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Morality is a funny thing.


A) John Kerry believes the Assad regime (like the UN General Secretary and almost everyone else – probably even the Russians, though they will not admit it) to be guilty of crimes against humanity, including the recent gassing of 1400 mostly “innocent” women and children hiding in basement cellars to escape the gas.

B) The Russians are strong supporters of Assad. Indeed, without their support Assad would most likely have been overthrown already by a popular revolution hi-jacked by even nastier people thanks to the passivity of the free world.

C) Kerry is photographed smiling jovially and shaking hands with the Russian Foreign Minister.       

You may HAVE to negotiate with accomplices to mass-murder, but smile and shake their hand?

It reminds me of George Galloway shaking the hand of Sadaam Hussein and telling him he was doing “a good job”. The same Galloway went on to found a party called “Respect”, and you REALLY could not make THAT one up.

In addition of course, the free world trades freely with another dictatorship, China, without whose support the hideous North Korean regime could almost certainly not survive.

What does that collectively make the people of the free world if not accomplices to accomplices of genocide, torture, mass-oppression and appalling suffering on a gigantic scale?

Too simplistic?

A) Supporters of cheap tellys would say that, wouldn’t they?

B) Actually, “No”. Some things really ARE black and white.

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Lettre à mon Député ….

Mr Urvoas                                                                               6 septembre, 2013

Je viens de recevoir mon avis d’imposition pour 2012. J’aimerais savoir pourquoi avant de quitter la France je ne payais pas la CSG mais que maintenant il semble que je paie 665€ de prélèvements sociaux.

Je n’habite pas en France, mais on garde la maison là, et je paie l’impôt sur le revenu pour mes locataires-étudiants. Tout d’un coup, vous m’exigez 665€ de PLUS. En plus de cela, vous avez augmenté l’impôt sur ce revenu de location et vous avez AUSSI doublé la période d’exonération sur la vente d’une maison principale de la taxe des plus-valus de 15 à 30 ans.

Vous n’avez pas honte de punir les innocents comme cela, des innocents qui ne peuvent pas se défendre? Le pays est très endetté, oui, mais je suis INNOCENT. C’est VOUS, l’élite politique française, qui depuis 1974 N’A PAS PRÉSENTÉ UN BUDGET ÉQUILIBRÉ.

C’est-à-dire, c’est VOUS qui dépensez plus que vos revenus depuis près de quarante ans. NOUS N’Y SOMMES POUR RIEN. Pour moi, vous entrez dans le zone de vol légalisé de mon argent. Tout ce que vous savez faire, c’est augmenter les impôts. Comment voulez-vous après que les gens aient de quoi dépenser pour lancer la fameuse “croissance”?

L’année dernière, vous m’avez dit que vous ne partagiez pas mon analyse de la situation globale. Je me demande si vous commencez à changer d’avis? Il faut noter les faits incontestables suivants:

  • La France entre dans son 27ième mois consécutif d’augmentation du chômage, qui serait même pire si des dizaines de milliers de jeunes gens n’abandonnaient pas leur pays en désespoir.

  • La compétitivité en France reste ce qu’elle est depuis longtemps, loin inférieure à l’Allemagne, surtout à cause du coût catastrophique de l’embauche.

  • Le pays est parmi le plus taxé du monde.

  • L’état consomme près de 60% du PIB – parmi les plus élevés d’Europe.

  • Le coût et la complexité de l’embauche sont effarants: plus de 3,650 pages dans le Code du Travail alors que la Suisse en a 70.

Vous ne faites pratiquement RIEN pour corriger tout cela; au contraire, les impôts ne cessent de monter. C’est une catastrophe et une trahison du peuple. C’est VOUS, l’élite, qui organise les finances et les dépenses; vous ne pouvez pas arrêter de nous victimiser?  Baissez la taille de l’état et donc le coût pour le contribuable. Un exemple: abolissez la Médecine du Travail. Aucun autre état européen n’utilise ce système beau mais impayable, comme beaucoup d’autres éléments de l’état.

