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The EU’s Crime Against the Peoples of Europe

Germany must accept higher inflation or large parts of the eurozone could be sucked into a deflationary spiral, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development has warned.

This appeared in an article in the DT today, and my reaction in the blog there was as shown below:


I live in Germany and why the HELL should I have to accept higher sodding inflation to get Europe’s moronic leadership out of a fix with its fraudulent euro?



“History tells you that monetary unions that survive are those that eventually evolve into poltical unions, otherwise they break up.”

That is EXACTLY what the founders of the euro KNEW, and they launched the euro DELIBERATELY knowing it would fail and that this would then push Germany into this decision. It was an utterly shamful act of Machiavellian and totally undemocratic fraud – indeed, a CRIME against the people of Europe, who had NO SAY in the matter, and when they DID say “NO”, had the decision taken away from them.

This is ALL designed to force European nations into a giant superstate, for which NOT ONE SINGLE CITIZEN OF EUROPE HAS VOTED – NOT ONE. I find this absolutely staggering, and it is the reason why I refer to the EU as “quasi-fascist”, since one of the key elements of fascism is an arrogant elite with too much power deciding what is good for “their”citizens and putting it into place without any kind of popular mandate.

Where this will all end, nobody knows, but it is shameful, and equally shameful is the attitude OF the shameful, who label ANYONE protesting about this as “populist” or “far right”, or in Cameron’s case “swivel-eyed loons”. Actually, Mr Cameron, it is we “swivel-eyed loons” who are doing our best to save Europe from your stupendous arrogance.

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The Beginning of the End?

Euro ‘increasing unemployment and social hardship’, says EC

Deepening economic divisions between North and South,
rich and poor eurozone countries threaten to undermine
the European Union itself, report states

So, an actual EC report tells us the bleedin’ obvious. Is this honesty, or as anyone with more than one brain cell will know, just another brick in the construction of a European Superstate?

Concerning this, it seems to me that the basic question is now this:

Will Germany agree to eurobonds to save the euro?

If it does (and Merkel has so far more or less said “Over My Dead Body”) then debt is equally shared and effectively backed by Germany, which would see much-increased inflation and a sharp fall in living standards. And of course, this being effectively financial union, it would inevitably lead to political union or the same in all but name.

If it doesn’t, the euro cannot survive; eventually, Italy, or even France will crack – its people rebel against the Brusselian-German Diktat. As all economists predicted, the euro simply cannot work for such disparate economies. But all the eurozealots KNEW this. The problems in the euro are ALL part of a DELIBERATE STRATEGY to force political union.

This ranks in my book as a crime: the deliberate deception of hundreds of millions of people, who were never told the truth or warned of the risks. And of course, even when they voted AGAINST the Lisbon Treaty (France and Ireland) the decision was effectively taken out of the people’s hands, their being of course too stupid to make the right decision.

It is staggering that the people responsible are ready to blame anyone but themselves for this disaster: the banks, the ratings agencies, the Anglo-Saxons ….. but NONE of them will be punished for this crime.

The Eurocon revealed:

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Is this the beginning of the end?

Europe is at a critical phase.

  • The euro problem is just dormant; it can only be a matter of time before a spark sets it off once again.

  • Italy in particular is showing signs of terminal cracking, with civil insurrection a distinct possibility.

  • France goes from bad to worse, now seemingly in recession AGAIN and having carried out NONE of the real structural reforms necessary. Its major current policy seems to be to demand Germany bail them out (nothing new there of course)

  • The EU is becoming very unpopular in a number of countries, not only Britain. The elections next May could see a parliament seething with “eurosceptics”.

  • Germany has a new so-called government and gives the illusion of being in a strong position, but appreances can be deceptive. The irony is that Germany is in a very bad situation:

A) If Merkel goes along with the French and Italians, they will slowly bleed her to death. Germany’s debt is already quite high and doesn’t make the headlines only because everyone else is much worse.

B) Germany has embarked on an insane energy policy whereby gas is now up to FOUR TIMES the price it is in the USA. How the hell they think their heavy industry can cope with that long-term is fascinating.

C) The new German “government” has moved considerably left, and we all know what happens to countries when THAT happens. For a start, they are lowering the retirement age to 63, which is totally unaffordable. The sacrifices of the past decade since Schröder are certainly going to be frittered away in an orgy of leftist lunacy as the “Let’s grab-their-money-and-waste-it” French get in on the act.

D) Germany’s success depends largely on exports to Asia, but this is fragile. Even if WWIII does not break out in the South China Sea China is doomed for a major collapse and civil disorder at some point, and Germany will be in big trouble as its exports collapse.

E) Germany also has long-term demographic problems which nobody seems to be focusing on. How the are going to pay for pensions and health for their ageing population is a mystery, as it is for many other countries.

