The Woolwich Murder

26 May

There is nothing as interesting as the study of human behaviour, as recent events have once again shown.

For years it has been obvious that ranting fundamentalist Imams should be thrown out of Britain instead of being allowed (mostly on welfare) to spit out their vile message in mosques up and down the country.

The political establishment – knowing of course better than the “mob” baying for these loathsome scum to be sent back to somewhere where they would fit in better – ignored the baying mob, insisting on these peoples’ “human rights” and “British tolerance”. It took years for Abu Hamza to be silenced and there are plenty of others still egging on impressionable young people to murder us.

But suddenly, one of our soldiers has his head cut off in broad daylight and Oh, surprise, surprise, now we must “do something”. Absolutely pathetic of course, but no more than one expects from the soggy, flabridden, PC unintelligentsia.

Well, we’ll see what happens. No doubt whatever is proposed the ECHR will object, their Strasbourg Lordships in their posh enclaves having very little chance of having their heads cut off.

And have you noticed how the police are trawling the internet for signs of people committing incitement against Muslims? One has to ask where they were when the imams were doing THEIR bit of incitement. No wonder the average white, ethnic Brit is sick to death of all this.

And what about Islam? The problem is that many of us in the “mob” are not prepared to be told what to think, much as the political elite would prefer it that way. We look at Islam and we see a sect which:

  • displays extreme homophobia – and it is very funny to see the liberal unintelligentsia foaming at the mouth about “bigots” in the UK who refuse to accept homosexual “marriage” (even as they of course accept that in civil terms homosexuals should enjoy the same rights as everyone else) while wetting themselves for fear of offending Muslims (you may not have caught the Cornish council which banned the flying of the George flag as it might offend Muslims by reminding them of the crusades – you really couldn’t make that one up) 
  • treats women as virtual slaves and/or chattels, in many states refusing them basic civil rights, including in the worst cases the right to leave their houses, to be educated, to drive a car or even to be alone in the company of any man not a member of the family 
  • mercilessly punishes women accused of adultery by flogging or worse while men are unpunishable: no different to Western practices in the Middle Ages, but we are no longer there – most of us have moved on …. 
  • forces women into marriages 
  • forces women to cover themselves up as if they were infected: what deranged sexual perversion 
  • in Afghanistan murders schoolteachers of girls and blows up their schools 
  • in a number of states makes conversion to Christianity a capital crime 
  • is capable of putting out a decades-long state-fatwa (= murder contract, like some Chicago gang) on a writer who has “offended” them, just as innocent people including an old lady were murdered because someone in a distant country published a “cartoon” of Mohammed 
  • prohibits the building of Christian churches in many countries, including the official holiest state of Islam, Saudi Arabia.

This is Islam. Are we supposed to IGNORE all this? No, most Muslims in Britain would not subscribe to these extremes, but these are NOT extremes in terms of the worldwide Islamic movement; they are the NORM. Islam is indeed totally alien to the British way of life and morality. That is a FACT, and it CANNOT be “racist” to state FACTS.

Given the nauseating ideology of Islam, it is a betrayal of successive governments even to allow mosques to be built in Britain. Official Islam is extremely homophobic, womenophobic, Christianophobic and anti-democratic. Frankly, I have no tolerance whatever to it. Still, the establishment knows best – though apparently it didn’t know best as suddenly “measures are going to be taken”. Horses bolting comes to mind.

If “British” Muslims agree, let them do a Luther and separate themselves from “official” Islam, just as Luther did in protest against the venal, oppressive excesses of the then Catholic Church. That would be convincing. Official Islam, however, is odious, and its followers should be sent back to somewhere where they can enjoy their sect’s loathsome practices.

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One response to “The Woolwich Murder

  1. Patti Lee Salter

    May 27, 2013 at 7:19 am

    Excellent blog, agree with everything you say. This government will never do anything about it though, they are too scared to say boo to the muslims


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