed him unopposed! HILARIOUS indeed.

Clegg will huff and puff for a bit and stagger on, but with him as leader the Lib-Dems are toast, and the grassroots know it. He will have to go.

France is a fascinating case. Hollande bleats about “growth and jobs” while unemployment in France continues to increase. Many in Brussels seem to think it’s business as usual, but they forget the French plebs; there is only so far you can push them with this socialist lunacy. And it is not just the socialist party: ALL the French establishment have gone along for decades with high taxes, vast state, bureaucracy and failure to free up paperwork for entrepreneurs. THEY ARE ALL GUILTY, which is why so many vote for Le Pen; NOBODY ELSE is going to change ANYTHING. Just like in the UK. There is no discernable difference either between Labour and Tories, so voting UKIP is the ONLY chance of getting a change, especially from the truly dreadful EU. See Ambrose Evans-Pritchard

Finally, some wise words from David Richards: “Anyone who has studied war, and better still had some experience of it as well, will vouchsafe the need to avoid it in the first place. But history is clear: there will sometimes be no alternative to standing up for oneself, for one’s friends or for what is right. Too many people, the intelligentsia to the fore, are in denial of this inevitability. To explain weakness and cover fragility, forcing them shamefully to talk big but act small, so-called statesmen will repeat the mantra that there is no military solution to a given crisis. That this is errant rubbish is self-servingly ignored.”

Which reminds me; how many barrels of chlorine gas have been dropped on innocent people today in Syria, which could have been prevented by the combined free world with a single airstrike. Still, these are only Arabs in another country; what has it got to do with us?

As I have said, it is all about balance and judgement ….

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What is going on in the world of the Idiots?

  • At a time of hand-wringing about the danger of fossil fuels and the rocketing price of oil Britain’s nuclear power industry is being run down – from 10 reactors now there will remain just one in 2022. So, whereas nuclear energy has safely supplemented Britain’s traditional power supplies for decades NOW when the technology is presumably much safer it is being ended so that we can depend more on imported shale gas.
  • Two Rumanians stole 50,000 GNP worth of lead from a church roof but have been given a “community service” order instead of being sent to jail. As they have “no means” (God only knows where the 50,000 has gone) they do not have to pay a penny compensation. So much for deterrent.
  • The protection being given to this fundamentalist idiot who wants to blow us all up is costing the taxpayer 10,000 GBP per week.
  • The very day after the majority of the EU signs up to the Franco-German “Fiscal stability pact” Diktat (remembering that France and Germany were the FIRST to break the original eurozone agreement on debt) Spain announces that it will not obey it. We await the next action of the EU-Inquisition.
  • Draghi is turning out to be  major disaster, printing money as if there were no tomorrow and flooding the banking system with it. European banks are dumping their toxic assets onto the ECB (Germany), loans to small businesses continue to stagnate and massive problems are being built up for later on ….. nothing new there, then. Germans and others are being taken for a ride as they will have to pay for all this sometime down the road. As the ECB actions are being done with sophisticated, complicated and fraudulent cunning the average pleb has not yet realized the reckless folly being dumped on him by this criminal political elite.
  • The vicious, theocratic, fascist and regional trouble-stirring regime in Iran (greatest supporter of the mass-murdering Assad family despot dynasty now apparently intent on “reform” – a great contender for “Joke of the Century”) continues to have supporters among the British unintelligentsia for no good reason other than that it is all the fault of the USA.
  • Witchcraft, torture and murder in the UK – another immigrant import. Thanks for that.
  • Chelsea’s Villas-Boas is a bit of an idiot, no? Constantly blabbing off to the press about not being married to Lampard, being about to get the sack, washing his club’s dirty linen in public. Still, he seems to understand something about finance. “We can’t compete with City who can buy all the best players.” REALLY! What a surprise!! But it’s “Sport” old boy – as long as you remember that. And will Abramo be pleased to be reminded that even his billions aren’t enough ……. perhaps they’ll get into a bidding war like Rangers and Glasgow and ALL go bust …. then I can get back to supporting Hull and Wigan with some chance of success for my team.

Some good news among the idiocy. Francois Hollande is doing OK in the French election as Sarko has to take refuge in a bar to avoid being beaten up. “It could only happen in France.” Yes, Mr Boring should win the election, will rip up the fiscal-stability pack and thrust it up a German orifice. Then he will “create” (I so love this word of socialists) n thousands of new jobs, France will go bankrupt and the whole shoddy EU edifice will collapse in a pile of puterfying detritus-ridden corruption – no doubt with Mrs Thatcher and the USA getting the blame somewhere along the line.

And van Rompo will lose his 300,000 € per annum plus vast expenses job and 300,000,000€ Brussels palace. Perhaps they can turn it into a hostel for unemployed bankers to prevent them chucking themselves out of skyscraper windows and messing up the streets.




AID: Apparently India ASKED us to stop giving them the ONE BILLION of aid but we insisted on continuing it even though they can afford nuclear weapons and one of the world’s most sophisticated aircraft. Well done chaps in the HOC. The Indians don’t want our peanuts but apparently it makes us feel moral to force it on them. Still, giving 30,000 GBP in benefits to a Rumanian immigrant also seems to make us feel moral. No wonder 10% of the Rumanian population is flocking to Britain to bathe in the glow of this wondrous morality.