Où vous nous amenez? L’Europe refuse la “shale-fracking”, et le prix du gaz est actuellement au moins TROIS FOIS ce qu’il est aux États-Unis. Vous êtes tous fous? Et svp arrêtez de nous dire que “La crise est finie.” Elle n’a pratiquement pas commencé.

Votre contribuable                                                   Chris SNUGGS

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“War never achieves anything”

The end of the world must be approaching, since apparently the Gods make mad whom they seek to destroy and to judge by many comments on Syria madness is indeed stalking the land.

You may not have heard of Kosovo, a land whose people were being ethnically cleansed until the USA drove out the fascists. (and please note, there is NO OIL IN KOSOVO.) You may indeed not have heard of the Japanese Empire, guilty of multiple atrocities throughout Asia until stopped by the USA. But surely you have heard of Hitler, whose attempt to wipe out the Slavs, Jews, gypsies and handicapped was halted both – in the first case – by the intended victims but also by the USA and others.

There are extremely nasty people in this world, not least the family-dynasty, gangster-thug, mass-murdering despot Assad, and the only way for these people to thrive is for the free world to do nothing. The current approach of many in the UK is generalistic (Each case has to be considered on its merits), selfish and indeed brainless. Ordinary people in Syria are being killed by the tens of thousands, not only by shells and bullets but now also by mass-gassing. To stand by and do NOTHING is an act of stupefying selfishness and immorality.

OF COURSE it is complicated. You want to live in a simple world? You should have been born an ant or on some other planet. I believe Mars is for the moment quite peaceful and free of despots.

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I weep for France (and my bank balance)

What is on my mind?

The loathsome, incompetent, crapulous, idiotic French political elite, which ONLY knows how to raise taxes while proclaiming almost each day that “croissance” will save France.

We are now in the TWENTY-SEVENTH straight month of increased unemployment, and the figures would be far worse but for the thousands of young people (and Gerard Depardieu) leaving France like rats a sinking ship.

I am extremely angry because the French state, which is ENTIRELY RESPONSIBLE FOR THE DEBT and other problems has:

  • … DOUBLED overnight the period of exoneration on Capital Gains Tax (Taxes des Plus-Valus) on the sale of one’s principal residence from 15 to 30 years
  • … INCREASED the tax I pay on the pathetic income I receive from renting our house while we are in Germany
  • IMPOSED the CGS (UP in my case from 450€ three years ago to EIGHT HUNDRED EUROS NOW) on non-residents, who used to be exempt.


As I said, they are crapulous, loathsome, hypocritical and utterly incompetent, but their incompetence is impoverishing the rest of us – though not THEM of course.

  • The size of the state must be reduced. (among the biggest in the free world)
  • Taxes must be reduced. (among the highest in the world)
  • Employment must be simplified and its costs reduced. (3,650 pages in the Code du Travail compared to 70 in hardly-failing Switzerland).

They are doing almost NONE of this, and in the case of taxes, the OPPOSITE.

It is absolutely unbelievable, and how the French people have put up with this utter nonsense from BOTH major parties for so long is a total mystery.

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Idiocy stalks the planet. Sometimes you have to carry out military action to avoid war and/or prevent worse horror. Had France and Britain invaded the Rheinland in 1936 no-doubt the illiberal unintelligentsia would have been blathering on about “warmongers” and “illegitimacy”, but WWII might have been avoided.

In any case, what is proposed (wrongly as it happens) is NOT “war” but enough punishment to Assad to deter him from mass-murder by gassing in the future.

The headless chickens are really on the rampage …..

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UN Illegitimacy

A) NO undemocratic government has ANY legitimacy to rule a country, as it obviously does so by force alone, the will of the people being irrelevant.

B) Many UN states are undemocratic. The largest is a dictatorship and Russia a quasi-fascist kleptocracy.

ERGO: The idea that the UN has ANY authority is ludicrous. It should be limited to democratic states. The rest of the assorted fascist and/or family-dynasty despot states should be excluded until they decide to join the civilised world community.

Ignore the UN – is is an  utter sham. GADDAFI WAS ELECTED A MEMBER OF THE UN HUMAN RIGHTS COMMITTEE for God’s sake. Mugabe’s blood-soaked regime is a member, quite apart from all the rest.

End denial …….

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