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Surrealism is Alive and Well in France

Another very excellent article from Roger Bootle in “The Daily Telegraph” today.

On the face of it, he announced at last a seismic change of direction which involves reducing these three apparent evils:

– the size of the state
– taxation
– the cost and complexity of employing anyone and therefore
– unemployment

WONDERFUL! one might say. Hollande – the archetypal socialist – at LAST comes out with a programme worthy of Mrs Thatcher. And yet ………. an experienced France-watcher is forced to repeat the time-honoured phrase. “Zee proof eez in zee pudding.” WHERE will he find the FIFTY BILLION EUROS of cuts in government spending? Most of this is wrapped up in state employment, so how many of his own supporters is he going to make redundant? Which bits of the French state apparatus is he going to amputate and toss into the furnace of history? On this, there is a deafening silence.

Sadly, as in the UK, there are plenty of morons in France who think that economic problems are always someone else’s fault, in particular, “the rich” – hence the 75% tax rate which has inspired thousands of well-off French people to flee their country, often for the economic freedom of London, which now has a population of 400,000 French.

Back in France, the lunacy of all this will take some time to sink in, but once all the rich have all left or been taxed out of existence, then just the poor and poorer will remain, only even poorer and poorer. At that point the French mob will revolt and guillotine those responsible – and if they can’t find those responsible (their having escaped to Switzerland) they will guillotine someone else.

This is called “socialisme a la francaise”. It is a system that has its admirers, principally Ed “My Dad was a Marxist and I’m proud of it” Milliband.

Francois Hollande is truly amazing, quite apart from the fact that marriage is apparently too “bourgeois” for him to indulge in it himself. His country is in a death spiral and so he announces – after a delay of 18 months while he was thinking about it – reforms worthy of Thatcher – and indeed those arch-socialist role-models Francois Mitterrand and Gerhard Schröder. However, the evil, loathsome, capitalist sector (which just happens by pure coincidence to be the wealth-creating bit of society) is supposed to create loads of jobs NOW, and yet the govt side of the “responsibility pact” won’t deliver cuts to employers until 2017. (Thanks for this bit of data, Roger Bootle). When the employers can’t employ any more people as they are too busy with the paperwork involved in going bankrupt, they will naturally be labelled “irresponsible”.

This really is “Alice in Wonderland” stuff. It is of course, perfectly logical for French socialists, since the problems are all the fault of employers for not employing enough people. There is a certain logic in this:

  • Not enough jobs?
  • Simples – employers are not employing enough people.
  • ERGO -> it’s employers’ fault.

We’ve seen this sort of logic before in the 35 hour week, which went something like this:

  • There are too many unemployed.
  • We will make those employed work less so that
  • Employers will have to employ more people to do the work required.

This hilariously-surreal reasoning is based on the theory that there is an immutable x amount of work to be done, which should therefore be shared out by all those capable of working.

Surprisingly for the highly-diplomaed ENA graduates of the political elite, this cunning plan did not actually reduce employment much at all. This was of course hardly surprising to everyone else, since it was a plan so cunning that Baldrick himself would have rejected it as insane. Still, rather than admit they were wrong, the French elite pressed on with it with gritted teeth and determination; even Sarkozy could not bring himself to abolish it at a stroke, which would have been the sane thing to do.

“It hasn’t had long enough to work its way through the economy,” said my French friends.

However, as I pointed out to them at the time, we dastardly Anglo-Saxons would look at this from another logical viewpoint:

  • Forcing people to work fewer hour creates more jobs (according to you)
  • The number of hours people are allowed to work is clearly in inverse proportion to the jobs that will be created.
  • We therefore propose legally limiting the number of hours people can work to ONE per week.
  • This will obviously create absolutely teeming millions of jobs.

My friends looked at me sadly and smiled: “British humour ….”

