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Poor Ukraine


“Who said the EU is useless? It’s helping freedom fighters in the Ukraine.”

Christine Odone in “The Daily Telegraph”.

Unfortunately, there is a big problem with what is going on in the Ukraine. The present leader – whom Ms Odone refers to as “increasingly despotic” – was democratically elected, and a mob (which no doubt contains many good people as well as a far right fascist element) is trying to depose him because he took a decision they didn’t like.

Now most of us think he’s a Russian poodle and on the wrong side of history, but I don’t know what Ms Odone and/or the EU expect him to do exactly. The fact remains that he is in the right to resist attempts to depose him. I say this as someone who despises Putin’s Mafiosi Russia, but the facts are the facts.

The Ukrainian situation is not in a MILLION YEARS comparable to Syria, where the free-world has shown itself to be gutless and moronic in turning a blind eye to a fascist gangster thug of zero legitimacy. There is not even any real similarity with Egypt, where the people rose up in their millions when Morsi started an obvious Islamization of the country, in effect a coup against the democracy that elected him, since Islam is basically incompatible with democracy. (see Iran). All the Ukrainian President has done is to refuse to sign a deal with the EU.

 The whole thing is a shambles, but unfortunately Putin is right in saying that the EU should not stick its nose in, even though of course he does himself. The worst-case scenario is if the EU interferes so much that it gives Putin an excuse to roll some tanks in …. he has said that the break-up of the USSR was the greatest tragedy in his lifetime, and most Russians regard Ukraine as part of their domain. At the moment, the EU is playing an extremely dangerous game: one which could lead to the total LOSS of the Ukraine, not its liberation by the EU.

As for the EU, it is despicable. Its bleating about “supporting democracy” is hilarious. Where was the democracy in ousting the democratically-elected PM of Greece for the heresy of suggesting a referendum on the catastrophic euro for his long-suffering people? Where was the EU democracy in forcing Ireland to revote after rejecting the Lisbon Treaty? The French had a referendum, too, and ALSO rejected it, but the French parliament ignored them. You must be having a laugh, Ms Odone.

The EU is despicable, and you’ll have to do a lot better to convince most of those who think otherwise. The EU is NOT democratic, and I don’t mean just in the limited powers of the European Parliament. The Commission already behaves as if it runs a European Empire, and has blatantly ridden roughshod over democracy to achieve its aims, which are TOTALLY UNMANDATED.


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Our Flawed Democracy

Most British youths vote for no one in 2015 elections: Poll

Bad enough that the EU mafia and its zealots in the national political establishment treats democracy with utter contempt:

  • … the EU establishment making Ireland vote again when it voted the “wrong” way

  • … the French elite ignoring their referendum and passing the Lisbon Treaty ANYWAY through parliament

  • … the EU/Franco-German Axis forcing out the democratically-elected PM of Greece for daring to suggest a referendum on the the euro for his people and replacing him with an ex ECB/EU/GS apparatchik like some Nazi Gauleiter in 1938

  • … the EU zealots pushing their agenda for a United States of Europe which NOT ONE SINGLE EUROPEAN CITIZEN HAS EVER VOTED FOR

  • … the launching of the euro KNOWING it would fai,l but believing that the failure would FORCE European nations to federate (see here: – Nobody can say they have actually HIDDEN their agenda.)

No, all this is the quasi-fascism we have come to expect from the EU but this contempt for democracy is now spreading into our OWN country:


  • 10,000 postal votes for Labour in this last bye-election in Wythenshaw. TEN THOUSAND people who “can’t get to the polls”? What sort of banana republic is this?

  • It is well-known that in “Muslim areas” heads of households routinely fill in everyone’s ballot card for them and post them off.

  • The “secrecy” of a ballot is totally insecure with postal voting; there is no doubt whatsoever that many women in “ethnic areas” have their votes decided by men.

It is staggering that this is allowed. Labour of course, greatly enhanced postal voting KNOWING it would massively help them.

Added to this is the boundaries inconsistency, which massively favours Labour. This is from “The Daily Telegraph”:

“The geography and the electoral map are against the Tories: they need a 10-point lead on polling day to get an overall majority of one seat”. He cites research from YouGov pollster Peter Kellner showing that if Labour and the Tories were to gain an equal share of the vote at the next election, Labour would get 80 more seats.”


The Labour Party would NEVER be elected without Scotland, so in effect the English have their government decided by the Labour-voting benefits-lumpenmass in Scotland.

And the “(West-)Lothian Question” has not been solutioned, just ignored. As it is difficult to solve without their losing votes and power, Labour in particular hope it will just go away – people get bored with stuff so quickly – but it won’t, and English are feeling increasingly angry. And on a point of information, if the SCOTS can vote on whether to be independent why can’t the English do the same? Or indeed whether we want the SCOTS to be independent?

