Housing in Britain

29 Jun

The IMMORAL and DISGUSTING Housing Situation in Britain

From “The Telegraph” today:

“ …the number of 25 to 34-year-olds who own their home has fallen from two million to 1.3 million in a decade.”

“The number of young people renting has risen sharply from 1.5 million to two million over the same period as high property prices and low wages lock young people out of the housing market.”

“…  one in five families, or 1.2 million, are renting from a private landlord — double the level in 2001.”

“... the number of people renting homes in 2011 was more than 8.3 million — the highest since 1961.”

“Research shows that private renters and people living in social housing are less likely to vote Tory.

“It means young people’s dreams of owning a home may never come true, while many more will have a much longer wait before they own their own properties. More people will be pushed into private renting or staying at home with mum and dad well into their thirties.”

“For successive governments, polticians have claimed that home ownership is a central theme, important for people and communities. The trouble is that the rhetoric and reality are further apart than they have ever been.”  (Ed translation: “Successive governments have LIED.”)


A) Owning property leads to greater support for “conservativism.” ERGO -> the Tories favour (or should, but Thatcher was the last person with this view) enabling people to own their own property while the opposite is true for Labour. Labour prefers people in general (except for their leaders) to be trapped into paying a landlord for the privilege of having some shelter on someone else’s land – and ultimately always being at the mercy of the state. This of course is no different to feudal times, which one had thought finished around the 13th century. (Of course, the House of Lords persists, enabling Peter Mandelscum to be our Lord – I should be so happy.)

This Labour preference was made clear by their great enthusiasm for “buy-to-let” under Blair and Brown (unaffected themselves of course by their own policies), who “pledged” (don’t laugh) to “abolish poverty”, but not to the point where it meant people would be able to own their own dwelling, as cavemen, Eskimoes and Indians of all colours have done throughout Man’s existence. (Ed: As for “abolishing” poverty the word was unfortunately mistranscribed during the propaganda-regurgitating production phase; as has now become obvious, it should have been “increasing” poverty, but we knew that anyway as this is what all Labour administrations do – see Wilson,. Callaghan, Blair et al))

B) To call Labour “the people’s party” is surreal drivel, favouring as they do the landlord class in common with the aristocracy, the rich and the rapaciously property-collecting capitalists, including vast numbers of foreign mafiosi from Russia, China and the Middle East, now rapidly buying up large areas of London to increase their property-portfolios for the future exploitation of native Britons..

C) Hardly ANY member of the political elite does NOT own his or her own property and so they ALL have a vested, selfish interest in property prices rising as they constantly do. In this way their personal wealth is ever-increasing while the distance between them and the morons who vote for them gets ever greater – perpetuating the class-divide which Labour pretends to abhor but which it actually seeks to perpetuate, since otherwise the rationale for their existence in “fighting for the underdog” (don’t laugh) would disappear.

The solutions are simple, but no government has the required honesty or courage:

1) NOBODY shall own more than one property until EVERYONE who needs a dwelling owns ONE.

2) No individual alone or in a family unit shall own more than 100 square metres of any property.  A dwelling of 400 sm is ample for a family of four.

3) NO FOREIGNER shall own a property until they have lived AND WORKED in Britain for five years.

I assume the vast majority of people reading this own their own property. Congratulations. May your family wealth increase in perpetuity as the mob falls further and further behind. You must be proud.

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