At this time Europe needs courageous and wise leadership. Do you see any anywhere? Merkel has a high reputation in Germany, but she dithers and slithers, and the new German Coalition is not designed for bold, long-term-sensible measures, being as it is weighed down by the ball-and-chain of leftist economic fantasy.

Three is only ONE positive point for me in all this. Merkel has said “Debt mutualization over my dead body.” (or words to that effect), so the question is, do we trust her? I don’t, because without it the euro and possibly the EU itself will collapse leaving Germany exposed as the Bad Guy once more. This would be silly, but Brussels and the French are very good at propaganda, and a lot of moral blackmail will be exerted on Germany to show “solidarity” with the idle, feckless and leeching incompetents that Germany is mostly dealing with.

So she may try to find a way to go back on her words without anyone realizing it. That would be pretty dumb, but her alternative is to allow the whole edifice to crumble. The EU has worked itself into an impossible dilemma ……

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“The Eurosoap for Dummies”

I hope the following will clarify the succession of bizarre events taking place in Europe as the euro fights against all reason for its existence.

The whole of Europe is in an economic and financial shambles for several reasons.

BACKGROUND: The original founders of the first European “union”, principally Jean Monnet, Robert Schuman, Konrad Adenauer, Charles de Gaulle et al, were convinced that only the creation of a European superstate would put an end to endless European wars for all time. Leaving aside the fact that they seem never to have read about the multiple civil wars arising because people(s) with different cultures, ideas and principles were forced together, this was a project never overtly explained to the Europeans. The idea was to achieve this by stealth through a number of small but incremental and irreversible steps. This is all outlined very clearly on the following site:

The people of Europe were to be led like lambs to this superstatehood; as little direct choice as possible was to be offered to them. Thus the British voted purely on a “Common Market”, but since then the EU has turned into something completely and utterly different, to the point where much of Britain’s sovereignty has been abandoned. The Brusselomafia (for the above-mentioned reasons – the Europeans being too dim to know what is good for them) hate referendums, and do their best to avoid them. In those few cases where they have unavoidably taken place with negative results the people concerned have had to vote again until they got it right. The most blatant case of Euro-fascism was when the EU, France and Germany teamed up to force the democratically-elected PM of Greece out of office for daring to propose a referendum on the euro to his people.

The Eurozealots clearly believe in the rightness of their mission, which as usual has led them to putting the ends above the means. Nobody faults their good intentions per se, only their judgement and lack of faith in – and one could say contempt of – the people.

1) …. was a political construct based on the above-outlined principles and specifically (the ends justifying the means) on a combination of lies and complete denial of economic reality and indeed commonsense. The project’s instigators were told by their own economists that it could not work without full financial/economic and thus political union. Not one single European voter has ever voted for the latter, but that is a fact of supreme irrelevance to the zealots who launched it. Their entire project is as explained above based on introducing a USE by stealth against the wishes of the people of Europe. The particular step of the euro was no doubt considered by Eurozealots as “a great leap forward”, but in pushing it so hard they may have shot themselves severely in the foot and delayed their master project for many years.

2) Once the euro was in place most participants – and in Southern Europe in particular – threw themselves into a frenzy of spending and borrowing, aided and abetted by grasping, greedy and stupid banks who have vastly over-extended themselves. The vast over-borrowing was accompanied in many cases by almost blatant corruption allied to idiocy, with Spain getting the funds to build twice as many airports as Germany and Portugal getting infrastructure payments for motorways on which hardly anyone travels.

Efforts to prop up the moribund eurodinosaur have been inspired not only by the zealots’ lunatic and totally unmandated dream of a United States of Europe but also by desperate efforts to save ludicrously-overextended French and German banks from collapse if the euro broke up.

3) European leaders (there’s a funny idea) have MASSIVELY overborrowed and overspent to the point where economic collapse and default threaten almost everyone except Germany.

The whole eurosaga is absolutely fascinating from any number of viewpoints, not least the psychological one. From the increasingly desperate and hysterically-convoluted machinations we have witnessed over the past few years it is fascinating to see the following desperate searches by our leaders:

  • … for some sort of magic solution which will fix the problems without pain, and especially without their losing their grip on power.
  • …. for someone else to blame for it all.

Concerning culprits, there have been a succession of usual suspect candidates rotating in popularity, including: the ratings agencies, the banks, the Anglo-Saxons in general, the USA, mortgage traders, hedge funds, China, the Greeks, Spanish and Portuguese, capitalism itself, the Fed and the ECB.

