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Farage and the Romanians

Once again the lying hypocrisy of Clegg and his peers surges to the limelight, with their holier-than-thou remarks about Farage and his comments about Rumanians. Let’s look at the facts:

  • Romanians are over-represented in crime as a proportion of their numbers both of the general population and of immigrants.

  • Middle-class, relatively well-off Rumanians are not the ones who mostly come to Britain. The attraction here is higher benefits and a better chance of finding work than in their own Communist-destroyed country (the furher “left” a regime is the more destruction of course it wreaks on a country mad or unfortunate enough to adopt it)

  • Some of the crime associated with Romanians and others from the area is very nasty, including people and drug-trafficking. The 200,000 Roma now in Britain tend to content themselves with pickpocketing and nicking money at cash- dispensers.

All this is FACT, and as Farage says, does NOT mean that all Romanians are criminals, only that unknown ones are significantly more likely to be criminals than, for example, middle-class white families. One might wish this were not true, buit it IS, and unfortunately the truth is beyond the capacity of Clegg et al to comprehend. The plebs must not be told the truth or be allowed to spread it.

On that basis, WHOEVER had a FREE CHOICE about which neighbours they would prefer would on balance not opt for immigrant Rumanians. Clegg and his lying scum peers are NO DIFFERENT. They of course have NO FEAR of a large immigrant Rumanian family moving in next to them and can pontificate to their hearts’ content about how morally superior they are.

As for that, it will only be a few years before the establishment elite start living in walled, gated and patrolled enclaves to keep out the riff-raff. This is INEVITABLE given the speed with which the wealth-gap is increasing. The mob is not going to put up with this for ever, It has ALWAYS been like this throughout history. NO SOCIETY with obscene differences of wealth has in the end ever avoided either revolution or fascism and dictatorship, or indeed the one followed by the other.

What Farage said here is TRUE. Once a society refuses to accept the truth – however unpalatable – it is finished:

In a statement, the Ukip leader said:

”The unfortunate reality is that we are in a political union with a post-Communist country that has become highly susceptible to organised crime. ‘Where there are differential crime rates between nationalities, it is perfectly legitimate to point this out and to discuss it in the public sphere, and I shall continue to do so. ‘Police figures are quite clear that there is a high level of criminality within the Romanian community in Britain. This is not to say for a moment that all or even most Romanian people living in the UK are criminals. ‘But it is to say that any normal and fair-minded person would have a perfect right to be concerned if a group of Romanian people suddenly moved in next door. ‘So far as I can see most of those media commentators objecting to this statement are people living in million pound houses for whom the prospect of such a turn of events is not a real one.”

As for Cameron, he is now pontificating about he and his party being the only ones who can “reform” the EU. Once again, he is LYING. There is NO CHANCE that he will be able to achieve significant reform to satisfy we who do not wish our country to be subsumed into a grotesque European federation and ultimately Empire. NO CHANCE AT ALL. The Germans has just SAID SO:

Germany tells Cameron he WON’T be able to renegotiate Britain’s EU relationship

“A leading German politician has warned David Cameron he will be unable to renegotiate Britain’s relationship with the European Union and accused the Prime Minister of a “desperate attempt to appease Ukip” in pledging to do so.”

Still, it’s not all bad news. The Labour Party are finally having to admit that I was right and that Minibruder was a disastrous choice as “leader”. He is now reduced to trying to save his skin by issusing a series of “pledges”, which I expect to come thicker and faster as the election approaches. This is in the well-trodden Labour tradition of :

“Vote for me and you will gets loads of goodies the country can’t afford and which will end up bankrupting us once again but not before we have enjoyed a few more years in power.”

We deserve better than this crap.

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The Lurcher ….

I will not lurch - yet .....

I will not lurch – yet …..

I read this morning that some Muslim women medics are refusing to bare their arms in accordance with the new NHS guidelines about preventing the spread of MRSI & e-coli. It is apparently against their religion and culture to bare any part of themselves apart from their face. And it seems that they are “getting away with it”.

What is Cameron doing about THAT? Or must people’s risk of picking up lethal infections in hospital increase even more than they are already? Will people die on the altar of lunatic PC?

One bit of good news: Theresa May intends to take us out of the ECHR. Fine, but I’ll believe it when I see it.

