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NEWS ROUND-UP (there is so much of it!)

EUROSOAP – Chapter 9 zillion and 1
“Sources close to participants at last Tuesday’s EU leaders summit in Brussels, said Mr Cameron issued the warning to German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who backs Mr Juncker for the top job.”
If true (and will Cameron admit it?), then he has leapt from the frying-pan into the fire:
A) The EU WILL appoint Juncker if Merkel wants it.
B) Cameron then has a simple choice:
1) cave in and look even more silly than he already does (his only saving grace being that he does not look quite as silly as Clegg) and massively boost UKIP
2) stick to his word and bring forward a referendum date
On the face of it, this could be a defining moment. But neither choice is very appetizing for our great leader … our great would-be leader looks increasingly silly, too, but that has been going on for some time. His own MPs now criticize him for “losing the working-class”. Hardly surprising: EM has about as much in common with anyone who does a proper job as a rattlesnake has with a daisy. But lots of you lot voted for him! Amazing. Well done.
The Germany love “Mutti” as someone bringing stability as they get on with their prosperous lives at the expense of Southern Europe. Were Germany to be in the same state as their southern neighbours then the EU would already have collapsed. The Germans care little about the corruption, waste and creeping federalisation of the EU as long as they can afford their BMWs and Mercs. Hence the vote last week and the absurd preference for Juncker, a has-been tainted with corruption and an arch-federalist bureaucrat.
The Germany don’t seem to mind a federal Europe (which is what Juncker, van Rompo and Boringissimo are obsessed with), probably because they rightly think they can dominate it. The French are so used to getting German money and having things their own way in the EU that they don’t seem bothered by the fact that cosying up to Brussels eventually means losing their own sovereignty. I have always thought that when they realize the implications of what has been going on for decades in Brussels they will revolt. There is NO WAY EVER that France will give up its sovereignty, but they have a funny way of showing it.
Merkel is in my book a pathetic leader: taking no brave initiatives, just bumbling along taking the easiest and most cosy path. People like that: who wants wise, bold and long-term initiatives that take courage? Unfortunately for Germany, a Mrs Thatcher she is not, and one day this will become clear.
I find this incident endlessly fascinating. Apparently ANOTHER Labour MP has been caught accusing someone of something nasty and has had to apologize. But therein lies a conundrum:
Did Brown MEAN to call Mrs Duffy a bigot? If so, WHY apologize? Or did he apologize only for it being made public? Or did he not really mean it when he said it? Of course, Politicians often say things they don’t mean, but I tend to think he DID mean it because it was not said to the public. Most politicians only have to open their gobs and you know that some sort of outright lie, spin, exaggeration, obfuscation or economy with the truth will emerge. It is ONLY when they think no bastard is listening that they are likely to REALLY say what they think – except Farage of course; you know when he says something in public that he means it. This is why the dinosaur parties can’t take him seriously. The concept of someone having principles they stick to and repeat clearly and truthfully is beyond them.
TOWER HAMLETS (Andrew Gilligan)
“Rachael Saunders, deputy leader of the Labour group, said: “At one point senior council officers had to act as bouncers to protect the count staff, putting up a rope to hold the Rahman crowd back.”The mayor himself, according to a senior Labour figure present, was “visibly throwing his weight around” and being “overly familiar with count staff, some of whom were telling him they had voted for him even as they counted the votes”. Mr Golds, another subjected to a recount, found his vote had changed by more than a fifth overnight, from 1,098 to 1,345. And Sanu Miah? In the recount, his vote dropped by a quarter from 2,270 to 1,722 and he fell from first place to sixth. Two of the three seats in his ward went to Mr Rahman’s Tower Hamlets First party. “I think this election was stolen from me,” said Mr Miah.”
Helal Rahman, a businessman and former Labour councillor in Spitalfields, says that “several hundred postal votes” in that one ward alone were cast on May 22 by people “who used to live here but have moved out to the suburbs. They rent their properties to eastern Europeans but keep their electoral registrations and convert their votes to postal,” he says. This is, of course, illegal.
No evidence links any of this to Mr Rahman at this election, but there has been clear evidence of postal vote malpractice involving his close allies in the past. In April 2012, on a suspiciously high turnout, Gulam Robbani, Mr Rahman’s agent in the 2010 mayoral contest, narrowly won a council by-election.
Only 14 per cent of people in Tower Hamlets then had postal votes, but 36 per cent of votes at the by-election were postal.
Days before polling, the number registered for postal votes in one large council block doubled. Seventy-seven per cent of those votes were cast.
Residents and their families told The Telegraph that Mr Robbani’s supporters blitzed the building, signing them up for postal votes, then returned a few days later to collect the blank ballot papers. Mr Robbani has repeatedly refused to deny it. If you wanted to vote in person on May 22, things were often a little more difficult. Large groups of Rahman supporters picketed polling stations, remonstrating with some voters who refused to take Rahman leaflets. The council has received 20 complaints of voter intimidation.
Twenty-one of the borough’s 74 polling stations — disproportionately those in non-Rahman wards — were moved to new, unfamiliar and sometimes harder-to-reach locations. One, in the not very pro-Rahman territory of Canary Wharf, was placed on a traffic island in the middle of a four-lane road. Turnout there was 19 points behind the Rahman stronghold of Shadwell, where the polling stations were not moved.”
The govt should annul the election and rerun it, this time with a division of troops policing it, as the police are incapable of protecting our democracy. If you had described such an event thirty years ago people would have thought you were insane. But our political elite has become so flabby that it appears almost any bollocks goes if it involves pandering to ethnic minorities. Which reminds me of “The Black Policemen’s Federation”: no sight of a “White Policeman’s federation” I suppose? You REALLY could not make this up.
GOOD NEWS? As usual, thin on the ground, but it does seem that Ken (“I look forward to the day when the HOC is a mere regional debating chamber.”) Clarke is likely to get reshuffled out of a job. Goodness – Cameron really IS trying to give the impression of decisiveness. Amazing what a touch of the UKIP boot up your bum has in terms of getting a bit of action.

