01 Nov


WELL DONE OUR POLITICAL ELITE OF ALL GRUESOME SHADES – BRILLIANT. It’s only public money: plenty more where that came from – for the right people. but of course “We’re all in this together.”

The police are good at this, too: send off an old crony pal with a vast handshake and pension and then rehire him a few weeks later as a Consultant ……

“A husband and wife who worked as NHS managers were paid nearly £1million of redundancy money – only to be rehired by the health service within weeks.Karen Straughair, 50, pocketed more than £605,000 when NHS South of Tyne and Wear, where she was chief executive, was wound up at the end of March. Her husband Chris Reed, chief executive of NHS North of Tyne, was paid more than £345,000 when his organisation was abolished. By June both had board-level jobs at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust – Mr Reed as interim chief executive, Miss Straughair as recovery director.

Shadow health minister Andy Burnham called it a ‘scandalous abuse of precious resources’, while Dan Poulter the Tory health minister blamed lax redundancy rules under Labour that allowed mega payoffs for public employees. The pair are among dozens of senior staff who received ‘golden goodbyes’ of more than £100,000; many of which later found new jobs in the ‘revolving door’ of the NHS. ”–rehires-weeks-later-different-trust.html

THANK GOD for “The Daily Mail” – you won’t see the BBC highlighting this fraudulent use of our money.

OH – And thanks for this you pillocks in the HOC
. Are you actually RUNNING our country or WHAT?

“Chris Grayling, the Justice Secretary, said “human rights laws need to change” after Scotland Yard released figures showing that just one in 100 foreigners arrested in London are removed from this country. It comes amid growing police concern about the number of “foreign national offenders”. More than a quarter of people arrested in London, equivalent to 70,000 people, are from overseas, with about half of them from outside the European Union.


THE EU and The European Anti-Fraud Office ….

.. in which the word “superfluous” is obviously redundant.

“The European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF) has reportedly ignored repeated tip-offs about squandered European Union funds in Greece, according to an article in the Friday edition of the Süddeutsche Zeitung.  The German daily reports that a Greek civil servant uncovered multiple cases of nepotism and vastly-inflated salaries while inspecting the finances of a vocational training institute. Officials in Brussels have apparently not acted on any of the whistleblower’s suspicions, which he communicated in several letters, the paper added.”

Well done, “Der Spiegel” – “The Daily Mail” would have been proud.


ONE: EU AND BRITAIN’S MONEY? Cameron has just given another FOUR BILLION QUID (4,000,000,000 GBP) to the EU, which found itself a bit short when certain “infrastructure came on stream” earlier than predicted.

Yup – four billion quid – “just like that” – Tommy Cooper would have been proud. And what was this infrastructure? They are not telling us, but it could have been more of the innumerable miles of Portuguese motorways that are hardly used or perhaps another few airports in Spain, which corrupt and catastrophised country has twice as many as Germany, of which several have never been completed or used and most likely never will be.

“According to some estimates, 25 per cent of the EU’s so-called regional funds in Portugal has been invested in roads, heavily contributing to a ridiculous situation where the country has 60 per cent more kilometres of motorway per inhabitant than Germany and  four times more than Britain (H/T FT). Meanwhile, around one third of EU structural funds in Spain has been invested in infrastructure, further inflating an already critical construction bubble, while, like in Portugal, creating a whole host of ghost roads, airports and harbours. The EU’s own auditors have hammered EU spending on roads, noting that 74 per cent of the project they monitored in a recent investigation recorded less traffic than expected.”

TWO: The ECB in Frankfurta colossal waste of public money in a symbol of utter arrogance and pretention.

First, a JOKE: “Trichet declared that his bank’s policy of carefully managing its money would also apply to the construction of the new headquarters. “We must ensure that construction costs remain within the estimated budget,” Trichet said.” VERY FUNNY! HA, HA, HA, HA, HA ….

“Instead of the original estimated cost of €500 million ($690 million), the entire project will now cost at least €1.15 billion and could even eventually climb to €1.3 billion.”

Do the taxpayer-funded central bankers really need a headquarters building that is 30 meters (98 feet) taller and twice as expensive as the twin towers of Deutsche Bank, Germany’s largest bank?

“As the complex will house about 2,000 employees and cost more than €1 billion to build, each workspace will be worth about €600,000, or as much as a very comfortable single-family home. In commercial real estate, €30,000 per desk space is usually considered ‘upscale’.”

In other words, each ECB penpusher will enjoy a workspace costing twenty times a normal, high-class office space.  And the skyscraper looks more like a giant sculpture than an office building. When the taxpayer is paying (and has no choice about it) you can afford to lash out on “art”.

Meanwhile, thanks to the euro, half of Europe staggers on in economic ruination.

LUNACY – and WE are paying for it. Have a good day, knowing that this and every single day TWENTY-THREE MILLION QUID NET is transferred to Brussels. Now THAT could pay for HS2.

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