ARMS: The only reason the Indians preferred the Rafale is apparently becuse it has loads of weapons that the eurofighter hasn’t yet got (because we can’t afford them – a bit like the aircraft-carriers with no planes, which I at first thought was a joke) and though we promise it will have them by 2018 the Indians don’t believe us …….

WHIPLASH: The UK is apparently the whiplash champion of the world with 1500 claims per day, even though most cars now have head restraints and many of these claims are for “accidents” happening at less than 5 mph. In Germany, you cannot make a whiplash claim for any “crash” under this speed, though I suppose introducing this in the UK would simply mean that the criminals staging these accidents would only make sure the speeds were higher. Apparently the Transport Minister is “going to do something” about this ludicrous situation. Locking up for 10 years hard labour on the Mull of Kintyre a few of the fraudulent doctors certifying these whiplash claims might help. Where is Fatso Clarke when you need him? Probably working out how many prisoners he’s going to free before they’ve done half their sentence.

LIB-DEMS: One newspaper article claimed that more Lib-Dems would like to be like Chris Huhne. Well, at least politics is funny. Of course, he is innocent until proven guilty, but as far as MPs are concerned it might be more realistic to make up a new law saying that they are all guilty until proven innocent. I did note that Huhne is described as being “very clever”, which of course just goes to show tht cleverness per se can be overrated. And getting your wife to lie for you to the Old Bill and then unceremoniously dumping her isn’t really THAT clever, is it? Meanwhile, 100 Tories are revolting over absurdly-high subsidies to solar energy firms and Osborne comes out with this surreally-ludicrous piece of blue-rinse insanity: “We’re not going to save the planet by putting our country out of business,” the Chancellor declared. “So let’s at the very least resolve that we’re going to cut our carbon emissions no slower but also no faster than our fellow countries in Europe.” How are the wind turbines doing in this weather by the way? When it snows do the blades fling off snow all around? Must be fun for the kids.

Oh, David Laws is predicted to return soon, public memories of stealing their money reckoned to last no more than a year or so (He resigned as chief secretary to the Treasury in May 2010 after it emerged he had used taxpayer-funded allowances to pay some £40,000 in rent to his partner.) No wonder Mandelscum was able to resign twice for wrong-doing but still get a plum job in Brussels and now return as a Lord. Can anyone name me ONE BENEFIT that has accrued to Britain for the 100,000 GBP plus and counting that is paid for Scummy to do his Lording? Just ONE?

The IMF (aka extension of the French Finance Ministry): wants billions more to bail out the euro and those nasty, evil capitalist Tories are trying to block this so the money can be spent on our own immigrants and aid to India. Pretty beastly. How selfish can you get? After all, the fact that A) the euro is based on lunatic economics, a pack of lies and an undemocratic obsession with creating a United States of Europe, B) the sooner it collapses so that it can be reformed the better and C) the UK is already as near bankrupt as Brown could manage is neither here nor there. What is Little Ed’s policy on this, BTW? I’m not up to speed on that, though usually it is whatever is opposed to the Tories.

MT: Oxford dons are apparently objecting to a new facility being named after the Iron Lady, even though that’s what the 15 million GBP donor wants. You must be well off if you are prepared to turn down vast sums out of political spite. And of course, the fact that the British electorate voted her in three times doesn’t count – anyone who votes Tory is perforce insane. Mind you, the same goes for Blair, so perhaps we ARE insane. On the other hand, a minority voted for Brown, so that diminishes the insanity quotient a tad.

RELIGION: Apparently, Bishops now feel it is now necessary to start a campaign for the right of people to wear a crucifix. How things have changed since the Spanish Inquisition. I can’t see any objection to crosses, as long as they don’t totally obscure the face of course. Ugly though some faces may be, I still feel one should be able to see faces of one’s fellow man – or rather woman.

SYRIA: The fascist regime now has the green light from two of the world’s other nastiest regimes to continue massacring Syrians. Next step is probably the carpet-bombing of the usual cities: Homs, Daraa, Hama – actually, just about anywhere. Time to feed arms into the country so the people can defend themselves – a bit like Cuba tried with Columbia of course, except that that was only to subject the people to more dictatorship. Which reminds me, what is Cuba’s take on the UN resolution? I must do some research.

CRICKET: The Pakistanis have clearly doctored the pitch as well as the ball. When we bat it turns and fizzes all over the place but when they bat it’s as docile as a sleeping cow. How do they do that? I have a large bet on KP getting out for under 10 runs. Not very good odds at around 5,000 to 1 on, but still pretty good value.

RUGGER: Murrayfield is never exactly a doddle even though the Scots are more fearsome with a claymore and haggis in their hands. So, well done to the untried, unknown bunch of youngsters who proved they can at least defend well. Didn’t see a lot of fizzing threes action though. Still, a win is a win by any other name.

