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English Lunacy

ENGLISH LUNACY. Seeking limits to immigration is not a question of xenophobia, but of rationality – not to mention avoiding bankruptcy.

Of course, almost ALL those politicians reponsible for this shambles will remain largely unaffected personally, living as they mostly do in posh areas of major cities. The Milliband Dynasty is in Primrose Hill, I believe, far removed from the trenches of course. Only removing them from their expensive sinecures will achieve anything,

“Almost all flights from Romania to England are full – even though one airline doubled the number to meet demand – with one-way tickets selling for up to £3,000 each. And all tickets for seats on buses leaving the Bulgarian capital of Sofia until January 9 have been snapped up. At the central bus station in Sofia, a large poster showing Big Ben, a London bus and traditional red phone box advertise the bus routes to a new life here.”
“British anarchists ‘are turning Calais lawless’: Mayor claims they fuel chaos by helping army of migrants targeting UK. Natacha Bouchart said the number of people trying to make it across the Channel was becoming ‘untenable’ and radical action was needed.”
“Hundreds of thousands of asylum seekers are set to be granted an ‘amnesty’ to stay in Britain – on human rights grounds. Councils have been warned they must take over responsibility for the migrants, who will immediately be entitled to benefits and a place at the front of the housing queue. The “amnesty” comes as officials deal with 450,000 “legacy” cases which were lost for years in the shambolic asylum system.”
“Border shambles lets 150,000 migrants overstay their visas as officials have no idea if they are still living here illegally.”
“Romanian government says 80,000 families have both parents working abroad, raising questions about impact of EU migration.”
A jobless mother is demanding a new council home after she complained that a previous tenant had died in hers – which she says offends her gipsy culture. Lisa Bowden, who has not worked in 15 years and collects around £13,000 a year in benefits, (£70 weekly employment and support allowance, and £60 a week in child tax credits plus £80 a month in child benefit, and her £90 weekly rent is paid for by the taxpayer.) was given her current newly-decorated two-bedroom flat two months ago.But she discovered that a man had died there, and claims it is against her culture to live where someone has passed away.

Miss Bowden, 40, who has four children by two fathers, said she can feel the presence of the deceased man’s ‘spirit’ and insisted that Dartford Borough Council move her to a three- bedroom house with a garden.

(Ed: which they now have – I really do not know why my daughter bothers working and paying half her income in rent.)
“Sorry but migrants will STILL abuse the NHS, writes consultant surgeon Professor J Meirion Thomas. Lord Howe conceded this week that health tourism is a massive problem, and that it is costing the taxpayer £500 million. This figure is still a fraction of my estimate of £2 billion to £3 billion, which is based on a vast number of case reports and other audit data I have received from those working at the frontline of the NHS.

The flow of West African women jetting in to give birth for free at hospitals in London is so well known in parts of the NHS that it is called the Lagos shuttle. But the problem is not just pregnant women. There is also the abuse of cancer, HIV, kidney dialysis, transplant and other services, all of which are specifically targeted by health tourists.”
ED: The NHS cannot possibly survive without massive change which will have to include charging at point of use on insurance like everywhere else in the world, an evidence of which the left is in total denial. Everywhere you look the NHS is overwhelmed by numbers and dysfunctional in key areas.

Sweden and Switzerland? Fascist, xenophobic racists? I hardly think so:

A dose of Swiss

How they do it in Sweden

But the funniest thing is, successive so-called UK “governments” (flocks of dead sheep could do better) did not join Shengen so that the UK could “keep control of its borders.”



The “non-intervention” vote was immoral, selfish, cowardly, short-sighted and STUPID. It has:
– maintained in power a mass-murdering family-dynasty thug guilty of serial crimes against humanity
– allowed AQ to establish itself in Syria and sow the seeds of a Middle-East-wide conflagration between Sunni and Shia
– facilitated the extermination of Christians in the area – whom we will have to give asylum to
– given morons the illusion that Putin is some sort of good guy
– ensured that ordinary Syrians have been and will be murdered or exiled in their tens of thousands
– convinced very nasty people that they can carry out their crimes against humanity with impunity
– facilitated the destruction of Syria
– demonstrated the total uselessness of the UN

Congratulations Labour – another stunning success.

For a full explanation, see here ….

“Happy New Year”? It will be no doubt for the illiberal unintelligentsia pontificating from the warmth and safety of their posh, middle-class houses that are rocketing in value. Congratulations.

