Our Leader Has Spoken

21 Jun

Cameron has just said:

“Of course, if Britain wanted to leave the European Union ….… then we could make trade deals with every country in the world and that is a path open to us”. But he went on, “Clearly, you sometimes have to make compromises with partners in the European Union with whom you might not agree“.

 So, OUTSIDE the EU we can make whatever deals that suit us but INSIDE we have to compromise with 27 other countries. BRILLIANT!!

 And as it happens:

– In 2012 Britain had a trade surplus with the rest of the world of £15 billion and a deficit with the EU of £70 billion. The world is FAR more important to us than the increasingly sclerotic, bureaucratic, centralist, federalist  and hideously-expensive EU (fifty-three million GBP PER DAY gross and over twenty million NET).

 – The United States has free trade agreements in force with 20 countries. These are: Australia, Bahrain, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Israel, Jordan, Korea, Mexico, Morocco, Nicaragua, Oman, Panama, Peru, Singapore.

– The United States is also in negotiations of a regional, Asia-Pacific trade agreement, known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Agreement with the objective of shaping a high-standard, broad-based regional pact.

And today’s bonus collection of idiotic quotes. My favourite is the one by Clegg. If this is budget stabiity I would hate to see the opposite:

“The reality of the euro has exposed the absurdity of many anti-European scares while increasing the public thirst for information. Public opinion is already changing as people can see the success of the new currency on the mainland.” (Ken Clarke, 2002)

“The euro, despite gloomy predictions from anti-Europeans, has proved to be a success. We cannot afford to be isolated from our biggest and closest trading partner any longer.” (Charles Kennedy, 2002) (Ed: “isolated”? See above stats on Britain’s trade, which is decreasing with the EU as it gets more expensive, bureaucratic and dominated by Brussels)

“If we get rid of sterling and adopt the euro, we will also get rid of sterling crises and sterling overvaluations. This will give us a real control over our economic environment.” (Chris Huhne, 2004) (Ed: you mean like the Greeks, Italians and Spanish have over their economies?

“The euro has done more to enforce budgetary discipline in the rest of Europe than any number of exhortations from the IMF or the OECD.” (Nick Clegg, 2002)

“There is not the slightest danger of a break-up of the Eurozone. On the contrary, I expect the Eurozone to be exceptionally stable in the long run. Make no mistake, the Eurozone is here to stay.” (FT’s Wolfgang Muchau in 2006)

“The world’s two large reserve currencies, the dollar and the euro, offer more protection from speculative attack than a free-floating offshore currency unit. The UK will at some point have to make a choice whether it wants to be in the Eurozone or whether it wants to seek an alternative use for those rather tall buildings in the heart of London.” (FT’s Wolfgang Muchau in 2006)

 “Only in the event that the Portuguese financial crisis exhausted the available money in the eurozone’s bail out fund – which it won’t – would the UK become liable.” (Robert Peston, June 2103)

“We have a Treaty under which there is no possibility of paying to bailout states.” (Angela Merkel – 2012) (Ed: Is she lying or just stupid?)

 Finally, in 2001 idiots such as Ken Clarke, Clegg et all warned that outside the euro the City of London would rapidly lose out to Frankfurt. 12 years later, with the euro in existential crisis (despite all the usual suspects saying for the nth time that it is over (tell that to the Greeks, Spaniards, Cypriots and Italians) we read this:

“Today, London is home to the world’s largest center for foreign exchange trading, more lending between global banks, and more international financial firms than anywhere else in the world, including New York City, according to TheCityUK, a lobbying group. The country’s overall financial services industry, much of which is concentrated in London, accounts for 10% of the United Kingdom’s GDP. “

Conclusion about all this:

Most of the political elite is self-interested, moronic and incompetent except in regurgitating the endless Goebbelsesque doom-mongering vomited out by Brussels, which of course uses YOUR money to pay for it.


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