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Farage and the Romanians

Once again the lying hypocrisy of Clegg and his peers surges to the limelight, with their holier-than-thou remarks about Farage and his comments about Rumanians. Let’s look at the facts:

  • Romanians are over-represented in crime as a proportion of their numbers both of the general population and of immigrants.

  • Middle-class, relatively well-off Rumanians are not the ones who mostly come to Britain. The attraction here is higher benefits and a better chance of finding work than in their own Communist-destroyed country (the furher “left” a regime is the more destruction of course it wreaks on a country mad or unfortunate enough to adopt it)

  • Some of the crime associated with Romanians and others from the area is very nasty, including people and drug-trafficking. The 200,000 Roma now in Britain tend to content themselves with pickpocketing and nicking money at cash- dispensers.

All this is FACT, and as Farage says, does NOT mean that all Romanians are criminals, only that unknown ones are significantly more likely to be criminals than, for example, middle-class white families. One might wish this were not true, buit it IS, and unfortunately the truth is beyond the capacity of Clegg et al to comprehend. The plebs must not be told the truth or be allowed to spread it.

On that basis, WHOEVER had a FREE CHOICE about which neighbours they would prefer would on balance not opt for immigrant Rumanians. Clegg and his lying scum peers are NO DIFFERENT. They of course have NO FEAR of a large immigrant Rumanian family moving in next to them and can pontificate to their hearts’ content about how morally superior they are.

As for that, it will only be a few years before the establishment elite start living in walled, gated and patrolled enclaves to keep out the riff-raff. This is INEVITABLE given the speed with which the wealth-gap is increasing. The mob is not going to put up with this for ever, It has ALWAYS been like this throughout history. NO SOCIETY with obscene differences of wealth has in the end ever avoided either revolution or fascism and dictatorship, or indeed the one followed by the other.

What Farage said here is TRUE. Once a society refuses to accept the truth – however unpalatable – it is finished:

In a statement, the Ukip leader said:

”The unfortunate reality is that we are in a political union with a post-Communist country that has become highly susceptible to organised crime. ‘Where there are differential crime rates between nationalities, it is perfectly legitimate to point this out and to discuss it in the public sphere, and I shall continue to do so. ‘Police figures are quite clear that there is a high level of criminality within the Romanian community in Britain. This is not to say for a moment that all or even most Romanian people living in the UK are criminals. ‘But it is to say that any normal and fair-minded person would have a perfect right to be concerned if a group of Romanian people suddenly moved in next door. ‘So far as I can see most of those media commentators objecting to this statement are people living in million pound houses for whom the prospect of such a turn of events is not a real one.”

As for Cameron, he is now pontificating about he and his party being the only ones who can “reform” the EU. Once again, he is LYING. There is NO CHANCE that he will be able to achieve significant reform to satisfy we who do not wish our country to be subsumed into a grotesque European federation and ultimately Empire. NO CHANCE AT ALL. The Germans has just SAID SO:

Germany tells Cameron he WON’T be able to renegotiate Britain’s EU relationship

“A leading German politician has warned David Cameron he will be unable to renegotiate Britain’s relationship with the European Union and accused the Prime Minister of a “desperate attempt to appease Ukip” in pledging to do so.”

Still, it’s not all bad news. The Labour Party are finally having to admit that I was right and that Minibruder was a disastrous choice as “leader”. He is now reduced to trying to save his skin by issusing a series of “pledges”, which I expect to come thicker and faster as the election approaches. This is in the well-trodden Labour tradition of :

“Vote for me and you will gets loads of goodies the country can’t afford and which will end up bankrupting us once again but not before we have enjoyed a few more years in power.”

We deserve better than this crap.

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Milliband Senior – RIP

Faced with the anticipated tsunami of snarling bile from the usual suspects I have revisited the Milliband-and-his-father story. It is of course true that Milliband Senior and his crackpot Marxist views have no relevance whatsoever to Britain today and should never have been trawled through the press. However, it is the progeny of the man who brought him up, endlessly rabbiting on about his upbringing and inspiration from Daddy. This is like introducing certain evidence into court; you then have to accept cross-examination.

Milliband Senior no doubt wanted more fairness in British society – don’t we all (except the Labour Party of course). However, to take just one example of his general nastiness we can look at the Falklands War. If you remember, a sordid bunch of acknowledged fascists invaded peaceful islands legally habited by British people for 150 years. The Argentinian claim to the islands BTW  is utterly spurious and made even more laughable by the fact that the entire Argentinian establishment, language and most of its people came from Spain as colonialists, massacring a sufficient number of native Indians to allow them to take over the country and colonise it. (You could not make it up.)