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2014: You Read It Here First!

Let’s play the “New Year Predictions” game!

2014 will see an end to the long period of peace enjoyed (THANKS TO THE GLORIOUS EU) since the dreaded Anglo-Saxons liberated Europe in 1945.

Concerning WWIII, there are two scenarios – A) a merely terrible one and B) a catastrophically terrible one:

A) WWIII will involve the entire Middle East, Pakistan and other areas worldwide infested by ISLAM as Muslim Sunnis try to exterminate the Muslim Shia and vice versa as part of “God’s Work”, with all those dying or killing shouting “God is Great” as they do so.

Once whichever Muslim group has wiped out the other lot they will start on the probably small number of  “apostates” surviving the radiation …… we shall fight them on the beaches but probably with our bare hands as most of the armed forces will have been abolished. When a nuclear suitcase-bomb goes off in London the political elite might at last issue from their secret bunker a mild rebuke to Islamic leaders, but the ECHR will refuse to accept Islam being designated a terrorist organisation.

The last act of WWIII will involve Iran and Israel destroying each other, and radiation from a last-ditch Israeli bomb to try to save its people will spread out all over the world and kill three billion people.

B) If things go really badly, WWIII Middle-East may be complemented by WWIII Asia with the collapse of China’s economy and society pushing their leaders to declare war on Taiwan and thus the USA, though Obama will probably do nothing, so the Chinese takeover of the whole area may go unchallenged apart from a few desperate Taiwanese air-strikes. However, at that point Japan will fear Chinese expansion and its general thirst for revenge and declare war on China, at last forcing the USA to do something apart from wring its hands, shrug its shoulders and increase its debt ceiling.

Thus will WWIII (Asia) and WWIII (Middle East) coalesce into a gigantic conflagration in which only the nearest Eskimoes to the North Pole will survive.

There – is that optimistic enough?

PS As death stalks the planet the EU will issue a stern rebuke to the UK about its carrots being too orange.

PPS The last statement ever to be issued by Labour leaders will blame Mrs Thatcher and the Tories as radiation wipes out the people if not they themselves as they continue to issue directives from their bunker.

UKIP will tsunami the European elections and this will be accompanied by a vast acceleration in the speed of Cameron’s headless chicken careering round the farmyard.

The Lib-Dems will see their apocalypse coming and ditch Clegg who will escape to the EU for four times the salary, half the work, twice the pontificating speeches and 20% of his current tax. Cable will take over, since though surreally clueless he is the best they have got. Cable will nominate Chris Huhne to the new position of “Shadow Minister of Ethics” on the “Set a thief to catch a thief” basis.

As the Tories implode in face of mass defections to UKIP the Labour Party will win a sudden election on the promise of re-nationalising all utilities and banks plus the freezing of all prices for ten years in conjunction with the doubling of all benefits as well as NHS salaries and the building of ten million new homes. Once Labour is elected the GBP will immediately collapse along with the closure of the entire financial sector in the City, whose premises will come in handy for the vast flood of immigrants joining their Muslim brothers in the future Londonistan. EM will announce that the pound in our pockets is still worth a pound as Blair is brought back as Consultant to spin the total meltdown of Britain as a new era of “Even Nooer Labour” harmony and prosperity. This will not be easy, which is why he will be paid a fee of 100 million Swiss francs, the only currency in the world that has not collapsed.

A new class of mega-rich will evolve, those having had the foresight to invest in horse-breeding before Labour’s election.

The Russian Red Army will invade all the countries previously part of the USSR, ostensibly to save them from chaos as the world financial system collapses under a mountain of debt.This will shortly be followed by the abolition of parliament in Russia and the total reestablishment of the USSR (after consultation with Blair for a fee of 3 million Swiss francs) to be known as the NUSSR (NOO USSR). Putin will unanimously be elected by his cronies as “President for Life” and declared as “Man of the Year” by Time Magazine. The Pussy Riot gang will be rearrested and sent along with Gary Kasparov to a new Siberian Gulag “Retraining Centre” to be built in consultation with Kim Jong-un.

The euro will collapse and the economies of ClubMed immediately begin to improve as German exports plummet and the country suffers high unemployment and inflation. The country will then look for “a strong leader” to reestablish Germany’s dominant position in Europe. The French government will also collapse and blame everyone except themselves but in particular the Boche and Anglo-Saxons in equal measure as the National Front leads an “Emergency Government of National Salvation” whose main policy is to quit the EU. This will remain one of the rare acts of sanity in an increasingly lunatic world.