The funny thing is, I have yet to hear of any of the people actually responsible for this farrago of lies and incompetence accepting any of the blame themselves. It is also important top note that the PEOPLE of Europe have had NO SAY in all this and are ENTIRELY INNOCENT of the damage caused by the euro. On the other hand, these people did elect cretinous governments, and so must take indirect blame. Indeed, the people of Greece even RE-ELECTED the same tired, old, venal and incompetent politicians responsible for Greece’s plight in the first place. One might conclude that the people of Europe are indeed stupid, but only insofar as they trusted the traditional parties that went along with the eurodisaster.

But the hysterical thing is that now Germany herself has joined the other usual suspects, and why? Because it is exporting too much!

A quadroika of unlikely bedfellows – Christine Lagarde, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the US government and the EU Commission – have all called at one time or another (and the latter two most recently) for Germany to reduce its exports. The EU is even gearing up for a potentially catastrophic legal spat with Germany, without whom the entire EU could collapse if German public opinion is wound up and insulted too much. They already have to put up with calls of NAZIS and their Chancellor caricatured with a Hitler moustache in Greece, a country to which they have given BILLIONS.

“The European Commission has warned Germany it could face disciplinary action for running excess trade surpluses at the expense of EU partners, joining the US Treasury in criticising Berlin for doing too little to help lift Europe out of its slump.”

Now, I am not an economist (to be honest, economists have not enjoyed the best of images in recent years and secondly why should we leave all discussion of the economies of the world to them?) but here goes ……

On the face of it, this demand of Germany to cut its exports is surreally ludicrous.

A) When Mercedes gets an order for n number of cars from China, what is it supposed to do? “Sorry Mr Zheng – we have sold our quota already and cannot sell you any more.” How are Mercedes workers and shareholders supposed to react to that? Will it be allowed to sell the Mercs to France to resell on to China?

B) It is only Germany that is preventing a total collapse of the entire European economy. Only Germany retains true credibility, thanks mostly to its export success. Only Germany has helped to maintain the value of the euro, without which oil and food imports would have rocketed. Yes, a high euro is bad for exports, but according to the EU, exports are bad anyway. And in any case if Italy and the rest of the Club Med would like a LOWER-valued currency to boost their exports, then they can exit the euro which was NEVER going to be able to accommodate them all in the same currency as Germany. Remember, they were TOLD this and IGNORED it. So, as ye reap so shall ye sew.

Sadly, it is Human Nature to want your cake AND eat it, but Greece et al CANNOT both be in a currency union with Germany AND retain control of the exchange rate of that currency. This was ALWAYS CLEAR but – as I said – arrogantly and stupidly ignored by the people responsible.

C) Germany at the time had no particular desire to give up its precious Deutschmark, but was dragged into it by the demands of France and others, using – as ever – residual German WWI & II guilt as moral blackmail. To prove themselves “good Europeans” the Germans went along with it, especially as they were promised there would be strict rules and they would never have to bail out the rest.

As for the “strict rules”, Greece for a start was allowed into the eurozone despite blatant falsification with the help of Goldman-Sachs of its financial data in order to meet these “strict rules”.

Once the doomed currency started, Eurozone members were supposed to keep strictly to a borrowing maximum of 3% GDP, yet almost all countries rapidly exceeded this during the early days as growth was slow and spending had to be kept up to avoid having to take difficult decisions with their own voters. None of these national leaders had the courage to tell their voters that the country was living beyond its means and there would have to be cut-backs. Much easier of course to borrow more to fuel “growth”. France is a special case: when challenged about its breach of the limit, a French spokesperson said: “That rule was designed for little countries, not those like France.”

So, returning to our sheep, Germany is now supposed to increase wages, stoke up inflation and reduce exports in order to stimulate the French economy. In other words, it is the Germans’ fault ……

…. which is of course hysterically idiotic and stupefyingly hypocritical:

  • The French have not set a balanced budget since NINETEEN SEVENTY-FOUR. In other words, they have been living beyond their means for nearly FORTY YEARS.
  • They have just about the highest proportion in the EU of GDP spent in the public sector.
  • To sustain this vast state edifice they are by some measures the highest-taxed country IN THE WORLD.
  • They have extremely high costs imposed on employers for employing people and highly-restrictive employment regulations running to over THREE THOUSAND PAGES compared to the 70 of neighbours Switzerland, hardly a failing country.
  • Since the socialists came to power last year the French government has imposed or raised over EIGHTY-THREE taxes, many totally new.

The French social fabric is cracking. Only last week the government – as usual – backed down when faced with demonstrations in Brittany. Even EU Vice-President Ollie Rehn said “The French cannot take any more taxes.”

Despite all this, the Germans are supposed to reduce THEIR taxes to increase German inflation and cut exports even as the French massively increase theirs. The Germans are thus to be punished for holding their own wages low, improving productivity and competitiveness and being highly productive in making things the world wants. In effect, the EU and France want Germany to be pulled down to the level of all the rest in the name of “solidarity”. It is apparently not fair that Germany is doing well; clearly, the fact that France is a basket-case is the fault of German exports. (you could not make it up.)

