13 Nov

My gut instinct:

1) Whether Man is to blame or not is irrelevant. GW is almost certainly occurring and is too late to halt; stopping all emissions TOMORROW would not do enough to reverse the process. The Earth is going to heat up at LEAST 6̊C and maybe much more, leading to massive flooding, huge storms, immense devastation of crops, starvation, disease and horrendous wars as people fight for scarce resources and die in their hundreds of millions.

2) As for stopping emissions tomorrow or even slowing them down, it is pure fantasy. India and China are putting one new coal-fired power station online EACH WEEK even as a conference of worthies starts up somewhere, no doubt with plenty of caviar and champagne as millions in the Phillipines struggle to survive.

Most nations are desperately looking for new reserves of fossil fuels. Even those admirable Norwegians are still burning their oil. Do you notice any of the oil producers cutting back on their sales? I don’t; they are all selling as much as they can and there is in any case the eternal lust for growth, which means of course more industrial activity even if there is the occasional conscience-sopping gesture such as buses running on gas rather than oil.

Germany idiotically and knee-jerkedly has started to halt all nuclear generation, and is therefore importing and burning MORE coal as well as leaving itself open to the danger of running out of power in a few years. And you thought Merkel was clever??? Oh dear.

Humans are hard-wired from cave-man days to give priority to the short-term.We can pretend we are doing our bit by erecting fatuous wind-turbines, but they are only a sop to our pathetic consciences – besides being totally ineffective.

No, the end of the world approaches, as is also seen by the increasing examples of lunacy stalking the planet.

Speaking of which, I note that hundreds of people have been executed by firing-squad in North Korea, that great friend and ally of China and Cuba. Their crime? Watching foreign TV.

Until the NK regime is destroyed I shall always consider Man as collectively undeserving of survival. There are just not enough Mother Theresas to offset the appalling cruelty and suffering imposed by the dictators of our planet.

It is a great pity. Man is capable of such good things, but fatally flawed, above all because good people do not show enough collective resolve to defeat brutality and wipe out those carrying its odious gene (as of course we did in WWII – THANK YOU AMERICA).

The idea that I shall have lived my entire life hoping desperately for an end to the hideous NK regime and yet be disappointed is profoundly saddening.

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One response to “CLIMATE CHANGE??

  1. Richard

    November 13, 2013 at 1:27 pm

    Just one point: Mother Theresa was no saint. She was an odious hypocrite who believed in pain and suffering for others – as in her view it was “the most beautiful gift for a person that he can participate in the sufferings of Christ” – but whenever there was something wrong with her she would hop straight on a plane to get the best care that Western medicine could provide.


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