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LUNACY WATCH 1: “Corbin has 75 criminal convictions to his name and has been handed jail sentences totalling more than 16 years since he came to this country in 1978. Theresa May, the Home Secretary, began a legal bid to send him back to Barbados after he had served his latest four-year jail term for an attempted knife-point robbery. The immigration tribunal agreed Corbin poses a danger to the public, and to his partner, and that he poses a “high risk of committing further offences”. However, the judges concluded his human rights, enshrined in European legislation, outweigh the danger he poses to the public.”

Our rights of course – human or otherwise – are not worth the paper they are not written on.

LUNACY WATCH 2: Germany has just increased the penalty for female mutilation of genitalia to 15 years. Fine, though 50 years forced labour and “fish your own food” at the North Pole would be more appropriate. However, MALE mutilation of genitalia remains legal. As this barbarity is practised mostly by Jews (and the female sort by Muslims) this amounts to racial discrimination, or to be simpler “racism”. Brilliant.

What is it about these nutty religions that makes them want to cut their children up? Children who of course HAVE NO SAY in it. Where are the fucking HUMAN RIGHTS judges of Strasdbourg in THIS horrendous behaviour?

LUNACY WATCH 3: The idea that Islam is in any way compatible with freedom and democracy. Turkey’s government (We want to join the EU.”  – which is lunacy number 4) is trying to go Islamic and civil war is brewing. Ditto in Egypt. You’d have thought that these religious nutcases would by now have understood that government and religion cannot be combined except with the brutal tools of fascism, as in Iran. But they clearly do not care, since Muslims’ true duty is to set up a Caliphate wherever they can. It is no different in Britain, except that they are not yet powerful enough to give it a go. Egypt is already in a dire situation economically and socially, but it could get horrendously worse thanks to Allah, God of Love as we are told.

LUNACY WATCH 4: We have a health system worthy in some aspects of a banana republic:“Local newspapers have found instances of as many as 14 ambulances queuing up outside a hospital A&E department. Patients can’t get into A&E because there isn’t an empty cubicle, let alone the staff, so they end up trapped in ambulances. Meanwhile A&E is full of patients who can’t be moved onto wards, because they are full of elderly people who can’t be discharged because there isn’t help at home.” WELL DONE LABOUR.

LUNACY WATCH 5: According to a govt spokesperson we won’t have “normal blackouts” apparently, only “controlled blackouts of factories” – YIPPEE!! If only Brown had spent as much time sorting out the country’s real problems instead of scheming against Blair then we might not be in this situation. Sixth largest economy in the world and world’s number 1 joke. THANKS FOR THAT.

Still, always remember:

A) It’s all Mrs Thatcher’s fault.

B) It would be much worse under the Tories – which of course it is.

C) It will be even worse if Balls and Millibland get into power.

Not a lot of reasons to be happy, are there? This is apparently what they call “The Human Condition” – live a life of constant lunacy and zero hope.

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Housing in Britain

The IMMORAL and DISGUSTING Housing Situation in Britain

From “The Telegraph” today:

“ …the number of 25 to 34-year-olds who own their home has fallen from two million to 1.3 million in a decade.”

“The number of young people renting has risen sharply from 1.5 million to two million over the same period as high property prices and low wages lock young people out of the housing market.”

“…  one in five families, or 1.2 million, are renting from a private landlord — double the level in 2001.”

“... the number of people renting homes in 2011 was more than 8.3 million — the highest since 1961.”

“Research shows that private renters and people living in social housing are less likely to vote Tory.

“It means young people’s dreams of owning a home may never come true, while many more will have a much longer wait before they own their own properties. More people will be pushed into private renting or staying at home with mum and dad well into their thirties.”

“For successive governments, polticians have claimed that home ownership is a central theme, important for people and communities. The trouble is that the rhetoric and reality are further apart than they have ever been.”  (Ed translation: “Successive governments have LIED.”)