Here are a couple of extracts summarizing this particular soap-opera, with the French Fairy Princess on the one hand and the Wicked German Witch on the other:

March 17, 2010: “French Finance Minister Christine Lagarde sparked a bitter row with an interview published in the Financial Times Monday in which she called on Germany to curb its export surplus. She reiterated her position Wednesday in remarks to the French radio station RTL, when she said that Germany could reduce taxes to boost domestic demand — which would free up more money to buy French products. “An improvement in domestic consumption could help our exports to Germany, our most important trading partner,” Lagarde said.”

The German riposte was swift and decisive:

“Earlier on Wednesday, deputy government spokesman Christoph Steegmans had said that it was not possible to tell export-oriented companies to produce less attractive goods. He stressed that Germany currently had strong and innovative small and medium-sized companies – the famous Mittelstand that is behind much of the country’s export success.

The Federation of German Wholesale and Foreign Trade (BGA) was outraged by the criticism from France, saying in a statement that Germany could not deliberately restrain its exports to give less competitive countries a chance. Instead, the association argued, countries with low levels of exports should consider whether they need to improve their own competitiveness.

Germany’s new European commissioner, Guenther Oettinger, went as far as to recommend that other countries follow the German model. “In Europe, we need more reforms like the ones which have been carried out in Germany,” Oettinger said.”

To fill out the background a bit, this is the same IMF President Christine Lagarde who:

  • ….. as French Finance Minister under Sarkozy did absolutely nothing to rein in France’s horrendous over-spending.
  • ….. lambasted the Greeks for not paying taxes while she herself pays none at all. That takes a certain chutzpah, which I believe is the appropriate word.

To sum up, the Germans want everyone to be like them while everyone else wants to stay as they are with the Germans paying for it. This is not an easy proposition to sell to the German people. The EU on the other hand wants everyone to be the same within one gigantic super-state, and this is not an easy proposition to sell to ANYone, especially the British. The French keep schtumm on the subject, but I for one can never imagine them giving up their sovereignty. What they really want is for the Germans to stop being unfair by exporting so much and to get their hands on more German money without any accompanying German political control. It is as if in a football international they were asking the Germans to play with no goalkeeper because the rest of their team is too good. If Hollande thinks he can sell that to Merkel, then “Bonne Chance Monsieur.”

Meanwhile, the British look upon all this with a mixture of disbelief and horror, and the following is not designed to impress them much either:

THE EU & OUR MONEY – YOU COULD NOT MAKE IT UP: “The European Union wasted almost £6 billion last year – including £800 million from British taxpayers – on fraudulent, illegal or ineligible spending projects, official auditors have found.”

SIX BILLION??? We are so used to billions being tossed around (They do the same with trillions in the US apparently) that we have lost sight of just what a staggering sum this is. On the basis of a euro coin being 2.33mm thick, if you stacked this up in one-euro coins it would reach nearly FOURTEEN THOUSAND KILOMETRES into the sky. I am not very good at maths so I may have got a zero or two to many, but in any case it is a staggering sum to “lose”.


  1. The euro was a practical nonsense from the beginning and is doomed. Greece, Portugal et al will never be able to live in the same currency union as GermanyUNLESS ……
  2. The Germans accept full debt mutualisation, higher inflation and MASSIVE transfers of wealth over decades to the non-performing European countries.
  3. Merkel has said debt mutualisation will only occur over her dead body (or words to that effect), so it comes down to how far you trust her. She seems to have a stark choice. Unfortunately, whatever the Germans do they will be ferociously blamed for it – by the rest of Europe if they refuse to cough up and by their own people if they do. Is collective German war guilt really so strong that it will lead Germany’s government to shaft its own people? All those guilty for WWI & WWI are DEAD after all.

So far, the Germans have been docile sheep being led to their slaughter. However, I am quite fearful of what might happen here should the German government bow to the demands of the eurozealots and agree to full financial and political union (the two are inseparable – and of course nonsensical).

Don’t miss next week’s episode of “The Eurosoap”!

PS I just checked once again the EU site about its own history, and found this:

“The following visionary leaders inspired the creation of the European Union we live in today. Without their energy and motivation we would not be living in the sphere of peace and stability that we take for granted.” (

It is of course nauseating and stupid. Peace in Europe was won and maintained by the Allied forces fighting Hitler and later deterring the Russians from aggression. There is no reason whatsoever to give the credit for post WWII peace in Europe to the EU. It is the often reviled Anglo-Saxons and later NATO that Europe principally has to thank, but NATO never figures in any of the credits apportioned by the EU. Ironically, the EU’s lunatic project has brought conflict closer in impoverishing large areas of Europe, which is exactly what happened in the 30s and led to Hitler.