SPAIN will fall deeper down its death spiral and (like France) confiscate all property owned by foreigners, leaving hundreds of thousands of British pensioners destitute. Gibraltar will be blockaded and troop movements built up “to liberate our territory”, but war over Gibraltar will be pre-empted by WWIII which will have started in the Middle East. Until radiation overwhelms the whole of the Northern Hemisphere, Spain and the UK will then cooperate to prevent tens of millions of desperate refugees fleeing from North African Islamic countries.

LONDON will elect a Muslim Mayor who hires the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Morsi as Consultant and promptly demands Shariah Law for “Muslim Areas”. This will be initially be refused but conceded after the Muslims appeal to the ECHR, which allows the appeal and accuses the British government of xenophobia and racism – even though Islam is not a race of course. The British government will relocate to Scunthorpe as MPs cannot hear themselves think owing to the hideous sounds emanating from the mosques mushrooming all over Westminster. Islamic moves begin to ensure the secession of London and Birmingham from the UK as a new Islamic state. A corridor policed by UN troops will link these two Islamic cities.

A multi-national group of Arab, Chinese and Russian oligarchs will take over the management of Manchester United and buy up the 20 best players on the planet, paying them each a million quid a game. Once the title has been won by the biggest point-margin in history (having lost only one point in a draw when half their team were sick with food-poisoning) the group will issue a statement saying how proud of their boys they are and that it was team spirit and grit that won the day.

Botham will argue that a lot of the problems in Australia were down to bad luck in losing the toss allied with superior OZ sledging techniques and faulty technology. England will then play a three-match series with the Ireland Second XI and lose three-nil with only KP scoring above double-figures.

The BBC will survive attempts to abolish it and in defiance send 3,000 staff to cover the World Cup in Brazil. To improve morale it will sack all its senior management with vast golden-handshakes and then rehire them as consultants at twice their previous emoluments.

The NHS will collapse entirely and in desperation be contracted out to Cuba. 99% of native-Brit white doctors will relocate to Australia and the public will be given crash-courses in Spanish, Swahili, Arabic and Urdu to help them understand what their doctors are telling them.

The new Labour government will free all prisoners on the basis that it wasn’t their fault as they had deprived childhoods under Mrs Thatcher. The prisons will be reused as luxury housing for immigrant arrivals. As nobody will any longer have to accept responsibility for crime there will be no more need for courts and lawyers, thus freeing up vast resources and premises for even more immigrants.

Anyone committing a crime (which of course is not their fault) will be cautioned by the police and told not to do it again under pain of another and longer-lasting caution.

YUP!! It’s going to be an exciting year.

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Mass-Murdering Barbarity in Syria


It has been amusing these last weeks as Assad slowly begins to win the Syrian civil war how the armchair-strategists of the free-world are wetting themselves at how right they were to call for non-intervention.

I say “amusing”, but it is of course tragic. The facts are actually as follows:

  • The uprising was not originally fundamentalist, but comprised mostly ordinary Syrians sick of living under a family-dynasty, fascist dictator. Were Blair and his family to have been in power in the UK for decades with the usual brutal abolition of many human rights then no doubt even the armchair socialists in Britain might have been stirred to revolt.
  • The free world provided “non-lethal aid” to the rebels, which in a war is about as much use as a fart in a hurricane.
  • AQ sensed an opportunity in the absence of any real interest on the part of the free world in supporting those fighting for their freedom – even when Obama’s “red line” was crossed with the gassing of hundreds of people, almost all “innocent” of course – and began to flood into the country on the back of the fighting of the original rebels.
  • As AQ and its associates are utterly merciless and ruthless they rapidly seized the iniative to the point where even the useless “non-lethal aid” supplied by the free world has been stopped.
  • Having occupied territory they began to impose brutal form of Shariah Law on the areas they control, including summary exectution of anyone opposing them. In this way they have achieved the remarkable feat of making Assad look “moderate”.
  • During all this time of “non-intervention”, Iran has had thousands of troops on the ground, presumable not “non-intervening”. These have been supported by Hezbollah, Iran’s proxy army in Lebanon. So much for “non-intervention”.
  • In addition, Russia (that great supporter of peace) has been continuing to arm and no doubt advise Assad on how to exterminate “the rats”, as fellow-traveller Gaddafi might have described them.
  • During this civil war the Russian favourite Assad has committed innumerable crimes against humanity, including the indiscriminate bombing of civilian areas as well as the use of chemical weapons. Here are just two of many reports:

“A brutal air campaign using barrel bombs has killed as many as 480 people in Northern Syria including dozens of children.”

