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Moral Sickness in the “free world”

The suffering in Syria is the fault of yet another dictator and the free world could have immensely reduced it. The failure to punish Assad for his crimes against humanity (including the gas attack – so much for Obama’s red line; I wonder what Putin thought of that?) is sickening, and Labour’s stance pathetic, cowardly and shameful. We learn NOTHING from history. Hitler could have been stopped in 1936, possibly saving over 20,000,000 lives. The free world is morally sick as well as stupid.

We also have to watch the grotesque spectacle of the soppy, over-privileged cow Michelle Obama sucking up to a Chinese leadership that SENDS BACK DESPERATE FLEEING REFUGEES to North Korea, where they and their families then face torture and often death.

A) China supplies and supports what is by far the world’s most brutal and inhuman regime.

B) China is our great friend and trading partner. Our leaders and/or their air-head spouses go there to pgrovel to its leadership.

You could not make it up.

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The Human Shame in Northern Kenya

One of my NYRs was to stop reading bad news, but that lasted about 6 hours ….. there is of course so much of it, and so much that is utterly depressing. One of the first of 2014 was an article in “The Independent”:

Elephant Appeal: Few are willing to say just how bad the poaching
crisis is – the elephant population may easily fall into terminal decline


You can get all the details from the article – which is pretty harrowing, with surviving elephants described as being “stricken with grief” as they cluster round their slaughtered brethren – but basically, elephants in the Tsavo East National Park in Northern Kenya are under threat of extinction from poachers from Somalia. This provoked a number of reactions on my part:


  • The price of ivory depends on the demand and supply. The former is very strong and apparently rising, especially in China. For extraordinarily moronic and selfish reasons, ivory is considered artistic and – for example – tiger and rhinoceros parts medicinal and/or possessing aphrodysiac properties.

  • Can China really do NOTHING to stop this cultural abomination? People in the west for the most part stopped acquiring ivory years ago.

  • If China – and other Asia nations – cannot or will not do anything, should the west not apply more pressure? Same applies of course to China’s support of North Korea. YES, sanctions are painful, but nothing NON-painful is likely to work


  • They are execrable, of course …… and yet, many may be extremely poor, and indeed ignorant. There is no excuse in the strictest sense, but it may to some extent be understandable if they see a chance to make several years’ norrmal income in a single day. This is no different from City bankers, or indeed the Enron directors and many others: greed is sadly rampant on our planet.

  • But  the poachers are not only ignorant and destitute farmers: terrorists are now apparently turning to the ivory trade, too.

  • There are insufficient funds to patrol the parks properly. Kenya is just one more corrupt African state where politicians earn a fortune while basic needs and services are severely underfunded.


I always wonder what if anything goes through the minds of those who spend these obscene sums on frippery and personal self-glorification. Do they ever think that their money could do immense good elsewhere? Would WE be just the same in their shoes?

Is there any solution to this greed?

See also:

AND this charity:


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More on Banks, Investment & China

Blogger A): “Anyone who insures Chinese debt now is a frickin moron.”

Blogger B): “…which means all the major banks are morons because they all trade CDS like they were hotcakes..we are going to get whacked again by these dangerous loonies who learnt nowt from 2008.”

C) ME!: They may not be morons, since they must KNOW what is going on, but the point is that they DON’T CARE. A) They are making lots of money NOW and B) if it all goes pear-shaped most are “too big to fail” and C) they will pass on any costs to customers anyway.

Unfotunately, there was no cleaning of the Augean banking stables so filthy that Hercules (was it he – I often get my Gods mixed up?) would have had a fit if asked to clean them up.

“… these dangerous loonies who learnt nowt from 2008”.

By “loonies” I take it you are referring to the banks, but I would prefer your statement to be linked to GOVERNMENTS. After all,  governments are supposed to govern for the PEOPLE – not the banks.

The bottom line is that five years after the biggest crisis since the Great Depression NOTHING substantial of long-term effectiveness seems to have been done and we seem to be facing another crisis in the near future.

I personally have concluded that banks are too much like WOMDs to be private, even though public ownership is usually incompetent.

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NK Follow-up – Investing in China

After the recent flurry of news and discussion about North Korea, the folowing exchange took place on the Daily Telegraph blog:

Investing in China? Why not?:

A) Nobody knows exactly what is going on in the Chinese financial sector.

B) The country has trememdous pollution, resources and demographic problems.

C) These factors will lead to massive economic problems at some point, and then the CCP will attempt to divert attention to foreign enemies. (that is potentially eveyone else)

D) If I had money I would avoid China like the plague.

As I have llittle money to spare I wish those chancing their arm in and with China the best of luck, but don’t come to ME for a bailout.

Angry Blogger:
Excuse me, but wasn’t it your government who was over here in Beijing last week with cap in hand looking for money? This must be a new definition of “avoiding like the plague”.

There are many of us (Brits) here in China investing wisely and seeing handsome returns. The BIG difference between investing in China and investing in the UK is that if you succeed in China your money isn’t taken away from you by a bunch of socialists like it is in the UK.

