30 Jun

LUNACY WATCH 1: “Corbin has 75 criminal convictions to his name and has been handed jail sentences totalling more than 16 years since he came to this country in 1978. Theresa May, the Home Secretary, began a legal bid to send him back to Barbados after he had served his latest four-year jail term for an attempted knife-point robbery. The immigration tribunal agreed Corbin poses a danger to the public, and to his partner, and that he poses a “high risk of committing further offences”. However, the judges concluded his human rights, enshrined in European legislation, outweigh the danger he poses to the public.”

Our rights of course – human or otherwise – are not worth the paper they are not written on.

LUNACY WATCH 2: Germany has just increased the penalty for female mutilation of genitalia to 15 years. Fine, though 50 years forced labour and “fish your own food” at the North Pole would be more appropriate. However, MALE mutilation of genitalia remains legal. As this barbarity is practised mostly by Jews (and the female sort by Muslims) this amounts to racial discrimination, or to be simpler “racism”. Brilliant.

What is it about these nutty religions that makes them want to cut their children up? Children who of course HAVE NO SAY in it. Where are the fucking HUMAN RIGHTS judges of Strasdbourg in THIS horrendous behaviour?

LUNACY WATCH 3: The idea that Islam is in any way compatible with freedom and democracy. Turkey’s government (We want to join the EU.”  – which is lunacy number 4) is trying to go Islamic and civil war is brewing. Ditto in Egypt. You’d have thought that these religious nutcases would by now have understood that government and religion cannot be combined except with the brutal tools of fascism, as in Iran. But they clearly do not care, since Muslims’ true duty is to set up a Caliphate wherever they can. It is no different in Britain, except that they are not yet powerful enough to give it a go. Egypt is already in a dire situation economically and socially, but it could get horrendously worse thanks to Allah, God of Love as we are told.

LUNACY WATCH 4: We have a health system worthy in some aspects of a banana republic:“Local newspapers have found instances of as many as 14 ambulances queuing up outside a hospital A&E department. Patients can’t get into A&E because there isn’t an empty cubicle, let alone the staff, so they end up trapped in ambulances. Meanwhile A&E is full of patients who can’t be moved onto wards, because they are full of elderly people who can’t be discharged because there isn’t help at home.” WELL DONE LABOUR.

LUNACY WATCH 5: According to a govt spokesperson we won’t have “normal blackouts” apparently, only “controlled blackouts of factories” – YIPPEE!! If only Brown had spent as much time sorting out the country’s real problems instead of scheming against Blair then we might not be in this situation. Sixth largest economy in the world and world’s number 1 joke. THANKS FOR THAT.

Still, always remember:

A) It’s all Mrs Thatcher’s fault.

B) It would be much worse under the Tories – which of course it is.

C) It will be even worse if Balls and Millibland get into power.

Not a lot of reasons to be happy, are there? This is apparently what they call “The Human Condition” – live a life of constant lunacy and zero hope.

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One response to “LUNACY WATCH

  1. Patrice Ayme

    July 11, 2013 at 2:03 am

    Agreed about circumcision… Islam is intrinsically fascist, as there is something called “Islam Fascist Principle”, a sura in the Qur’an… Curiously “Islamophobia” is viewed as a form of “racism”, when it is just natural revulsion at making a religion of disrespecting the human rights charter…


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