The North Korean Hell on Earth Revisited

13 Dec


The NK government spokesman referred to the purged and executed uncle of Kim Jong-un as:

“…. the despicable human scum Jang, who was worse than a dog”.

This is a classic example of what we call in English, “the pot calling the kettle black.”

How wonderful it would be if the entire leadership of NK would purge itself, preferably in one batch and in public. That would be a nice Christmas present to Humanity.

Meanwhile, China has urged the regime to “maintain national stability”, or in other words to go back to oppressing, torturing and murdering the people of NK rather than itself. I am afraid I have had it with China, which has supported and sustained this murderous regime for over six decades, even returning to imprisonment, torture and often death those few desperate refugees who manage to escape from this shameful stain on the planet.

In that context, the sight of our Prime Minister grovelling to China to increase our trade is sickening indeed. What happened to our morality? We managed to impose sanctions on South Africa to try to help bring about the end of apartheid, but in the case of China all our leaders do is mumble a few platitudes about “human rights” – which the CCP leaders nod politely at and then totally ignore – and then get on with the grovelling. Perhaps this is because sanctions on SA didn’t really cost us much, whereas with China it would mean that all that plastic rubbish we need for Christmas was a bit more expensive – and the market for posh German cars a bit smaller.

And of course, the reference to dogs is imbecilic: our dogs are gentle, loving, faithful and obedient. What sort of dogs do they have in Asia? It is a supreme irony that anyone non-PC in NK is referred to as a dog, when I would not even insult the dirtiest rat by comparing Kim Jong-un to one of these over-maligned creatures.

Actually, we can go further. There is no creature on Earth so cruel, barbaric, psychopathic and generally disgusting as Homo Sapiens at his worst.

This is very sad.

Merry Christmas

PS Background info from “The Daily Telegraph”


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2 responses to “The North Korean Hell on Earth Revisited

  1. Paul Handover

    December 13, 2013 at 2:57 pm

    The only other thought I would add to your post is the species homo sapiens is not immune to the power of evolution.

    • Chris Snuggs

      December 14, 2013 at 9:54 am

      Your implication is right; I DO tend to be a bit gloomy. This may be because the evolution – if there is one – is too slow for me to see it and certainly to enjoy it before I die!

      A defining moment for me was the Enron case. Here we had an advanced country – often referred to as leader of the free, democratic world, and a company that provides a utility of immense importance to the people for their well-being and run by top managers who were already wealthy beyond the dreams of most people on the planet. I assume this without having the figures, but top managers in the US earn big bucks.

      But DESPITE this, their GREED led them to commit a despicable act so as to earn EVEN MORE money. When people in such high positions of responsibilityare totally immoral, how can one expect those immeasurably less well-off to do the right thing?

      Well, at least they got put away, and so justice was done, but many get away with immorality – certainly lots of bankers who KNEW that what they were doing was wrong, but didn’t care.


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