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Is Cuba a Dictatorship?

When will you accept that the political system in Cuba (which you call a Dictatorship) is more democratic than most self-proclaimed democracies?

When there is respect for the UN Charter of Human Rights in “free association”, meaning the right to form political groups opposed to the ruling clique and when ordinary people have a say in a secret and fair ballot in the choice of party and/or leader of their country.

The fact that other countries may have defective democracies does not by any sort of contrast or comparison you care to make have any relevance to and/or justification for what happens in Cuba. Having a secret vote as described above is a sine qua non, even if other elements are desirable if not equally essential.

This isn’t complicated, though apparently many continue to struggle with it.

As for your “When I am convinced ….” the intellectual poverty of this argument is breathtaking. If a feeble-minded person watched the North Korean army goose-stepping around and/or thousands of flower-garlanded kids strutting about in perfect formation on the Day of National Celebration then that same feeble-minded person might also be “convinced” that the regime had mass support. Perhaps it does, since they have been brainwashed for 60 years since the Yanks gave up trying to free them in the face of the opposing support of our current best trading partner and the country to which the French IMF stooge Lagarde and others are currently holding out the begging bowl.

Your “convictions” are worthless. I believe Gaddafi was convinced of his people’s love. “The people love me,” he said. HILARIOUS! When you have a ruling clique then the people have no CHOICE,

Dictatorship? not complicated – from Merrien-Webster.

A) a form of government in which absolute power is concentrated in a dictator or a small clique

B) a government organization or group in which absolute power is so concentrated

The Cuban dictatorship may be even considerably (as I acknowledge) more benign than some we could mention. You are of course even  free to argue that the USA is an effective dictatorship of the rich and powerful. Fine. But as I have said, what happens in country A) is not related to how it is in country B) and evil though country B) might be that does not justify not doing it right in country A).

Sorry if this is all too logical for some people who of course are happier with their convictions rather than actual fact.

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Dictatorships R not us

This current period is an indication of Man’s morality. We stodd up in Libya but have so far failed in most other Middle East Countries. Assad’s Syrian regime is just another in a long line of family dynasties of venal, murderous thugs. I was astonished to hear Hague say recently that “Assad has lost his legitimacy to govern.”

Excuse me, but WHEN DID HE EVER HAVE “legitimacy”? As far as I can see, “legitimacy” can ONLY come through fair elections. ANY OTHER MEANS OF SECURING AND MAINTAINING POWER IS ILLEGITIMATE. But these gangster family regimes have brainwashed themselves into believing that they alone have the right to rule over millions of people.

Much of the world seems to agree; hence these gangster regimes are all in the UN; Gaddafi’s bunch of sadistic murderers were even elected to be Advisors on the Human Rights Committee. This was the ultimate symbol of Man’s utter confusion on morality in governance. KICK THESE BASTARDS OUT OF THE UN. OSTRACIZE THEM, SANCTION THEM. Then they can eventually choose whether to join the civilised world or remain pariahs. And YES, the group includes Saudi Arabia AND CHINA. Difficult? Yes, but TOO BAD. You either have morality or you acquiesce in evil. It seems pretty clear to me that we have done the latter for far too long.

Of course, the free world must STICK TOGETHER, not just undermine sanctions as many democratic countries did with Sadaam Hussein, or indeed as France did by maintaining the Exocet missiles of the Argentinian fascist junta during the Falklands War.

Dictatorship is the ultimate evil in its oppression of our fellow man. We must stand up to it.

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Nobel Prizes & Dictatorships

The whole Nobel Prize setup took a big knock last year with Barack Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize. Was this the first example of this prize being awarded for absolutely zero accomplishments? Well, I for one am not aware of any peace yet brought about by Barack Obama, worthy though he may be in various areas … he clearly won for being simultaneously black and not George Bush, but the connection with peace was pretty damned hard to work out.

Still, last year’s were-they-all-on-percy silliness has been substantially redeemed by the award of the Peace Prize to Liu Xiaobo. This is an ordinary man who became extraordinary in his courage in Tiananmen Square and after as a tireless fighter for freedom who – like former winner Nelson Mandela – has really suffered for sticking to his principles.

With wearisome predictability has come the usual Chinese Communist Party hysterical rant about Liu being “a criminal”. Naturally, ANYONE who complains about lack of freedoms is a criminal, since the whole system of power is based on the suppression of freedoms. The cynical truth is of course that the basic freedoms of the kind Liu is fighting for ARE in the Chinese Constitution, but only for show; they don’t actually MEAN anything, since in a dictatorship words only mean what the dictators say they mean.

The really important thing about China of course – or indeed about almost ANY state – is to differentiate between the people and the government, which are – as is quite obvious in the case of China – not always representative of the former. A few years ago I had the good fortune to spend two weeks in China as the guest of a provincial university.  From beginning to end of my visit I was treated like a King, with the utmost courtesy and respect. Nothing was too much trouble for my hosts. And when I went out into the teeming streets and squares, I met friendly, smiling people eager to start up a conversation.

Prior to my visit, my hosts had asked me if there was anything special I would like to see or do. I said that one day I would like to go to Llasa but of course that was too far, and that really whatever I saw in China would be a great thrill for me.

I thought no more of it, but on the first weekend of my teaching visit they took me 120 miles to the city of Xining, near which is a large Tibetan monastery complex of some 25 temples and associated buildings. So I got my taste of Tibet, but more importantly, I realized how carefully they had thought and considered what I had meant to be no more than a passing comment.

So the problem is not “the Chinese” but the Chinese government, which does not respect its own Constitution, its own preservation in power naturally being the fundamental consideration. We’ve seen this before: tortuous rationalisations for oppression: “Without us there would be chaos.” Really? Since the Nobel award, so childishly paranoid has the leadership been that it has been thrashing about like a stranded whale insulting anyone coming within its sights, lashing out about Xiaobo being “a criminal”, putting his wife under house arrest and so on.  This is very sad for China lovers like me.

And all the while on the border the vast concentration camp that is North Korea continues to oppress its people with China’s backing. Now we are to have a pudgy-faced “General” as “leader” of this lunatic, paranoid and psychopathic regime. One wonders what the latest member vomited up by the execrable Kim family did to win his “General” spurs? Hand-to-hand fighting to overrun a machine-gun nest and save his platoon? The extreme surrealism of these events reveals the inhumanity of all dictatorships. Evil, nasty, oppressive, they naturally cluster together and sustain each other. No, China is NOT like NK, but the CPP nevertheless SUPPORTS it. Not to do so, of course, would make all the more clearer the illogicality and illegitimacy of its OWN power. Burma is of course another basket case sustained by China’s insatiable greed for raw materials. I suppose one should count one’s blessings that there are stirrings of democracy and freedom in some of the other countries in China’s backyard. Let us hope these will serve as some sort of example and not be snuffed out by Chinese influence and/or power.

One day, humans will be free everywhere, but it won’t be tomorrow and almost certainly not in my lifetime. Not very uplifting, is it?

STOP PRESS: A dramatic turn of events!! Is this the end of the beginning or the beginning of the end?

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