So, a sovereign democratic country has its land invaded by fascist troops who at great sacrifice and with immense personal  and political courage (from the loathed-by-the-left Mrs Thatcher) are eventually repelled, and freedom and democracy are returned to the indigenous people. And this, apparently, Milliband Senior hated, thus putting him firmly on the side of Galtieri and his fascist scum, which is of course where you are likely to find most Marxists if they get the chance. Both fascists and Marxists like to exercise total power over “their” people on the basis that the former know best. I hate, despise, loathe and execrate all such people – including the Castro family of Cuba and all their loathsome supporters – and therefore of course Milliband Senior, however bleeding his heart may have been for the working class (whom of course Marxists invariably impoverish.)

Let us therefore confine Mr R Milliband Senior to the dustbin of history along with other dead Marxist fascists and concentrate on his sprog. Milliband Minorissimo and his somewhat posher Maxibruder were at the heart of Noo Labour through the Blair, Brown and Mandelscum era. As far as I know they were fully behind all that was done; I certainly never recall a peep of complaint or indeed an original idea from either of them. Neither had the guts to oppose the quite surreally-useless Brown in a leadership contest and – along with Balls – share a large part of the responsibility for the utter shambles they bequeathed the nation.Shambles? During Labour’s 13 horrendous years:

  • The government that was supposed to have abolished boom and bust in fact specialised principally in the second part, bankrupting the country which they handed over with vast, runaway debt, both private and public.

  • Symbolic of their treasonous behaviour was their signing over to the EU of billions MORE money AFTER the election but BEFORE the Coalition had formally taken over. Thanks for that. Blair of course had previously given up billions of Mrs Thatcher’s hard-won clawback from the loathsome, quasi-fascist EU. Thank you Blair – be careful on your new private jet – how are the kids doing in their private school?

  • Between 4 and 10 MILLION immigrants entered the country (nobody has a clue how many) in a – it seems clear, but of course they will never admit it officially – deliberate and brazen attempt to “shaft the Tories” and give Labour millions more votes, including with a horrendously fraudulent postal-voting explosion which – of course – massively favours Labour.

  • Millions of these immigrants – vast numbers of whom are illegal – are Muslims, who cluster into ghettoes, build mosques, create “Muslim areas” and of course introduce the usual barbaric Islamic customs in its grotesque treatment of women, hatred for democracy, homosexuals, Jews, normal meat (we native Brits must now have odious Halal Meat signs stuck under our noses in supermarkets and are often fed it without our knowledge, but woe betide you if a Muslim eats pork by mistake – OH GOD – GET THE ECHR IN HERE AT ONCE) other cultures and so on. The result of this is increasing ghettoisation of large areas of our cities as indigenous whites move out in horror – not a problem faced by the elitist Milliband clan in Hampstead of course. South-East London where I grew up now feels like another country.

  • “Faith schools” were greatly expanded, where the progeny of weird sects can be more easily brainwashed into their odious practices, all TOTALLY alien to our customs and traditions – and indeed to both reason and the Human Spirit.

  • The City was allowed and even encouraged to gorge on a massive excess of bonuses and generally immoral fraud and corruption. YES, IT WAS UNDER LABOUR THAT THE CITY BECAME UNSUPERVISED AND CORRUPT, despite the THREE THOUSAND employees of the FSA who were supposed to supervise it.

  • NOTHING was done to solve the horrendous housing crisis – made much worse by the arrival of millions of immigrants. Instead, Labour (the working-class party? HA, HA, HA) massively favoured “Buy-to-let”, a policy specifically designed to favour landlords and lock people forever into tenancies rather than having the chance to own their own homes as of course all Labour MPs do. Politicians rejoiced in the feel-good factor when house prices rose; their own wealth accumulating in line with that of the haves on whom they rely for votes – the have-nots could of course be appeased with ever more benefits.

  • NO PLANNING was done re power supplies, which with nuclear-powered stations running down now look very shaky indeed.

  • Heathrow was allowed to decline, no long-term decision being made to maintain its once-proud premier position in Europe.

  • ALL EU regulation and demands were fawningly acceded to so that most of our laws are now made in Brussels and not in London.

  • Law and Order was allowed to become a joke: all notions of deterrent and punishment being chucked out of the window.

