UK Child-Raising Policy

12 Jul

Our mole in the Government Propaganda Department has managed to get his hands on a draft copy of a new parenthood directive to be distributed in schools. It seems to gather together existing practice into a soon-to-be-official generalised approach to childbearing. As such, the honesty is admirable if countered by the obvious lunacy involved.

Governmental Advice re Child-bearing

A) You don’t need to be able to support a kid – the diminishing number of actual workers paying tax will do it for you. This is one of your “Human Rights”.

B) You can have multiple kids by multiple different and usually absent fathers – no problem: we’ll pay for it all, and get you a nice big free telly for the kids – plus of course a house appropriate for your size and lifestyle needs.

As a bonus, if you manage to assemble under one roof more than 12 multi-fathered but fatherless kids you stand a good chance of selling your story to the Daily Mail for a huge sum and thereby enjoying your 15 minutes of fame as well as a few years’ free supply of booze and fags.

C) You don’t have to be married, or you can be “married” to someone of the same sex – or even married to someone of a different sex if that is what turns you on.

As I said, bold stuff, though we wait to see the Labour Party denounce it as capitalist brutalisation of the poor as they simultaneously renew Brown’s pledge to end child poverty.

However – courageous though this policy is – there is of course a downside, since under it society will increasingly comprise:

CLASS A) the Privileged Class: a sundry mixture of over-privileged, generally non-societally-essential idle tossers such as professional footballers, bankers, aristocratic
toffs, politicians (especially failed ones who go to Brussels), BBC executives, Council  Leaders and on the other hand the occasional deserving industrialists (Dyson & Branson) and various artists such as Elton John, Mick Jagger etc.

There is of course a sub-group of class A, the Hampstead, Looney-left “Never-done-a-proper-job-in-our-lives-the-immigration-and-general-debt-ridden-shambles-we-cause-doesn’t-affect-us” class as represented by the Hampstead upper echelons of the hilariously-named “Labour” Party.

CLASS B) the unemployed and usually unemployable Benefits Class with multiple kids. As there is every incentive to have ever more kids to get more benefits this group in society obviously increases in size, boosted by immigrants who naturally have more kids both for the welfare and so that they can one day outnumber the natives and democratically impose Shariah Law.

CLASS C) The Noo Working Class comprising elements of the old Working and Middle Classes. This group is of course utterly despised and squeezed by the other two classes and is treated as an eternal Milch Cow to be bled as dry as possible. As this class is not on benefits it has to pay its way in the world and so limits its kids to what it can afford. In this way it is declining in size compared to group B so that an increasingly-small class is supporting through its work an increasingly-larger one that does no work but has no trouble getting a new washing-machine when the existing one breaks down – as it frequently does of course with the washing of multiple kids.

The system massively benefits classes A and B of course, who seem unable to grasp that it is totally unsustainable and will lead to social collapse and revolution. Still, a strain of utter lunacy has always existed within the human brain, in this case boosted over decades by a feckless, craven, corrupt, lying and cowardly political elite, especially that part commonly known as the looney-left illiberal unintelligentsia.

By the way, which morons voted for this system? I myself do not remember voting for it, but then my memory isn’t what it was. Or maybe they slipped it in when I was on my hols. Any of you lot vote for it? Of course, it could be that nobody actually had a chance to vote on it, like with the four million immigrants under the last Labour so-called government.

PS From “The Daily Grail”:

“Areas such as Ladywood, an inner-city corner of Birmingham, are utterly dominated by single-parent families. And the effects are devastating. On arriving here, the sense of a material and emotional poverty being passed down from generation to generation is palpable. There were moments last week as I wandered through the council estates, terraces and high-rise flats when I wanted to cry for the children and adults who live here – people for whom I fear the future will be every bit as grim as the past.”

Ed: Never mind, when Ed gets into number 10 he will abolish child poverty, so that’s all good then.

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