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“Jose Manuel Barroso has defended the concept of a eurozone bond, claiming that they will make sense once there is tighter fiscal union.”

I’ve lost count of the times Merkel has more or less said: “Over my dead body.” However, it is hard to see a way out of this. Merkel has the choice:

A) break the law, break her word, disgust her compatriots, lose her parliamentary majority, take a huge gamble with inflation and destroy the reputation of the ECB and any vestige of seriousness that Germany has left.


B) both accept the sovereign default of Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal and even France AND ensure the destruction of the euro

Since Germany – though not innocent – is not the prime cause of all this, this is rather an unfair position to be in. I don’t envy her this dilemma.

As for Boringoso, he will only make sense once back in Portugal trying to sell whelks.

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What a sordid shambles when you get told off for speaking your mind! Even if you are elected by the people!

I have to say I sympathize on a personal level with Vince Cable …… life would of course be much simpler if everyone only said what they thought others wanted to hear. I believe that’s how they do it in dictatorships …….

(On that note, I see that a brave young woman who heckled NuttyYahboo about the Palestinian’s plight was wrestled to the ground and hospitalised by¬† pro-Israeli thugs around her during an address by the Great Annexer. Then NYB was roundly applauded for confirming his theft of Palestinian land, and this right in the heart of government in “the land of the free”. You have to laugh or cry – maybe both at the same time.)

But I digress …… Vince is a serial disappointment in general – the ultimate example of a loose cannon with no rudder – but I’m with him on this one …. in this case he was stating the bleedin’ obvious about Greece defaulting. Of course, even HE can’t use the word “default”, as it is VERY non EU-PC ….. but everyone knows that “delaying paying some of its debts” = defaulting, since the delay is likely to last till the next ice-age ….. ALL QUITE HILARIOUS really ….. some of us idiotic plebs said this YEARS ago. Still, we are only idiots.

Vince Cable rebuked by No 10 as he stirs euro crisis – George Osborne was forced to intervene yesterday after Vince Cable warned that Greece would have to delay paying some of its debts.

I am waiting for an announcement from Brussels about the Greek debt being “reprofiled” ….. Brusselsspeak is becoming a foreign language …… while RealSpeak is ever more NON-PC … Oh dear – I do feel like a dinosaur ….

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The Self-Delusional Juncker

These people REALLY do take the biscuit. Here is the latest blather from Mr Juncker, quoted on the BBC Website here:

“In the case of a national bankruptcy with a subsequent debt restructuring, we would be letting a genie out of the bottle without knowing in which direction it would be flying,” he warned.

PRICELESS! It is astonishing how these people are so severely suffering from self-delusion. No, Mr Juncker, the genie was let out of the bottle WHEN THE EURO WAS LAUNCHED, because you allowed Greece to enter it when:

A) Your OWN economists previously told you that Greece couldn’t live in the euro alongside Germany.
B) Greece in ANY case lied about its budget position in order to get in.
C) You MUST HAVE KNOWN B, since it was common knowledge in the press at the time.
D) The Germans were PROMISED the criteria would be strictly followed and that they’d never have to bail out any feckless, cheating and irresponsible states that might mess up. (Ireland, Greece, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Belgium and France no doubt eventually)

Your propaganda DOES NOT WORK any better than the euro. The euro COULD have worked with more honest and competent people behind it instead of the vainglorious United-States-of-Europe aspirationalists that rule us UNELECTED in Brussels.

Basically, you have BETRAYED the taxpayers of Europe. You LIED, and now you want us to bail you out AGAIN. How long do you think you can go on with this charade?

LIES? I love this bit in relation to the regional elections in Spain:

“Analysts say that with control of some heavily indebted regional governments changing hands, there are fears that hidden financial problems may be unearthed by the incoming administrations.”

Really? “hidden financial problems”? Does the writer mean like those of Portugal, where the Prime Minister said: “Some costs were kept off the balance sheet.”

We’ll see …. will incoming administrations in the Spanish regions ALSO lie? Someone, somewhere, sometime has to STOP LYING. Maybe it will be the same people who STOP BORROWING¬† and building up debt they can never repay.

And why SHOULD the Greek people have to suffer terrible austerity because of the LIES and INCOMPETENCE of the elite of Europe? WE DESERVE BETTER MR JUNCKER, and please, let’s have LESS of this “taking difficult decisions in secret” nonsense. Do you ever remember who PAYS you? Do you even CARE what they think or want?


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Greek Default & the EU

Furious Greeks press for country to default on debt

It has been obvious from the beginning that Greece has no choice but to default – obvious to all but the EU elite of course, who have more face-saving to do than the Chinese.

The EU lies about Greece from the VERY BEGINNING of the euro are a disgrace. Still, there appears to be no practicable mechanism for changing anything and so they plough on doing more or less as they please. MEPs of course don’t kick up much of a stink as they are doing very nicely out of the gravy train, thankyou.

This is of course similar to certain countries in Africa, where any potential stroppiness and opposition to the leadership venality is bought off with oil-money – or in Europe’s case our taxes.

The whole thing is a shambles of very clever corruption – subtle so that the masses don’t get it and revolt, but corruption nonetheless.

By the way, I can’t find ANYONE willing and/or able to tell me why the EU is spending our taxes on financing US organisations opposed to Capital Punishment. What BUSINESS is it of the EU what a democratic state does within its borders? WHO ASKED THEM to spend OUR money on political propaganda?


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