Van Rompo Pontificates again ….

18 Jun

Van Rompo is on great form at the moment:

Proposals for a peace conference in Geneva were “the best and the only possible chance we have to halt this conflict for which there is no military solution”, said Mr Van Rompuy.

Idiot – there certainly IS a “military solution”. This involves Assad, the mass-murdering family-dynasty gangster despot, defeating a popular uprising using total air supremacy plus thousands of foreign troops from Iran and Lebanon allied with thousands of tons of modern weapons supplied by Russia and Iran and thereby slaughtering tens of thousands of “rats” and rebels.

I would dearly love to see van Rompo take on Assad’s Russian tanks and planes with a Kalashnikov and a few rpgs

B) “There is no comparison between the situation today and the situation nine months ago, when the euro was under existential threat. That is not the case any more.”

Idiot – there certainly IS a comparison between the millions of young people unemployed then and also NOW. The underlying problems of the euro have not disappeared; A single currency does not fit all the disparate economies of Europe. The idea that this shambles is a necessary – and ultimately successful – part of bringing  the Club Med up to German speed is staggeringly stupid. ALL reputable economists SAID the euro could not work with such a disparate group of countries and the EU IGNORED them, including their OWN economists – quite apart from everyone conniving in the gigantic LIES from Greece about its entry qualification to the euro in the first place. Nothing in these basic principles has changed. Italy is losing its major industries as the euro is too strong and they cannot compete with Germany. France is in VERY BIG trouble – the dinosaur in the middle. Van Rompuy is – as I said – an idiot. He should get out of his 300,000 million euro ivory tower palace and meet the young people of Southern Europe. HIS position is secure, but not the future of millions of European citizens betrayed by USE zealots like him. Has HE ever done a proper day’s work in his life?

And it is surreally laughable how these people clutch at straws. Getting all the avoided & evaded tax and this EU/USE trade deal are now supposed to be the twin Dei ex Machina that will bring back prosperity. What an absolute tosser.

Not the only one, of course. Ken “Never-got-it-right-yet” Clarke has also been banging on about the UK being “left out of international deals” – OH DEAR! Poor little landlocked Switzerland!! Shall we have a whip-round for them? I suppose for pratts like Clarke and Clegg 50 MILLION quid per DAY is a small price to pay for the chance of having a ludicrously-overpaid sinecure with little tax and VAST benefits in Brussels.

Being a part of the single market is a financial disaster for all involved, the EU commission’s own figures prove this. In 2003 the EU commission revealed that the single market caused a net loss of €435 billion to participant economies.

“The Single Market’s regulations do not come cheap. Günter Verheugen, EU commissioner for enterprise and industry, recently announced that EU regulations were costing the European economy some €600bn a year (this was almost twice as high as previous estimates). €600bn is some 5.5pc of total EU GDP, equivalent to the size of the Dutch economy.Comparing the Single Market’s costs with its benefits makes for painful reading. In 2003 the Commission published its assessment that EU GDP in 2002 was around €165bn higher than it would have been without the Single Market. Even after allowing for the extra GDP growth since 2002, this means that the benefits are less than a third of the costs.”

Have a good day, and wave goodbye to another 53 million quid …….

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