Mass-Murdering Barbarity in Syria

29 Dec


It has been amusing these last weeks as Assad slowly begins to win the Syrian civil war how the armchair-strategists of the free-world are wetting themselves at how right they were to call for non-intervention.

I say “amusing”, but it is of course tragic. The facts are actually as follows:

  • The uprising was not originally fundamentalist, but comprised mostly ordinary Syrians sick of living under a family-dynasty, fascist dictator. Were Blair and his family to have been in power in the UK for decades with the usual brutal abolition of many human rights then no doubt even the armchair socialists in Britain might have been stirred to revolt.
  • The free world provided “non-lethal aid” to the rebels, which in a war is about as much use as a fart in a hurricane.
  • AQ sensed an opportunity in the absence of any real interest on the part of the free world in supporting those fighting for their freedom – even when Obama’s “red line” was crossed with the gassing of hundreds of people, almost all “innocent” of course – and began to flood into the country on the back of the fighting of the original rebels.
  • As AQ and its associates are utterly merciless and ruthless they rapidly seized the iniative to the point where even the useless “non-lethal aid” supplied by the free world has been stopped.
  • Having occupied territory they began to impose brutal form of Shariah Law on the areas they control, including summary exectution of anyone opposing them. In this way they have achieved the remarkable feat of making Assad look “moderate”.
  • During all this time of “non-intervention”, Iran has had thousands of troops on the ground, presumable not “non-intervening”. These have been supported by Hezbollah, Iran’s proxy army in Lebanon. So much for “non-intervention”.
  • In addition, Russia (that great supporter of peace) has been continuing to arm and no doubt advise Assad on how to exterminate “the rats”, as fellow-traveller Gaddafi might have described them.
  • During this civil war the Russian favourite Assad has committed innumerable crimes against humanity, including the indiscriminate bombing of civilian areas as well as the use of chemical weapons. Here are just two of many reports:

“A brutal air campaign using barrel bombs has killed as many as 480 people in Northern Syria including dozens of children.”

GAZIANTEP, Turkey – The three young Syrian women had managed to escape from the rebel-held section of Aleppo for a few days’ rest across the border in Turkey. Asma, 26, a university graduate in English literature, has been volunteering for the past two years as a nurse in a field hospital, treating civilian victims of the war, which has divided Aleppo into conflict zones held by the rebels and the regime.

Salam, 30, and Islam, 28, sisters who were teachers before the war, are volunteers in an orphanage that shelters 650 children who lost parents in the fighting. “These children are only a fraction of the number of war orphans,” Salam told me. It was hard to believe that these fresh-faced, smiling women, their faces framed by head scarves, had lived for years under bombardments.

But just after they arrived in Gaziantep, the Assad regime began dropping “barrel bombs” filled with hundreds of pounds of explosives and shrapnel on apartment buildings in their neighborhood, killing hundreds of civilians and wounding hundreds more. The three were planning to rush back into the mayhem.

“There are not enough doctors or nurses or supplies,” Asma explained as we sat over a simple lunch of bread, cheese and cucumbers in the apartment of friends who had escaped from Aleppo. “They are operating in the corridors, cutting off limbs without anesthetic.” A school had been hit, and many of the new victims were children.

No surprise. Bashar Assad’s war against his own people is a deliberate war against civilians and children. The greatest humanitarian catastrophe of the 21st century thus far is unfolding in Syria. The war crimes committed by Assad rival anything seen in Darfur or Bosnia.

Yet the international community has failed to take steps that could slow or halt these war crimes. And the Obama administration has unwittingly helped Assad continue slaughtering civilians.


Helicopters dropped TNT-packed barrels on a vegetable market and next to a hospital in Syria’s northern city Aleppo Saturday, killing at least 25 civilians including two children, a watchdog said.

“The number of people killed has risen to 25 including two women, four children, a teenager and a media activist,” the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said, updating an earlier toll.

“The number is likely to rise further because several people have been critically injured,” the Britain-based group added.The Syrian Revolution General Commission, a network of activists on the ground, described the bombing as a “massacre”.

“The raid targeted a crowded market where people were buying vegetables and home appliances,” it said. “Many buildings have been damaged, and one collapsed.”