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Clegg is SOOOOO irritating. Let’s review the facts, shall we?

– the Lib-Dems lost 14% of their vote and defeated UKIP by a paltry 4%
– the outgoing MP was a criminal (a liar perverting the course of justice)
– the party leader is a liar (about covering up some party big-wig groping the totty)
– the country is in a shambles, with debt and immigration going up, the lowest % of home ownership in 30 years, thousands of rich foreign mafiosi and poor developing-world immigrants taking over London, the NHS killing people, NO decision about LHR, energy running out, inflation threatened, welfare out of control and so on …..

Instead of beaming about how clever he is Clegg should be more humble and promise to do better. “Humble? Wot, Me?”

Pity about the missing 4% – UKIP winning really WOULD have made life interesting.

So, Cameron will stumble on, with the Cleggelian ball-and-chain in tow. But at least a ball-and-chain kept schtumm instead of imitating Coco The Clown (sorry, Coco …..)

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Cameron is from WHICH planet?

Dear Mr Cameron                                                                                     8 October, 2012

I write with reference to your interview with Andrew Marr of the BBC as reported in the online version of “The Daily Telegraph” on Sunday, 7th October. (See here) There are several points reported in the newspaper which cannot go unchallenged:

A)    You are quoted as saying: “I will veto any major increase in the EU budget.” This is of course meaningless unless you define “major”, which you do not. Concerning the EU, nothing less than say 10 trillion euros would be considered “major”. The TWENTY MILLION GBP per day NET paid to the EU by the UK is apparently so piffling a sum for them that the UK is treated with utter contempt and – hilariously – even blamed for the entire economic crisis ravaging Europe. The THREE HUNDRED MILLION euros spent on a luxury palace for the completely-pointless “President” is clearly nowhere near “major” for the EU. Nor indeed is the SIX BILLION EUROS spent on the farcical Foreign Ministry for a state that does not exist and led by Dame, Baroness or whatever Ashton. (BTW,could you possibly tell me of ANYTHING done by ANY of the following that have in ANY WAY benefited the UK since their appointment? Ms Ashton, Mr Borroso and Mr van Rompuy just for starters.)

At a time of enormous penury all over the Europe (except of course Brussels), the idea that the EU should get any increase whatsoever is ludicrous, so please Prime Minister drop the “major” from the above quote. It would then be “I will veto any increase in the EU budget.”, which is a start. BTW, I hear that Germany is pushing for the EU to “have its own budget”. What is your reaction to that? Will you veto it? You know as well as I do that once the EU gets tax-raising powers we are finished. The only way is up to the stratosphere.

Returning to the theme of waste, can you pls tell me as a point of information whether Euro MEPs can still turn up for parliament, sign on for the day and then go home, later to collect their >200€ PER DAY signing on money, which is of course in addition to their already very large and low-taxed salary? Does this still go on? And can you further tell me if you know of any other profession in the world where you are paid a large salary plus vast expenses for doing a job but get paid a LOT MORE just to attend meetings?

Further, may I ask what your reaction is to Mr Mandelson’s emoluments from the EU? If you remember, this was the following sequence of events:

  • Mr Mandelson was an EU Commissioner who resigned to help the Labour Party lose the last election, being made a British Lord at a salary of some 100,000 GBP. (Thank you Brown for that.)
  • As this ludicrous sum was nevertheless 60,000€ LESS than he earned as an EU Commissioner, the EU paid him the balance for FOUR years, even though he no longer worked for the EU and of course RESIGNED from his post.       

I consider this – and many other EU practices – to be legalized theft, but I would be interested to know your opinion.

B)    You say: “Most people in our country don’t actually want to leave the European Union.” With respect, Prime Minister, you cannot possibly know what the majority of people want concerning the EU, since they have not been asked since the original vote decades ago. THEN we voted on whether we wanted to join a “common market”, which of course we did. Since then, every single year has seen the deliberate incremental steps foist on us by the Eurozealots to create a federal United States of Europe. This was ALWAYS the intention and is now OPENLY admitted (but NOT of course when we voted all those years ago) by van Rompuy et al. However, though they are pushing for a federal state via fiscal, banking union and all the rest (and the disastrous euro was supposed to be one such step, all of which are of course “irreversible”, which is why we are paying BILLIONS to fatuously try to keep the Greeks in the euro), may I point out that NOT ONE SINGLE ONE of the four hundred and fifty million EU citizens has voted for this, NOT ONE. I regard this relentless push towards political union as totally undemocratic if not downright fascist.

