Milliband’s father

01 Oct

As you know, I like to keep things simple; strip them back to their core essentials, principally so that I can understand them better. Let’s have a go with this DM thinggy, which the left has gloriously got its teeth into in a frenzy of self-righteous and bile-dripping vituperation.


a) Milliband’s father was a hard-line Marxist.

b) Marxists hate democracy, as it prevents them from exercising the total control of the people that is clearly good for the latter.

c) The British like democracy, badly flawed though its voting system is.

CONCLUSION 1: The father detested one of the fundamental aspects of Britain, our freedom. The DM seems to have gone too far in claiming that he “hated Britain”, but he certainly hated one of Britain’s fundamental freedoms. Had Stalin managed to invade Europe before the Yanks, we would no doubt have found out the exact extent of Milliband Senior’s commitment to our country. Sadly, those nasty, capitalist Yanks prevented Stalin from overrunning Europe – WHAT A SHAME!


a) Milliband is always referring to his parents and upbringing. (This is – one is tempted to suppose – a deliberate ploy urged on him by his PR people to make him seem less like an alien.)

b) He has therefore brought his father and his beliefs into the public domain.

c) It is therefore quite legitimate to refer to his father’s beliefs. After all, left-wing ranters are always bringing up the parentage of the so-called Bullingdon mob.

CONCLUSION 2: the left-wing reaction is hysterical and unjustified – WHAT A SURPRISE!

As for “He fought for Britain.”, this is pretty poor stuff. We ALL supported humungous mass-murderer Stalin (and many of our sailors died horrible deaths on Arctic conveys bringing food and supplies to Stalin) because Hitler was even worse (though actually NOT in terms of sheer numbers killed.) One is quite entitled to suppose that Milliband Senior “fought for Britain” because Britain was on the side of the communist paradise of the USSR, not through any particular love of Britain, whose political system he hated.

And in all these things one is entitled to ask the lovers of “socialism” why they do not en masse decamp to a socialist country such as Cuba, where they could join in with the happy Cubans. Of course, it is much more comfortable in Britain. Here you can hope to live in a posh house in Hampstead and never actually do a proper job in your life, just go straight into politics and do all the following at  public expense; tell people what is good for them, make loads of speeches, give loads of interviews, think up new taxes, blindly obey your idiot leader and collect your public money and expenses. Living like a pleb in Cuba doesn’t really compare, does it?

But you have to admire these people’s great personal sacrifice in putting up with the awfulness of bourgeois Britain and suffering their champagne socialist lifestyle in Hampstead JUST for OUR sakes! To help US live better! Isn’t it wonderful? They could be living a life of happy poverty in Cuba but choose instead to suffer the horrors of capitalist, bourgeois Britain. What amazing solidarity with the downtrodden proletariate! No wonder people love Ed.

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