British Labour Party Mea Culpae ….

13 Nov

“The former Labour Home Secretary said his party’s decision to allow migrants from Poland and Hungary to work in Britain from 2004 was a ‘”well-intentioned policy we messed up”.

Crikey!! It’s like the proverbial London bus: you wait for ages and suddenly two arrive at once. First Blunkett is mea culpering over the front pages and now here comes Jack Straw.

Indeed, Jack. The thing is old son, people like me have been telling you this from the beginning, only to be met with the “racist” riposte, and sneers of arrogant rejection. Suddenly, it seems we were right all along!! Goodness me, what a turnup.”Odious racist” yesterday and “visionary, PC” today. Bit like the Communist party in Cuba and their economic reforms: evil capitalist exploitation for 50 years and then enterprising local and personal creativity and entrepreneurship today; like flares: hold on to them long enough and they’ll eventually come back into fashion.

But two things spring to mind Jacko:

A) If it was wrong THEN to open up the borders and let them all come then why is it right NOW? What has changed in the meantime, especially as there are already MILLIONS who have come and our infrastructure is collapsing?

Have we in the meantime been vastly improving our infrastructure to accommodate these new millions, so it’s OK in Jan 2014 even though – apparently – it was a mistake during your time in office? Have people been given a chance to install better security, learn to detect pickpockets, nail down their metal and so on? Or is it STILL a mistake as UKIP maintain.

B) Is it a pure coincidence that so far only ageing, tired old former Minister has-beens are mea culpering rather than the Great Leader and his generation of young bucks?

Or – and forgive me for thinking you are cynical!!!! – is it all a deliberate ploy that goes a bit like this:

ED: “Look chaps – we are doing OK in the polls but it’s fragile. We have to nail these lies about our appalling record on the head: convince people it didn’t happen, or more easily perhaps that it wasn’t our fault. And by “our”, I mean we young never-done-a-proper-job-in-our-lives Hampstead champagne-socialist set now running the party. Can we somehow put the blame on Brown, Blair et al?”

BALLS: “PM!!! WHAT A BRILLIANT IDEA!!! That way they can take all the tar and leave your brush pristine clean!! After all, how could anyone suppose that YOU could stand up to that particular troika of incompetent evil??  Let’s make out a list of Labour dinosaurs who can out themselves as incompetent liars – plenty of ammunition there so to speak!!!! Not sure we’ll get any of the trroika to admit their errors, though – that hasn’t exactly been their strong point in the past.”

ED: “No, but you can’t win ‘em all – besides, 99% of the people already blame everything on them; we just have to reinforce the idea by subtly absolving ourselves totally. We won’t SAY “it wasn’t our fault” but the idea that it’s all the fault of the then leadership during our thirteen years of spin, lies, decay, decline and chaos will be sub-consciously planted in our supporters’ minds – such as they are.”

BALLS: ”Wonderful! How lucky the unions chose you, PM, rather than that toffee-nosed Blairite brother of yours!!”

ED: “Thanks Balls – you know it makes sense. And when we get back in again on a tide of optimism for a Noo, Improved Labour we can carry on just as before turning the country into a failed socialist state. But it won’t matter because the underclass on benefits will be so large and of course buttressed by a never-ending stream of Labour-voting lumpenmass immigrants that the evil Tories will never get back in! Let’s open a bottle of champers …..”

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