Apart from my previous points:

A) China is the best friend and supporter of what is possibly the most brutal, hideous and brutal regime ever to stain the earth. China not only supports this regime with fuel and other goods but sends back to a terrible fate anyone fleeing fromn what is essentially no more than a giant concentration camp.

B) China has no social security to speak of and many of its products are made in sweatshops where workers have very low wages poor conditions and few rights (though this situation has improved a bit).

C) Western capitalist greed and the resultant vast relocation to Asia (and I am not anti-capitalist in principal, but everything can be abused) has led to the loss of tens of thousands of industrial jobs in the developed world and the vast increase in the wealth-gap as the working and middle-classes have been squeezed while the bosses and capitalists have seen their wealth increase exponentially.

None of this seems to bother you to the point where you would not support the regime with your investment as long as you are making money. Wonderful.

However, as I also said, when the whole thing collapses, don’t come begging to me for a bailout.

Concerning Cameron’s grovelling jaunt to Beijing, I found it sickening. Yes, being moral is difficult – who said otherwise – but all in all the western approach is profoundly immoral. The CCP pays lip-service only to any concerns of “human rights”, which do not concern them AT ALL. We should be better.

As for “bunch of socialists”, I agree to a point. There is appalling abuse and waste of our money. However, WE HAVE A CHOICE (unlike the Chinese). It is the public’s fault if it keeps on voting in idiots.

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Politics, Trade and Immorality

cameron-seriousDavid Cameron (the current British Prime Minister!) recently took some flak for endangering Britain’s trade with China, specifically possible inward investment in infrastructure that the Chinnese might make in Britain. Let’s leave aside for the moment the fact that this makes us resemble some quasi-colonised African state and consider some facts. Our Great Leader’s sin was to have met the Dalai Lama, who as we know the Chinese government consider to be an unperson. Three facts spring to mind, all pretty much indisputable I think.

A) North Korea is virtually a gigantic concentration camp, but worse, since the people are brainwashed as well as being subject to oppression and frequent death by famine while the leaders live in luxury.

B) China has supported the country practically and politically for decades. Without China’s help this loathsome family dictatorship – first among equals on the planet – would have collapsed decades ago.

C) China is one of our biggest and most important trading partners.

To make it even clearer, we do a massive amount of business with a country that is accomplice to and facilitator of oppression and mass-murder on a horrendous scale. The vast scale of this business allows the Chinese government to maintain its dictatorship and build up its armed forces, launching periodic bellicose threats towards Taiwan and other sovereign territories in the region.

The Western world seems quite happy with this state of affairs, or if not exactly “happy” then certainly accepting and of course profiting from it.

CONCLUSION: The entire western world is utterly immoral.

Please note that I have tried to be logical, though the last point is obviously a value-judgement.

What is puzzling about all this is that we seemed to adopt a moral high-horse at some cost to ourselves when it came to apartheid in South Africa, but not when it comes to North Korea, where people are in fact treated much worse. This could I suppose be because it was the Europeans who colonised most of Africa and so we felt a special guilt and had a special responsibility to try to put things right. But – being logical once more – “No man is an island.”, it seems bizarre to treat one group of oppressed and suffering humans differently from another. Brutal oppression is the same everywhere, and if globalisation is right for business then why not for the fight against human suffering at the hands of mass-murdering criminal family gangs?

Our Great Leader should tell the Chinese government to stick it. If it comes to a boycott of their goods (fat chance – we are too greedy), THEY would be the ones to suffer. And in the west, our unemployed workers could start making toasters and stuff again. Or a boycott would boost other third-world countries much worse off than China.

Whatever, it all leaves a nasty taste in the mouth.


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Europe’s BIG Question

As the Chinese “bail out” Europe, the BIG question is ….

Will the Germans REALLY allow themselves to be shamed and suckered into a ‘fiscal union’ (= Germany pays all the bills)?

The answer is not yet clear, but VAST CHANGES hang on it, and until we know, all the rest is just pussy-footing around waiting …….

The smug self-satisfaction of the gruesome Van Rompo, Juncker, Borroso  mafia and their cronies will be difficult to take if they manage to shame the Germans into signing a blank cheque in this final battle of World War III.

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China’s Dilemma ….

Here’s an interesting one.

UN troops in Ivory Coast guard the “President” they recognize while Gbagbo, who claims to have won, orders them out.

Gbagbo has no legitimacy, having effectively staged a coup. If the UN leave, they are skulkingly and shamefully leaving the country’s army to massacre the President and the people the international community recognizes as rightful winners of the election.

If they DON’T leave will Gbagbo end up killing UN troops? And what then?

FOR ONCE, Africa is supporting a rightful winner. Gbagbo HAS to be removed or the message to African dictators is clear – you can get away with it as usual.

But have the UN the balls to do what is right? Having the biggest dictatorship in the world as a permanent member isn’t going to help. China is about to be forced to decide – once again – whether it really deserves to belong to “the world community”. And it has plenty of Africans it needs on its side as it seeks to exploit Africa’s wealth. If it supports Gbagbo, Africa is not going to be impressed.

Whatever they do, their position is of course untenable. If they DO support UN force against Gbagbo, they are OPPOSING a regime that seized power by force and has not been legitimized by the people ….. where does THAT leave them?

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