I was in fact serious – a dose of Reduction ad Absurdum being sometimes required to make a point – but they just didn’t get it – and still don’t. I was as it happens working in France when all this lunacy was put in place, and I remember very well listening to someone from the local Chamber of Commerce coming to explain it to our workforce of 6 people. We sat there for an hour until my head was spinning with numbers of hours worked, holidays taken off and/or added, cumulative minutes here and there, what happened about “overtime” and so on, until I could take it no more and asked:

“Yes, but how does this actually affect ME in practical terms.”

Whereupon this bod said. Ah, this doesn’t affect YOU at all since you are a  ‘cadre’, (executive) and they   have a completely different status.” (Everyone MUST have a “status” in France.)

“Well, what am I doing here, then? I do actually have work to do …..” I riposted.

“But you do need to know how the new law works,” was the reply.

Naturally, I wanted to ask WHY I needed to know I (I had absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with employing or paying anyone myself) but decided that life was too short and rapidly getting shorter, and so I excused myself and left.

So, from then on the French worked fewer hours but – as far as I remember – without losing any money (THAT would not have gone down well, even with the faithful socialist sheeple), while the rest of the world – and the ant-like labouring Asians in particular – looked on in astonishment and with no little hilarity. “Have the French discovered the equivalent of perpetual motion in employment practice?” was the cry that rang out all around the world.

Well, unfortunately, “No, they hadn’t.”, though it made the new law’s inventors quite famous for a while, except that fame in these matters does have a habit of mutating into notoriety in the face of reality: Russian communism being just another example.

This was all about ten years ago, but nothing much has changed in French logic. Plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose.” Still, once the French political elite has reduced France to an economic wasteland, it will be so cheap to go there on holiday that millions will pour in from booming Anglo-Saxonia, Scandinavia, Asia and elsewhere to boost the economy, while at least there is the lush farmland to ensure nobody starves, even if half the French population will have to return there to find anything useful to do at all.

Eventually, we will have reached the Socialist Nirvana of 100% taxation and 0% tax revenue – or maybe Hollande will work a miracle?



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Is this the beginning of the end?

Europe is at a critical phase.

  • The euro problem is just dormant; it can only be a matter of time before a spark sets it off once again.

  • Italy in particular is showing signs of terminal cracking, with civil insurrection a distinct possibility.

  • France goes from bad to worse, now seemingly in recession AGAIN and having carried out NONE of the real structural reforms necessary. Its major current policy seems to be to demand Germany bail them out (nothing new there of course)

  • The EU is becoming very unpopular in a number of countries, not only Britain. The elections next May could see a parliament seething with “eurosceptics”.

  • Germany has a new so-called government and gives the illusion of being in a strong position, but appreances can be deceptive. The irony is that Germany is in a very bad situation:

A) If Merkel goes along with the French and Italians, they will slowly bleed her to death. Germany’s debt is already quite high and doesn’t make the headlines only because everyone else is much worse.

B) Germany has embarked on an insane energy policy whereby gas is now up to FOUR TIMES the price it is in the USA. How the hell they think their heavy industry can cope with that long-term is fascinating.

C) The new German “government” has moved considerably left, and we all know what happens to countries when THAT happens. For a start, they are lowering the retirement age to 63, which is totally unaffordable. The sacrifices of the past decade since Schröder are certainly going to be frittered away in an orgy of leftist lunacy as the “Let’s grab-their-money-and-waste-it” French get in on the act.

D) Germany’s success depends largely on exports to Asia, but this is fragile. Even if WWIII does not break out in the South China Sea China is doomed for a major collapse and civil disorder at some point, and Germany will be in big trouble as its exports collapse.

E) Germany also has long-term demographic problems which nobody seems to be focusing on. How the are going to pay for pensions and health for their ageing population is a mystery, as it is for many other countries.

At this time Europe needs courageous and wise leadership. Do you see any anywhere? Merkel has a high reputation in Germany, but she dithers and slithers, and the new German Coalition is not designed for bold, long-term-sensible measures, being as it is weighed down by the ball-and-chain of leftist economic fantasy.