A) Owning property leads to greater support for “conservativism.” ERGO -> the Tories favour (or should, but Thatcher was the last person with this view) enabling people to own their own property while the opposite is true for Labour. Labour prefers people in general (except for their leaders) to be trapped into paying a landlord for the privilege of having some shelter on someone else’s land – and ultimately always being at the mercy of the state. This of course is no different to feudal times, which one had thought finished around the 13th century. (Of course, the House of Lords persists, enabling Peter Mandelscum to be our Lord – I should be so happy.)

This Labour preference was made clear by their great enthusiasm for “buy-to-let” under Blair and Brown (unaffected themselves of course by their own policies), who “pledged” (don’t laugh) to “abolish poverty”, but not to the point where it meant people would be able to own their own dwelling, as cavemen, Eskimoes and Indians of all colours have done throughout Man’s existence. (Ed: As for “abolishing” poverty the word was unfortunately mistranscribed during the propaganda-regurgitating production phase; as has now become obvious, it should have been “increasing” poverty, but we knew that anyway as this is what all Labour administrations do – see Wilson,. Callaghan, Blair et al))

B) To call Labour “the people’s party” is surreal drivel, favouring as they do the landlord class in common with the aristocracy, the rich and the rapaciously property-collecting capitalists, including vast numbers of foreign mafiosi from Russia, China and the Middle East, now rapidly buying up large areas of London to increase their property-portfolios for the future exploitation of native Britons..

C) Hardly ANY member of the political elite does NOT own his or her own property and so they ALL have a vested, selfish interest in property prices rising as they constantly do. In this way their personal wealth is ever-increasing while the distance between them and the morons who vote for them gets ever greater – perpetuating the class-divide which Labour pretends to abhor but which it actually seeks to perpetuate, since otherwise the rationale for their existence in “fighting for the underdog” (don’t laugh) would disappear.

The solutions are simple, but no government has the required honesty or courage:

1) NOBODY shall own more than one property until EVERYONE who needs a dwelling owns ONE.

2) No individual alone or in a family unit shall own more than 100 square metres of any property.  A dwelling of 400 sm is ample for a family of four.

3) NO FOREIGNER shall own a property until they have lived AND WORKED in Britain for five years.

I assume the vast majority of people reading this own their own property. Congratulations. May your family wealth increase in perpetuity as the mob falls further and further behind. You must be proud.

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The Schools Catastrophe


They DELIBERATELY allowed mass immigration to get MORE VOTES, since immigrants vote (of course) for the hand that feeds them. This is akin to TREASON, and the people NEVER VOTED for it. It is DISASTROUS for democracy. These people are fascists (people who abuse “democracy”) since THEY KNOW BEST, especially what is best for THEIR party’s chances of regaining power – and therefore do not TRUST people to make the “right” decisions.

From “The Telegraph”

“The population explosion in England and Scotland, fuelled by mass immigration, has affected our society in many ways. Education is one of them, with it being revealed today that 250,000 extra primary school places will need to be found by September 2013, according to the Commons Public Accounts Committee. The phrase “ticking time bomb” springs to mind.

The likely outcome of this mad, unnecessary rush? Schools that are performing poorly will be relied upon to increase their intake out of desperation. Kids have to go to school, even if it is a terrible one.

The whole situation demonstrates the utter chaos that open border EU migration is having on Britain. We don’t know how many kids year-to-year are going to need schooling in this country, we can only guess. The result is sheer pandemonium that puts a ridiculous strain on the system and is unfair to the kids who will probably end up getting shoved anywhere that will have them.

The increase in class sizes is likely to make the job of teaching that bit harder too. How many of the children in this generation of exploding numbers will even speak English? The task is daunting and absurd in equal measure.”

The funny thing is that so many people don’t seem to care. Of course, many only care if it affects them PERSONALLY, which it certainly doesn’t if you live in Hampstead – or some leafy avenue in Ashtead, Surry or indeed a sleepy country village in East Anglia.

And there’s more from the Labour Party ……

“When it comes to sheer chutzpah, you’ve got to hand it to Margaret Hodge, the Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee. Last year, it emerged that her family company had paid just 0.01 per cent tax on £2.1 billion of business generated in the UK just before she chastised a number of US companies about their tax arrangements. Yesterday, she had the effrontery to criticise the Department for Education for failing to provide enough primary school places  without making it clear that the responsibility for that failure lies entirely with the last government (of which she was a member).