  •  BILLIONS were poured into the NHS (principally into the hands of doctors) while the service constantly declined in quality to the point where it is a national disgrace. Vast increases in immigrants did not help, nor did the government’s total inability to punish the many thousands of binge-sodden drunks on the street who end up in A&E Departments.-

  • There was an explosion in welfare that the country simply cannot afford: irresponsible parents can have multiple kids willy-nilly knowing that someone else will pay for them. In one third of residences in Liverpool live families where NOBODY HAS EVER WORKED (but note the plethora of SKY TV aerials in these areas ground into the dust by evil capitalists)

  • Immigrants with large families are housed free in posh houses in London, so as to be near “their communities”; the number of “disabled” people has rocketed to be now a far bigger proportion than after the war, when hundreds of thousands of our men returned with shattered limbs – and so on and on and on.

  • The education system has been dumbed down so that many qualifications are no longer worth the paper they are written on.

  • A horrendously-expensive program of “carbon-saving” was launched (Minibruder’s particular contribution to the working class) which is turning out to be a complete hoax and vast waste of money even as India and China build one coal-fired power station PER WEEK.

In short – actually not so short, and I am sure I have left a lot out – the previous government – of which Milliband was an integral part – was stupefyingly incompetent and far worse, wilfully treacherous in its TOTALLY UNMANDATED immigration policies. No Labour manifesto EVER said “We will allow in millions of immigrants and give them immediate access to benefits”, but THAT IS WHAT THEY DID. And when poor Mrs Duffy had the temerity to mildly complain about this to the odious Brown – her town being “swamped” – she was called “a bigot”. Breathtaking. Incidentally, if ever there was a case showing that for ALL politicians should be miked up so that we could hear every word – also in private – then this was it. This incident alone revealed the lying, duplicitious, patronising attitude of the Labour Leader (adored and respected, remember, by his advisors Milliband and Balls).

You might think that nobody in their right mind would ever vote for this treasonous rabble ever again, and yet this is what is being served up. Minibrain is touting himself as the working-man’s saviour for pledging to freeze energy prices for two years – AND THE VICTIMS FALL FOR IT! Unbelievable; talk about “lambs to the slaughter” – we truly get the leaders we deserve, though I personally do not feel I deserved Blair or Brown. And WHEN this odious, loathsome, scurrilous, patronising and treasonous bunch of morons handed over to the Coalition, IMMEDIATELY started a tsunami of accusations about their evil treatment of the plebs, with accusations about evil, Tory “cuts”.

Actually, BRITAIN’S DEBT HAS CONTINUED TO RISE. There has BEEN no “cut” in expenditure – quite the contrary. In fact, the Coalition has been almost as profligate as the previous bunch of duplicitous incompetents. “Expand the economy”? HA HA – if it was so easy, WHY DID YOU NOT DO IT? “End to austerity”? You can just imagine my parents after the war complaining about wanting an “end to austerity”. The ONLY way to end austerity is to WORK YOUR GUTS OUT TO EARN IT.

The Labour Party’s thoroughly NASTY attacks on the Coalition about “cuts” are as duplicitious and cynical as the rest of their approach to politics. Nothing illustrates this more than their U-turn re immigration and “racism” A month ago anyone calling for an end to insane immigration was a “racist”. Suddenly, calling for a halt is official Labour policy, so all we previous racists an now unracist ourselves. YOU COULD NOT MAKE IT UP.

In conclusion,. there is practically NOTHING the DM could say of a negative nature that would in fact adequately describe the appalling incompetence, cynicism and awfulness of the Labour Party as it now exists. When we have a new generation of leaders untainted by the sheer gutless gruesomeness of Milliband, Balls, Harman et al, then perhaps old-fashioned “socialists” and champions of the working-class could consider voting for them again. Until then, only a moron would vote Labour, but there are indeed plenty of those about, with the moronic mantra: “Whatever Labour does, the Tories are worse.”

Please can we have some leaders we deserve and need.

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The BBC & Lord Haw-Haw

The BBC is now basically worse than Lord Haw-Haw:

A) We didn’t have to pay Lord Haw-Haw for biased reporting and running down the country.

B) He at least did not pretend to be something he wasn’t.

C) Nobody took him seriously: he was a sick and failing joke, in which of course he and the BBC are similar.

The coverage of Milliband and his Marxist, Britiish-institution and way-of-life hating father has been absurdly out of proportion to its importance, fed by the BBC leftist mindset like vultures round a dead cow. The BBC is an appallingly outdated and pernicious influence in public life, no longer serving “the public” but the leftist policies and mantras of the heirs of Marxism.

