Milliband Senior – RIP

06 Oct

Faced with the anticipated tsunami of snarling bile from the usual suspects I have revisited the Milliband-and-his-father story. It is of course true that Milliband Senior and his crackpot Marxist views have no relevance whatsoever to Britain today and should never have been trawled through the press. However, it is the progeny of the man who brought him up, endlessly rabbiting on about his upbringing and inspiration from Daddy. This is like introducing certain evidence into court; you then have to accept cross-examination.

Milliband Senior no doubt wanted more fairness in British society – don’t we all (except the Labour Party of course). However, to take just one example of his general nastiness we can look at the Falklands War. If you remember, a sordid bunch of acknowledged fascists invaded peaceful islands legally habited by British people for 150 years. The Argentinian claim to the islands BTW  is utterly spurious and made even more laughable by the fact that the entire Argentinian establishment, language and most of its people came from Spain as colonialists, massacring a sufficient number of native Indians to allow them to take over the country and colonise it. (You could not make it up.)

So, a sovereign democratic country has its land invaded by fascist troops who at great sacrifice and with immense personal  and political courage (from the loathed-by-the-left Mrs Thatcher) are eventually repelled, and freedom and democracy are returned to the indigenous people. And this, apparently, Milliband Senior hated, thus putting him firmly on the side of Galtieri and his fascist scum, which is of course where you are likely to find most Marxists if they get the chance. Both fascists and Marxists like to exercise total power over “their” people on the basis that the former know best. I hate, despise, loathe and execrate all such people – including the Castro family of Cuba and all their loathsome supporters – and therefore of course Milliband Senior, however bleeding his heart may have been for the working class (whom of course Marxists invariably impoverish.)

Let us therefore confine Mr R Milliband Senior to the dustbin of history along with other dead Marxist fascists and concentrate on his sprog. Milliband Minorissimo and his somewhat posher Maxibruder were at the heart of Noo Labour through the Blair, Brown and Mandelscum era. As far as I know they were fully behind all that was done; I certainly never recall a peep of complaint or indeed an original idea from either of them. Neither had the guts to oppose the quite surreally-useless Brown in a leadership contest and – along with Balls – share a large part of the responsibility for the utter shambles they bequeathed the nation.Shambles? During Labour’s 13 horrendous years:

  • The government that was supposed to have abolished boom and bust in fact specialised principally in the second part, bankrupting the country which they handed over with vast, runaway debt, both private and public.

  • Symbolic of their treasonous behaviour was their signing over to the EU of billions MORE money AFTER the election but BEFORE the Coalition had formally taken over. Thanks for that. Blair of course had previously given up billions of Mrs Thatcher’s hard-won clawback from the loathsome, quasi-fascist EU. Thank you Blair – be careful on your new private jet – how are the kids doing in their private school?

  • Between 4 and 10 MILLION immigrants entered the country (nobody has a clue how many) in a – it seems clear, but of course they will never admit it officially – deliberate and brazen attempt to “shaft the Tories” and give Labour millions more votes, including with a horrendously fraudulent postal-voting explosion which – of course – massively favours Labour.

  • Millions of these immigrants – vast numbers of whom are illegal – are Muslims, who cluster into ghettoes, build mosques, create “Muslim areas” and of course introduce the usual barbaric Islamic customs in its grotesque treatment of women, hatred for democracy, homosexuals, Jews, normal meat (we native Brits must now have odious Halal Meat signs stuck under our noses in supermarkets and are often fed it without our knowledge, but woe betide you if a Muslim eats pork by mistake – OH GOD – GET THE ECHR IN HERE AT ONCE) other cultures and so on. The result of this is increasing ghettoisation of large areas of our cities as indigenous whites move out in horror – not a problem faced by the elitist Milliband clan in Hampstead of course. South-East London where I grew up now feels like another country.

  • “Faith schools” were greatly expanded, where the progeny of weird sects can be more easily brainwashed into their odious practices, all TOTALLY alien to our customs and traditions – and indeed to both reason and the Human Spirit.

  • The City was allowed and even encouraged to gorge on a massive excess of bonuses and generally immoral fraud and corruption. YES, IT WAS UNDER LABOUR THAT THE CITY BECAME UNSUPERVISED AND CORRUPT, despite the THREE THOUSAND employees of the FSA who were supposed to supervise it.

  • NOTHING was done to solve the horrendous housing crisis – made much worse by the arrival of millions of immigrants. Instead, Labour (the working-class party? HA, HA, HA) massively favoured “Buy-to-let”, a policy specifically designed to favour landlords and lock people forever into tenancies rather than having the chance to own their own homes as of course all Labour MPs do. Politicians rejoiced in the feel-good factor when house prices rose; their own wealth accumulating in line with that of the haves on whom they rely for votes – the have-nots could of course be appeased with ever more benefits.