This NEVER returns a HOC which is representative of the people. MILLIONS OF CITIZENS are NEVER represented in parliament. This is a quite extraordinarily undemocratic state of affairs. YES, there are some practical advantages of FPTP and YES, PR can be a pain, but the current system is UNDEMOCRATIC.

  • 1951: Labour had the most votes, yet Conservatives had a majority of 15 in HOC seats.

  • 1974: Conservatives have most votes but Labour was given the right to form a government because they had the most seats.

  • 1983: Labour won 27.6% of the vote but 32.1% of the seats. Lib/SD 25.4% of the vote, yet 3.5% of the seats. Yes, Labour won 2.2% more votes than the Liberal-Democrats but 28.5% more seats.

  • In 2005, Labour won a majority of seats and thus formed a government on just 35% of the vote.

  • in 2010, Labour and the Tories together got only 65% of the votes, yet still had 87% of the MPs. Meanwhile only 32% of the current House of Commons were elected by 50% or more of those who voted, a record low.

  • FPTP encourages tactical voting, so that we NEVER KNOW the true wishes of millions of voters, who may have voted negatively to stop candidate A instead of for candidate B, for whom a vote would have been considered “wasted”.

  • FPTP suffocates smaller parties and thus articficially sustains larger, established ones, which inevitably become ossified. If such a system existed in business, it would be outlawed as hopelessly monopolistic and harmful.

Summary:  FPTP means that:

  • An election NEVER produces a representative HOC.

  • MILLIONS of voters are unrepresented.

  • Because of tactical voting, We NEVER KNOW the true party-preferencies of British citizens.

Now Labour of course is pushing hard to lower the voting age, which is yet another cynical ploy to win more votes. Of COURSE when you are young you are idealistic and since Labour – unbelievably – manages to project itself as “the caring people’s party”, then the younger you are the more likely you are to vote for it. But how many 16 year-olds have either the knowledge about politics or the judgement required to make any sort of rational decision?

But no doubt it will pass, and the next thing will be to remove the vote from the over 80s on the basis that they are too senile to vote the right way.

All the above collectively mean that democracy in
Britain is badly flawed, which is dangerous.
It STINKS, but of course the dinosaur parties
will change nothing as it SUITS THEM.

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Socialism is a wonderful and supremely Christian idea. Basically, it means making some sort of sacrifice to ensure the well-being of people less well-off than yourself.  I would say it also means:

“From each according to his ability; to each according to his need.”

….. but like the idea of socialism itself, this once-inspiring soundbite has been tarnished by its Marxist origins and the history of so-called communist Soviet Union, even though it was not Marx’s fault that Stalin ensured that many people equate communism with totalitarianism.

Trying to forget the aberrations of the USSR,  there is really no moral alternative to “socialism”, the opposite of which is of course “Every man for himself.” Yet this wonderful idea does not in fact have the universal support it would seem to deserve. Why then do “socialists” so often lose elections?

Well, …….the problem is that if it is not to do more harm than good, socialism must be designed and administered by people who:

  1. understand economics and human psychology (both equally important)

  2. conclude from 1. that only a certain amount of “capitalism” can create the wealth needed for “socialism” to succeed

  3. operate on the basis of commonsense, pragmatism, a dose of altruism and an absence of dogma and class hatred

Such people are very thin on the ground indeed, so that we get an endless cycle that goes like this:

A) “Capitalists” gain power, create lots of wealth and spread a fair bit of it about to keep the plebs happy, but in the end keep so much for themselves and get such a bad image that the people get fed up and envious and demand a complete change.

B) Socialists are therefore elected who invariably lack the qualities defined above and – despite the most pure and saintly of intentions – eventually run the economy into the sand, thereby impoverishing the very people the socialists sought to help. (God does indeed have a sense of humour.)

C) The voters lose their idealistic hopes and vote once more pragmatically for the people who can at least create wealth instead of simply stealing it off the most-productive until the camel collapses to the ground.

If you look at this in a detached way it is quite funny, since it is a seemingly-endless cycle from which the participants (including the voters) never seem to learn. And the main thing about voters is that they always believe the promises of a new dawn made by all those seeking election. Indeed, anyone idiotic enough to speak the truth along Churchillian lines (“All I can promise is blood, sweat and tears.”) is sure to get an absolute hammering at the polls. You are likely do much better if you promise to reduce taxes and put up welfare benefits, even though it does not take an Einstein to realize that this is impossible.

In the UK, success is also usually boosted by the degree to which a pseudo-socialist party slags off any of the following: bankers, capitalists, Tories, toffs, the idle rich and of course Mrs Thatcher – which is also quite funny, except when the socialists win an election and start on the B) part of the above-mentioned cycle.