GAZIANTEP, Turkey – The three young Syrian women had managed to escape from the rebel-held section of Aleppo for a few days’ rest across the border in Turkey. Asma, 26, a university graduate in English literature, has been volunteering for the past two years as a nurse in a field hospital, treating civilian victims of the war, which has divided Aleppo into conflict zones held by the rebels and the regime.

Salam, 30, and Islam, 28, sisters who were teachers before the war, are volunteers in an orphanage that shelters 650 children who lost parents in the fighting. “These children are only a fraction of the number of war orphans,” Salam told me. It was hard to believe that these fresh-faced, smiling women, their faces framed by head scarves, had lived for years under bombardments.

But just after they arrived in Gaziantep, the Assad regime began dropping “barrel bombs” filled with hundreds of pounds of explosives and shrapnel on apartment buildings in their neighborhood, killing hundreds of civilians and wounding hundreds more. The three were planning to rush back into the mayhem.

“There are not enough doctors or nurses or supplies,” Asma explained as we sat over a simple lunch of bread, cheese and cucumbers in the apartment of friends who had escaped from Aleppo. “They are operating in the corridors, cutting off limbs without anesthetic.” A school had been hit, and many of the new victims were children.

No surprise. Bashar Assad’s war against his own people is a deliberate war against civilians and children. The greatest humanitarian catastrophe of the 21st century thus far is unfolding in Syria. The war crimes committed by Assad rival anything seen in Darfur or Bosnia.

Yet the international community has failed to take steps that could slow or halt these war crimes. And the Obama administration has unwittingly helped Assad continue slaughtering civilians.


Helicopters dropped TNT-packed barrels on a vegetable market and next to a hospital in Syria’s northern city Aleppo Saturday, killing at least 25 civilians including two children, a watchdog said.

“The number of people killed has risen to 25 including two women, four children, a teenager and a media activist,” the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said, updating an earlier toll.

“The number is likely to rise further because several people have been critically injured,” the Britain-based group added.The Syrian Revolution General Commission, a network of activists on the ground, described the bombing as a “massacre”.

“The raid targeted a crowded market where people were buying vegetables and home appliances,” it said. “Many buildings have been damaged, and one collapsed.”


  • The world has utterly failed. Giving the “rebels” non-lethal aid only ensures they die more slowly.
  • Any intervention would be messy, but non-intenvention has been far WORSE. Nobody was asking for the dreaded “troops on the ground”, but Assad’s air-force has been used to indiscriminately bomb civilian areas.
  • It is usually impossible to do EVERYTHING, but what has been done to help the ordinary Syrian people fighting fascism has been worse than NOTHING, for now they are fighting both Assad and Al Qaeda.
  • No man is an island. Tthe original rebels (like those in Libya) are our FELLOW-HUMANS who wish not to live under dictatorship, just as we would not.
  • We COULD have made a difference, but selfishness has keep us safely in our armchairs.
  • The UN is useless, with dictatorships and quasi-fascist regimes even sitting on the Security Council.
  • Anyone trusting Putin is a moron. This ex-KGB lieutenant (part of the security apparatus responsible for multiple atrocities including the cold-blooded murder of 16,000 Poles at Katyn Forest) regrets the demise of the URSSR, a regime responsible for the deaths of tens of millions of people. More recently, the Russian secret police are prima facie responsible for murdering Putin-opponent Litvinenko on the streets of London. Anyone remember what happened to Trotsky? We only await Russian tanks once more rolling west and south to reestablish the USSR.
  • Once again vast numbers of deaths and casualties occur in a dictatorship whose people revolted. There will be NO peace on Earth until the free world refuses to accept dictatorships.

Has Russia faced any sanctions at ALL for supporting the brutal family-dynasty Assad regime? Supporting fascist gangsters should disqualify a state from UN membership, let alone a place on the Security Council. “Realpolitik”? I pefer honesty.

Finally – as was completely predictable – the failure to support “ordinary” Syrians has meant AQ flooding into Syria, with a number of diastrous effects:

– The original “rebels” are now fighting TWO enemies and being overwhelmed by the viciousness of the religious lunatics.

– The gruesome dictator Assad will be maintained in power.