“Peter Sissons, who presented the BBC Nine O’Clock News and BBC News at Ten between 1993 and 2003, said: ‘The real difficulty is that the overwhelming view of the BBC’s news executives is broadly sympathetic towards the Labour Party and is inclined to always give Labour the benefit of the doubt. There is a political imbalance within the BBC which in this case has led to a basic failure of journalism.’“

Right on the nail, Peter.

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The Ralph Milliband Saga

People do say the strangest things: why don’t they try to be more like Spock – as indeed I do?

Let’s examine this gem:

“It’s not fair to attack someone dead who can’t defend himself.”

This is indeed a masterpiece of gibberish. Let’s be logical. I set this out in point form so that the illiberal unintelligentsia can grasp it more easily:

A) Either there is a God (aka some sort of afterlife with Heaven and Hell) or there is not.

B) If there is not, then RM’s spirit is dead; he is not going to have any perception of any slight: “Dust to dust” as it were, and dust has no feelings.

C) If there IS a God, then presumably (or so those with apparent certainty on this matter tell us) RM will either go to Heaven or Hell.

1) If he goes to Heaven, then all is peace, light and harmony and he is hardly likely to suffer from anything the Daily Mail writes, oder?

2) If he goes to Hell to meet up with all his old Marxist chums then he is likely to have worse things to worry about than some cruddy insults in the DM.

CONCLUSION: The thesis of him not being able to “defend himself” is utter drivel (as we suspected even without an analysis).

As for attacking the living, this is also very interesting from several angles:

A) If the DM is so awful, then nobody with a brain cell will lend it any credence; ergo, it has no credibility (except with the cranially-dead), and so where is the harm?   I suppose that the latter do vote, however, so Labour must be worried that their limited brains will be affected by what the former see as lies. Pity that the same party so strongly favours “faith” schools ……

Anyway, nobody who really counts (the illiberal unintelligentsia for a start) will be swayed by the DM, so that’s all good, then.

B) Nobody goes into politics expecting not to be slagged off; it goes with the territory. It therefore seems a bit fatuous to whinge: and of course anything “unfair” will be ignored by those who can think. (or party loyalists suffering from blind prejudice)

C) Labour – stridently whinging about the Mail’s perceived insults – has been guilty of horrendously-vicious personal attacks against politicians which included highly personal, non policy-related and nasty spin and image-slagging tactics by – some years ago – Alastair Campbell (High Priest of the Labour spin machine) against John Major and more recently by the odious Damien MacBride in his attempt to bring down opponents of the truly loathsome Gordon Brown.


Labour is a party of utter, total and lying HYPOCRITES. And are defenders of this rancid rabble of liars really trying to pretend that the gruesome activities of Campbell and MacBride were not common knowledge among the party hierarchy? Very funny.

PS: Here is a brilliant article about the hypocrisy of Labour in the Milliband saga.


A) Alastair Campbell

B) Damian McBride

– helped drive Gordon Brown’s rivals out of Cabinet
– spin doctor says he discredited opponents by tipping off newspapers
– Dame Tessa Jowell says she is ‘sure’ Mr Miliband knew about tactics
– Book also reveals Miliband briefed against Cabinet colleague Ed Balls
– Mr McBride forced to resign as Mr Brown’s special adviser in 2009
– Linked to a plot to smear Tory MPs via an anti-Conservative gossip website

THANK GOD FOR THE DAILY MAIL, one of the few parts of the media standing up to the Goebbelsesque political establishment aided and abetted by the left-wing propaganda department aka the BBC.

C) “The Guardian” – Can the left-wing illiberal unintelligentsia REALLY do no better than this hypocritical, crapulous rag?


Labour tried to block the publication of a devastating report into appalling hospital neglect before the last election. Ministers told the Care Quality Commission not to release its verdict on Basildon and Thurrock hospital in Essex, where patients were dying from poor care.

Inspectors found blood on curtains and chairs and catheters left on the floor at the flagship foundation hospital. Death rates in A&E were a third above average.

But hours before the CQC was due to publish the report in November 2009, the Department of Health told the watchdog to stop. Newly-released emails show that the then Health Secretary Andy Burnham was furious when the report was later made public amid massive media coverage.They also show officials were asked to ‘spin’ a major NHS report, again in the run-up to the 2010 election.”


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Milliband’s father

As you know, I like to keep things simple; strip them back to their core essentials, principally so that I can understand them better. Let’s have a go with this DM thinggy, which the left has gloriously got its teeth into in a frenzy of self-righteous and bile-dripping vituperation.


a) Milliband’s father was a hard-line Marxist.

b) Marxists hate democracy, as it prevents them from exercising the total control of the people that is clearly good for the latter.

c) The British like democracy, badly flawed though its voting system is.