One day we may all be “socialists” (which is really the only moral choice), and will vote merely for different shades of “socialism” and people whose faces we like. However, I doubt whether I shall see this day in my lifetime. In the meantime, if you happen to know any “socialists” who fit the description in 1 to 3 above, do encourage them to go into politics: they are desperately needed.

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Treating us like adults?

“Europe has to start treating voters like adults”

(Daniel Hannan in “The Telegraph”)


Actually, it does already treat us like adults, only like adult populists (in Brusselo-Eurospeak = brainless, fascist, neo-Nazi-types), eurosceptics, Milch Kühe and morons to be ignored.

Once the EU has read your message I shall monitor the EU’s progress towards a more rational, respectful and democratic approach towards the people who pay their obscene benefits, but I am not holding my breath.

As for Berlusconi and Beppe Grille (With that wonderful name, why isn’t he selling pizzas by the roadside?), two clowns running Italy will be no problem; we desperately need a change from the existing clowns, and at least the new ones are not in the pocket of the EU, the ECB, Berlin and Goldman-Sachs.

(I shall use the acronym QOD to describe the latter in future, and a prize to the first reader to guess the meaning!)

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Is Cuba a Dictatorship?

When will you accept that the political system in Cuba (which you call a Dictatorship) is more democratic than most self-proclaimed democracies?

When there is respect for the UN Charter of Human Rights in “free association”, meaning the right to form political groups opposed to the ruling clique and when ordinary people have a say in a secret and fair ballot in the choice of party and/or leader of their country.

The fact that other countries may have defective democracies does not by any sort of contrast or comparison you care to make have any relevance to and/or justification for what happens in Cuba. Having a secret vote as described above is a sine qua non, even if other elements are desirable if not equally essential.

This isn’t complicated, though apparently many continue to struggle with it.

As for your “When I am convinced ….” the intellectual poverty of this argument is breathtaking. If a feeble-minded person watched the North Korean army goose-stepping around and/or thousands of flower-garlanded kids strutting about in perfect formation on the Day of National Celebration then that same feeble-minded person might also be “convinced” that the regime had mass support. Perhaps it does, since they have been brainwashed for 60 years since the Yanks gave up trying to free them in the face of the opposing support of our current best trading partner and the country to which the French IMF stooge Lagarde and others are currently holding out the begging bowl.

Your “convictions” are worthless. I believe Gaddafi was convinced of his people’s love. “The people love me,” he said. HILARIOUS! When you have a ruling clique then the people have no CHOICE,

Dictatorship? not complicated – from Merrien-Webster.

A) a form of government in which absolute power is concentrated in a dictator or a small clique

B) a government organization or group in which absolute power is so concentrated

The Cuban dictatorship may be even considerably (as I acknowledge) more benign than some we could mention. You are of course even  free to argue that the USA is an effective dictatorship of the rich and powerful. Fine. But as I have said, what happens in country A) is not related to how it is in country B) and evil though country B) might be that does not justify not doing it right in country A).

Sorry if this is all too logical for some people who of course are happier with their convictions rather than actual fact.

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Greece is going well. The political elite that got their country into this shambles have agreed to massive austerity and misery for their people to save the eurozone. But, MOST SIGNIFICANTLY, they have signed pledges that NO FUTURE GOVERNMENT of the country will be able to CHANGE the decision they took last night.

One has to ask therefore what is the POINT of a future general election in Greece, since the elected parliament will not be able to decide on the most critical aspect of Greece’s future.

THIS IS THE WAY THE EU FUNCTIONS, just as they dumped the elected Greek PM in favour of a lying EU/ECB/G-S technocrat.

Of course, one might say that these written pledges have about as much valaditity as one of Brown’s predictions about “growth”. We’ll see.

Oh, and the cunning plan of Germany is that the Greeks won’t even SEE any of the bailout money. This will go DIRECT to the creditors so that none of it can disappear into the Greek economic black hole. Greece will still eventually default, but AT LEAST THE GERMAN TAXPAYERS WILL HAVE HAD THE PLEASURE OF PAYING OFF THEIR IDIOTIC BANKS THAT OVERLENT TO GREECE; Isn’t that comforting?

ONLY THE TAXPAYER is the loser. Now WHERE have I heard that before?

All of this is frankly disgusting and quasi-fascist, but most people don’t seem bothered much. England v France is much more important than democracy in Europe of course.

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Democracy In Britain

Well, the strike came and went and nothing changed, did it? Except for a couple of hundred million more added through lost production onto the national debt. Of course, one-off strikes are pretty futile gestures, mainly achieving only to let off a bit of steam and most importantly give the impression that union leaders are doing something to earn their couple of hundred grand. No, if you want to achieve something you have to do enough to provoke the police into injuring or killing someone or to deploy horses in Trafalgar Square …. that’s what did for Mrs T; that and a motley crew of back-stabbing Tory grandees.