 – Christians are being genocided, adn MILLIONS wil be seeking asylum in Europe.

– An entire generation of jihadi lunatics is developing, which will spread out over the Middle East and elsewhere and lubricate the coming WWIII involving a fight to the death between Sunni and Shia Muslims.


And don’t miss this video of a man being buried alive by Assad’s forces.


Family of British surgeon killed in Syria say he was drugged and hanged by his captors then his body flushed with fluids to ruin a post-mortem



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Britain’s Eternal Disgrace

This is an old topic, but it will not go away. Today we read this headline in “The Daily Telegraph”:

Home buying will be out of reach for an ‘entire generation’

Average prices in London will soar by more than 43pc to £650,000, research by the National Housing Federation and Oxford Economics warns.

There are four fundamental elements which any civilised society must organize for its people:

  • food
  • shelter & clothing
  • defence
  • health

Of course, none of these can be easily provided without education, so that could be a fifth, and transportation & infrastructure to facilitate all the others a sixth.

Britain does OK on food and clothing in general, but defence, health and education are decidedly wobbly and housing is a total disaster, a disgrace, a shameful blot – so appalling that we can hardly call ourselves “developed”.

As a benchmark, we could consider so-called “primitive” societies, such as:

  • Eskimoes
  • “Red” Indians from North America
  • Other “Indians” and natives from all corners of the Earth: Borneo, Brazil etc
  • Africans
  • Arabic nomadsand of course
  • cavemen

To my knowledge, ALL the above races/peoples manage(d) to provide shelter for their people, and moreover shelter which BELONGS or BELONGED TO THE DWELLERS. Have you ever seen a homeless Red Indian dossing outside a tipi?

Yet in Britain, we not only have the TRULY homeless who sleep rough, but a rapidly-increasing non-propertied class that does not own and thus control its own dwelling. The housing market in our nation has reached shameful and appalling heights of “unfairness”. Some people do not like the word “fair”, but it is in fact the essence of “socialism” in the truest sense. And by this I do not mean the absurd and nonsensical anti wealth-destroying and class-hatred  poverty served up by the so-called “Labour” Party, but the kind seen in Scandinavia to a large extent where the encouragement of wealth-creation goes hand in hand with commonsense fairness allied to rigour in preventing abuse.

The number of families in Britain owning their own dwelling is declining as property prices hit the roof, this being due to government lunacy. Housing should be almost number 1 priority. Of course, one has to eat and avoid dying of cold, but there is not a lot of point in fantastic health and education provision if you have to sleep under a bridge OR indeed pay a large proportion of your income to a landlord.

Instead of which, what do we have?

A) VAST immigration and

B) APPALLING insufficiency of house-building

C) The encouragement given to LANDLORDS, who have an unearned income at someone else’s expense – just as in feudal times, the word “landlord” being wonderfully appropriate

D) Government GLEE at rising house prices and the corresponding “feel-good factor” for themselves and the propertied. (The “feel-bad factor” for the non-propertied is irrelevant it seems.)

“Landlords”? And there was me hoping they might have died out in the early Middle-Ages, with the abolition of feudalism. No such luck: we even still have Lords – Mandelscum for a start. In essence, landlords are no better than their feudal counterparts. Merely because they own a property THEY DO NOT NEED FOR THEMSELVES they can exploit the housing needs of someone else. And of course, landlords will screw the MAXIMUM out of people that they can, this being part of the “free market” and grateful acceptance of “the market price”.

Anyone suggesting we apply the same principles to HEALTH would be scorned as a 19th century capitalist, yet we seem happy to allow “the market” to take away many people’s dreams of ever owning their own dwelling. And the latter gives a completely different perspective on society than for those who rent. As a tenant, your life is forever precarious. You feel temporary – living in someone else’s property. And what happens when you get old? You pay rent for years and have nothing to show for it at the end. FINE – if it is a choice, but as the article makes clear, there practically IS NO LONGER A CHOICE for millions.

The free market: Personally, I believe the free market is essential for the creation of wealth. everywhere the free market in goods has been abolished in favour of some lunatic form of Marxism it has resulted in poverty and usually oppression. The latter is of course because a controlled economy is nonsense and impoverishes people,  who in the end revolt and have to be controlled in their turn.

However – as one of the fundamentals – housing cannot be subject to the same kind of free market as is involved in flogging tins of beans, since – as we are now seeing – this simply means that many people will be priced out of a home or end up paying a ludicrous proportion of their income in rent to someone who DOES NOT HAVE TO WORK to get this money.

