UN Illegitimacy

06 Sep

A) NO undemocratic government has ANY legitimacy to rule a country, as it obviously does so by force alone, the will of the people being irrelevant.

B) Many UN states are undemocratic. The largest is a dictatorship and Russia a quasi-fascist kleptocracy.

ERGO: The idea that the UN has ANY authority is ludicrous. It should be limited to democratic states. The rest of the assorted fascist and/or family-dynasty despot states should be excluded until they decide to join the civilised world community.

Ignore the UN – is is an  utter sham. GADDAFI WAS ELECTED A MEMBER OF THE UN HUMAN RIGHTS COMMITTEE for God’s sake. Mugabe’s blood-soaked regime is a member, quite apart from all the rest.

End denial …….

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Posted by on September 6, 2013 in Core Thought, Politics


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