CONCLUSION 1: The father detested one of the fundamental aspects of Britain, our freedom. The DM seems to have gone too far in claiming that he “hated Britain”, but he certainly hated one of Britain’s fundamental freedoms. Had Stalin managed to invade Europe before the Yanks, we would no doubt have found out the exact extent of Milliband Senior’s commitment to our country. Sadly, those nasty, capitalist Yanks prevented Stalin from overrunning Europe – WHAT A SHAME!


a) Milliband is always referring to his parents and upbringing. (This is – one is tempted to suppose – a deliberate ploy urged on him by his PR people to make him seem less like an alien.)

b) He has therefore brought his father and his beliefs into the public domain.

c) It is therefore quite legitimate to refer to his father’s beliefs. After all, left-wing ranters are always bringing up the parentage of the so-called Bullingdon mob.

CONCLUSION 2: the left-wing reaction is hysterical and unjustified – WHAT A SURPRISE!

As for “He fought for Britain.”, this is pretty poor stuff. We ALL supported humungous mass-murderer Stalin (and many of our sailors died horrible deaths on Arctic conveys bringing food and supplies to Stalin) because Hitler was even worse (though actually NOT in terms of sheer numbers killed.) One is quite entitled to suppose that Milliband Senior “fought for Britain” because Britain was on the side of the communist paradise of the USSR, not through any particular love of Britain, whose political system he hated.

And in all these things one is entitled to ask the lovers of “socialism” why they do not en masse decamp to a socialist country such as Cuba, where they could join in with the happy Cubans. Of course, it is much more comfortable in Britain. Here you can hope to live in a posh house in Hampstead and never actually do a proper job in your life, just go straight into politics and do all the following at  public expense; tell people what is good for them, make loads of speeches, give loads of interviews, think up new taxes, blindly obey your idiot leader and collect your public money and expenses. Living like a pleb in Cuba doesn’t really compare, does it?

But you have to admire these people’s great personal sacrifice in putting up with the awfulness of bourgeois Britain and suffering their champagne socialist lifestyle in Hampstead JUST for OUR sakes! To help US live better! Isn’t it wonderful? They could be living a life of happy poverty in Cuba but choose instead to suffer the horrors of capitalist, bourgeois Britain. What amazing solidarity with the downtrodden proletariate! No wonder people love Ed.

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Milliband the Fatuous …..

“Back to the UK, finally. Labour leader Ed Miliband has called for an emergency European council summit, with an expectation that the summit should continue until the issue of how to build a credible bailout fund is resolved.

He really is a hoot. Does he want to lock them all up until they come up with a magic solution?  Or is it once again the “Germany must and will pay.” mantra?

He JUST DOESN’T GET IT. There IS no “CREDIBLE BAILOUT FUND” solution. Even GERMANY has large debt, only mitigated by its business performance, which is going to FALL as the rest of the lunatic over-borrowers collapse. Does he want Germany to collapse, TOO?



And for God’s sake stop “calling for” things. It DOESN’T WORK AND IS PATHETIC.

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The Battle of Morals

It’s not the battle of ideas, it’s the battle of morals that Cameron is losing.

“battle of morals”? Don’t speak in riddles. If you mean he should do a Brownlike “borrow-and-print-money and spend, spend, spend” then say so.

It is not “moral” to leave your country impoverished. And FYI, when an economy goes belly-up (see Greece,) it is the POOREST and WEAKEST who suffer most.

ERGO (and it’s not rocket science) the FIRST duty of a government is to manage the budget responsibly = not spend more than you have = a LOT OF PAIN if the previous idiots overborrowed and you have to inevitably cut back to get the ship afloat again.

And if you really want to eliminate “unfairness” and “the rich” and “capitalists”, I assume you are a member of the revolutionary Maoist or Anarchist parties. That would be honest, since NO MAJOR party wants to do that. Did you see LABOUR bash the banks? NO. They continued to allow the bankers to draw vast bonuses.

Mandelscum, Bliar and other Labour luminaries (remember Kinnock?) have done VERY WELL out of the present set-up, so bashing the Tories for being “rich toffs” is a bit selective.

What is really hilarious is that MOST TORY VOTERS are not “rich toffs” but ORDINARY ESSEX MEN & WOMEN who just want a bit of commonsense in their leaders.

Labour would do well to remember that, but not much sign that Minibruder understands it – or much else as it happens.

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