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“Not in my lifetime”

 “There will be no eurobonds as long as I live.”

On the face of it, it’s a potty statement. OK, there’s the proverbial bus she might fall under, but surely she should have said: “As long as I am Chancellor.”

Still, nuances aside, will AT LAST Borroso get the message or try YET AGAIN with his eurobonds”?

Hollane is reported to have given up on eurobonds and now going for ‘eurobonds-lite” or “eurobonds by another name” ……

This is of course par for the course in Euroland. If it’s really a bailout but you don’t like to admit it then you call it something else and so on.

Still, Merkel and the dreaded “markets” seem to have sussed out this particular nonsense.

The thing which one struggles to understand is that Spain et al want eurobonds to bring the cost of borrowing down. A pleb would ask: “WHY DON’T YOU JUST STOP BORROWING?”

I think the answer is that they need to borrow to cover current expenditure, and if there is anything more insane than that I would really like to hear it.

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Merkel must “do something”

The Germans were doing FINE before the euro. Do you remember them struggling economically?

They were ONLY persuaded to abandon the DM on the PROMISE that this very eventuality happening now would NOT occur. STRICT rules were set up at the insistence of Germany about the ECB and the ratio of debt to GDP.

ALL THESE RULES WERE BROKEN. When France was challenged, some spokesperson said: “Those rules were designed for little countries, not those like France.”

In essence, THE GERMANS HAVE BEEN BETRAYED and are now being made into the big nasty for not bankrupting themselves by bailing out the useless, non-working, non tax-paying leeching states all around.  Germany has paid HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS NET into the poorer EU states, and STILL they want more. Greece has had MORE money pro rata than Germany under the Marshall Plan post WWII, but STILL it isn’t enough.

There is sod all sympathy here in Germany for this nonsense. The Germans BELIEVE in “Europe” and in being “good soldiers”, but NOT AT ANY INSANE PRICE. And NOBODY likes the piss being taken out of them.

Lagarde is a French political crony only placed in her position to further the French vision of the EU, i.e. where there is massive bureaucracy and Germany pays for everything. She did SOD ALL as French Finance Minister to put France’s finances right. She and Borroso should team up as a stand-up comic double-act.

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The Resistible Force v the Immovable Object?

I am astonished that we can’t keep things simple.

For a start, in LAW a state should NOT be permittted to borrow AT ALL.

Several states have finally recognized this, though they are at last at least proposing to allow borrowing up to a limit.  The hilarious thing is that there was ALREADY an AGREEMENT to do this when the euro started, but THEY ALL IGNORED IT, including France and Germany, of whom only the latter can afford it.

ALL THOSE GUILTY OF BREAKING the 3% debt v GDP rule should be imprisoned under a  new European law of “Reckless Misuse of Public Money”. Why the hell we haven’t had this law for decades is beyond me.

As for Hollande, the following seems true.

A) Only a moron (Gordon Brown, Zapatero, Chirac et al for a start) thinks you can without disaster eternally spend more than your income. France has not set a balanced budget for nearly four decades. For me, that makes Chirac a moron – and Lagarde come to that; great job SHE did as France’s Finance Minister, didn`t she?)

