The Ralph Milliband Saga

04 Oct

People do say the strangest things: why don’t they try to be more like Spock – as indeed I do?

Let’s examine this gem:

“It’s not fair to attack someone dead who can’t defend himself.”

This is indeed a masterpiece of gibberish. Let’s be logical. I set this out in point form so that the illiberal unintelligentsia can grasp it more easily:

A) Either there is a God (aka some sort of afterlife with Heaven and Hell) or there is not.

B) If there is not, then RM’s spirit is dead; he is not going to have any perception of any slight: “Dust to dust” as it were, and dust has no feelings.

C) If there IS a God, then presumably (or so those with apparent certainty on this matter tell us) RM will either go to Heaven or Hell.

1) If he goes to Heaven, then all is peace, light and harmony and he is hardly likely to suffer from anything the Daily Mail writes, oder?

2) If he goes to Hell to meet up with all his old Marxist chums then he is likely to have worse things to worry about than some cruddy insults in the DM.

CONCLUSION: The thesis of him not being able to “defend himself” is utter drivel (as we suspected even without an analysis).

As for attacking the living, this is also very interesting from several angles:

A) If the DM is so awful, then nobody with a brain cell will lend it any credence; ergo, it has no credibility (except with the cranially-dead), and so where is the harm?   I suppose that the latter do vote, however, so Labour must be worried that their limited brains will be affected by what the former see as lies. Pity that the same party so strongly favours “faith” schools ……

Anyway, nobody who really counts (the illiberal unintelligentsia for a start) will be swayed by the DM, so that’s all good, then.

B) Nobody goes into politics expecting not to be slagged off; it goes with the territory. It therefore seems a bit fatuous to whinge: and of course anything “unfair” will be ignored by those who can think. (or party loyalists suffering from blind prejudice)

C) Labour – stridently whinging about the Mail’s perceived insults – has been guilty of horrendously-vicious personal attacks against politicians which included highly personal, non policy-related and nasty spin and image-slagging tactics by – some years ago – Alastair Campbell (High Priest of the Labour spin machine) against John Major and more recently by the odious Damien MacBride in his attempt to bring down opponents of the truly loathsome Gordon Brown.


Labour is a party of utter, total and lying HYPOCRITES. And are defenders of this rancid rabble of liars really trying to pretend that the gruesome activities of Campbell and MacBride were not common knowledge among the party hierarchy? Very funny.

PS: Here is a brilliant article about the hypocrisy of Labour in the Milliband saga.


A) Alastair Campbell

B) Damian McBride

– helped drive Gordon Brown’s rivals out of Cabinet
– spin doctor says he discredited opponents by tipping off newspapers
– Dame Tessa Jowell says she is ‘sure’ Mr Miliband knew about tactics
– Book also reveals Miliband briefed against Cabinet colleague Ed Balls
– Mr McBride forced to resign as Mr Brown’s special adviser in 2009
– Linked to a plot to smear Tory MPs via an anti-Conservative gossip website

THANK GOD FOR THE DAILY MAIL, one of the few parts of the media standing up to the Goebbelsesque political establishment aided and abetted by the left-wing propaganda department aka the BBC.

C) “The Guardian” – Can the left-wing illiberal unintelligentsia REALLY do no better than this hypocritical, crapulous rag?


Labour tried to block the publication of a devastating report into appalling hospital neglect before the last election. Ministers told the Care Quality Commission not to release its verdict on Basildon and Thurrock hospital in Essex, where patients were dying from poor care.

Inspectors found blood on curtains and chairs and catheters left on the floor at the flagship foundation hospital. Death rates in A&E were a third above average.

But hours before the CQC was due to publish the report in November 2009, the Department of Health told the watchdog to stop. Newly-released emails show that the then Health Secretary Andy Burnham was furious when the report was later made public amid massive media coverage.They also show officials were asked to ‘spin’ a major NHS report, again in the run-up to the 2010 election.”


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One response to “The Ralph Milliband Saga

  1. Vaughan Saxby

    October 4, 2013 at 3:47 pm

    What a bunch of lying,spiteful,hateful,anti-english,EU,immigrant loving,hypocritical,back stabbing Shysters these Labour scumbags are,anyone even contemplating voting for these lower than snake oil salesmen degenerates wants sectioning.


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