The headline news is that we need an additional 250,000 primary schools places by September 2013. However, what Hodge’s report omitted to say is that the reason for this shortfall is because Labour reduced the total number of primary school places by 207,000 between 2003/04 and 2009/10 and, in the same period, cut the funding for extra school places by £150 million. This, in spite of the fact that the population of England grew at a faster rate under the last government than at any time since 1801 – thanks, in large part, to Labour’s open-door immigration policy. The present government has been doing it’s best to cope with the resulting crisis, committing over  £5 billion to funding new places.

So let’s get this straight. Margaret Hodge was a member of a government that presided over net immigration of approximately three million and a government that closed primary schools and cut the funding for additional places, and now she has the temerity to criticise the present government for failing to provide enough primary school places for the children of these new arrivals? As I say, that’s chutzpah for you.”

What a shameful, corrupt and lying, undemocratic bunch the Labour Party are. DELIBERATE and UNMANDATED MASS IMMIGRATION in their OWN INTERESTS.

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Stalin was responsible for more deaths than Hitler, and over a much longer period. Yet Taffy Evans, my old rugger teacher, risked his life on Arctic convoys as an ally of Stalin during the war. Life is usually a case of “the lesser of two evils”, not of sitting on the fence.

The Syrian revolution started as just that, a revolution, as in Libya. As the West this time did nothing to help – cowed by the whinging unSamaritans of the left – of COURSE AQ and other nasties have got in on the act. They always do. The less we help people who want their freedom from a mass-murdering, brutal, family-despot the stronger the nasty people will become – simply because they are so vicious.

The West should be on the side of freedom and democracy. Many “let-them-fight-it-outers” obviously would not have fought Hitler (he had no beef with Britain) but done a French Vichy. Spanish Civil War? Oh dear – there were communists fighting Franco, so we would not have helped the Republican side of course – “Let them fight it out.” In the case of Spain, they did fight it out, leading to decades of very nasty fascism

A tip: judge someone by their friends. The friends of Assad are: 1) Iran (lunatic, fundamentalist, very nasty fascist theocracy), Hizbollah (nasty terrorist organisation) and Russia (state-led mafiosi government) which secretly plans to resurrect the USSR dictatorship and overtly sows hatred of the West.

“Let them fight it out!”? You mean: Assad + Iran + Hezbollah + Russia v the ordinary Syrian people + other very nasty people jumping on a bandwaggon?

Evil triumphs when good people do nothing. AQ has got stronger because we HAVE DONE NOTHING EFFECTIVE to help people fighting for their freedom

NON-INTERVENTION?? Very funny. Iran ALREADY has thousands of troops in Syria, as now has Hezbollah. Russia has been supplying modern heavy weapons to Assad since this started. If Assad prevails, hundreds of thousands more will die in revenge, just as Assad’s father massacred 25,000 in Homs some 30 years ago “pour encourager les autres”. And of course, Assad has as much right to rule Syria as Al Capone had to rule Chigago. NO LEADER who is not elected in a fair, open and democratic election has ANY legitimacy whatsoever, but rules only through force – as also in Cuba of course.

There will be NO PEACE in the world (of which we are a part) until ALL dictatorships are destroyed, including fundamentalist ISLAM, a dictatorship of the mind and often body.

KUWEIT, IRAQ, LIBYA and KOSOVO are FREE (as are of course the whole of Europe and most of Asia) thanks to the sacrifices made by the US, Britain and their allies. These liberated countries may fuck up their freedom (many do – indeed, Britain and most of Europe is doing just this now) but at least they have a chance, and in the case of Iraq the Allies removed someone responsible for the deaths of at least ONE MILLION PEOPLE, including FIVE THOUSAND KURDS gassed in a single town, and if that is not a crime against humanity, then I do not know what is – even though George Galloway shook Sadaam Hussein’s hand and told him what a good job he was doing.