Speaking of which, the ousting of the democratically-elected Papandreou to be replaced by an ex ECB, Goldman-Sachs crony of the EU was a similar disgrace. Mr Papademos was as Governor of the Bank of Greece charged with preparing Greece’s entry into the Eurozone. As we all know – and in fact knew at the time – the statistics presented by Greece were a PACK OF LIES. Greece NEVER filled the criteria for entry. How can you possibly condone what was done in Greece? The proven liar responsible for abetting Greece’s entry into the EU was ten years later parachuted into the country by Merkozy et al. It is one of the most shameful acts in Europe since WWII. And WHY was Papandreou booted out? He committed the cardinal EU sin of seeking to ask the people directly about EU membership. As we know, in the EU the peoples are FAR too stupid to trust with deciding such things. Except of course, that the PEOPLE did not get us into this mess, the political and financial elites did, and at the same time did very well out of it (see Kinnocks, Mandelson, Cresson, Ashton, Clegg etc – history of)

To sum up, your statement about the majority of British people not wanting to leave the EU is breathtakingly undemocratic and arrogant. Apart from all of which, your party PROMISED a referendum on this issue, which makes you just about as trustworthy as the Lib-Dems were on higher education fees, namely NOT AT ALL.

C)    Finally, the DT claimed that “Mr Cameron dismissed the smaller party (UKIP) as a complete waste of time”. This is more breathtaking arrogance:

    1) UKIP certainly cost you more than one seat at the last election; hardly a waste of time.
    2) Polls frequently put them level if not above the Lib-Dems.
    3) Their supporters are British with strongly and nobly held views about their country’s independence and prosperity, and do not deserve to be treated with such sneering contempt. Are ALL small parties that do not agree with you “a waste of time”? For many UKIP members, the greatest waste of time is now voting for the Conservatives, who they feel have betrayed their country. You may not agree with this, but to treat with utter contempt those who hold this view is stunning.

I have voted for several parties during my 65 years, mostly to my later regret, but I shall certainly not be voting for the Tories at the next election, and I fear you may be astonished at how many former supporters of yours have come to the same view. The EU is horrendously wasteful, arrogant, incompetent and in fact corrupt, apart from behaving in a viciously undemocratic way because, of course, it knows best. Just as, of course again, Gafddafi claimed to know for Libya.

 We WANT a common market. We may even want Schengen and many other ways of cooperating with and within the Continent. What we do NOT want is the corruption, waste and cost involved AND of course the totally undemocratic drive towards a European superstate. But THAT is where these people are trying to take us, and YOU keep letting them get away with it. Successive British governments do NOTHING to stop this steamroller. Let me remind you, it costs us 23,000,000 GBP NET every single day.

Your job is difficult, especially given the surreal shambles of the previous government, but your feeble defence of Britain’s interests (“I will veto any major increase ….”) – NO, VETO IT ALL. Stop paying them if they take ONE MORE INCH of our independence) allied to your contempt for several million UKIP supporters is a disgrace. It matters little what I think, but I can tell you that unless you change in your approach to the EU (and not just with vague words about vetoes of “major” increases) then your party will be decimated in 2015, because millions of previous Tories are so fed up they will vote UKIP even at the cost of losing otherwise safe Tory seats to Labour. And YOU will have caused this.

Yours sincerely                                



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Pygmies Strike Back

Not often you see a politician’s marbles suddenly leak out from his brain and roll rapidly down the drain overnight … what a very silly plonker Clegg really is.

Things which HAVEN’T CHANGED since Cameron’s veto:

  • pygmies are still a human race and perfectly normal and respectable (see above – my charming African friend on the Equator) – I wonder if in the pygmy world you can insult someone by calling them a Cleggo?
  • the UK is still the sixth or seventh largest economy in the world, even if Gordon Brown did his best to destroy it
  • the UK is STILL in the EU and the single market. France and Germany run it anyway, so there is hardly any need to go through the charade of pretending we have to have a say in anything
  • EU countries and anyone else will STILL be falling over themselves to trade with it (that’s business – has Clegg ever had a proper job?)
  • Democracy is still just about alive, Cameron having exercised Britain’s DEMOCRATIC RIGHT to act in its own interests rather than participate in a silly, vindictive farce.