Still, I bet the middle-classed masses are delighted that the old rates system survived, even though modern politics means the name has to be rebadged. I mean, Council Tax is a jolly good wheeze, enabling Councils to simultanously: – greatly increase the scope of their activities – pay their top executives several hundred grand each a year – consistently raise CT by more than inflation. Brilliant! – blame the government

As for Motormouth Universalis, I don’t know which is sillier; his words or the usual suspects’ hysterical braying and apparent belief that anything he has to say – apart from whether the latest Ferrari is worth bothering with – could possibly be important or interesting enough to occupy one’s brain for more than a few milliseconds. I certainly give him about as much attention off-piste as I did Gordon “I know how to ruin an economy” Brown. (BTW, where are Blair, Brown and Mandelscum? They are certainly keeping their heads down ……)

However, the brewing winter of pissed-offness does leave one with a rather weary deja vu. I mean, we’ve been there, done that. This is how it goes:

A) Labour surges into power after a long period of Tory rule by the end of which everyone is sick of the sight of them and needs a change – bit like the Mitchell Brothers in “Eastenders”. They don’t help themselves by allowing one lot of idiots to charge other idiots 1000GBP a go to ask a question in the HOC. But then, few of us are immune to idiocy.

B) During the campaign all kinds of lofty pledges and promises are made about abolishing child poverty, bringing in fairness, reorganising AGAIN the NHS, or introducing an economy based on “white-hot technology”. That was Harold Wilson…. RIP. Unfortunately, we young dreamers of the 60s who were swept away by all this socialist euphoria didn’t realize that all he meant was that they’d get in a new fridge to store the beer and sandwiches for their regular meetings with the union leaders. Of course, among all the pledges are not mentioned some of the ancillary baggage that will be inflicted on the country, such as uncontrolled immigration and so on, but then a manifesto can only be so many pages or nobody will read it and so you might just as well leave out the nasty bits. “You know it makes sense.”

C) Anyway – I digress – we are all surging along in this wonderful spirit of comradely Labour togetherness and for a while we manage to suppress all kinds of negative truths about human nature and especially economics and then suddenly we find the country has been bankrupted through a combination of overweening ambition to create a socialist utopia in which from Mr Pleb comes what he can do and to Mr Pleb is given what he needs by the few people actually earning. Naturally, as the Mr Plebs are constantly increasing in number AND what he CAN do is unstoppably eroded by crap education and being sucked into benefits-dependency while the actual workers producing anything decline through the tsunami of regulation and taxes the country eventually goes bankrupt, leaving us with just a giant tent on the Isle of Dogs to show for all our socialist dreams.

D) The voters eventually realize that carrying on this way will lead to the disappearance of their benefits – which contrary to plebian economics don’t grow on trees – and so vote the Tories back in to clean up the horrendous mess left by Labour. This party ditches its leader (better late than never of course) and the merry-go-round continues with from the outgoing destroyers of the economy a tirade of class-based off-slagging about toffs, bankers, rich-scum, capitalists, aristocratic spongers and so on while the incoming Augean-stable-cleanup gang tries to ignore this tsunami of hypocritical invective and starts the nasty process of putting the finances back on track. When this has been more or less achieved the plebs sense their moment and turn them out so that the aforementioned process of destroying the economy can be relaunched by a reinvigorated People’s Party with different slogans and faces but the same effect. This magnificently-circuitous process is called democracy.

And of course, it’s very hard for real socialists (whatever they are – but most often people leading comfortable suburban-based middle-class lives (near a nice school of course) won for themselves under capitalism) since voting Labour by no means gets you “socialism”, if that is – hilariously – what you want. No, voting Labour no longer gets you Clement Attlee, Ernie Bevin and so on, but either a load of cheapskate, smooth-talking, spin-ridden creeps like Blair and Mandelscum, or a blustering, blundering fool like Brown or even if things go really tits-up a total moron like Minibruder supported by Balls, for years the toadying bagman of Gordon Brown but now desperately and in vain trying to prove that he is not Brown Mark II.

But who else does a genuine “socialist” vote for? The Socialist Workers Party? Is their hour about to come? The Communist Party? Oh dear …….

Meanwhile, Sarkozy is trying to convince the French A) that he is not just the monkey to Merkel’s organ-grinder and B) that France should give up control of its finances to Brussels but that C) this does not mean any loss of sovereignty.

Good luck with that lot, mon vieux! Does he watch “Mission Impossible”? And Merkel is en route for another summit with the monkey, out of which a new Treaty may be born. WOW! I knew something was missing in my life …. That’s all for now; I hope the euro has not collapsed while I’ve been writing; things move so fast, one never knows. Who is next in line to be run by an ex ECB cum Goldman-Sachs crony? Belgium perhaps? Mind you, that`s about all they deserve.

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