English Lunacy

31 Dec

ENGLISH LUNACY. Seeking limits to immigration is not a question of xenophobia, but of rationality – not to mention avoiding bankruptcy.

Of course, almost ALL those politicians reponsible for this shambles will remain largely unaffected personally, living as they mostly do in posh areas of major cities. The Milliband Dynasty is in Primrose Hill, I believe, far removed from the trenches of course. Only removing them from their expensive sinecures will achieve anything,

“Almost all flights from Romania to England are full – even though one airline doubled the number to meet demand – with one-way tickets selling for up to £3,000 each. And all tickets for seats on buses leaving the Bulgarian capital of Sofia until January 9 have been snapped up. At the central bus station in Sofia, a large poster showing Big Ben, a London bus and traditional red phone box advertise the bus routes to a new life here.”
“British anarchists ‘are turning Calais lawless’: Mayor claims they fuel chaos by helping army of migrants targeting UK. Natacha Bouchart said the number of people trying to make it across the Channel was becoming ‘untenable’ and radical action was needed.”
“Hundreds of thousands of asylum seekers are set to be granted an ‘amnesty’ to stay in Britain – on human rights grounds. Councils have been warned they must take over responsibility for the migrants, who will immediately be entitled to benefits and a place at the front of the housing queue. The “amnesty” comes as officials deal with 450,000 “legacy” cases which were lost for years in the shambolic asylum system.”
“Border shambles lets 150,000 migrants overstay their visas as officials have no idea if they are still living here illegally.”
“Romanian government says 80,000 families have both parents working abroad, raising questions about impact of EU migration.”
A jobless mother is demanding a new council home after she complained that a previous tenant had died in hers – which she says offends her gipsy culture. Lisa Bowden, who has not worked in 15 years and collects around £13,000 a year in benefits, (£70 weekly employment and support allowance, and £60 a week in child tax credits plus £80 a month in child benefit, and her £90 weekly rent is paid for by the taxpayer.) was given her current newly-decorated two-bedroom flat two months ago.But she discovered that a man had died there, and claims it is against her culture to live where someone has passed away.

Miss Bowden, 40, who has four children by two fathers, said she can feel the presence of the deceased man’s ‘spirit’ and insisted that Dartford Borough Council move her to a three- bedroom house with a garden.

(Ed: which they now have – I really do not know why my daughter bothers working and paying half her income in rent.)
“Sorry but migrants will STILL abuse the NHS, writes consultant surgeon Professor J Meirion Thomas. Lord Howe conceded this week that health tourism is a massive problem, and that it is costing the taxpayer £500 million. This figure is still a fraction of my estimate of £2 billion to £3 billion, which is based on a vast number of case reports and other audit data I have received from those working at the frontline of the NHS.

The flow of West African women jetting in to give birth for free at hospitals in London is so well known in parts of the NHS that it is called the Lagos shuttle. But the problem is not just pregnant women. There is also the abuse of cancer, HIV, kidney dialysis, transplant and other services, all of which are specifically targeted by health tourists.”
ED: The NHS cannot possibly survive without massive change which will have to include charging at point of use on insurance like everywhere else in the world, an evidence of which the left is in total denial. Everywhere you look the NHS is overwhelmed by numbers and dysfunctional in key areas.

Sweden and Switzerland? Fascist, xenophobic racists? I hardly think so:

A dose of Swiss

How they do it in Sweden

But the funniest thing is, successive so-called UK “governments” (flocks of dead sheep could do better) did not join Shengen so that the UK could “keep control of its borders.”



The “non-intervention” vote was immoral, selfish, cowardly, short-sighted and STUPID. It has:
– maintained in power a mass-murdering family-dynasty thug guilty of serial crimes against humanity
– allowed AQ to establish itself in Syria and sow the seeds of a Middle-East-wide conflagration between Sunni and Shia
– facilitated the extermination of Christians in the area – whom we will have to give asylum to
– given morons the illusion that Putin is some sort of good guy
– ensured that ordinary Syrians have been and will be murdered or exiled in their tens of thousands
– convinced very nasty people that they can carry out their crimes against humanity with impunity
– facilitated the destruction of Syria
– demonstrated the total uselessness of the UN

Congratulations Labour – another stunning success.

For a full explanation, see here ….

“Happy New Year”? It will be no doubt for the illiberal unintelligentsia pontificating from the warmth and safety of their posh, middle-class houses that are rocketing in value. Congratulations.

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