06 Jul

SLOE (Snuggs’ Laws of Economics)

1) The more you pay people the more important they think they are and the less useful work they actually do.

2) The efficiency of any organisation is in inverse proportion to its size.

3) The higher an organisation’s “SQ (Shibboleth Quotient” – see NHS, BBC, the NUR in the past) the more impossible it is to get any meaningful change.

4) The less say the general pleb has in the running of any organisation the higher will become that organisation’s overweening arrogance and venality and general opinion that only its senior employees know best (see above for usual suspects)

5) The higher the SQ the more impossible it becomes to get any real accountability for the total shambles their culprits are responsible for (See Savile, vast payments to cronies, immense political bias, large numbers of unnecessary deaths and appalling A&E performance and so on and on and on ….)

As for the current problems (multiple, unnecessary deaths plus “The NHS is “about to run out of cash” – and faces a £30 billion funding gap by 2020, senior health service officials have warned.”)

I propose the Labour Solution:

– double the pay of managers and doctors

– double the number of managers and reduce their workload

– increase the number of imported non-English-Speaking doctors (who are actually desperately needed in their own poor countries) and to compensate for this betrayal of the poor and sick in the developing world increase aid to those countries as a sop to liberal conscience

– halve the number of hours doctors must – and/or are allowed to – work (because the EU knows best)

– set up another couple of tiers of management, plus an overall body to supervise all the rest (useful for failed political cronies, of which there are vast hordes scumming around the surface of society)

– mortgage the next 1000 years of our kids’ future to PFIs and other slick accounting frauds – this is under the modern mantra of “Someone else will (have to) pay.” – also much-favoured by the Club Med and now France).

That should do it.

Have a nice day, and wave goodbye to another 53 MILLION QUID to the EU.

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