B) Hollande is simultaneously promising to balance the budget by 2015 AND spend billions more NOW to “create jobs”. He is doing EXACTLY what France has done for the last 40 years and which has led to this shambles – spending money NOW which he hasn’t got on the vague assumption that “growth” will pay for it one day ……

C) Either he is a moron OR he is wilfully lying.

D) He is probably not quite a moron in medical terms, so he MUST BE LYING.

E) Most likely the ONLY reason he could get elected was to LIE – otherwise he would have sounded much like Sarko with his austerity thinggy.


– The new leader is a liar.

– He lied because he knows the public are too stupid to recognize the truth.

Not exactly a great scenario, is it – a new Presidency beginning on a lie. How soon will all his promises turn to dust in yet another U-turn forced on him by the dreaded “markets”?

As for the meeting next week with Merkel,

A) Hollande is the irresistible force; he has PROMISED to renegotiate the fiscal pact. It is the BASIS of his election.

B) Merkel is the immovable object; she has ALREADY said the pact is not negotiable.

Even Houdini himself could not have got out of this one. I can’t want to see what sort of gobbledegook Eurofudgespeak comes out of their meeting

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Why don’t the Germans tell the EU to sod off?

It is the WW guilt, upon which France is only too keen to play. It’s very subtle, however, in contrast to those Greeks who – having sucked from a German teat for years – now accuse them of being Nazis for putting on the brake and demanding – WHAT NERVE – that Greeks pay their debts.

BUT – if Germany ever gets over the wars, then it’s a different ball game. The “Germans” are great people and there is no danger whatsoever of history being repeated (The UK could ALSO have had its own Hitler in different conditions.), but they might at some stage simply refuse to let themselves be milked. After all, ALL THOSE GUILTY ARE LONG DEAD.

Germans have now been NET contributors to “Europe” for DECADES. HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS of German marks and euros have gone to pay for the EU, French farmers, infrastructure in Southern Europe etc. They didn’t HAVE to do this. They did it because of A) guilt and B) a genuine neighbourliness, especially that of the strong for its weaker brothers.

BUT – someone somewhere ALWAYS takes generosity for granted and abuses it. The Germans are getting close to the point where their largesse is being abused. The unelected Trotskyist Boringoso demands “eurobonds”. This is code for: “Let the Germans take on all the debt.”

Sorry Fatso, WHY THE HELL SHOULD THEY. YOU racked up the debt. YOU lived wildly beyond your means. “We will help, but UP TO A POINT.”

As for the usual analysis of why Germany went along with the creation of the eurozone, I believe it to be wrong. The Germans were quite happy with the DM. They did VERY WELL with the DM. It increased in value year-on-year because of the quality of their economy and goods. They did not want to give up the DM, but were persuaded to so so by others who played the “If you don’t, then you are un-European; you haven’t REALLY changed.” card. And the Germans were PROMISED that this shambles WOULD NOT HAPPEN. It was the ONLY way they could be persuaded to give up the DM.

This stuff about Germany needing the euro is utter rubbish. Do you remember Germany struggling BEFORE the euro? I don’t. It’s more EU-fanatic psychops – or if you prefer in layman’s language, lying bollocks from the EU Propaganda Office, of which Goebbels himself would have been proud.


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Sarko’s Wagging Finger


Caption Competition?

“But you said you’d bail us out …….”

“But who else will save us from our own folly if not the Germans?”

“Come on Angela – hand over the money; you know it makes sense.”

“We must stick together against those Anglo-Saxons; it’s all their fault.”

“I’ll raise you one Tobin tax and two Greek Gauleiters.”

“Look Angela; there IS no Europe without France …..”

“Angela my dear. Germany may be bigger than us, but size isn’t everything.”(Ed. well, he should know.)

“If we just stick together, we should be able to bully the rest into submission.”


“Look; everyone knows you’re a stroppy, nerdish dwarf – let’s move on.”

“No Sarko – you DIDN’T win the war …..”

“Do I understand this right? What’s yours is yours and what’s ours is yours, too?”

“You wag that at me just once more and I’ll bite it off.”

“We don’t really want to make enemies of the UK, do we? Oh, sorry – silly question.”

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A nice letter from Frederick Forsyth. Not sure where it first appeared …..


Dear Madame Chancellor,

Permit me to begin this letter with a brief description of my knowledge of, and affection for, your country.

I first came to Germany as a boy student aged 13 in 1952, two years before you were born. After three extended vacations with German families who spoke no English I found at the age of 16 and to my pleasure that I could pass for German among Germans.