For this reason, the award of the Nobel Peace Prize to the EU was as moronic as it was to Barack Obama, who as far as I can see got it for being black.

It is all a farrago of denial and lies, which is a shame. Many people believe like me passionately in “Europe”. After all, we live here. I am British, married to a German, have three Anglo-Spanish daughters and a tri-lingual son, have worked and lived in three European countries, and my wife and I both speak four European languages fluently.  Yet the EU Brusselomafia has turned me completely against the EU. I cannot work with lies, denial and delusions.



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Our Leader Has Spoken

Cameron has just said:

“Of course, if Britain wanted to leave the European Union ….… then we could make trade deals with every country in the world and that is a path open to us”. But he went on, “Clearly, you sometimes have to make compromises with partners in the European Union with whom you might not agree“.

 So, OUTSIDE the EU we can make whatever deals that suit us but INSIDE we have to compromise with 27 other countries. BRILLIANT!!

 And as it happens:

– In 2012 Britain had a trade surplus with the rest of the world of £15 billion and a deficit with the EU of £70 billion. The world is FAR more important to us than the increasingly sclerotic, bureaucratic, centralist, federalist  and hideously-expensive EU (fifty-three million GBP PER DAY gross and over twenty million NET).

 – The United States has free trade agreements in force with 20 countries. These are: Australia, Bahrain, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Israel, Jordan, Korea, Mexico, Morocco, Nicaragua, Oman, Panama, Peru, Singapore.

– The United States is also in negotiations of a regional, Asia-Pacific trade agreement, known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Agreement with the objective of shaping a high-standard, broad-based regional pact.

And today’s bonus collection of idiotic quotes. My favourite is the one by Clegg. If this is budget stabiity I would hate to see the opposite:

“The reality of the euro has exposed the absurdity of many anti-European scares while increasing the public thirst for information. Public opinion is already changing as people can see the success of the new currency on the mainland.” (Ken Clarke, 2002)

“The euro, despite gloomy predictions from anti-Europeans, has proved to be a success. We cannot afford to be isolated from our biggest and closest trading partner any longer.” (Charles Kennedy, 2002) (Ed: “isolated”? See above stats on Britain’s trade, which is decreasing with the EU as it gets more expensive, bureaucratic and dominated by Brussels)

“If we get rid of sterling and adopt the euro, we will also get rid of sterling crises and sterling overvaluations. This will give us a real control over our economic environment.” (Chris Huhne, 2004) (Ed: you mean like the Greeks, Italians and Spanish have over their economies?

“The euro has done more to enforce budgetary discipline in the rest of Europe than any number of exhortations from the IMF or the OECD.” (Nick Clegg, 2002)

“There is not the slightest danger of a break-up of the Eurozone. On the contrary, I expect the Eurozone to be exceptionally stable in the long run. Make no mistake, the Eurozone is here to stay.” (FT’s Wolfgang Muchau in 2006)

“The world’s two large reserve currencies, the dollar and the euro, offer more protection from speculative attack than a free-floating offshore currency unit. The UK will at some point have to make a choice whether it wants to be in the Eurozone or whether it wants to seek an alternative use for those rather tall buildings in the heart of London.” (FT’s Wolfgang Muchau in 2006)

 “Only in the event that the Portuguese financial crisis exhausted the available money in the eurozone’s bail out fund – which it won’t – would the UK become liable.” (Robert Peston, June 2103)

“We have a Treaty under which there is no possibility of paying to bailout states.” (Angela Merkel – 2012) (Ed: Is she lying or just stupid?)

 Finally, in 2001 idiots such as Ken Clarke, Clegg et all warned that outside the euro the City of London would rapidly lose out to Frankfurt. 12 years later, with the euro in existential crisis (despite all the usual suspects saying for the nth time that it is over (tell that to the Greeks, Spaniards, Cypriots and Italians) we read this:

“Today, London is home to the world’s largest center for foreign exchange trading, more lending between global banks, and more international financial firms than anywhere else in the world, including New York City, according to TheCityUK, a lobbying group. The country’s overall financial services industry, much of which is concentrated in London, accounts for 10% of the United Kingdom’s GDP. “

Conclusion about all this:

Most of the political elite is self-interested, moronic and incompetent except in regurgitating the endless Goebbelsesque doom-mongering vomited out by Brussels, which of course uses YOUR money to pay for it.


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Van Rompo Pontificates again ….

Van Rompo is on great form at the moment:

Proposals for a peace conference in Geneva were “the best and the only possible chance we have to halt this conflict for which there is no military solution”, said Mr Van Rompuy.