Three is only ONE positive point for me in all this. Merkel has said “Debt mutualization over my dead body.” (or words to that effect), so the question is, do we trust her? I don’t, because without it the euro and possibly the EU itself will collapse leaving Germany exposed as the Bad Guy once more. This would be silly, but Brussels and the French are very good at propaganda, and a lot of moral blackmail will be exerted on Germany to show “solidarity” with the idle, feckless and leeching incompetents that Germany is mostly dealing with.

So she may try to find a way to go back on her words without anyone realizing it. That would be pretty dumb, but her alternative is to allow the whole edifice to crumble. The EU has worked itself into an impossible dilemma ……

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Lettre à mon Député (encore)

Monsieur Urvoas

Alors, cela continue ……. rien que des impôts et l’attente désespéré de la croissance ……. Faisons le bilan ….

IMPÔTS: maintenant QUATRE-VINGT-SEPT taxes nouvelles ou augmentées depuis votre arrivée au pouvoir. Merci. “Croissance”? On n’a plus rien à dépenser.

La taxe sur l’épargne est imposée à 15,5% RETROSPECTIVEMENT à 1997. Magnifique, tout comme la taxe des plus valus sur sa maison principale et la période d’exonération doublée de 15 à 30 ans. MERCI.

L’élite politique de gauche souhaiterait imposer ENCORE des impôts, comme si le médicament principal des dernières décennies avait été correct mais insuffisante! SURRÉEL!

CRÉATION DE L’ARGENT: Vous détestez les entrepreneurs. Un exemple:

“J’ai créé une entreprise il y a sept ans. Si je le vends maintenant, je vais devoir payer au gouvernement 60% de la valeur que j’ai créée.”

Votre président a dit: “Je déteste les riches.” Expliquez-nous comment vous allez avoir une économie réussie sans créer des riches. Alors, tous ceux qui créent de l’argent seront punis? Magnifique.

LES ENTREPRISES: Complexité et coût ridicules pour lancer et pour fermer une entreprise, comme si ceux qui créent l’argent étaient des voyous. Complexité et coût ridicules pour embaucher ou virer des employés: 3,200 de pages dans le Code du Travail (70 en Suisse).

ÉCONOMIE: la part globale des exports de la France est tombée de 7% en 1999 à 3% aujourd’hui. Sa part des exports de l’UE est tombée de 17% à 12%. L’ Italie fait mieux maintenant. La dette ne cesse d’accroître.

L’OECD: “La France est sur-réglementée dans presque tous les domaines.” Exacte …

DÉSESPOIR: Ceux qui se sauvent vers l’étranger de cette folie (les plus ambitieux, les plus productifs, les jeunes – et Depardieu, évidemment) en 2012 = 40,000 – on prédit 60,000 pour 2013.

MÉDIAS: Vos médias “officiels”? Aucune objectivité – un tsunami d’information progouvernemental. On accuse ceux qui protestent contre cette folie d’être de “mauvais citoyens”.

PHILOSOPHIE: Vous restez dominés par “la gauche”, et une foi résiduelle dans le marxisme, un échec catastrophique partout au monde. Vous êtes détachés des réalités économiques: vous niez les évidences: vous enchaînez les entrepreneurs au lieu de les libérer.

VOTRE PRÉSIDENT n’a guère voyagé, ne parle aucune autre langue et n’a jamais travaillé dans un poste où il devait créer de l’argent. Il ne connaît ni comprend le secteur privé, le SEUL qui crée de l’argent que vous dépensez.

MENSONGES: Dans l’élection vous avez sauvagement critiqué Sarkozy pour vouloir imposer “l’austerité”, mais une fois élu, vous avez fait EXACTEMENT PAREIL, sinon PLUS.

