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NEWS ROUND-UP (there is so much of it!)

EUROSOAP – Chapter 9 zillion and 1
“Sources close to participants at last Tuesday’s EU leaders summit in Brussels, said Mr Cameron issued the warning to German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who backs Mr Juncker for the top job.”
If true (and will Cameron admit it?), then he has leapt from the frying-pan into the fire:
A) The EU WILL appoint Juncker if Merkel wants it.
B) Cameron then has a simple choice:
1) cave in and look even more silly than he already does (his only saving grace being that he does not look quite as silly as Clegg) and massively boost UKIP
2) stick to his word and bring forward a referendum date
On the face of it, this could be a defining moment. But neither choice is very appetizing for our great leader … our great would-be leader looks increasingly silly, too, but that has been going on for some time. His own MPs now criticize him for “losing the working-class”. Hardly surprising: EM has about as much in common with anyone who does a proper job as a rattlesnake has with a daisy. But lots of you lot voted for him! Amazing. Well done.
The Germany love “Mutti” as someone bringing stability as they get on with their prosperous lives at the expense of Southern Europe. Were Germany to be in the same state as their southern neighbours then the EU would already have collapsed. The Germans care little about the corruption, waste and creeping federalisation of the EU as long as they can afford their BMWs and Mercs. Hence the vote last week and the absurd preference for Juncker, a has-been tainted with corruption and an arch-federalist bureaucrat.
The Germany don’t seem to mind a federal Europe (which is what Juncker, van Rompo and Boringissimo are obsessed with), probably because they rightly think they can dominate it. The French are so used to getting German money and having things their own way in the EU that they don’t seem bothered by the fact that cosying up to Brussels eventually means losing their own sovereignty. I have always thought that when they realize the implications of what has been going on for decades in Brussels they will revolt. There is NO WAY EVER that France will give up its sovereignty, but they have a funny way of showing it.
Merkel is in my book a pathetic leader: taking no brave initiatives, just bumbling along taking the easiest and most cosy path. People like that: who wants wise, bold and long-term initiatives that take courage? Unfortunately for Germany, a Mrs Thatcher she is not, and one day this will become clear.
I find this incident endlessly fascinating. Apparently ANOTHER Labour MP has been caught accusing someone of something nasty and has had to apologize. But therein lies a conundrum:
Did Brown MEAN to call Mrs Duffy a bigot? If so, WHY apologize? Or did he apologize only for it being made public? Or did he not really mean it when he said it? Of course, Politicians often say things they don’t mean, but I tend to think he DID mean it because it was not said to the public. Most politicians only have to open their gobs and you know that some sort of outright lie, spin, exaggeration, obfuscation or economy with the truth will emerge. It is ONLY when they think no bastard is listening that they are likely to REALLY say what they think – except Farage of course; you know when he says something in public that he means it. This is why the dinosaur parties can’t take him seriously. The concept of someone having principles they stick to and repeat clearly and truthfully is beyond them.
TOWER HAMLETS (Andrew Gilligan)
“Rachael Saunders, deputy leader of the Labour group, said: “At one point senior council officers had to act as bouncers to protect the count staff, putting up a rope to hold the Rahman crowd back.”The mayor himself, according to a senior Labour figure present, was “visibly throwing his weight around” and being “overly familiar with count staff, some of whom were telling him they had voted for him even as they counted the votes”. Mr Golds, another subjected to a recount, found his vote had changed by more than a fifth overnight, from 1,098 to 1,345. And Sanu Miah? In the recount, his vote dropped by a quarter from 2,270 to 1,722 and he fell from first place to sixth. Two of the three seats in his ward went to Mr Rahman’s Tower Hamlets First party. “I think this election was stolen from me,” said Mr Miah.”
Helal Rahman, a businessman and former Labour councillor in Spitalfields, says that “several hundred postal votes” in that one ward alone were cast on May 22 by people “who used to live here but have moved out to the suburbs. They rent their properties to eastern Europeans but keep their electoral registrations and convert their votes to postal,” he says. This is, of course, illegal.
No evidence links any of this to Mr Rahman at this election, but there has been clear evidence of postal vote malpractice involving his close allies in the past. In April 2012, on a suspiciously high turnout, Gulam Robbani, Mr Rahman’s agent in the 2010 mayoral contest, narrowly won a council by-election.
Only 14 per cent of people in Tower Hamlets then had postal votes, but 36 per cent of votes at the by-election were postal.
Days before polling, the number registered for postal votes in one large council block doubled. Seventy-seven per cent of those votes were cast.
Residents and their families told The Telegraph that Mr Robbani’s supporters blitzed the building, signing them up for postal votes, then returned a few days later to collect the blank ballot papers. Mr Robbani has repeatedly refused to deny it. If you wanted to vote in person on May 22, things were often a little more difficult. Large groups of Rahman supporters picketed polling stations, remonstrating with some voters who refused to take Rahman leaflets. The council has received 20 complaints of voter intimidation.
Twenty-one of the borough’s 74 polling stations — disproportionately those in non-Rahman wards — were moved to new, unfamiliar and sometimes harder-to-reach locations. One, in the not very pro-Rahman territory of Canary Wharf, was placed on a traffic island in the middle of a four-lane road. Turnout there was 19 points behind the Rahman stronghold of Shadwell, where the polling stations were not moved.”
The govt should annul the election and rerun it, this time with a division of troops policing it, as the police are incapable of protecting our democracy. If you had described such an event thirty years ago people would have thought you were insane. But our political elite has become so flabby that it appears almost any bollocks goes if it involves pandering to ethnic minorities. Which reminds me of “The Black Policemen’s Federation”: no sight of a “White Policeman’s federation” I suppose? You REALLY could not make this up.
GOOD NEWS? As usual, thin on the ground, but it does seem that Ken (“I look forward to the day when the HOC is a mere regional debating chamber.”) Clarke is likely to get reshuffled out of a job. Goodness – Cameron really IS trying to give the impression of decisiveness. Amazing what a touch of the UKIP boot up your bum has in terms of getting a bit of action.

