The Beginning of the End?

22 Jan

Euro ‘increasing unemployment and social hardship’, says EC

Deepening economic divisions between North and South,
rich and poor eurozone countries threaten to undermine
the European Union itself, report states

So, an actual EC report tells us the bleedin’ obvious. Is this honesty, or as anyone with more than one brain cell will know, just another brick in the construction of a European Superstate?

Concerning this, it seems to me that the basic question is now this:

Will Germany agree to eurobonds to save the euro?

If it does (and Merkel has so far more or less said “Over My Dead Body”) then debt is equally shared and effectively backed by Germany, which would see much-increased inflation and a sharp fall in living standards. And of course, this being effectively financial union, it would inevitably lead to political union or the same in all but name.

If it doesn’t, the euro cannot survive; eventually, Italy, or even France will crack – its people rebel against the Brusselian-German Diktat. As all economists predicted, the euro simply cannot work for such disparate economies. But all the eurozealots KNEW this. The problems in the euro are ALL part of a DELIBERATE STRATEGY to force political union.

This ranks in my book as a crime: the deliberate deception of hundreds of millions of people, who were never told the truth or warned of the risks. And of course, even when they voted AGAINST the Lisbon Treaty (France and Ireland) the decision was effectively taken out of the people’s hands, their being of course too stupid to make the right decision.

It is staggering that the people responsible are ready to blame anyone but themselves for this disaster: the banks, the ratings agencies, the Anglo-Saxons ….. but NONE of them will be punished for this crime.

The Eurocon revealed:

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