LE FUTUR: Le FN ne peut que devenir plus populaire si vous ne changez pas radicalement – ce dont vous paraissez incapables. Mme Le Pen est – de toute évidence – beaucoup plus dangereuse que son père.

CONCLUSION: Vous n’êtes plus le parti “du peuple”, mais le parti d’une philosophie démodée et destructrice, du chômage, du gigantisme de l’état, de la réglementation, des impôts, du conservatisme (on ne change rien – exception faite de l’augmentation des impôts), des acquis (chauffeurs de taxi, notaires, pharmaciens, politiciens, chefs des universités, dirigeants de l’ENA etc). Vos prédecesseurs étaient pareils. Quand Mr Chirac est arrivé, il a promis des changements: L’ENA, les retraites etc, mais RIEN N’A ÉTÉ FAIT. Il n’y a JAMAIS de réelles restructurations intelligentes. L’état ne cesse de s’aggrandir.

  • réduisez la taille de l’état

  • réduisez les impots

  • abolissez le Code du Travail et faites comme la Suisse avec 70 pages au lieu de 3,200

  • abolissez les acquis

Je vous écris parce que j’aime la France, mais vous êtes en train de la ruiner.

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I weep for France (and my bank balance)

What is on my mind?

The loathsome, incompetent, crapulous, idiotic French political elite, which ONLY knows how to raise taxes while proclaiming almost each day that “croissance” will save France.

We are now in the TWENTY-SEVENTH straight month of increased unemployment, and the figures would be far worse but for the thousands of young people (and Gerard Depardieu) leaving France like rats a sinking ship.

I am extremely angry because the French state, which is ENTIRELY RESPONSIBLE FOR THE DEBT and other problems has:

  • … DOUBLED overnight the period of exoneration on Capital Gains Tax (Taxes des Plus-Valus) on the sale of one’s principal residence from 15 to 30 years
  • … INCREASED the tax I pay on the pathetic income I receive from renting our house while we are in Germany
  • IMPOSED the CGS (UP in my case from 450€ three years ago to EIGHT HUNDRED EUROS NOW) on non-residents, who used to be exempt.


As I said, they are crapulous, loathsome, hypocritical and utterly incompetent, but their incompetence is impoverishing the rest of us – though not THEM of course.

  • The size of the state must be reduced. (among the biggest in the free world)
  • Taxes must be reduced. (among the highest in the world)
  • Employment must be simplified and its costs reduced. (3,650 pages in the Code du Travail compared to 70 in hardly-failing Switzerland).

They are doing almost NONE of this, and in the case of taxes, the OPPOSITE.

It is absolutely unbelievable, and how the French people have put up with this utter nonsense from BOTH major parties for so long is a total mystery.

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The French Political Elite

One example illustrates the lunacy of this particular bunch of highly-educated pillocks. Yet the public went along with it (sensing a magic solution – “Work less and be better off!!! You know it makes sense!”), so you can hardly blame the politicians alone:

A) A few years ago, unemployment as usual was higher than just about everywhere else in Europe, even in the best of times.

B) A top politician came up with the cunning plan of working less to create jobs – NO, SERIOUSLY!!!!. And “Yes”, it was a “socialist”; how did you guess? For socialists, of course, unemployment is not a “good thing”, even though they specialize in creating it. You can’t fault their bleeding-heart rating. I even give Gordon Brown credit for wanting to end various things, including poverty, boom and bust, unemployment and of course Tony Blair’s political career: no doubt the number 1 priority in fact. I only ever questioned Brown’s competence, honesty, judgement, humility and sanity, (I may have left out some items here, but you catch my drift.)

C) So, the French government cut the legal working week from 40 hours to 35, This involved vast amounts of paperwork, legislation and loads more civil servants to monitor the whole thing.

D) It was a total and utter nonsense and waste of time as well as intellectually moronic; they are no better off today than before the reform, in fact, worse off; the Asians must have been laughing themselves sick. As cunning plans go, even Baldrick would have rolled about the floor laughing out loud.