“Ah, but being a landlord DOES involve work.” Pls do not insult my intelligence. This is not “work” as we know it. Many landlords have multiple properties with huge incomes which are essentially unearned.

This is of course immoral, unfair, selfish and will lead to revolution. In recent years, the rich-poor gap has been increasing at an insane rate and the hyper-rich group moving stratospherically away from the rest, ESPECIALLY those who do not own a property. It is now getting to the point where an ordinary citizen with no property to inherit can NEVER aspire to own his or her dwelling unless they move to somewhere north of Leeds where there is no work. No society with immense gaps in wealth has survived as a democratic entity; it always degenerates into revolution and subsequent dictatorship of either “left” or “right” depending on who prevails, but in either case it is essentially the same thing.

Unearned income: At the same time, those who DO own a property see their wealth accumulate through NO EFFORT OF THEIR OWN. The mortgage-free element of the propertied classes can use their ENTIRE income on whatever they like, while even those who OWN a house but have a large mortgage spend much of their lives paying a very large proportion of their income to finance it. The non-propertied of course pay an even larger part of their income on rent and have NOTHING TO SHOW FOR IT AFTER DECADES of payment. Meanwhile the landlord not only has had the rent but has seen the value of his property rocket out of sight.

This is all totally immoral. Apart from the financial aspect, living in a place you can call your OWN is a totally different feeling from living in someone ELSE’S dwelling. This ALSO is not “fair”.

The last Labour government did not have a clue what to do about this of course, despite calling itself (can this still be true?) the party of “the working class” (how Blair fits in here is a mystery, having just bought one of his sons a three million quid flat). The last Labour government actually FAVOURED “Buy-to-let”, the most selfish and odious policy I can remember in my entire life.

The main point is that it USED to be possible for a couple to work hard and save up for a few years to scrape enough cash together for a deposit on a house,. This is now becoming impossible for “ordinary” people.

OK, so there is a big problem and it is getting worse. It is always easy to define a problem, but less so to propose an effective solution. One of the MAIN problems here is that those who MAKE our policies are almost ALL in the propertied class. Do you know any MPs who do not own their own dwelling? Every time house prices rise they are laughing – not in public of course – there are lots of crocodile tears – but in private they must be rubbing their hands in glee as their net worth rockets WITHOUT THEIR HAVING TO LIFT A FINGER. Blair’s flat must be worth near to a MILLION QUID more than he paid for it a short time ago. It is all like the casino of the stock market.

This the problem we face; politicians will pay lip-service to the need for “more housing”, but NOTHING RADICAL IS EVER DONE and the problem gets WORSE AND WORSE whoever is in power. They really ARE “all in this together”, but THIS IS NO WAY TO RUN A HOUSING POLICY.

What to do? The solutions I propose will hurt some people. However, just like a serious cancer, you can’t cure it with a sticking-plaster.

A Moral Housing Policy

A) All housing shall ultimately belong to the state. However, citizens may buy and sell dwellings according to the principles below.

B) NOBODY shall own MORE than one dwelling until ALL those over 25 own ONE (if they want their own dwelling of course – they may prefer to live with someone else, in which case they do not HAVE a dwelling of their own and certainly not one to rent out. All single people 25 or older may own a dwelling (provided they LIVE in it), but if they marry, one of the parties must sell it. If they separate, they must buy their own dwelling once again (if they prefer), the payment going to the state.

C) NOBODY shall live in a dwelling with more than 10 times the average floorspace per inhabitant of that dwelling than the average for the country as a whole. It is completely immoral for a rich oligarch to live in a vast palace while thousands of native Britons are homeless or live in rabbit-hutches. Large mansions must be divided up into flats of different sizes, luxuries and values as indicated below. The Royal Family shall be an exception to this law except that they may only have ONE “super-dwelling”, either Windsor, Buckingham Palace, Sandringham or Balmoral: the other palaces must be divided up into multiple separate dwellings. Obviously they may have their OWN dwellings like all other citizens as described in these articles – always within the floorspace regulations.

D) The price of dwellings will depend not on “the free market” but fixed by the state. The actual price of a dwelling shall depend on a combination of 1) its size (see B above) 2) its location (decided much as now) and 3) as a proportion of the average earnings of the population. The value of housing shall rise in strict accordance with the average rise in earnings.