Idiot – there certainly IS a “military solution”. This involves Assad, the mass-murdering family-dynasty gangster despot, defeating a popular uprising using total air supremacy plus thousands of foreign troops from Iran and Lebanon allied with thousands of tons of modern weapons supplied by Russia and Iran and thereby slaughtering tens of thousands of “rats” and rebels.

I would dearly love to see van Rompo take on Assad’s Russian tanks and planes with a Kalashnikov and a few rpgs

B) “There is no comparison between the situation today and the situation nine months ago, when the euro was under existential threat. That is not the case any more.”

Idiot – there certainly IS a comparison between the millions of young people unemployed then and also NOW. The underlying problems of the euro have not disappeared; A single currency does not fit all the disparate economies of Europe. The idea that this shambles is a necessary – and ultimately successful – part of bringing  the Club Med up to German speed is staggeringly stupid. ALL reputable economists SAID the euro could not work with such a disparate group of countries and the EU IGNORED them, including their OWN economists – quite apart from everyone conniving in the gigantic LIES from Greece about its entry qualification to the euro in the first place. Nothing in these basic principles has changed. Italy is losing its major industries as the euro is too strong and they cannot compete with Germany. France is in VERY BIG trouble – the dinosaur in the middle. Van Rompuy is – as I said – an idiot. He should get out of his 300,000 million euro ivory tower palace and meet the young people of Southern Europe. HIS position is secure, but not the future of millions of European citizens betrayed by USE zealots like him. Has HE ever done a proper day’s work in his life?

And it is surreally laughable how these people clutch at straws. Getting all the avoided & evaded tax and this EU/USE trade deal are now supposed to be the twin Dei ex Machina that will bring back prosperity. What an absolute tosser.

Not the only one, of course. Ken “Never-got-it-right-yet” Clarke has also been banging on about the UK being “left out of international deals” – OH DEAR! Poor little landlocked Switzerland!! Shall we have a whip-round for them? I suppose for pratts like Clarke and Clegg 50 MILLION quid per DAY is a small price to pay for the chance of having a ludicrously-overpaid sinecure with little tax and VAST benefits in Brussels.

Being a part of the single market is a financial disaster for all involved, the EU commission’s own figures prove this. In 2003 the EU commission revealed that the single market caused a net loss of €435 billion to participant economies.

“The Single Market’s regulations do not come cheap. Günter Verheugen, EU commissioner for enterprise and industry, recently announced that EU regulations were costing the European economy some €600bn a year (this was almost twice as high as previous estimates). €600bn is some 5.5pc of total EU GDP, equivalent to the size of the Dutch economy.Comparing the Single Market’s costs with its benefits makes for painful reading. In 2003 the Commission published its assessment that EU GDP in 2002 was around €165bn higher than it would have been without the Single Market. Even after allowing for the extra GDP growth since 2002, this means that the benefits are less than a third of the costs.”

Have a good day, and wave goodbye to another 53 million quid …….

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Monsieur                                                                                         3 juin, 2013

L’année dernière vous m’avez ecrit pour me dire que vous vous opposiez à mon analyse de la situation en France concernant la taille de l’état. Depuis, cela va encore pire que jamais, alors je me demande si vous avez changé d’avis? Quelle est votre opinion sur les points suivants?

Le Budget: Aucun gouvernement français n’ait présenté un budget équilibré depuis 1974. Autrement dit, la France dépense plus que ses revenus depuis près de 40 ans. Vous ne trouvez pas cela extraordinaire?

Résultat: le pays est extrêmement endetté, ce qui est la faute de l’élite politique, pas des citoyens, qui pourtant en paient le prix. Vous avez augmenté les impôts que vous m’exigez pour payer vos erreurs et votre incompétence (je parle de l’élite politique française de gauche et droite également). Le coup magnifique de doubler d’un seul coup de 15 à 30 ans la période d’exonération de la taxe des plus-valus sur sa maison principale était spécialement génial. Merci.

L‘état: La part de l’état dans le PIB s’approche de 60%, loin au-dessus de la grande majorité des autres pays développés. Tous les commentateurs insistent que c’est trop, et la preuve est dans l’endettement, la perte du pouvoir d’achat et de compétitivité et donc le chômage.

Les impôts: Pour payer tout cela, la France est – selon certains calculs – l’un des pays le plus hautement imposé du monde. Pire, le gouvernement actuel s’attaque à la dette surtout en imposant encore des taxes. Plus on paie d’impôts moins on a d’argent pour lancer la fameuse “croissance”.