E) But perhaps they didn’t do it seriously enough. After all, if reducing the working week to 35 hours is supposed to “create” X number of jobs then surely reducing it to 5 hours a week would have created 7X jobs? This is an excellent example for teaching the concept of inverse ratios of course – but not as good as the British NHS, where the more you pay doctors and the more managers you have the worse it gets. Still, that’s another story – a bit like the Titanic, although at least that was an accident in that they saw the berg only at the last minute; in the case of the NHS it has been coming inexorably for years as the ship’s passengers wine, dine, prattle and squabble while moving the furniture about.

Meanwhile France continues with its state participation in GDP approaching 60% (among the highest in Europe), with its tax regime (among the most onerous in the world – and the most complex), and its ferociously inflexible employment legislation. This latter of course exemplifies the wonderful French mindset. In theory (the French strong point) the employment law gives employees wonderful job-protection but in practice ensures that unemployment remains high, since it is both so expensive to hire anyone and so difficult to fire them that employers will do anything to avoid hiring.They are completely insane. Sad to see collective insanity, but not unusual of course, even on our side of the Channel.

Can anyone see Mr Flobby making any significant change? I can’t. All they know how to do is raise taxes even MORE. Anyway, like everyone else he lied to get elected. Quite funny in one sense.

pre-vote on Sunday: “Vote for me and I will end austerity, unlike that evil bling-laden and heartless capitalist Sarkozy.”

post-vote on Monday: “Sorry chaps – austerity seems to be essential after all – oops – got that one wrong again! ….. still, we’re all in it together.”

This last phrase is of course a favourite on both sides of the Channel. The French sugar up the increased taxes bill by appealing to “solidarity”, a wonderful piece of Eurospeak. Lest ye be confused, here is a translation:

“Solidarity” = “If you have any money left we’ll take as much of it as we can in extra taxes to pay for our own incompetence and lunacy.”

I suppose it saves words at least. The thing is – and here’s the rub – they have tried this one with the Germans, but so far it hasn’t flown …….. and the big question for Europe is, when Merkel wins the election in the autumn will she commit Germany to underwriting the whole of Europe’s debts, including France, the dinosaur in the middle of the room? Failure to do so means the end of the euro, so the incentive to stab her own countrymen in the back will be very strong, the euro being a quasi-religious (and thus essentially insane) project.

The fact that this would be a cynical betrayal of German voters is of course neither here nor there. Once we get elected we don’t have to bother much about the voters for the next 5 years, do we? Will the Germans riot?  I wouldn’t bet against it, and as the Germans tend to do thoroughly anything they set their minds to, it is a bit of a worry.

Much of this is a poker game of course. The French will NEVER change their lunatic practices unless they really BELIEVE the Germans won’t rescue them. This is just like the UK and the EU. The latter will never change unless Germany really believes the UK is prepared to leave, and the hilarious Ace up our sleeve is that the UK leaving the EU would be MUCH WORSE for the EU than for the UK. On can already sense the gathering of headless Brusselian chickens as the UK’s resolve to leave becomes ever clearer.


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J’accuse …….

J’accuse l’élite politique française …..

  • de trahir le peuple en amenant le pays au bord de la ruine

  • de ne pas avoir présenté de budget équilibré depuis près de quarante ans

  • de faire preuve d’une arrogance stupéfiante en prétendant que la France est trop importante pour respecter les lois économiques qui s’appliquent à tous les autres

  • de créer un état dont le coût qui s’approche de 60% du PIB n’est pas supportable

  • de créer un régime d’impôts qui est parmi les plus élevés et les plus complexes du monde

  • de tolérer un taux de chômage permanent et honteux dans un régime oû l’âge moyen d’accès au premier CDI se situe au-dessus de 30 ans.