This will retain elements of the “free market” (which of course is not free at all to those excluded from it) but avoid the excesses, bubbles and for millions hopelessness of the present anarchy.

E) Dwellings may be passed on to offspring, but IF SO, the new occupier must pay a mortgage to the state (unless they have already paid one for another house). In other words, NOBODY may live in a dwelling which they have not paid for. Wealth accumulated elsewhere (or given by a friend or relative) may not be used to purchase a dwelling. In this way, all citizens will be on the same foot; they will all pay the going-rate for their dwelling. However, IF a citizen has PAID for ONE dwelling but then has to move, he or she will not have to pay for their NEW one.

F) Owners may decorate and/or modify their dwellings as they like, but plans for major works shall be submitted for approval as is the current practice.

No doubt this system will need some fine-tuning, as I do not have an army of geniuses working out the detail. HOWEVER, NOTHING like it will EVER be put into place because as I made clear earlier,. it is NOT IN THE LONG OR SHORT-TERM INTERESTS OF THE CURRENTLY-PROPERTIED, and this latter group includes almost ALL the political, financial and business establishment elite which controls everything.

But, IF it is not implemented then the rich-poor gap will increase FOR EVER, especially because of the pernicious effect of inheritance. The latter is like crisps, burgers and of course alcohol; you know that too much will be bad for you in the long run but you go on consuming them ANYWAY.


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The EU Referendum

Our deep-throat mole in Whitehall has managed to get a sneak preview of the draft questions under consideration for the EU In/Out referendum promised (don’t laugh) for 2017 IF Cameron wins the election. (I told you not to laugh!)

Apparently the draft has been submitted to the EU for approval but the word on the street is that the Commission at the moment considers it rather biased in favour of an “Out” vote. Discussions are on-going ….


A) I want to remain part of the glorious EU which has saved Europe from war and created a union of brothers ready to work together to face the world’s problems in harmony and unison with wise and fatherly guidance from the Franco-German-Bruxellian alliance as Europe’s nations states merge into a United States of Europe with full homogenisation of finance, politics and cultures. I also do not want to suffer a slow death by starvation as the world ceases trading with us.

B) I want to join the horde of brainless, swivel-eyed, xenophobic little-Englander racist swine who want to leave the EU and destroy our trade and economy, leaving millions in abject misery begging for food parcels from across the Channel and putting us at risk of imminent invasion from China and/or Russia.

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A Dose of Swiss ….

This caught my eye from a “Daily Telegraph” blogger.

“I have lived in Switzerland for thirteen years; these people don’t mess about. Switzerland is for the Swiss, which is the way it should be and the likes of me are guests: no votes and no passports unless you have been here for thirteen years. If they have any problems with guests they just take your permit away and that’s that: without one you can do nothing.

They don’t let people in willy-nilly like our bunch of traitors:you are vetted; makes no difference if you are a billionaire or not. They don’t piss away their taxpayers’ money on foreigners, wars or anything else stupid. If the economy is bad, they don’t let workers in and the ones who are here and not essential are out. There are no benefits for foreigners: that’s why they don’t want to come. There’s very little crime, and the crime is caused by foreigners, same as in Britain. Any criminal is thrown straight out and so is his family, no messing about with appeals or sticking to the ECHR here.

Everything about the country is right; it’s like Britain was fifty years ago. They have referendums on every single thing that effects locals and Nationals: the people have the power not the jumped up little turd politicians that Britain has. The snow never stops the trains or the airport because the Swiss care: they take it personally. They don’t close railway lines down and if you live a bit out of the way the Post bus is a very good service. Add to that low taxes and you have more millionaires than anywhere in the world per capita, and that’s why they are hated by the EU. The Swiss have done everything right. Switzerland is a true democracy; I think the only one in the world.”

Is it REALLY xenophobic to yearn for “a dose of Swiss”?


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Our Home in the Empty Vastness of Space


It could be – and I personally believe it is until proven otherwise – the ONLY planet in the entire universe which has so-called intelligent life on it.

The first question is, DO WE DESERVE IT?

The second question is: if not, what are we going to DO about it?

A special prayer to all the world’s many oppressed,
particularly at this time in Syria and – as usual – North Korea,
plus those being persecuted merely for their religion.

Despite the awfulness going on elsewhere, we try to
maintain a degree of happiness in our own lives, so
Merry Christmas to all visitors here, especially new ones.

A Christmas message is here ……

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