Have a good day – let’s hope that by the end of it that A) the Israelis haven’t yet attacked Iran B) Assad hasn’t wiped out another city C) the Russians haven’t sent an armoured brigade to “defend Syria’s sovereignty” D)loads more Tibetan monks haven’t set fire to themselves in protest at the ethnic-swamping of their country by our major trading partners and E) various motley EU nincompoops haven’t announced that a Greek debt deal is nearly done – as it has been for the past two months.

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Unresearched and Fallacious Rant of the Day

Well, another event-filled day. I note that the ECC (Evil Capitalist Coalition) is planning to give more rights to fathers to see their kids. Long overdue of course, though 13 years weren’t enough for Labour to get around to it.

Minibruder has turned into a latter-day Wilberforce battling nobly on our behalf to rein in Fat Cat bonuses. This is despite the fact that the GPB&BP (Great People’s Binge and Bust Party) spent 13 long years (and it seemed even longer of course) removing regulations from banking, indulging in a surreal borrowing binge, ignoring the vastly-increasing wealth-gap including banking bonuses and EVEN (HILARIOUSLY) drawing up and signing the contract by which Mr Hester was to have milked up to FIFTY MILLION QUID from the public for rescuing the RBS – which of course has suddenly overnight metamorphosed into something nasty and horribly immoral.

Yes, throughout this entire period of Blair-Brown feuding, lies and incompetence, not one peep was heard from the now evangelistic Minibrain about any of it. No doubt he mightily approved of Mandelscum’s “I don’t mind if people get filthy rich.” What happened? Did he wander into a cave somewhere and have a vision from the Archangel Gabriel?

You only have to look at this cynical U-turn designed to catch the public mood and earn him short-term headlines as a true English dragon-slayer to see the shoddy, cynical, short-termism mindset into which politics has sunk. Or perhaps it was ever so.

BUT, there is wonderful news for the unintelligentsia. A Canadian “research” team has concluded that Conservatives tend to be less intelligent than those of leftish orientation. WONDERFUL. Some brilliant quotes:

Conservative politics work almost as a ‘gateway’ into prejudice against others, say the Canadian academics.’Individuals with lower cognitive abilities may gravitate towards more socially conservative right-wing ideologies that maintain the status quo.

Great stuff. Isn’t research wonderfu!! I must give it a go one day. But Conservatives of course will generally be too thick to understand “cognitive” and “gravitate” I do wish these people would use shorter words.

“The authors claim that there is a strong correlation between low intelligence both as a child and an adult, and right-wing politics.” The authors also claim that conservative politics is part of a complex relationship that leads people to become prejudices (sic).

BUT – and it’s a big one – fortunately, intelligent, non-prejudiced Conservatives and thick, racist Socialists have a get-out clause, since:

‘Clearly, however, all socially conservative people are not prejudiced, and all prejudiced persons are not conservative.’

WHEW! That’s a relief. This accounts for the idiocy of quite a few of those on the left. Strange how they all seem to herd together and end up in the GPB&BP!

There you go, Michael! Wonderful what a bit of “research” can come up with. I had doubted the value of research of course, but this is gripping stuff. I wonder if they got an EU grant?

FACEBOOK – in the news of course, and I was struck by this:

“People with low self-esteem who sign up to Facebook often end up over-sharing personal information and moaning, which irritates their existing friends, according to Canadian researchers.”

Indeed. People always moaning and irritating their friends are to be both excoriated and pitied simultaneously. Still, I do post the odd joke now and then, and anyway, this theory is only important if you have any friends to start with. But my gut instinct (sorry – no research; my gut is all you’ve got to go on) is that Facebook may soon peak as a passing fad. Everything has its day and eventually fades into the dust.

I note that this report is from Canadians once again. I didn’t know they were so much into research!!  Researchers on every corner so it seems. Of course, no Great People’s Binge and Bust Party, but you can’t have everything.

The Concordia sinking. Oh dear – the Captain’s woes continue. Just when his wife sticks up for him to the hilt it emerges that this dishy singer/dancer he had on the bridge while he was showing off his “How close can I whizz past the rocks?” skills was using the Captain’s suitcase to store her knickers in. Funny that – it looks such a big boat; you’d have thought they’d have more storage space. I wonder how wifey is going to react to this. “Don’t kick a man when he’s down.” Indeed – tell that to the drowned passengers trapped in their cabins far below deck.

Great headline in the Daily Grail: foreigners, welfare state abuse, landlords – all in one economical package.

“Latvian landlady with £1.1m property empire fleeced £33,000 in benefits after claiming she was unemployed”

Still, no doubt unresearched prejudiced rubbish – and it’s only money.

Chris Huhne? A double dose of good news of course:

A) One of the pillocks running the country bites the dust:

B) There is sometimes justice.

The problem for Cleggo is to find someone of Huhne’s calibre to replace him. I’ve sent the former a note, however. My old Gran in the Dementia Care Home has some time spare just now. And does this mean we get a break from vast taxes on energy to save the world unilaterally by building wind-turbines just when China is opening one coal-fired power stattion per week? I hope so.

Have a good day.

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