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Is Cuba a Dictatorship?

When will you accept that the political system in Cuba (which you call a Dictatorship) is more democratic than most self-proclaimed democracies?

When there is respect for the UN Charter of Human Rights in “free association”, meaning the right to form political groups opposed to the ruling clique and when ordinary people have a say in a secret and fair ballot in the choice of party and/or leader of their country.

The fact that other countries may have defective democracies does not by any sort of contrast or comparison you care to make have any relevance to and/or justification for what happens in Cuba. Having a secret vote as described above is a sine qua non, even if other elements are desirable if not equally essential.

This isn’t complicated, though apparently many continue to struggle with it.

As for your “When I am convinced ….” the intellectual poverty of this argument is breathtaking. If a feeble-minded person watched the North Korean army goose-stepping around and/or thousands of flower-garlanded kids strutting about in perfect formation on the Day of National Celebration then that same feeble-minded person might also be “convinced” that the regime had mass support. Perhaps it does, since they have been brainwashed for 60 years since the Yanks gave up trying to free them in the face of the opposing support of our current best trading partner and the country to which the French IMF stooge Lagarde and others are currently holding out the begging bowl.

Your “convictions” are worthless. I believe Gaddafi was convinced of his people’s love. “The people love me,” he said. HILARIOUS! When you have a ruling clique then the people have no CHOICE,

Dictatorship? not complicated – from Merrien-Webster.

A) a form of government in which absolute power is concentrated in a dictator or a small clique

B) a government organization or group in which absolute power is so concentrated

The Cuban dictatorship may be even considerably (as I acknowledge) more benign than some we could mention. You are of course even  free to argue that the USA is an effective dictatorship of the rich and powerful. Fine. But as I have said, what happens in country A) is not related to how it is in country B) and evil though country B) might be that does not justify not doing it right in country A).

Sorry if this is all too logical for some people who of course are happier with their convictions rather than actual fact.

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Cuba & Revisionism

I don’t want to stray into a minefield, but the problem with Cuba is the self-denial of its protagonists. Nobody – least of all me – suggests that ALL has been bad since the revolution or indeed in the making of it. On the other hand, the protagonists seem incapabable of acknowledging that ANYTHING was or has been bad, such as – as Briggs has pointed out before – the brutality of Che Guevara or the ossification of Cuba’s society since the revolution.

An ossification the regime is now trying to put right, but they clearly cannot avoid the key question: If some economic liberalisation and basic freedoms are right NOW then why have they been WRONG for the last 50 years? Bit like the Catholic church and celibacy. The Pope CAN’T abolish this basic lunacy since it would prove they have been wrong for about TWO THOUSAND YEARS. It would also mean he has had a lifetime of self-restraint for NOTHING!!

As for the “key question syndrome”, I wonder if Balls is asking himself it in Labour’s case? If “reality” and financial restraint (which means of course the dreaded “cuts” they have been whinging on about since the last election) are correct NOW then WHY weren’t they correct for Labour’s Binge Years? In their case they could and should blame it on Brown, as I do, but I suppose thy don’t want to be “disloyal” – a bit like Stalin putting the fear of God into the Bolsheviks even after his death.

(I have decided to refer henceforth to the Labour years as “The Binge Years” since – like the Cultural Revolution, The Black Death, the Terror and so on the phrase is A) appropriate and B) sticks in the memory.)

Oh dear ……

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Cuba mourns Kim Jung-Il

“Cuba declares three days of mourning for North Korean leader, while Nicaragua, Venezuela and President Mugabe loyalists express sorrow too.”

North Korea being hardly better than a giant concentration camp of brainwashed and starved humans counts for little then in this Cuban assessment of the defunct leader? So much for the New Dawn in the Cuban dictatorship. Plus ca change ….

We know well from experience that there are no depths of depravity or insanity to which even outwardly “normal” people can descend, but even to the sheer surreality of such behaviour still has the power to shock.

What is the take of the resident Cuba-lovers on this latest obscenity against the Human Spirit?

Still, the fact that the power of life or death over millions of North Koreans and the finger on a nuclear bomb threatening millions of others now rests in the hands of a four-star child general shows the lunacy of Human development. Any visiting alien would almost certainly decide to put this sick species out of its misery and eliminate it as a danger to the rest of the universe.

Meanwhile, we await Christmas to play with our Chinese plastic bits and then the sales to get our hands on cheap electrical goodies made in China, the country that totally sustains North Korea – its socialist brother alongside Cuba – in the interests of “stability”. Oh yes, that much-cherished “stability” and “order”.

