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25 Jan

“The shadow chancellor will make a “binding fiscal commitment” that a Labour government will balance the books as soon as possible after 2015 and by May 2020 at the latest.” (“The Daily Telegraph”)

WOW!! A “binding fiscal commitment”!! That sounds suspiciously like a Brownite “pledge”, even a “reinforced and binding pledge”.

And what will the “binding” consist of? Which gruesome punishment will be meted out to Balls et al if they DON’T balance the budget? 10 hours of HOC Community service – serving the tea or something? And of course if you behave yourselves for the first 5 hours you get off the second 5.

And isn’t it miraculous that Balls spend 13 years toadying up to Brown when the idea of balancing the budget would have been treated as preposterously stupid?

“WHAT!!! Live within the country’s means???? Not vastly over-borrow to bribe the people with their own money to vote for us?? ARE YOU INSANE, BALLS?”

It really is funny how one era’s perceived wisdom becomes the next generation’s execrable lunacy – and vice versa of course, which at least gives me some hope.

Of course, it is still possible that Balls still secretly BELIEVES in wildly overspending and borrowing but that he is just saying this to impress the voters, isn’t it? I mean, that COULD be possible, couldn’t it? Or do we trust Balls’s integrity on this one – he really HAS had a conversion? (just a joke ….)

It would be funny if not so pathetic, but it does remind me of Mr Francois “Pantsdown” Hollande. Before his election he said: “Fie with austerity! I spit on it! Out, Out begone – we will undo Sarkozy’s evil work trying to prevent economic collapse.”

But as soon as he was elected he carried on like Sarkozy only with the ADDITION of over SEVENTY NEW OR INCREASED TAXES!!

And NOW, after 18 months thought in between the shagging sessions, he has come up with THATCHERITE policies about cutting the state, reducing taxes and costs to employers!!

Form lunatic socialist to responsible Thatcherite in 18 months, just like Balls!!

And Milliband ADMIRES Hollande!!

You REALLY could not make these people up, which is why your average pleb is sick to death with the lot of them.

PS Cameron’s “pledge” re an EU referendum has been sunk by Labout and the Lib-Dem Lords! WOW!

A) What the heck are “Lords” doing in our constitution anyway? Unelected cronies on 300 GBP a day attendance money? Turn up, turn up – get your free public money here while voting down the elected HOC!!”And Mandelscum is one of your Lords! That REALLY is an insult.

B) Labour don’t trust the people much do they! “WOT! Give the idiot mob a vote? YOU ARE INSANE! We know best.”

Let’s have “A Dose of Swiss”


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2 responses to “The British Political Soap Opera

  1. John Rogers

    January 26, 2014 at 4:16 pm

    Just wanted to leave a note to say I am very happy to have found your blog.
    As you have said, “One thing may help, a determination to communicate and state the truth as one sees it, which is what I seek to do.” I like what you do. Godspeed.

    As an American living in NY I have little or no understanding of British politics (US politics is reality-challenged enough). On the “reality” front though, I did want to pass the following along.

    Tom Perkins, founder of the Silicon Valley venture capital firm of Kleiner Perkins et al., (worth about $8 billion), had this to say recently in the Wall Street Journal about the new Nazi-like attacks on the “successful”:

    “. . . I would call attention to the parallels of fascist Nazi Germany to its war on its “one percent,” namely its Jews, to the progressive war on the American one percent, namely the “rich.””

    He is so sensitive, and so obtuse, it’s like a quote from the satirical journal The Onion. Marcus Aurelius (loved your post) at least showed us you can be “successful” without being a narcissistic blockhead.

    • Chris Snuggs

      January 30, 2014 at 3:26 pm

      Hi – thanks for the encouragement. I sometimes feel I am just whispering in the face of a hurricane. However, one must “do something”. I wrote to the Chinese Ambassador in London recently to ask how his country could possibly support such barbarity just over the border, but of course got no reply. I also wrote to Cameron asking why the free world puts no pressure whatsoever on the Chinese to do something, but still await an answer to that.

      It is all probably pointless, but if everybody wrote, complained and/or boycotted Chinese goods it might have some effect.

      Tom Perkins is an idiot. Life is all about balance. Nobody denies that successful people should have more money, but it has got ridiculous. Not sure if you have seen this article by the admirable Nicolas Kristoff:

      Can this Perkins moron not grasp that this is both immoral and unsustainable? And even from a selfish point of view, history suggests that all societies where this happens end up either in revolution or dictatorship, and probably the first followed by the second?

      Perkins is an example of rationalising; finding arguments, however, stupid, that back up his premise. Comparing complainers about the wealth-gap to Nazis is surreally-moronic.

      But American leaders must take the blame; they do not actually LEAD. Understandable enough, as many are sucked up in the same greeedy kleptocracy.


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