Titles for a Flanby Film

22 Jan

Many political episodes resemble a soap-opera, and Mr Hollande’s is no different. One day they will make a film of this – pity Jacques Tati is no longer around. I have been mulling over some possible titles; first, it helps to know some French.

“un flan” is, surprisingly, a flannish sort of tart: wobbly, insubstantial, flabby, floppy, but somewhat fruity: however, nothing you would want to build anything on

“un flanby” is a brand of caramel custard

“flou” is fuzzy, woolly, unclear, indecisive and generally going round in circles

I have tried to feel sorry for Flanby, but have so far failed miserably. I suppose I must be old-fashioned, but a President of France describing marriage as “too bourgeois” is one surreality too far.

  • 24 Heures Avec Un Flanby

  • A La Recherche Du Flanby Perdu

  • A Bird Round The Corner Is Worth One In The Palace

  • Beware of Scooterized Flanbys

  • Fixit with Superflou

  • Flamby Rides Again

  • Flanbied to a Crisp

  • Flanby Goes Too Far

  • Flanby Goes To Hospital (Eventually)

  • Flanby Loses Count

  • Flanby Overdoes It

  • Flanby Breaks His Pact

  • Flanby Through The Back Door

  • Flanby By Night

  • Flanby On Top

  • Flanby In Disguise

  • Flanby Goes Undercover

  • Flanby Does It With A Wheelie

  • Flanby Poules the other one

  • Flanby Loses His Helmet

  • Flanby Does It Round The Corner

  • Flanby Keeps It Up!

  • Flanby My Dear, I Don’t Give A Damn

  • Flanby The Hard Man

  • Flanby And The (Not So) Secret Service

  • Flanby Today, Goon Tomorrow

  • Flanby Reporting, Present and Incorrect

  • Flanby Reveals All (but not to us)

  • Flanby Undone

  • Flanby Strikes Again

  • Flouby’s Cast-Offs

  • Flouflanby’s Rejects

  • Goodnight Flanby

  • Hell hath no fury Like A Woman Flanbied

  • How to Flanby For Dummies

  • Invasion of the Flanby

  • Je ne regrette pas mon Flanby

  • La Flambée du Flanby

  • Last Tango With Flanby

  • Last Tango in Paris With A Scooterized Flanby

  • Le Lys Dans L’Allée

  • Les Trois Victimes de Flouflanby

  • Mama! The Flanby is sagging!

  • Moi? Flanby?

  • Mon Manege a Trois

  • Mr Flou et Les Trois Flanbybabes

  • My Flanby in Shining Helmet

  • Never Trust a Flanby

  • Once Flanbied, twice shy

  • Once a Flanby, Always a Flanby

  • Only I Can Flanby

  • Pass Me The Suicide Pills; here Comes Flanby

  • Revenge of the Flanbied

  • Scooter Flanby, Roi du Flou

  • Showdown at the Palace

  • Six Jours Sans Flanby

  • SuperFlanby and the Last One Standing

  • SuperFlanby et les Trois Flanbieds

  • That’s Another Fine Flanby You’ve Got Me Into

  • The Flanby is undone!

  • The Flanby on Wheels

  • The Flanby Your Mother Warned You About

  • The Flanby Has A Pact with Irresponsibility

  • The Third Lady of Flanby

  • The Flanby Trio

  • The Three Flanbieds

  • There’s No Stopping A Flanby

  • There’s a Flanby in my bed!

  • Three Flou Into The Flanby’s Nest

  • Too much Flanby is Bad For Your Health

  • Two Down, One To Go

  • You can’t keep a Flanby Down

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