Must stop – have to go and vomit.

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Castroan Mea Culpa

Cretins – Anyone with a single E at GCSE could have told the Castro double-clown act this self-evident truth decades ago.

“The time that we have left is short, and the work that we have to do is gigantic,” Mr Castro announced recently, as he conceded that changes which would once have been viewed as a heretical embrace of capitalism were desperately needed.

For FIFTY YEARS Castro has subjected “his” people to repeated hour-long rants about the evils of capitalism, but is now embracing it – or of course its BEST bits, which is all that ANYONE would want.

I am carefully listening for an apology from the Castros to their people ….. probably in vain ….

“cretins”? Well, it’s FAIR, isn’t it?

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Cuba About-Turn (and About Time)

Blimey – a counter-revolutionary; Stalin would have had him shot:

a scolding from Raul Castro that the sclerotic habits of a geriatric government and a centrally planned economy must end.

The most interesting question is, will brainless, long-term and uncritical sheep-like “everyone is happy” CCP followers cling to the old model or latch on eagerly to the new one? They BOTH can’t be “right”, surely?

And will the people rise up claiming that their revolution is being stolen (and of course be brutally put down with journalists being locked up) or enthusiastically adopt the New Cuban Capitalism? (henceforth NCC)

And if it all goes pear-shaped will the USA get the blame? Silly question perhaps.

Still, some people’s rigid mindsets are in for a bit of a battering ….

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The Cuban Congress

The Cuban Congress…

Always good for a laugh of course ….. apparently they are now preparing “economic reforms”.

Translating this into “truthspeak” you get: “Well, we failed for 50 years to put in place basic economic measures used the world over to create wealth. As a consequence, our people have remained poor. Still, poverty is good for the soul, which is why our people are so happy. However, permanent happiness is boring so we’re now going to have economic reforms and become better-off but of course unhappier.

By the way, the people don’t have any say in all this as usual.”

And Raul is ALSO proposing limited terms for leaders! WOW! Of course, a moron could have told him 50 years ago that this was wise, since having the same leader for decades leades to stagnation and ossification at best and Stalinesque-Hussein-Gaddafi-style tyranny at worst. Still, it does take some people 50 years to grasp the bleedin’ obvious.

But the HILARIOUS thing is that this new “you can only be leader for a limited time” is being introduced when the Castros only have a few years to live! How STRANGE that they didn’t introduce it DECADES ago – or not so strange.

It remains to be seen whether YOUNGER Cuban Communist Party members who might have their eye on doing a Castro 50-year rule will be HAPPY with this leadership limit …… some bright young spark might think that what was good enough for the Castros is good enough for him. And who knows WHAT that might bring? A Cuban Sadaam Hussein – or Stalin. And once they’ve seized power, you can’t get rid of them, unless of course the Yanks come to save you as usual.

But that is very non-PC these days, which is why the people of Miseratu are being slaughtered.

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The Cuban Embargo

What the Americans have done is wage a “financial” war on Cube for over 50 years.

A) The USA has a right to trade with whom it wants. If ALL nations refused to trade with fascists then perhaps the latter would collapse more quickly. Presumably you are quite happy that we traded with Gaddafi for decades and thus supported his evil regime which is now murdering its citizens with the weapons we sold him.

Yes, I’d be happier if the US would refuse to buy oil from Saudi Arabia, China et al as well. However, nobody’s perfect as they say.

B) The Cuban “government” has waged economic war on its OWN people for 15 years, banning the most basic and widespread economic practices in use ALL OVER THE WORLD except in insane “socialist” regimes where economic insanity is imposed “for the good of the people”, who of course are happy as we are told.

So nutty have been these practices imposed on the Cuban people WITHOUT THEIR CONSENT in ANY shape or form that Cuba – no longer bankrolled by the murderous Soviet Union (see KGB, Stalin, murder in London of Litvinenko  history of) – is rapidly going bankrupt, perhaps to be saved by oil and to turn into yet another nauseating oil-rich dictatorship.

These economic practices are indeed SO daft that Castro is now going to RELAX them … not that you’ll hear him apologize for the 50 years of impoverishing lunacy.

“So Fidel – for 50 years you have banned private ownership and businesses, not allowing even small businesses to employ anyone.”

“Yes, these things are evil.”

“But if they are evil, why are you going to allow them NOW?”

“Ermmmmm ….. ahhhh …. – sorry, your time’s up.”

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