PS Qatar has shot itself in the foot – allowing the loathsome Taliban to open a “diplomatic office” in its country. Let us remember that the Taliban are those who specialize in:

  • murdering people at weddings and funerals

  • murdering teachers

  • blowing up girls’ schools

  • executing homosexuals

  • confining women to the home

  • banning music

  • executing its enemies summarily on disused football fields

  • destroying its country’s art, history and culture

Giving Qatar the World Cup was lunacy, but no more than you would expect from Sepp Blabber. Still, Qatar has lots of money ………

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Today’s Musings

Today’s Funny from the Daily Grail (Thanks Ed – we can rely on you.)

“Ed Miliband will today concede that Labour will not be able to reverse any of the Coalition’s spending cuts unless they are fully funded by budget reductions elsewhere. After three years of opposing almost every one of the Government’s attempts to bring down public spending, the Labour leader will risk disappointing core supporters by declaring that if  he wins the next election he will not borrow more to undo any of them.”

Comment:  As for “cuts”, Britain’s debt is STILL GOING UP. Europe CANNOT afford this level of government spending and unless this changes the continent is doomed to economic decline. Among other things, it is not Britain’s moral obligation to house Somali immigrants free in Central London.

Today’s Pathetic – The NHS

“Instead of endorsing what mattered – health care for all – Mr Cameron endorsed our particular system delivering it. It is the worst in the Western world. It is organised from the centre and run by the producers and the trade unions. The one thing it cannot do is what we all most want – to look at the whole patient and meet his or her medical needs. Anyone on a waiting list (currently 24 weeks in our area for a rheumatology appointment) experiences this. So does anyone elderly, or with an elderly relation. So do the queues in A and E, the sick who cannot get a GP at weekends; so did the dead in Mid Staffs or Barrow-in-Furness.”

Condensed Books for the Plebs

OK, the Labour Party Manifesto is not a book, but as fiction it still qualifies. As part of the research for this project we did a survey in Rotherham. Asked whether they had ever seen a Labour Party Manifesto, people collectively produced these responses:

  • 60%: “No, I don’t go to political demonstrations as they always clash with something on telly.”
  • 20%: “Manifesto? What’s a manifesto?”
  • 10%: “I got one through the letterbox and threw it straight in the bin.”
  • 5%: “It’s all Mrs Thatcher’s fault.”
  • 5%: unrecorded – our surveyor is in hospital with a various broken bones and multiple bruising.

Labour Party Manifesto – condensed:

  1. We will abolish everything bad, except child poverty and Bust and Boom, since Gordon has already done that.
  2. You can trust us with the economy – and of course everything else.
  3. We know what is good for you.
  4. We will oppose everything the Tories do, whatever its merits.

There – a lot simpler to digest for the good people of Rotherham, and if it IS to be thrown directly in the bin there is less waste, which is good for the environment.

……. Of course, it involves leaving out the following boring stuff which will only confuse people:

We will ….

  1. … secretly allow massive and uncontrolled immigration since a) it makes us feel moral and b) they will invariably vote for us (see postal-voting fraud) – we will turn a blind eye to the subsequent ghettoization of large areas of London – as lots of these immigrants are fundamentalist religious lunatics we will allow them to preach their vile creed from thousands of new mosques.
  2. … double doctors’ incomes and halve their responsibilities, thus ensuring the NHS slowly runs into the sand to become a national disgrace.
  3. … build no houses for the homeless but instead favourise buy-to-let for once evil, capitalist landlords now redefined as great benefactors of the homeless.
  4. … start an illegal war and send our young men to fight in it without enough flak jackets.
  5. …. spend billions more on exploding welfare, since those on state benefits tend to vote for us.
  6. …. turn a blind eye to postal voting fraud for the same reason.
  7. … commit the country to wasting billions for decades on private finance initiatives.
  8. … develop a cult of vastly-overpaid consultants, mandarins and council and quango jobsworths whose competence and honesty are in direct inverse proportion to their emoluments. (See NHS & BBC cover-up scandals etc etc etc)
  9. … finally get rid of Blair and replace him – without a ballot- with  someone even more surreally useless.
  10. … do nothing about Heathrow, thus condemning London to inevitable decline as a global airline hub as business moves to Schipol, Frankfurt and CdeG, Paris.
  11. … do nothing about future power provision and in particular allow nuclear to age and run down so that we are more dependent on imported energy while simultaneously allowing energy bills to rocket in order to subsidize useless and ugly wind turbines.
  12. … leave office with the country horrendously in debt and then spend the next few years blaming the Tories for the latter. (We are especially proud of this one.)