Le marché du travail: Tous les commentateurs confirment que le marché du travail en France est trop rigide; il est très difficile de virer des employés dont A) on n’a plus besoin ou B) le travail est insuffisant. Les intentions sont bonnes, mais les résultats néfastes. C’est beaucoup plus flexible dans le Danemark par exemple, ou le chômage est TOUJOURS au-dessous de la France, dans les bonnes périodes comme dans les mauvaises. Et le Danemark – franchement – n’a pas les avantages dont jouit la France. Virer facilement égale embaucher facilement – et le contraire bien sûr. En France, les entreprises font partie des services sociales; c’est idiot, car les résultats sont le contraire de ce que l’on souhaite: créer des emplois et donc de l’argent pour en créer davantage.

Création d’emplois: Les politiciens parlent constamment de “créer des emplois”; c’est ridicule. On vous apprend cela à l’ENA? Oui, le gouvernement peut embaucher des gens, mais cela coûte de l’argent, ne le crée pas – d’où les dettes. Le gouvernement doit créer pas les emplois, mais l’ENVIRONNEMENT apte à faciliter la vie aux entrepreneurs pour en créer.

L’embauche: Il est extrêmement cher d’embaucher quelqu’en France (et comme on a vu, une fois embauché, l’employé est presque impossible à virer.) Les charges sociales sont énormes, alors on fait le maximum possible pour éviter d’embaucher. Résultat: ceux qui ont un boulot sont très efficaces, car les entreprises font le maximum pour améliorer leur productivité plutôt que d’embaucher.

Paperasse: tout ce qui concerne la création d’une entreprise, l’embauche d’un employé et la gestion de la paperasse est très lourd en France. Il faut même des mois et des procédures interminables rien que pour CESSER une activité commerciale.

Et c’est une intervenante de l’ISUGA elle-même qui me l’a dit à propos de sa propre petite entreprise A ELLE SEULE qu’elle voulait arrêter.

Encore un anecdote: on avait à un certain moment à l’ISUGA un technicien audio-visuel, et chaque fois qu’il venait il se plaignait d’avoir trop de travail. Je lui ai demandé pourquoi il n’embauchait pas une deuxième personne, et il s’est mit à rire. “Beaucoup trop cher et compliqué,” a-t-il dit. “Ce n’est pas la peine. Autant vaut continuer comme cela.” C’est DÉSESPÉRANT.

L’euro était introduit sur la base de mensonges et pour des raisons politiques: l’obsession de Bruxelles – soutenu surtout par l’Allemagne et la France – pour créer un “Etats Unis d’Europe”. C’est ridicule et anti-démocrate: aucun citoyen européen n’a voté pour cela et ce projet ne peut pas réussir. Pourtant, les élites le poursuivent, et on voit les résultats partout en Europe. Dans les pays du sud, c’est catastrophique, et cela arrive bientôt en France. Cela pourrit même le soutien à l’UE elle-même – à 22% de popularité en France actuellement. 

L’introduction de l’euro était un crime commis avec notre argent pour des raisons purement politiques.Tous les économistes ont insisté que cela ne pouvait pas réussir sans union politique, ce qui est inimaginable. Vous vous voyez céder les clés de la Trésorerie française à Bruxelles? Et pourtant, vous avez poursuivi cette politique quand-même. Et la Grèce – par exemple – n’a JAMAIS rempli les critères pour entrer dans l’euro. Tout le monde le savait (même le public). Goldman-Sachs a aidé la Grèce à manipuler ses statistiques: des mensonges et un jeu incroyable avec NOTRE argent.

Soyons clairs avec un peu de logique:

1) L’euro est impossible sans union fiscale.
2) L’union fiscale égale union politique.
3) On n’acceptera jamais l’union politique.
4) L’euro est donc impossible.

Et c’est vrai non seulement (et surtout, car il détruit leurs économies) pour les pays du sud, mais aussi pour la France. Il n’y a pas de logique dans ce qui se fait actuellement.  

Le Royaume Uni: La Grande Bretagne est très critiqué pour ne pas être “solidaire” et/ou “Européen”. C’est amusant quand vous considérez que depuis des décennies ce pays verse à Bruxelles autour de SOIXANTE MILLIONS D’EUROS PAR JOUR.  Une partie nous est retournée, mais pour des projets décidés par Bruxelles: il reste une somme de près de 30,000,000 EUROS NETS PAR JOUR que nous transférons à Bruxelles, dont une bonne partie va pour subventionner votre agriculture d’ailleurs. Et ceci n’est pas “solidaire”?