No Cleggo – there is only one loser in all this. Thank God you are not in a position to do any real damage. Go back to footling about in opposition where you belong, and pls take the vastly-disappointing and unplugged Cable with you. If you could persuade the buffoon Ken Clarke to join you then that would be an added bonus.

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Mass Hysteria In Europe

Yes, what the Continent has done to itself is sad. Let’s see:

  • Most of the eurozone is hopelessly in debt, several countries are on the point of economic collapse, and this because their countries’ leaders have recklessly over-borrowed to the point of lunacy.
  • Despite this bleedin’ obvious fact many observers seem to have swallowed the Snarlkozy line that this is somehow all the UK and other Anglo-Saxons’ fault, thus leading him and others to seek to destroy the City of London, one of the UK’s few shining lights (not all of them are crooks …).
  • From a well-functioning and harmonious single market the EU has managed to turn itself into an economic shambles riven by bile and political division and has pushed a major world economy into a damaging split for no good reason save national spite.
  • The whole area is overlaid by the French/EU bureaucratic model (France having the largest and most bloated and expensive civil service in the entire continent).
  • This in conjunction with the Franco-EU tax model has meant that most European countries are fast losing competitivity with Asia and increasingly South America –the whole edifice weighed down by an absurd plethora of rules allied to heavy taxation.
  • Many of the countries that only LIES allowed into the euro are now condemned to DECADES of grinding austerity thanks to the EU elite’s obsession with preserving the euro (WHICH THEIR OWN ECONOMISTS TOLD THEM COULD NOT WORK) and creating a European superstate for which THERE IS NO POPULAR MANDATE WHATSOEVER.
  • Two Eurozone countries are now led by EU/ECB/Gooldman-Sachs satraps imposed on them by the EU; in the case of Greece the new unelected PM is the person responsible for drawing up Greece’s entry to the euro and thus MUST THEREFORE HAVE KNOWN that the statistics presented to the EU were LIES – just to make it clear: THE PM OF GREECE IMPOSED BY SNARLKOZY IS A KNOWN LIAR.
  • The EU has treated democracy and the plebs with utter contempt and created a large disconnect between the political elite and the masses, which is ALWAYS a precursor to serious social unrest.
  • Treaties and rules have been and still are treated with equal contempt; the ECB being urged by the EU elite and seedy political creeps like Snarlkozy to break the rules and print money and thus raise inflation and impoverish millions – well done Draghi for – so far – resisting this monstrous fraud.
  • Unelected functionaries such as Borroso and van Rompuy – who are paid (BY YOU) TWICE AS MUCH AS NATIONAL LEADERS – prance about in Brussels telling the masses of Europe what they must do in the pursuit of their personal UNMANDATED agendas to create a European superstate.
  • The EU elite and feckless, reckless and irresponsible national leaders have reduced Europe to a laughing-stock. YES, Mme Merkel and M Sarkozy, YOU DID THIS, not the UK.

Yes, all in all, quite an achievement. You’d have to wonder why any sane country would want to be associated with this financial, political and moral cess-pit. As it happens, the UK has NOT said it does not wish to be in the EU but ONLY that it seeks safeguards for the City of London and other financial domains which are threatened by the tsunami of futile regulations surging across the Channel.

As an example of xenophobic bile and mass hysteria the reaction to Cameron’s veto takes some beating. AS IT HAPPENS, the UK through its leader is exercising its DEMOCRATIC RIGHT according to the RULES of the EU, for which it is being vilified and insulted by many commentators, not least the leaders of France and Germany (the effective rulers of the EU) who seem to have forgotten that WHATEVER the UK’s position on the eurozone (ACTUALLY ONE OF TOTAL SUPPORT except for a desire not to see one of its key economic sectors decimated) the UK has been a MASSIVE NET CONTRIBUTOR to the EU’s UNACCOUNTED funds for DECADES.