Labour voters must be proud ……..Have a good day.

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Our Leader Has Spoken

Cameron has just said:

“Of course, if Britain wanted to leave the European Union ….… then we could make trade deals with every country in the world and that is a path open to us”. But he went on, “Clearly, you sometimes have to make compromises with partners in the European Union with whom you might not agree“.

 So, OUTSIDE the EU we can make whatever deals that suit us but INSIDE we have to compromise with 27 other countries. BRILLIANT!!

 And as it happens:

– In 2012 Britain had a trade surplus with the rest of the world of £15 billion and a deficit with the EU of £70 billion. The world is FAR more important to us than the increasingly sclerotic, bureaucratic, centralist, federalist  and hideously-expensive EU (fifty-three million GBP PER DAY gross and over twenty million NET).

 – The United States has free trade agreements in force with 20 countries. These are: Australia, Bahrain, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Israel, Jordan, Korea, Mexico, Morocco, Nicaragua, Oman, Panama, Peru, Singapore.

– The United States is also in negotiations of a regional, Asia-Pacific trade agreement, known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Agreement with the objective of shaping a high-standard, broad-based regional pact.

And today’s bonus collection of idiotic quotes. My favourite is the one by Clegg. If this is budget stabiity I would hate to see the opposite:

“The reality of the euro has exposed the absurdity of many anti-European scares while increasing the public thirst for information. Public opinion is already changing as people can see the success of the new currency on the mainland.” (Ken Clarke, 2002)

“The euro, despite gloomy predictions from anti-Europeans, has proved to be a success. We cannot afford to be isolated from our biggest and closest trading partner any longer.” (Charles Kennedy, 2002) (Ed: “isolated”? See above stats on Britain’s trade, which is decreasing with the EU as it gets more expensive, bureaucratic and dominated by Brussels)

“If we get rid of sterling and adopt the euro, we will also get rid of sterling crises and sterling overvaluations. This will give us a real control over our economic environment.” (Chris Huhne, 2004) (Ed: you mean like the Greeks, Italians and Spanish have over their economies?

“The euro has done more to enforce budgetary discipline in the rest of Europe than any number of exhortations from the IMF or the OECD.” (Nick Clegg, 2002)

“There is not the slightest danger of a break-up of the Eurozone. On the contrary, I expect the Eurozone to be exceptionally stable in the long run. Make no mistake, the Eurozone is here to stay.” (FT’s Wolfgang Muchau in 2006)

“The world’s two large reserve currencies, the dollar and the euro, offer more protection from speculative attack than a free-floating offshore currency unit. The UK will at some point have to make a choice whether it wants to be in the Eurozone or whether it wants to seek an alternative use for those rather tall buildings in the heart of London.” (FT’s Wolfgang Muchau in 2006)

 “Only in the event that the Portuguese financial crisis exhausted the available money in the eurozone’s bail out fund – which it won’t – would the UK become liable.” (Robert Peston, June 2103)

“We have a Treaty under which there is no possibility of paying to bailout states.” (Angela Merkel – 2012) (Ed: Is she lying or just stupid?)

 Finally, in 2001 idiots such as Ken Clarke, Clegg et all warned that outside the euro the City of London would rapidly lose out to Frankfurt. 12 years later, with the euro in existential crisis (despite all the usual suspects saying for the nth time that it is over (tell that to the Greeks, Spaniards, Cypriots and Italians) we read this:

“Today, London is home to the world’s largest center for foreign exchange trading, more lending between global banks, and more international financial firms than anywhere else in the world, including New York City, according to TheCityUK, a lobbying group. The country’s overall financial services industry, much of which is concentrated in London, accounts for 10% of the United Kingdom’s GDP. “

Conclusion about all this:

Most of the political elite is self-interested, moronic and incompetent except in regurgitating the endless Goebbelsesque doom-mongering vomited out by Brussels, which of course uses YOUR money to pay for it.


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