“Les États-Unis d’Europe”:  L’une des choses qui nous irrite le plus, c’est cette obsession des Barroso et al pour créer un “Etats-Unis d’Europe”. PERSONNE n’a voté pour cela, et pourtant d’année en année, l’U.E. s’y approche. Beaucoup soupçonnent que l’euro lui-même ait été lancé pour accélérer le processus. Mais il y a une chose que je ne comprends absolument pas. Si jamais il arrive un EUE, les pays vont devoir abandonner leur souveraineté. Le Royaume Uni ne le fera JAMAIS. Et la France? Je ne peux absolument pas l’imaginer. C’est impossible. La France gouverné de Bruxelles par l’Allemagne??? Déjà il y a quelques jours Mr Hollande s’est plaint des “ordres” venant de Bruxelles concernant les retraites. Mais SI vous n’allez jamais céder votre souveraineté à Bruxelles, pourquoi ne le dites-vous pas clairement pour que Barroso et van Rompuy arrêtent d’en parler tout le temps? Concernant ce sujet, vous devez être d’accord avec les Britanniques, mais vous ne nous soutenez JAMAIS sur ce point.

Résultat? Les Bruxellois croient qu’un jour cela va forcément arriver, et ils continuent donc avec leur politique de “davantage de l’Europe.” Il faut les faire comprendre à Bruxelles que la France n’abandonnera jamais sa souveraineté. Ou c’est votre intention à long terme?? Si oui, est-ce que vous en avez informé le peuple? Il me semble que non, et de toute façon, il ne l’acceptera jamais – et avec raison, car c’est de la folie totale et absolue:


A) La dette: La France est très endetté, le chômage très élevé et la compétitivité en baisse constante, et ceci quel que soit le gouvernement pendant les derniers vingt ans.

B) L’État français est magnifique, mais insoutenable. Il n’y a pas que moi qui le dise (depuis des années, d’ailleurs). Vous vous rappelez de Pierre Baranger, ancien intervenant à l’Isuga, malheureusement décédé il y a cinq ans. Un jour je l’ai accueilli lors de son arrivée à l’école, mais il était manifestement préoccupé. “J’ai peur pour la France,” m’a-t-il dit. “On va dans le mauvais sens, et les politiciens ne semblent rien comprendre.”

Puis il y a quelques jours, Mr Christian Noyer – pas n’importe qui – a dit la MÊME chose.

“La France doit donner la priorité à la réduction des dépenses publiques pour atteindre ses objectifs de déficits et mener des “actions de grande ampleur” pour ramener ses régimes sociaux à l’équilibre, estime le gouverneur de la Banque de France.”(

IL FAUT RÉDUIRE LA PART DE L’ÉTAT DANS LE PIB. Sinon, la France est catastrophisée. Cela ne peut que résulter dans un avenir peut-être plus proche que vous n’imaginez dans l’arrivée au pouvoir du Front National. Regardez l’histoire; quand les gens n’ont pas d’emploi, quand leur pouvoir d’achat est en baisse constante, quand les vieux politiciens ne changent pas de politique et n’ont pas le courage pour faire le nécessaire, les gens cherchent des solutions radicales. Malheureusement, vous semblez refuser cet analyse. Pourquoi, je ne comprends pas: la politique actuelle de gauche comme de droite ne mène nulle part. Trop de commentateurs et d’économes disent la même chose.

Vous ne vous en sortirez pas comme cela. Vous avez de l’influence dans votre parti. Le pays dépend de gens comme vous pour changer de politique, mais depuis l’élection cela va de pire en pire. Et il faut en finir avec les mensonges. Le Président  a dit avant l’élection qu’il n’acceptait pas “l’austérité”, mais une fois élu il l’a appliquée même plus que Mr Sarkozy. C’est fatal pour la démocratie quand la classe politique commence à mentir.    (Ne parlons pas des comptes suisses secrets ….)

Sans de vraies reformes structurelles pour s’attaquer aux problèmes mentionnés ci-dessus, la situation ne peut que s’aggraver. La France est très menacée, et la classe politique paraît se cacher la tête dans le sable. Vous ne semblez pas apprécier que le pays est dans une crise colossale et très dangeureuse.

Pourtant, je ne vois AUCUNE vraie reforme sur les trois grands problèmes:

  • la taille de l’état

  • le coût et régime de l’embauche

  • la réduction des impôts

Au contraire, vous imposez encore des taxes; c’est presque votre seule politique.  Et j’ai appris hier que pour les petits entrepreneurs encore une nouvelle loi va rendre la gestion des PME même plus rigide et difficile. C’est comme si vous regardez ces gens comme des ennemis et des voleurs au lieu de vos oies dorés. Il n’y a que les entreprises qui créent l’argent et donc les moyens pour investir et créer des emplois. L’état ne PEUT PAS faire cela sans s’endetter encore plus.   

Je ne vous écrirai pas si l’avenir du pays ne m’était pas très cher.


PS    Abolissez la Médicine du Travail; cela n’existe pas ailleurs. C’est un symbole du problème: magnifique, mais trop cher et pas nécessaire.

PPS Selon Mr de Castries, le Code du Travail français comprend 3,650 pages. Celui de la Suisse, 70. C’est tout dire …….

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