The Quasi-Fascist EU

01 Mar


The EU has many supporters. Some will forever be inspired – as I once was – by a dream of European peace and collaboration. Others may simply be ignorant, and not a few are hopelessly bribed by the vast personal benefits that accrue to EU employees.

However, there is a fundamental reason why I find it impossible to support the EU, and it is the total disconnect between the following two things

A) The EU has admitted that its aim is to create a European superstate;

“Transforming the European Union into a single State with one army, one constitution and one foreign policy is the critical challenge of the age, German Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer said yesterday.” (1998)

… and the euro was a KEY part of this plan even though they KNEW it would fail. Indeed, they hoped it would fail so as to further their project:

  1.  “I am sure the euro will oblige us to introduce a new set of economic policy instruments. It is politically impossible to propose that now. But some day there will be a crisis and new instruments will be created.” Romano Prodi, president of the European Commission – 2001

  2. ‘“The single currency is the greatest abandonment of sovereignty since the foundation of the European Community… It is a decision of an essentially political character… We need this united Europe… We must never forget that the euro is an instrument for this project.” Felipe, Gonzalez, Spanish PM – 1998

Let’s be clear about this. The architects KNEW the euro would run into trouble and believed it would accelerate the federalisation of Europe into a superstate. The appalling unemployment of young people in particular is the price that the euro’s architects were willing to pay to see the achievement of their goal: not that they THEMSELVES would suffer any of the consequences of course.

Having established this fact, we turn to the second part:



On the contrary, when individual nations have had a chance to express their opinion in a referendum, many have clearly REJECTED this project as shown below:

Country Year Percentages Subject
Rejection Turnout
Norway 1972 53.5 79.1 EC membership
Denmark 1992 50.7 82.9 Maastricht Treaty
Norway 1994 52.5 88.8 EU membership
Denmark 2000 53.2 87.6 Introduction euro
Ireland 2001 53.9 34.8 Nice Treaty
Sweden 2003 56.1 81.2 Introduction euro
France 2005 54.7 69.3 Constitutional Treaty
Netherlands 2005 61.5 62.8 Constitutional Treaty
Ireland 2008 53.4 53.1 Lisbon Treaty

However, in EACH CASE, the people either had to vote AGAIN (Ireland in 2008, for example) OR their national parliaments IGNORED the people’s votes (France 2005).

In the UK, people were PROMISED a referendum but never GIVEN one, presumably on the basis of: “We know best and your opinion doesn’t count.” As for the UK, the population collectively has only EVER voted for a “Common Market”, and that was in 1975 when we voted to stay IN after entering in 1973.

I find this absolutely STAGGERING. One of the key aspects of fascism is the foisting on a people of a political system they have not asked or voted for, and in this respect the EU is quasi-fascist. The staggeringly ironic aspect of this is that the EU regards ANYONE who does not agree with its insane project as anything from misguided through irresponsible to neo-Nazi.

And top EU officials consider the plebs TOO STUPID to be allowed a vote. Here is a headline from “The Daily Mail”:

Britons ‘too ignorant’ for EU referendum: Viviane Reding, Vice-president of European Commission, says debate on Europe is so distorted that people could not make an ‘informed decision’. Speaking in London, she said British people must know ‘the facts’ on EU and boasted about how 70 per cent of UK’s laws are now made in Brussels.”

At the same time, the EU assigns to itself the title of “Saviour of Europe”, a title confirmed by the quite surreally-ludicrous award of the Nobel Peace Prize in 2012. The role of NATO in first liberating Europe from its own fascism and then deterring the USSR from attack until it collapsed got no mention at all.

One thing above all puzzles me. The creation of a United States of Europe means the abandonment of national sovereignty. This is a fundamental constitutional step that NO PEOPLES have voted for – EVER. I am astonished that, for example, the French would EVER consider the abandonment of their French state. Yet the political elite is silent on the matter. Very strange.

Will the French even get a VOTE on this? On past performance, not a snowball’s hope in Hades.

For the above reasons, I cannot possibly support ANYTHING the EU does, since it is a quasi-fascist organisation. This is of course apart from the waste, arrogance, venality, bureaucracy and all the rest, which is well documented elsewhere.


The sooner the UK quits this cancerous organisation, the better.

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