The supreme irony is that Snarlkel have managed to con so many into believing that the UK is somehow guilty of something simply by exercising its democratic right when it is THEY who completely and utterly broke the eurozone groundrules by flagrantly borrowing more than the AGREED limits which were the criteria for entry to the eurozone. Indeed, France and Germany were THE FIRST eurozone countries to break this rule, and with complete nonchalance, or rather arrogance (“WE ARE TOO BIG AND IMPORTANT TO OBEY THE RULES.”)

Well done the EU and the Franco-German axis. YOU have brought Europe to its economic (and therefore social) knees. YOU have split the Continent asunder. YOU have wrecked democracy; YOU have destroyed many people’s lives; YOU have shown appalling leadership; it is YOU that has LIED about the euro and is STILL in self-denial, with yet another back-slapping summit which achieved NOTHING to solve the current crisis.



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from "The Telegraph" - Friday 18 Nov.

My efforts so far …..

“My fingerwag is much better than Snarlkozy’s.”

“You seem to forget that we won the war.”

“Come on Angela – you know it makes sense.”

“When you send an ex ECB, Goldman-Sachs or other EU crony to replace me, pls don’t make it Peter Mandelscum …..”

“Can you get me a good deal on a new Merc?”

“No, I’m not carrying any concealed weapons; it’s Snarlkozy that wants to shoot you, not me …”

“You want the shirt off my back, too?”

“Fancy a game of strip poker while we’re waiting?”

“I’ve got a quid in my wallet; that’s all I can manage at the moment.”

“Look – I can pass on to you everything that Labour left us when they got kicked out; can’t say fairer than that ….”

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Little Voice

“David Cameron must make his voice heard.”


A) I read reports every day of his “calling for” this and that … he’s been hopping to and fro for weeks  trying to stick his oar in. Pointless though it is, our leader is doing his best.

B) This is all decided between Merkozy and the Groupe de Frankfort, which ominously and farcially includes various oddballs and nincompoops such as Juncker, Boringoso and the ludicrous van Rompo. NOBODY cares what any of the other eurozone countries think, LET ALONE Britain ……

…. which of course according to Snarlkozy is an island and therefore understands nothing about the Continent – except how to defeat the loathsome dictators it vomits up from time to time.

CONCLUSION? Your article is rather pointless.

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But Germany has argued that the Lisbon Treaty will have to be amended to make the emergency fund permanent and legally watertight. The current treaty contains a clause banning members from bailing each other out.

Let’s check that again: “a clause BANNING members from bailing each other out.”

I am confused. I thought that we (i.e. Germany) had ALREADY bailed the Greeks out? So the EU has BROKEN ITS OWN RULES? GOODNESS – WHAT A SURPRISE!!!!!

Ah, but the thing is, if the rules don’t suit you then you break them, just as Greece did by lying through its teeth to get in and as France did by exceeding the famous 3% budget deficit set up at the beginning of the euro at the insistence of Germany. I believe France said at the time ‘That rule was intended for little countries’.

Now the fatuous “President” van Rompo is supposed to find out ” whether the fund can be set up without each of the 27 member states having to ratify the treaty all over again. ”

Indeed. Good luck Rompy – find a way to bend the rules, but no worries, if you can’t then just break them – OOPPS; you’ve done it already. Truly you couldn’t make it up. And I am no economist but if anyone thinks that Greece, Spain and Ireland won’t need billions more euros to avoid collapse then they are several clowns short of a circus. And how long Germany is gong to want or be able to keep bailing out all the hopeless overspenders is anyone’s guess. I suppose that when the German milch cow finally collapses she will be accused of being Nazi. In truth, the other states (France in particular, always quick to get other countries to give it money) has played on German guilt for decades. What Merkel is doing is anyone’s guess; a series of demagogic, panicking statements .. now she wants a NEW Lisbon Treaty ….  Oh, and the new EU “Foreign Ministry” led by an unelected nonentity earning twice what our Prime Minister does is going to cost £FIVE BILLION and counting. Still, we’ll have FORTY-SIX “diplomats” in Barbados and FIFTY in Madagascar.

I really think they’re all barmy. Fine, but please NOT WITH OUR MONEY.

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