  • de croire que l’Etat peut créer des emplois, alors qu’il ne peut que créer un environnement oû les emplois peuvent fleurir – ce qu’il ne fait pas, bien évidemment

  • de créer par contre un régime d’emploi rigide qui est néfaste pour l’emploi – alors qu’on nous fait croire qu’il est bénéfique

  • d’imposer des charges tellement lourdes sur l’emploi qu’un entrepreneur ferait tout pour ne pas embaucher

  • de promettre d’année en année – d’un changement de gouvernement après l’autre – de remettre les choses en ordre sans jamais faire le nécessaire (parce que c’est trop difficile – mais on vous élit pout cela!)

  • de permettre l’accumulation d’une énorme quantité “d’acquis” pour des groupes favorisés: en fait un syst me par lequel on espère acheter des votes avec l’argent des électeurs

  • de ne pas avoir le courage de prendre des mesures difficiles, par exemple de réduire la taille de l’Etat, de réduire les impôts, d’en finir avec les acquis pour des groupes favorisés, de simplifier la paperasserie.

  • de mentir aux électeurs pour se faire élire (Oui – nous sommes tous des “pauvres cons” ….)

  • de venir majoritairement des grandes écoles (qui représentent 34% du budget national d’éducation, mais seulement 6% du nombre total d’écoles), oû l’on ignore apparemment l’impossibilité de dépenser à perpétuité plus que ses revenus

  • de ne savoir qu’augmenter les impôts, dans les bonnes périodes tout comme dans les mauvaises

  • de s’attaquer constamment aux innocents, par exemple aux expatriés britanniques, allemands, hollandais et autres en augmentant leurs impôts, alors que ces étrangers ont investi d’énormes sommes dans la France et ne sont pas responsables des imbécillités économiques des gouvernements successifs

  • de favoriser les grandes entreprises prestigieuses au lieu des PME et des petits commerçants

  • de ne jamais culpabiliser, et de toujours accuser les autres : les Yanquis, les Anglo-Saxons en général, les banques, les agences de notation, les Grecs, le capitalisme, les Chinois, MacDonalds – et maintenant MEME LES ALLEMANDS!! QUELLE FOLIE!!

  • d’avoir permis de créer l’euro alors que tous les économistes renommés ont dit qu’il pouvait réussir seulement avec une union politique et fiscale – pour lesquelles AUCUN CITOYEN EUROPÉEN n’a voté

  • d’avoir – une fois dans l’euro – rapidement permis au budget national de dépasser la barre des 3% du PIB d’excédent budgétaire en disant: “Cette règle était conçue pour les petits pays, pas ceux comme la France.”

  • de permettre à l’élite de Bruxelles de se payer des sommes d’argent et des bénéfices pharaoniques avec très peu d’impôts

  • de ne jamais donner son soutien à la Grande-Bretagne, qui est pourtant très “pro-Europe” en principe mais refuse les imbécillités et les actions quasi-fascistes de Bruxelles (salaires et bénéfices insensés, refus de votes nationaux, imposition sur des pays souverains de dirigéants choisis par Bruxelles, la France et l’Allemagne etc.)

  • de vouloir en fait se débarrasser des britanniques, qui pourtant versent CHAQUE JOUR près de VINGT-CINQ MILLIONS D’EUROS NET à  Bruxelles

Messieurs/Dames de l’élite  – malgré vos diplômes de grande école, vos situations prestigieuses, vos belles paroles, vos gros salaires et vos bénéfices, VOUS AVEZ ÉCHOUÉ. Mais le pire, c’est que personne ne l’avoue; personne ne s’excuse. Tout le monde est responsable, sauf vous. Et vous ne faites que continuer avec les mêmes politiques, quel que soit le parti au pouvoir. C’est incroyable.

On méritait mieux … quand allez-vous assumer vos responsabilités? 

Chris Snuggs – Ancien Directeur Des Études de l’ISUGA à Quimper


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