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Stalin was responsible for more deaths than Hitler, and over a much longer period. Yet Taffy Evans, my old rugger teacher, risked his life on Arctic convoys as an ally of Stalin during the war. Life is usually a case of “the lesser of two evils”, not of sitting on the fence.

The Syrian revolution started as just that, a revolution, as in Libya. As the West this time did nothing to help – cowed by the whinging unSamaritans of the left – of COURSE AQ and other nasties have got in on the act. They always do. The less we help people who want their freedom from a mass-murdering, brutal, family-despot the stronger the nasty people will become – simply because they are so vicious.

The West should be on the side of freedom and democracy. Many “let-them-fight-it-outers” obviously would not have fought Hitler (he had no beef with Britain) but done a French Vichy. Spanish Civil War? Oh dear – there were communists fighting Franco, so we would not have helped the Republican side of course – “Let them fight it out.” In the case of Spain, they did fight it out, leading to decades of very nasty fascism

A tip: judge someone by their friends. The friends of Assad are: 1) Iran (lunatic, fundamentalist, very nasty fascist theocracy), Hizbollah (nasty terrorist organisation) and Russia (state-led mafiosi government) which secretly plans to resurrect the USSR dictatorship and overtly sows hatred of the West.

“Let them fight it out!”? You mean: Assad + Iran + Hezbollah + Russia v the ordinary Syrian people + other very nasty people jumping on a bandwaggon?

Evil triumphs when good people do nothing. AQ has got stronger because we HAVE DONE NOTHING EFFECTIVE to help people fighting for their freedom

NON-INTERVENTION?? Very funny. Iran ALREADY has thousands of troops in Syria, as now has Hezbollah. Russia has been supplying modern heavy weapons to Assad since this started. If Assad prevails, hundreds of thousands more will die in revenge, just as Assad’s father massacred 25,000 in Homs some 30 years ago “pour encourager les autres”. And of course, Assad has as much right to rule Syria as Al Capone had to rule Chigago. NO LEADER who is not elected in a fair, open and democratic election has ANY legitimacy whatsoever, but rules only through force – as also in Cuba of course.

There will be NO PEACE in the world (of which we are a part) until ALL dictatorships are destroyed, including fundamentalist ISLAM, a dictatorship of the mind and often body.

KUWEIT, IRAQ, LIBYA and KOSOVO are FREE (as are of course the whole of Europe and most of Asia) thanks to the sacrifices made by the US, Britain and their allies. These liberated countries may fuck up their freedom (many do – indeed, Britain and most of Europe is doing just this now) but at least they have a chance, and in the case of Iraq the Allies removed someone responsible for the deaths of at least ONE MILLION PEOPLE, including FIVE THOUSAND KURDS gassed in a single town, and if that is not a crime against humanity, then I do not know what is – even though George Galloway shook Sadaam Hussein’s hand and told him what a good job he was doing.

PS Qatar has shot itself in the foot – allowing the loathsome Taliban to open a “diplomatic office” in its country. Let us remember that the Taliban are those who specialize in:

  • murdering people at weddings and funerals

  • murdering teachers

  • blowing up girls’ schools

  • executing homosexuals

  • confining women to the home

  • banning music

  • executing its enemies summarily on disused football fields

  • destroying its country’s art, history and culture

Giving Qatar the World Cup was lunacy, but no more than you would expect from Sepp Blabber. Still, Qatar has lots of money ………

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One response to “Syria

  1. alexis

    July 6, 2013 at 9:25 am

    What exactly do you propose vis-a-vis Syria?
    I would like to know because I am sickened by this murder on our Global daily doorstep.
    The only thing to add would be that this was predictable many months before the initial uprising – which would have been the moment for any conclusive intervention.
    The other, is that this is, obviously, possibly, the most dangerous conflict on planet Earth -domino dimension.


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