  • The world has utterly failed. Giving the “rebels” non-lethal aid only ensures they die more slowly.
  • Any intervention would be messy, but non-intenvention has been far WORSE. Nobody was asking for the dreaded “troops on the ground”, but Assad’s air-force has been used to indiscriminately bomb civilian areas.
  • It is usually impossible to do EVERYTHING, but what has been done to help the ordinary Syrian people fighting fascism has been worse than NOTHING, for now they are fighting both Assad and Al Qaeda.
  • No man is an island. Tthe original rebels (like those in Libya) are our FELLOW-HUMANS who wish not to live under dictatorship, just as we would not.
  • We COULD have made a difference, but selfishness has keep us safely in our armchairs.
  • The UN is useless, with dictatorships and quasi-fascist regimes even sitting on the Security Council.
  • Anyone trusting Putin is a moron. This ex-KGB lieutenant (part of the security apparatus responsible for multiple atrocities including the cold-blooded murder of 16,000 Poles at Katyn Forest) regrets the demise of the URSSR, a regime responsible for the deaths of tens of millions of people. More recently, the Russian secret police are prima facie responsible for murdering Putin-opponent Litvinenko on the streets of London. Anyone remember what happened to Trotsky? We only await Russian tanks once more rolling west and south to reestablish the USSR.
  • Once again vast numbers of deaths and casualties occur in a dictatorship whose people revolted. There will be NO peace on Earth until the free world refuses to accept dictatorships.

Has Russia faced any sanctions at ALL for supporting the brutal family-dynasty Assad regime? Supporting fascist gangsters should disqualify a state from UN membership, let alone a place on the Security Council. “Realpolitik”? I pefer honesty.

Finally – as was completely predictable – the failure to support “ordinary” Syrians has meant AQ flooding into Syria, with a number of diastrous effects:

– The original “rebels” are now fighting TWO enemies and being overwhelmed by the viciousness of the religious lunatics.

– The gruesome dictator Assad will be maintained in power.

 – Christians are being genocided, adn MILLIONS wil be seeking asylum in Europe.

– An entire generation of jihadi lunatics is developing, which will spread out over the Middle East and elsewhere and lubricate the coming WWIII involving a fight to the death between Sunni and Shia Muslims.


And don’t miss this video of a man being buried alive by Assad’s forces.


Family of British surgeon killed in Syria say he was drugged and hanged by his captors then his body flushed with fluids to ruin a post-mortem



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4 responses to “Mass-Murdering Barbarity in Syria

  1. Chris Taylor

    December 31, 2013 at 1:27 am

    Get real, we were arming and training these mercenaries paid for by the Saudi’s before anything kicked off in Syria. We were going to get dragged into a proxy war between Saudi Arabia and Iran but unfortunately we backed the Saudi scum, who of course also finance Al-Qaida. Luckily the British public were not gullible enough to be fooled by conman Hague or his lies. We probably have the debacle in Iraq to thank for that.
    We won’t stop Al-Qaida or Islamic fundamentalist jihad until we turn our back on that worm infested cesspit called Saudi Arabia and let the moderate Muslims of the world root out the Wahhabi preachers of hate and those who in power there that keep on unleashing it upon the world.
    If we are going to arm or help anyone make it those who don’t want to keep the middle east in the stone age.

    • Chris Snuggs

      January 25, 2014 at 10:34 am

      I’m afraid you are generalising again. Not all Arabs are brainwashed fundamentalist lunatics; many are “ordinary people”. My reading of this is that the Syrian rebellion was started by such people, not Saudi-trained and financed “scum”. By not aiding the ordinary Syrians (even as thousands of Iranian troops are helping Assad to murder them), we have boosted the very AQ factions you refer to.

      The situation is complex, but the free world should stand up for those fighting for their freedom. Sarkozy understood this in Libya, but too many are bored with the complexity of it all and resort to vast generalisations.

      • Chris Snuggs

        December 6, 2014 at 4:54 pm

        “Not all Arabs are brainwashed and fundamentalist lunatics”.

        There is no proof whatsoever of the existence of “God” that would stand up in court. Arabs are only Muslim because they were born in an Islamic environment and were brainwashed by theri parents. How yould you otherwise explain the almost total absence of Muslims in South America? “lunatics”? No, but enough of them ARE to do immense damage. As for generalisation, if one is to avoid it entirely then all that one says or thinks would have to be endlessly associated with statistics. I never said ALL Arabs were as you quote, but look at the TWO MAJOR CENTRES of Islamic fait: Saudi Arabia and Iran. These are two hideous, bigoted and extremely NASTY regimes, or do you disagree with that, too?.


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