  • NO PLANNING was done re power supplies, which with nuclear-powered stations running down now look very shaky indeed.

  • Heathrow was allowed to decline, no long-term decision being made to maintain its once-proud premier position in Europe.

  • ALL EU regulation and demands were fawningly acceded to so that most of our laws are now made in Brussels and not in London.

  • Law and Order was allowed to become a joke: all notions of deterrent and punishment being chucked out of the window.

  •  BILLIONS were poured into the NHS (principally into the hands of doctors) while the service constantly declined in quality to the point where it is a national disgrace. Vast increases in immigrants did not help, nor did the government’s total inability to punish the many thousands of binge-sodden drunks on the street who end up in A&E Departments.-

  • There was an explosion in welfare that the country simply cannot afford: irresponsible parents can have multiple kids willy-nilly knowing that someone else will pay for them. In one third of residences in Liverpool live families where NOBODY HAS EVER WORKED (but note the plethora of SKY TV aerials in these areas ground into the dust by evil capitalists)

  • Immigrants with large families are housed free in posh houses in London, so as to be near “their communities”; the number of “disabled” people has rocketed to be now a far bigger proportion than after the war, when hundreds of thousands of our men returned with shattered limbs – and so on and on and on.

  • The education system has been dumbed down so that many qualifications are no longer worth the paper they are written on.

  • A horrendously-expensive program of “carbon-saving” was launched (Minibruder’s particular contribution to the working class) which is turning out to be a complete hoax and vast waste of money even as India and China build one coal-fired power station PER WEEK.

In short – actually not so short, and I am sure I have left a lot out – the previous government – of which Milliband was an integral part – was stupefyingly incompetent and far worse, wilfully treacherous in its TOTALLY UNMANDATED immigration policies. No Labour manifesto EVER said “We will allow in millions of immigrants and give them immediate access to benefits”, but THAT IS WHAT THEY DID. And when poor Mrs Duffy had the temerity to mildly complain about this to the odious Brown – her town being “swamped” – she was called “a bigot”. Breathtaking. Incidentally, if ever there was a case showing that for ALL politicians should be miked up so that we could hear every word – also in private – then this was it. This incident alone revealed the lying, duplicitious, patronising attitude of the Labour Leader (adored and respected, remember, by his advisors Milliband and Balls).

You might think that nobody in their right mind would ever vote for this treasonous rabble ever again, and yet this is what is being served up. Minibrain is touting himself as the working-man’s saviour for pledging to freeze energy prices for two years – AND THE VICTIMS FALL FOR IT! Unbelievable; talk about “lambs to the slaughter” – we truly get the leaders we deserve, though I personally do not feel I deserved Blair or Brown. And WHEN this odious, loathsome, scurrilous, patronising and treasonous bunch of morons handed over to the Coalition, IMMEDIATELY started a tsunami of accusations about their evil treatment of the plebs, with accusations about evil, Tory “cuts”.

Actually, BRITAIN’S DEBT HAS CONTINUED TO RISE. There has BEEN no “cut” in expenditure – quite the contrary. In fact, the Coalition has been almost as profligate as the previous bunch of duplicitous incompetents. “Expand the economy”? HA HA – if it was so easy, WHY DID YOU NOT DO IT? “End to austerity”? You can just imagine my parents after the war complaining about wanting an “end to austerity”. The ONLY way to end austerity is to WORK YOUR GUTS OUT TO EARN IT.

The Labour Party’s thoroughly NASTY attacks on the Coalition about “cuts” are as duplicitious and cynical as the rest of their approach to politics. Nothing illustrates this more than their U-turn re immigration and “racism” A month ago anyone calling for an end to insane immigration was a “racist”. Suddenly, calling for a halt is official Labour policy, so all we previous racists an now unracist ourselves. YOU COULD NOT MAKE IT UP.

In conclusion,. there is practically NOTHING the DM could say of a negative nature that would in fact adequately describe the appalling incompetence, cynicism and awfulness of the Labour Party as it now exists. When we have a new generation of leaders untainted by the sheer gutless gruesomeness of Milliband, Balls, Harman et al, then perhaps old-fashioned “socialists” and champions of the working-class could consider voting for them again. Until then, only a moron would vote Labour, but there are indeed plenty of those about, with the moronic mantra: “Whatever Labour does, the Tories are worse.”

Please can we have some leaders we deserve and need.

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