The EU Referendum

26 Dec

Our deep-throat mole in Whitehall has managed to get a sneak preview of the draft questions under consideration for the EU In/Out referendum promised (don’t laugh) for 2017 IF Cameron wins the election. (I told you not to laugh!)

Apparently the draft has been submitted to the EU for approval but the word on the street is that the Commission at the moment considers it rather biased in favour of an “Out” vote. Discussions are on-going ….


A) I want to remain part of the glorious EU which has saved Europe from war and created a union of brothers ready to work together to face the world’s problems in harmony and unison with wise and fatherly guidance from the Franco-German-Bruxellian alliance as Europe’s nations states merge into a United States of Europe with full homogenisation of finance, politics and cultures. I also do not want to suffer a slow death by starvation as the world ceases trading with us.

B) I want to join the horde of brainless, swivel-eyed, xenophobic little-Englander racist swine who want to leave the EU and destroy our trade and economy, leaving millions in abject misery begging for food parcels from across the Channel and putting us at risk of imminent invasion from China and/or Russia.

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