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Juncker goes Potty

JUNCKER – What a 24-carat total Europratt he really is.

Amid the mounting confusion and acrimony of the eurozone crisis, one thing has this week come across loud and clear. “Un-European” though it might be – that’s what Luxembourg’s prime minister, Jean-Claude Juncker, called it – Germany is not about to yield on the “no bail-out” clause.

The anti-German comments by Brussels eurocrat Juncker were disgraceful and appalling. More than that even, but I can’t find the right words: “despicable” perhaps?

Let’s look at FACTS:

A) The “Germans” started the wars? In reality, the Prussians and then the Nazis; never a majority in Germany anyway.

B) Most of the “guilty” are LONG DEAD.

C) Despite this, the Franco-Belgian-Luxembourg “Axis of Proto-Fascists” has FOR YEARS played the subtle game of prodding the German guilt complex to extract from it as much money as possible.

D) Germany has BANKROLLED the EU for decades, paying VAST amounts into EU coffers to distribute to poorer countries in the EU and of course to maintain Mr Juncker in the lifestyle to which he seems to feel entitled at someone else’s expense.

E) Germany has been totally “solidaire” in Europe, continuing to pay vast amounts into the EU despite the billions (or is it by now trillions) that it has had to pay to bring East Germany up to speed.

A) The EU Elite LIED about Greece’s qualifications to enter the euro. Everyone KNEW they were lying. Germany had tried to set strict criteria so as to make sure the euro was serious; if they were to give up the Deutschmark the wanted something serious to replace it. They should have known that much of what comes out of Brussels is soggy, venal and agenda-ridden. The EU Elite BETRAYED the Germans; they DELIBERATELY let in countries that WEREN’T ready for the euro. (Greece’s statistics were a LIE, it even being rumoured that Goldman Sachs helped them to “present the figures in the best possible light” – Funny, Lehmann Brothers, Madoff and plenty of others did that, too.) THEY LIED for their own political ends, which (as Mr van Rompuy has now ADMITTED) are essentially to create a European superstate ruled from Brussels. Do you know ANYONE who wants to suffer this gruesome fate? Or more to the point who has been given a SAY about it?

B) When Greece went belly-up recently (as was inevitable, especially given the Greek government’s own venal idiocy) the Germans weren’t too pleased at bailing her out but stumped up anyway. Then they were castigated by Sarkozy for their “slowness”! (You can always rely on the French elite to want people to be fast when doling out their own money to bankroll someone else). Now Juncker wants an “E-BOND”, essentially to bail out all the rest: Ireland, Portugal, Spain and later Belgium and Italy (words they dare not mention). This “E-BOND” sounds very flashy, technical and  advanced (what could be more pukka PC-European) but OF COURSE it is just ANOTHER CLEVER WAY TO GET MONEY OUT OF THE GERMANS.

C) No milch cow can be exploited for ever. Merkel has at last said “Niet”. This prompts Mr Juncker to accuse them of being “un-European”. Juncker is a prime example of the Europratts who are DESTROYING the EU. His elite clique have tried to go TOO FAR and TOO FAST and TOO MUCH at other people’s expense. He is from Luxembourg, a country full of banks and the rich which has contributed almost nothing to Europe except Mr Juncker, for which much thanks. As Chirac might have said: “He has missed a good opportunity to keep quiet.” And slagging off the Germans for being “un-European” after all they have done to atone for WWI & II I is pretty damned stupid as well as insulting; their guilt-complex can only be milked so far.

The EU ELITE LIED. THEY WANT A EUROPEAN SUPERSTATE. THEY ARE OVERPAID, PRETENTIOUS, DISCONNECTED BOTH FROM THE CITIZENS AND FROM REALITY and UNDEMOCRATIC – NO consultation on the Lisbon Treaty – NO consultation on the idiotic “diplomatic service” run by nonentity Lady Ashton (paid double the salary of the British PM) and costing SIX BILLION EUROS with FORTY-SIX “diplomats” on that world industrial and economic colossus Barbados and on top of all that they are CRIMINALS, since the bailouts are ILLEGAL under the Lisbon Treaty that we have not been allowed to vote on.

“Whom the Gods wish to destroy, they first make mad.” and of course:

“Give someone enough rope and he’ll eventually hang himself.”

Mr Juncker has had plenty of rope; we could be near the fulfilment of this particular rope’s destiny.


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