In my 20s I was posted as a foreign correspondent to East Germany in 1963, when you would have been a schoolgirl just north of East Berlin where I lived.I know Germany, Frau Merkel, from the alleys of Hamburg to the spires of Dresden, from the Rhine to the Oder, from the bleak Baltic coast to the snows of the Bavarian Alps. I say this only to show you that I am neither ignoramus nor enemy.

I also had occasion in those years to visit the many thousands of my countrymen who held the line of the Elbe against 50,000 Soviet main battle tanks and thus kept Germany free to recover, modernise and prosper at no defence cost to herself. And from inside the Cold War I saw our decades of effort to defeat the Soviet empire and set your East Germany free.

I was therefore disappointed last Friday to see you take the part of a small and vindictive Frenchman in what can only be seen as a targeted attack on the land of my fathers.We both know that every country has at least one aspect of its society or economy that is so crucial, so vital that it simply cannot be conceded.

For Germany it is surely your automotive sector, your car industry. Any foreign-sourced measure to target German cars and render them unsaleable would have to be opposed to vetopoint by a German chancellor. For France it is the agricultural sector. For more than 50 years members of the EU have been taxed under the terms of the Common Agricultural Policy in order to subsidise France’s agriculture. Indeed, the CAP has been the cornerstone of every EU budget since the first day. Attack it and France fights back.

For us the crucial corner of our economy is the financial services industry. Although parts of it exist all over the country it is concentrated in that part of London known even internationally as “the City”.It is not just a few greedy bankers; we both have those but the City is far more. It is indeed a vast banking agglomeration of more banks than anywhere else in the world. But that is the tip of the iceberg. Also in the City is the world’s greatest concentration of insurance companies.Add to that the brokers; traders in stocks and shares worldwide, second only, and then maybe not, to Wall Street. But it is not just stocks. The City is also home to the “exchanges” of gold and precious metals, diamonds, base metals, commodities, futures, derivatives, coffee, cocoa… the list goes on and on. And it does not yet touch upon shipping, aviation, fuels, energy, textiles… enough. Suffice to say the City is the biggest and busiest marketplace in the world.

It makes the Paris Bourse look like a parish council set against the United Nations and even dwarfs your Frankfurt many times. That, surely, is the point of what happened in Brussels. The French wish to wreck it and you seem to have agreed. Its contribution to the British economy is not simply useful nor even merely valuable. It is absolutely crucial. The financial services industry contributes 10 per cent of our Gross Domestic Product and 17.5 per cent of our taxation revenue. A direct and targeted attack on the City is an attack on my country. But that, although devised in Paris, is what you have chosen to support. You seem to have decided that Britain is once again Germany’s enemy, a situation that has not existed since 1945.I deeply regret this but the choice was yours and entirely yours. The Transaction Tax or Tobin Tax you reserve the right to impose would not even generate money for Brussels.

It would simply lead to massive emigration from London to other havens. Long ago it was necessary to live in a city to trade in it. In the days when deals can flash across the world in a nanosecond all a major brokerage needs is a suite of rooms, computers, telephones and the talent of the young people barking offers and agreements down the phone. Such a suite of rooms could be in Berne, Thun, Zurich or even Singapore. Under your Tobin Tax tens of thousands would leave London. This would not help Brussels, it would simply help destroy the British economy.

Your conference did not even save the euro. Permit me a few home truths about it. The euro is a Franco-German construct.It was a German chancellor (Kohl) who ordered a German banker (Karl Otto Pohl) to get together with a French civil servant (Delors) on the orders of a French president (Mitterrand) and create a common currency.

Which they did. IT was a flawed construct. Like a ship with a twisted hull it might float in calm water but if it ever hit a force eight it would probably founder.Even then it might have worked for it was launched with a manual of rules, the Growth And Stability Pact. If the terms of that book of rules had been complied with the Good Ship Euro might have survived. But compliance was entrusted to the European Central Bank which catastrophically failed to insist on that compliance. Rules governing the growing of cucumbers are more zealously enforced. This was a European Bank in a German city under a French president and it failed in its primary, even its sole, duty.

This had everything to do with France and Germany and nothing whatever to do with Britain. Yet in Brussels last week the EU pack seemed intent only on venting its spleen on the country that wisely refused to abolish its pound. You did not even address yourselves to saving the euro but only to seeking a way to ensure it might work in some future time.

But the euro will not be saved. It is crumbling now. And since you have now turned against my country, from this side of the Channel, Madame Chancellor, one can only say of the euro: YOU MADE IT, YOU MEND IT.

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